No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry

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It was in August of 2007 that I had my first experience with something wonderful; that has implications for every one of us. It’s known as “MMS” or the “miracle mineral supplement.” But it’s no miracle, it’s just the wonderful use of chemistry. I call it wonderful because the results that using this taste bud challenging product yields, have been shown to be just that. Who can say that about cancer medication or standard medications for diabetes, stroke, or any of a long list of other medical conditions? The truth is, the results that we’re seeing from current predominant prescription medicines is atrocious. And yet, they carry on because that’s all that they know, and are “approved” to administer.

Why should their limitation be yours or mine?

I’ll say right here that MMS is not a medication for cancer, stroke, diabetes, or any other illness. It is a water disinfectant, not only outside the body, but inside as well. And while in some professional circles, there is a belief that the myriad diseases that humanity is experiencing are unrelated, the remarkable results that people are reporting after using MMS strongly suggests that a greater truth is at hand. Due to the continued growth of this phenomenon, I produced a feature length documentary on MMS. But this article has now been read over 100,000 times, and is a great place to start your education on what MMS is, and what it can mean to you.

The Basics

MMS is a chemical solution, but it is also protocol or procedure that involves precipitating a gas, chlorine dioxide, in quantities small enough to be safely ingested, and large enough to kill pathogens that are presently living in our body, robbing it of energy, and poisoning it with waste material, and making it more vulnerable to disease. If this is not your situation, it is certainly the situation of someone you know and love.

Caution flags rise immediately when the term “miracle” is used to describe anything that amazes us, or when we don’t understand how it does what it does. They certainly did for me. In this case, it is indeed amazing. However, an explanation of why MMS is so effective as a pathogen destroyer is possible. It’s not the MMS that destroys pathogens; the chlorine dioxide that is generated when using MMS does that. When you understand the chemistry, you’ll see why it’s not a miracle… it just seems like one.

Humble Origins“MMS” Bottle

The MMS product and protocol was developed by Jim Humble, a gold miner and metallurgist, on an expedition into the jungles of Central America, looking for gold. It was a response to a need to help two members of his expedition who came down with malaria, more than two days away, through heavy jungle, from the next mine. After many years of experience, Humble always carried a liquid concoction often referred to as “stabilized oxygen,” which is really sodium chlorite (NaClO2), with him on such expeditions. The purpose of this solution to make local water potable. Facing the possibility of a quick loss of life, he gave it to the stricken men. To everyone’s amazement, they were both well within a few hours. That sure seemed like a miracle (as well as a huge relief), but Humble wanted to better understand what had just happened.

Over the course of several years, Jim Humble figured out that what made stabilized oxygen so effective in some malaria cases, was not the oxygen at all, but the trace amounts of chlorine dioxide. Further research led him to come up with a way to produce hundreds, if not thousands more units of chlorine dioxide than what is found in stabilized oxygen. This is through using a higher concentrate of sodium chlorite (28% — 22.4% effective sodium chlorite vs. 3% for stabilized oxygen), in conjunction with the activator. The proof of the efficacy of this simple protocol was in successfully helping over 75,000 people in several African nations – including Uganda and Malawi – rid themselves, primarily of malaria, but also hepatitis, cancer, and AIDS. I recently met a man in Sedona who contracted malaria on a recent trip to Africa. And what do you think helped him get over it quickly? You guessed it; MMS.

Jim Humble chronicled his experiences in two downloadable ebooks that are available at his web site: The book is titled, The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century. Part one, which is a free download, tells how it began. Part two, which costs $12.95, continues the story, discusses the chemistry involved, and gives clear instructions on how to prepare MMS yourself. (A hard copy edition is also available.) This is important, because once you understand the chemistry, and the absolute absence of downside effects — outside of feeling nauseous and “expelling” when toxins and pathogens are dislodged — it becomes an option that anyone who may be on toxin overload must try out for one’s self.

Anyone can be on toxin overload. Some are but won’t admit it. Others would prefer to think they’re not. If your health is not perfect… you’re habitually low on energy, have trouble keeping your weight down, or blood pressure in the normal range, or constantly dealing with inflammation or pain, then there’s likely a toxin, heavy metal, virus, bacteria, or parasite issue in play. Traditional medicine will typically respond by loading you up with additional pollutants, many of which indiscriminately kill healthy tissue and necessary microorganisms, while going after “the bad guys.” Not so with chlorine dioxide. It only acts on harmful presences. Miracle or not, the effects are wonderful. I’d vote for Wonderful Mineral Supplement in a heartbeat!

Over the next few pages, I’m going to describe the MMS protocol. When followed, it will produce and distribute chlorine dioxide to your red blood cells, which is the most effective and intelligent pathogen killer known to Nature.

But first, a little background on the chemistry.

Chlorine dioxide and chlorine are not the same. Chlorine is a chemical element. In ion form, chlorine is part of common salt and other compounds, and necessary to most forms of life, including human. A powerful oxidizing agent, it is the most abundant dissolved ion in ocean water, and readily combines with nearly every other element, including sodium to form salt crystals, and magnesium, as magnesium chloride. You can’t have life without the chlorine ion. However, in the diatomic state, Cl2, chlorine is deadly.

Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound that consists of one chlorine ion bound to two ions of oxygen.

Oxidizing agents are chemical compounds that readily accept electrons from “electron donors.” They gain electrons via chemical reaction. This is important because relative to chlorine dioxide, a broad range of pathogens are electron donors. Conversely, all healthy tissue and aerobic microorganisms are unaffected by chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine dioxide is extremely volatile. You might call it “hot tempered,” but in a very beneficial way. This volatility is a key factor in chlorine dioxide’s effectiveness as a pathogen destroyer.

The compound is literally explosive; so explosive, it’s not safe to transport in any quantity. Therefore, it is common practice to generate chlorine dioxide “on site” at the point of use. Most chlorine dioxide production is done on a scale that would prove deadly for individuals, for example, in municipal water treatment systems, where it is beginning to replace chlorine because, unlike chlorination, chlorine dioxide water disinfection produces no carcinogenic byproducts. Chlorine dioxide is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency in safely removing pathogens and contaminates like anthrax. It was even studied by the National Institutes of Health in 1982 and found to be safe for human consumption. No one was looking at, or for its medicinal value, so a study like that could be done and results published. Something very unlikely in this day and age.

In spite of chlorine dioxide’s effectiveness in large scale water treatment, the concentrations used in such applications can vary from 500 to over 6,000 parts per million (ppm), which would clearly be deadly to an individual. Using the MMS protocol you will produce chlorine dioxide in the range of 1 ppm.

You will use the MMS solution, which is safe to transport, to make a pathogen remover that can be effectively applied inside the body.

The MMS solution is 28% (22.4% effective) sodium chlorite in distilled water. You can produce chlorine dioxide with a single drop, when an “activator” of lemon juice, or a 10% solution of citric acid is added. The latter two activators are recommended for people with Lyme disease. The mixing ratio is five drops of activator to every one drop of MMS (5:1).

If you are NOT using lemon or lime juice, using a 50% solution of citric acid allows you to generate chlorine dioxide using a 1:1 drop ratio of MMS and the activator. We’ll delve more into that later.

[ORIGINAL] “Applications” of chlorine dioxide range from 1 drop (with 5 drops of activator) to a maximum of 15 (with 75 drops of the activator), except in life critical situations, where the maximum may be doubled (and in some really acute cases, even more are used). A “maintenance application” is six drops, with 30 drops of activator added. After adding the activator, the chemical reaction that turns sodium chlorite into chlorine dioxide takes only about three minutes.

[October 2010 UPDATE] Today, the standard dosing of MMS has been dubbed by Jim Humble, PROTOCOL 1000. It is comprised of 3 drops of MMS (activated with 3 drops of 50% concentration of citric acid), taken hourly over an eight hour period. For very acute situations, use PROTOCOL 2000, which can begin with as little as 1/2 drop, and go as high as the individual can take without feeling worse than they already feel, each hour, for ten hours. Elevation of discomfort becomes the dosing limiter, as this indicates that the body is preparing to release already stored toxicity.

The activating ingredient in vinegar that makes the change possible is acetic acid. It also sets the stage for what happens when the chlorine dioxide ions enter the bloodstream. This weak acid acts like a blasting cap by lowering the pH of the chlorine dioxide, without setting it off. [UPDATE — Vinegar can be used, but is rarely called upon today as an activator.]

The natural pH of sodium chlorite is 13. Adding vinegar, lemon juice (or citric acid) creates about 3 mg of unstable but still harmless chlorine dioxide.

The Process

Let’s talk a bit more about how and why chlorine dioxide works for giving the immune system a new lease on life.

Volatility is what makes chlorine dioxide so effective when it contacts pathogens. As we’ve mentioned, chlorine dioxide is a safe and effective disinfectant in many municipal water delivery systems, hospitals, and even in bioterrorism response. It stands to reason that chlorine dioxide would be just as effective working in the waters of the human body.

Chlorine dioxide’s extreme volatility prevents pathogens from developing a resistance. Mainly because when they “clash,” the pathogens no longer exist. Yet, healthy cells and beneficial bacteria are unaffected.

While normal levels of oxygen in the blood cannot destroy all of the pathogens present under disease conditions, delivery of chlorine dioxide changes everything.

“Halt! Surrender Your Electrons, Now!”

When a chlorine dioxide ion contacts a harmful pathogen, it instantly rips up to five electrons from the pathogen, in what can be likened to a microscopic explosion… harmless to us, but terminal for pathogens.

The pathogen – an electron donor – is rendered harmless due to the involuntary surrendering of its electrons to the chlorine dioxide – an electron acceptor – and the resulting release of energy. Oxidized by the chlorine ion, the former pathogen becomes a harmless salt.

This process benefits a body that has become toxic.

Throughout the body, anywhere chlorine dioxide ions – transported via red blood cells – come in contact with pathogens, the pathogens give up their electrons and cease to exist. The chlorine dioxide armed cells only “detonate” on contact with pathogens, which include harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins, heavy metals, and parasites. All of these will have pH values that are out of the body’s range of good health. They will also have a positive ionic charge. The chlorine dioxide equipped cells do not oxidize beneficial bacteria, or healthy cells, as their pH levels are 7 or above, and hold a negative ion charge.

Chlorine dioxide ions will oxidize – meaning vaporize – diseased cells… anything that is acidic, with a positive ion charge.

[2010 UPDATE]

Jim Humble continued learning about chlorine dioxide, and understandings have evolved. One misunderstanding was that it acts on anything that is anaerobic by way of the negative/positive charge dynamics. He learned that there is another factor, referred to as Oxidation Potential, which is the measure of a chemical’s ability to gain, or lose electrons. Oxidation potential (also referred to as redox potential) of a given element is expressed in volts. For chlorine dioxide, that value is .95 volts. Anything that has a lower voltage than .95 will give up to 5 electrons to the chlorine dioxide molecule on contact.

By way of comparison, chlorine dioxide has a milder oxidation effect than hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which has an oxidation potential of 1.78 and collects 2 electrons, or Ozone (O3) whose oxidation potential is 2.07, and only collects 2 electrons. [Source: Lenntech Water Treatment Systems] A healthy human cell has a natural electrical of just over 1 volt, which means that it would be unaffected by chlorine dioxide, yet, it has been long known that extended use of hydrogen peroxide or ozone is damaging to healthy cells and tissue. Yet, they are used widely today.

If the chlorine dioxide ions encounter no pathogens or other poisons, it deteriorates into table salt and in some instances, hypochlorous acid, which the body can also use. [2010 UPDATE] Jim Humble has also devised a way to help this process with what he calls “MMS2”.

A Pathogen Terminator (including Swine Flu)

Research has proven chlorine dioxide to be much safer than chlorine, as it is selective for pathogens when used in water. Furthermore, it does not create harmful compounds from other constituents in the water as chlorine does.

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that chlorine – part of the halogen family of elements – creates as least three carcinogenic compounds when it enters the body, principally trihalomethanes (THMs). There has been no such evidence of harmful compounds being produced from chlorine dioxide.

This is why, in 1999, the American Society of Analytical Chemists proclaimed chlorine dioxide to be the most powerful pathogen killer known to man. It has even been used to clean up after anthrax attacks.

A Journey into Chemical Alchemy

Once it is introduced into the bloodstream, chlorine dioxide performs a highly energetic acceptance of four electrons when it comes across anything organic or inorganic that has an oxidation potential less than .95 volts. This means that diseased cells, as well as chemical and heavy metal deposits, are essentially vaporized (i.e., “oxidized”) while healthy cells are unaffected.

Here is how it happens.

Red blood cells that are normal carriers of oxygen throughout the body do not differentiate between chlorine dioxide and oxygen. Therefore, after ingesting the MMS/chlorine dioxide-rich solution, red blood cells pick up chlorine dioxide ions that are deposited on the stomach wall where it normally gathers nutrients of various kinds before journeying through the body.

Then, when the red blood cells armed with chlorine dioxide encounter parasites, fungi, or diseased cells that are low energy (meaning electrical value), the “aliens” are destroyed along with the chlorine dioxide ion. If no such encounters occur, the chlorine dioxide will be carried to a point in the body where oxygen normally oxidizes poisons and other harmful agents.

If the chlorine dioxide doesn’t hit anything that can set it off, it will deteriorate, and thus lose an electron or two. This may allow it to combine with a very important substance that the immune system uses to make hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which incidentally, is another oxidizer. It is not widely publicized that hypochlorous acid is produced by the human body as part of its natural immune function. Yet, corroborating information is available if one is inclined to look.

This compound kills pathogens, killer cells, and even cancerous cells. Hypochlorous acid is so important, its diminished presence in the body is described medically by the term myeloperoxidase deficiency. Many people are afflicted by this condition. The immune system needs a great deal more hypochlorous acid when disease is present. Facilitated by the MMS solution, chlorine dioxide delivers it in spades, as does magnesium chloride, but that’s another part of the health discussion.

However, seeing how important hypochlorous acid production is to proper immune system function led Humble to develop MMS2, which is simply the introduction of a small amount of calcium hypchlorite Ca(ClO)2. When ingested hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is generated as the capsules dissolve.

The most salient point to know, is that chlorine dioxide has 100 times more energy to do what oxygen normally does, and yet, due to its lower voltage, does not affect healthy cells.

By the way, if you are totally healthy, there are no ill-effects from taking chlorine dioxide. However, your stores of hypochlorous acid will be increased, bolstering your immune system.

MMS works best to destroy pathogens that may be present in the body, when 2 or 3 mg of free chlorine dioxide are in the solution at the time it is swallowed. However, the body is supplied with chlorine dioxide in a “timed release” manner lasting about 12 hours. Be aware, that before you feel better, it is likely you will feel ill.

“Why Must I Feel Sick?”

While individual results may vary, many MMS users experience anything from queasiness, to nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The nauseating feeling that you may experience would be the result of chlorine dioxide encountering, dislodging – hence the “sick” feeling – and then destroying pathogens encountered.

We are generally oblivious of the pathogens that are introduced to our body, especially after they have been stored in the tissue of various organs. Since they build up over time, they generally affect our health slowly, and cumulatively. Indeed, what is a pathogen?

According to Wikipedia, a pathogen is:

A pathogen, (from Greek πάθος pathos “suffering, passion”, and γἰγνομαι (γεν-) gignomai (gen-) “I give birth to”) an infectious agent, or more commonly germ, is a biological agent that causes disease to its host.

I believe that we have misinterpreted what true pathogens are. So you’re about to get my opinion here. Anything that is living does so with a mandate to sustain life. Not only its life, but the life within which it exists. That mandate applies to all life forms, including all expressions of humanity. While we don’t always act as though we care about life, we are among the group that would be considered, “living.” A pathogen, in this context, would be anything that is not living. It is static, and lacks any innate intelligence or awareness of its own. In addition, these pathogens have no vibrational corollary within the genetic code. In essence, they are not in the “book” of you and me, which contains the instruction set for constructing a human body, its many systems, and components. As such, any substance that is ingested that, by design, intention, or effect, interferes with natural metabolic processes, will tend to add to dysfunction rather than improve functionality. Synthetic chemicals, drugs, heavy metals — all inorganic — would thereby be pathogens. The microorganisms that show up as a result of pathogenic inundation, are their to protect and sustain life instead of to do it harm.

Chlorine dioxide does indeed reduce pathogens, by this definition. And when the pathogens are reduced, the microorganisms that appear to have a coincidental presence, go away.

In August 2010, I interviewed a woman, C.W. Reed of New Smyrna, Florida, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, and is cancer free now, after refusing chemotherapy and radiation that her doctors were offering, and including MMS in her treatment regimen. In January 2009 a hair analysis revealed extremely high levels of heavy metal toxicity in her body. A follow-up hair analysis in May 2010 confirmed that her body was free of heavy metals. Disinfection via chlorine dioxide is clearly beneficial. (Click here to listen.)

A word of caution; chlorine dioxide can take toxins out suddenly, which may result in a dramatic reaction. However, it passes in much less time than it took for the toxins and pathogens to accumulate. When the chlorine dioxide “goes off,” the electron stripped pathogens cease to exist.

As an example, one will almost always feel ill in hepatitis cases because the liver is induced to expel stored poisons, which are then destroyed by an army of red blood cells containing chlorine dioxide. It’s really no contest. But it doesn’t have to be something as acute as hepatitis.

Years of “leeching” of from dental amalgams can “innocently” deposit enough mercury to one’s system to steal innocence, rob vitality, and erase precious memories. Dislodging and vaporizing it will feel uncomfortable for a very short time compared to the time it took to accumulate.

If you feel sick when you take this protocol, know that your health and vitality awaits to rejoin you on “the other side” of the ill feeling.

If it has no “close encounters” with pathogens, chlorine dioxide deteriorates into constituents that are totally non-toxic. Nothing poisonous is left behind to build up, as is the case with many medical protocols. Medical treatments currently provide you NO way of removing the poisons when said poisons don’t work. You are left on your own in a strange land and diseased state, without a road-map back to health.

Nature’s chlorine dioxide, on the other hand, lasts long enough to do its job, then that which does not furnish the immune system with needed ions becomes nothing more than micro amounts of salt and water.

The chlorine dioxide has just a few minutes to do its thing, and then it no longer exists, leaving nothing behind that can build up, or do additional harm.

The Procedure

So the procedure is simple. All you need is your bottle of MMS, a clean, empty, dry glass, an eyedropper, and the activator (vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid). The following procedure is taken directly from Jim Humble’s site (

What is the Normal MMS Protocol [ORIGINAL]

[ADAM’S NOTE 2010: The following is as it was originally written in 2007, with minor modifications and updates. Over the past two years Jim Humble has continued to refine MMS intake methods, as well as protocols. The methods listed below are still correct, and have helped many thousands of people. But they do not represent the current “best approach,” which will be covered immediately after.]

Note: When following the instructions below, keep this paragraph in mind. Always activate the MMS drops with one of the food acids, either lemon juice drops, or lime juice drops, or citric acid solution drops (to make citric acid solution add 1 level tablespoon of citric acid and 9 tablespoons of water. Store it in a bottle with a lid.) Always use 5 drops of one of these food acids to each one drop of MMS, mix in a empty dry glass and wait at least 3 minutes, then add 1/3 to 2/3 glass of water or juice and drink. (You can expand the 3 minutes out to 10 minutes, and after adding the juice or water you can wait up to an hour before drinking.)

  1. All protocols for taking MMS in the Americas start with one or two drops. Never start with more than one or two drops. People who are very sick and/or sensitive should start with ½ drop. Activate the drops as given above.
  2. If you do OK and do not notice nausea on the first dose, increase by one drop for the second dose. If you notice nausea reduce the amount of MMS for the next dose. Do two doses a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Continue to increase by one drop each time you take a new dose. When you notice nausea, reduce the dose by one drop, or bad diarrhea reduce by 2 or 3 drops. Usually reduce for one or two times before going back the amount that it took to make you nauseous. Note: If you notice diarrhea, or even vomiting that is not a bad sign. The body is simply throwing off poisons and cleaning itself out. Everyone says that they feel much better after the diarrhea. You do not have to take any medicine for the diarrhea. It will go away as fast as it came. It will not last. It is not real diarrhea as the body is just cleaning out, and it is not caused by bacteria or virus. When the poison is gone, the diarrhea is gone.
  3. Continue to follow the procedure given in 2 above. Until you reach 15 drops twice a day without nausea. At that point increase to 3 times a day. Stay at 3 times a day for at least one week and then reduce the drops to 4 to 6 drops a day for older people and 4 to 6 drops twice a week for younger people.

Note: Once you have completed step 3 above most of the viral, bacteria, mold, and yeast load will be gone from your body. Your body will be clean. You no longer have to worry about feeding the microorganism load. You can base you diet on nutrition, rather than not feeding the load. The diabetes will be gone, thus you no longer need to worry about sugar. You won’t have to worry about the pancreas over reacting thus giving you a shock of insulin. Instead it will give you just enough insulin to knock the blood sugar lever to the right level (You won’t feel sleepy after eating a candy bar). Your body will then be able to easily adsorb vitamins and minerals and many other nutrients it might have been missing up to this time. You should feel better as time goes by. Do not quit taking the MMS.

2010 Updated MMS Protocols

Activator — MMS is not chlorine dioxide. MMS is an ingredient that is needed to produce chlorine dioxide in the privacy of your own home. As we stated earlier, an activator is needed, that will be used in conjunction with MMS, in order to break the chlorine dioxide from its sodium bond. In the beginning lemon or lime juice was used, which is a 10% solution of acetic acid. Therefore, Jim Humble initially suggested using a 10% of citric acid to activate. This would allow for a single description of the MMS protocol, irrespective of what was used to activate. However, using the 10% solution required that five drops of activator be used for each drop of MMS (5:1), and waiting 3 minutes before using.

In time it became very evident that using a 1:1 drop ratio is much simpler than 1:5, and that this is easily achieved by upping the “mix” of citric acid to 50% from the current 10%. In other words, making the activator 5-times more potent allows one to get the same benefit using 1/5th as much. The other benefit of this approach is that the chlorine dioxide generates MUCH faster.

Originally, you would wait three minutes while the solution turned from clear to yellow. Now, as indicated in the photo below, you’re ready to go in about 20 seconds, and the solution goes from clear to brown.


Updates in MMS Preparation
Shows difference in original and current activation methods.

Protocol 1000

Don’t ask me how he named them, but these are names for the most basic, and commonly used method of MMS intake, which will be oral. In spite of what the FDA and numerous agencies around the world have now claimed, taking chlorine dioxide in the amounts indicated here will not cause harm, but if an individual is in a toxic or chemical red zone, will bring about a disinfection that helps restore enough balance to allow the immune system to re-establish itself. Protocol 1000 is the standard oral intake method, which consists of 3 drops of MMS, activated with 3 drops of citric acid, per hour, for eight (8) hours. It should be used for 3 weeks, or until well.

The video below shows explains and demonstrates the dosing:


Protocol 2000

Protocol 2000 is for extreme health red zone cases. It calls for greater sensitivity to just how acute an individual’s situation is. If the individual has been released from the doctor’s care and told to call hospice and get their affairs in order, then Protocol 2000 is a good bet. However, instead of starting out with 3 drops, you would begin with 1/2 drop per hour, monitoring to see what effect, if any, the dosing had on how the individual feels. If they feel worse, then do not increase dosing. If they have no reaction, then go to 1 drop, etc. Unlike Protocol 1000, which is 3 drops only, Protocol 2000 will be to go up as much as is called for, using the individual’s nausea level as a limiting guide. If they begin to feel more nausea, then do not increase the drops. The other distinction of Protocol 2000, is that it goes for 10 hours/day instead of 8. Everyone needs a time to rest, and allow the body to regroup and repair itself.

Another convenience Jim Humble has suggested, is to use a drinking bottle to carry your daily MMS dose. Instead of preparing 3 drops per hour eight times, you can prepare 24 drops one time (activating with 24 drops of 50% citric acid), and add it to the water. Mark the bottle with a Sharpie to indicate the levels to drink to each hour.


Daily dose MMS drinking bottle.
Mix your MMS once, use throughout the day.

Oral is NOT the Only Way to MMS

While it is natural to think of oral intake, there are many other ways to use MMS. When I produced the original documentary on MMS, oral intake was pretty much the only way that we covered. Jim Humble was, at that time, determining the effects of intravenous MMS intake. Never to be one to sit still, he has continued to expand the intake options. Here is a brief overview.

  • Topical Spray — Useful for a wide variety of situations, from burns, wounds, to infections, deodorant, and much more. The natural biocidal properties of chlorine dioxide can be invaluable in reducing the pain associated with such wounds (because it neutralizes acids, without adding to the individual’s overall chemical state. Prepare by using 10 drops of MMS per ounce of water used. For example, if you are using 2 oz of water in a spray bottle, then use 20 drops of MMS and 20 drops of 50% citric acid to activate.

    MMS topical spray on an abrasion wound.
    MMS topical spray on an abrasion wound.
  • Oral Hygiene — Great bacteria reducer (and bad breath), improved gum health.
  • Bath and Foot Soaks — Great way to bypass the GI track and get chlorine dioxide directly into the blood stream.
  • Topical Variant with DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide)
  • Inhalation — Using an humidifier or nebulizer to get small amounts into the lungs.
  • MMS Gas — Using total immersion (up to the neck) with garbage bags, or for small surface areas with a glass.
  • Enemas — Remarkable results with no concerns over taste.
  • Intravenous — Can be useful, but is complicated and definitely not conducive to self dosing.
  • Capsules — Use small gelatin capsules filled with activated MMS to take an hourly dose without any taste concerns.
  • The 6 & 6 Protocol — 6 drops MMS1 (with 6 drops 50% citric acid activator), then repeat in one hour. For colds, flu, etc. that result from a polluted inner ecology.
  • The Malaria Protocol — 16 drops & 16 drops, then repeat in one hour.

You do not have to use much MMS in order to achieve a noticeable, palpable effect.

Introducing MMS2

Everything that we have discussed thus far involves the original chemical that Jim Humble discovered that could be used to better effect in treating medical conditions. However, his discoveries didn’t stop there. As noted earlier, the body naturally produces another chemical, hypochlorous acid, as part of its immune system function. While it may be due to the pervasive influx of chemicals entering the body from sunup to sundown, or to the many other cellular stressors that we knowingly or unknowingly encounter each day, it is reasonable to surmise that a boost in hypochlorous acid might be helpful.

It was so easy to find out. Hypochlorous acid is generated by the breakdown of a small amount of calcium hypochlorite, which is available virtually everywhere as a pool water disinfectant to prevent algae growth. However, the labels are ladened with warnings against any use other than adding to pool water, where in fact, the chemical will enter the body.

MMS2 is prepared by placing a small amount of calcium hypochlorite into a size “0” gelatin capsule, swallowing and washing it down with some water.

The ‘Healtholution’ Will Not Be Televised!

Even though the standard dosing of Protocol 1000 is three drops per hour for 8 hours each day, you don’t have to begin with that. You can start at a more modest pace, for example, with 1 drop of MMS1  (using 1 drop of activator) each hour. Once you see what kind of reaction occurs (if any), you can increase the number of drops, either the next hour, or on the following day. The old 15 drop maximum, which will work, is now considered passé. THE MOST ACUTE TOXIC OVERLOAD SITUATIONS WILL WARRANT PROTOCOL 2000. Your body WILL tell you when you’ve reached the optimum dosage for you.

You should consider an intestinal cleanse before starting your MMS detoxification program.  Why? Because the more acute or “chronic” your condition, the more likely it is that you’ve got compacted fecal matter (a haven for parasites) lining the 28 foot length of your colon. Laxatives are ineffective at dissolving this stuff.

An all natural blend of oxygen and magnesium...
An all natural blend of oxygen and magnesium...

Oxy-Powder is an all-natural product, developed by Dr. Edward Group III, that comes in capsules (120 to a bottle), whose main ingredients are oxygen and magnesium. Take four capsules on an empty stomach before going to bed, and the next day you will be going to the bathroom 5-7 times. (I went more than that for awhile, so your “bathroom sitage” may vary.) Initially, the discharge from taking Oxy-Powder will be almost black. This isn’t pleasant stuff to look at, but be thankful that it’s no longer in you. It’s all what contributed to your body’s current condition. Taking this before beginning the MMS protocol will make the MMS/chlorine dioxide have to work that much less.

Fortunately, the Oxy-Powder isn’t unpleasant to take, and does the dissolving and dislodging while you sleep. You’ll know it has done its job when a dark, muddy “background” no longer accompanies your bowel movements. (Click here to order Oxy-Powder)

In general, the pathogen clearing using MMS will not be comfortable, but it need not be intolerable. The Oxy-Powder prep work should make it even smoother.

You may feel like you’ve been through a battle, and in a sense, you have. It’s a battle for domain over your health, and hence, your life. Before you can be healthy again, you need to take out the old “garbage,” destroy toxins, pathogens, and parasites. In order to do so, they have to be uprooted and released from their “strongholds” in your body tissue. You will feel the effects, but is a good thing. You will also feel health, again.

The sick feeling will be TEMPORARY, a small price to pay for the longer term possibility of lasting restored health, no matter what stage of life you happen to be currently experiencing.

When the clearing is done, you won’t need to take the maximum dosages. You can go on a maintenance application to keep your insides pathogen free and immune system strong.

A few more words about fruit juices. They can be substituted for water as long as they are freshly made. Do not buy them off the shelf and use them, and DO NOT use orange juice. Orange juice prevents the production of chlorine dioxide, as well as anything that has vitamin C added as a preservative.

I hope you have found this information helpful. The product known as MMS is not really chlorine dioxide, it’s not even a miracle. However, it is a safe and effective way to create one, by introducing a sure fire way to bolster the immune system and eliminate a full range of harmful pathogens, by delivering Nature’s pathogen destroyer, chlorine dioxide, into your body.

When combined with the rapid toxin removal power of chlorine dioxide, mineral replenishment with magnesium chloride and detoxified iodine for the thyroid, can point those with even the most acute conditions in the direction of some seriously wonderful well being.

Hear It

Jim Humble, developer of the MMS protocol, is my guest on Talk for Food. You can purchase this conversation on audio CD by following this link.

A second Jim Humble interview is titled, MMS Simplified, which you can listen to here. We discuss getting started, especially for people with acute disease challenges, “detox” vs. toxic nausea, comparative oxidation therapies, chelation, cancer treatment, and oral health.

The third is on cancer…

April 2009: Jim Humble speaks about swine flu and MMS.

NEW: From Bahia de Kino, Mexico. A face-to-face “on location,” “in studio” interview with Jim Humble. To listen, click here. << link broken… fix pending. AA~

MMS Video Development Announcement

November 26, 2007 — I am planning to visit Jim Humble for some up close and personal dialogues. Click here to read, and learn how you can be involved.

MMS Workshop DVD Set Cover Art
MMS Workshop 8-DVD Set

December 9, 2007 — I’ve been to Hermosillo and follow the MMS Video Diary entries of early December 2007.

December 22, 2007 — I traveled to Tijuana, Mexico and interviewed Dr. John Humiston, who uses MMS both in his practice, and personally. Follow this link to read, and view an embedded video clip.

February 9, 2008 — Video production and editing is completed, DVD’s are being manufactured, and first orders will commence shipping by February 18, 2008. Click here to view the latest video and order.

April 1, 2008. New web site for the video production > with store for ordering the DVD. The standard retail price of $29.95 goes into effect. Volume discounts are available.

Here’s a trailer for the documentary.

[ ?posts_id=1582545&dest=-1]

Over 100,000 people have read this article, which has served as a basic primer for MMS use. There is much more to MMS than can be practically covered here. However, if you are interested in this article being made available as a booklet, please let me know.

November, 2010 — The MMS Workshop video is now available in an 8-disc set. New protocols, new methods for myriad applications. Shipping begins November 8, 2010. Over eight hours of presentations. $350. Quantity discounts available. More information.

Sources of MMS

PGL International — Raided by the FDA in August 2010, BACK as a PRIVATE ASSOCIATION. A nominal fee and agreement allows you membership and the freedom to purchase MMS and receive assistance from other members.

H2O Air Water Americas — Private Association.

Keavy’s Corner — Sodium Chlorite and MMS supplier.

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1,613 Thoughts to “No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry”

  1. Lisa

    Hi, I assume you can mix a daily 10 hour supply of mms using the marked water bottle method as long as you keep track the volume you consume each hour. I’m asking as I did not read that you can do this for Protocol 2000. Does the chlorine dioxide not dissipate while it is sitting in the water?

  2. mike

    where can I purchase mms. please help

  3. Alissa Joy

    3 years ago, I urinated in a dirty river and I have had an infection in my bladder caused by a parasite ever since. The most effective treatments have been antiparasitics and Protocol 1000, which helps manage the symptoms, but does not cure the infection. The infection comes raging back within hours of ceasing treatment. I have to set my alarm all night long to keep an even dose of medication in my system. I am exhausted.

    I would like to use CDS administered via catheter directly to the bladder to fight this infection. But I do not know what concentration will be best.

    My naturopathic doctor believes in MMS and secretly uses it in her washington state clinic to help many patients, but she does not want to prescribe the catheters unless I have a reliable source to indicate what concentration of CDS I should use.

    I was thinking three drops of CDS in 16 ounces of IV solution. Thoughts???

    1. Dear Alissa,

      I would suggest that you consider going on a fast for at least 4 weeks. Our body doesn’t take on parasites because we pee in rivers. It takes them on when we eat processed, artificial foods with LOTS of synthetic sugar and other chemicals, and don’t give it what it actually needs to maintain our health. Drink lots of water. After a week or so, start drinking NATURAL juices; unpasteurized orange juice if it is available. It will HELP your body flush toxins out while you are on a moratorium of putting more in. You will feel hunger, but these are WITHDRAWAL reactions, as in an “addiction”… it will pass. We’re ALL accustomed to tinkering with the body, not realizing or respecting that it KNOWS what needs to be done, and HOW to do it, when we learn what it needs, and DOES NOT NEED. I don’t have to know your diet to understand that you’re taking in stuff that is causing your parasites, then blaming the infection on peeing in a river. It’s what we do. (I’ve done it too.)

      Best regards…

      1. meli

        Hey Mr. Abraham, just in response to your thoughts above, I was under the impression that while artificial and processed “foods” encourage parasites, one could get lots of unhealthy parasites from bodies of water, particularly in tropical places and not necessarily as a result of poor diet, or just from living in places where pathogens are thriving in the environment people use every day. Any additional thoughts?

  4. Dave - Australia

    Read somewhere in the comments that there isn’t enough positive testimonials around… so thought I would quickly share my experience with it. It’s nothing extraordinary, I don’t have any serious disease or anything, but since I have first hand experience with it, i thought it might be useful.

    I took MMS about 5 years ago… I never used it on a regular basis, only when I got a cold/flu, virus, or something similar. I often get cold sores on my lip and would take MMS once I felt the colds sore coming up.

    Basically, whenever I got sick, I would take about 3-5 drops. Usually after just one dose the cold/flu would be gone. So the MMS just sat in the cupboard for months on end, and I would only use it when needed. I did experience some of the symptoms described, mild stomach pains and diarrhea, for about an hour or so. Then within a few hours I would be back to normal, feeling great, and the cold/flu/coldsore would be gone.

    The final time I took it was probably a bit of stupidity on my part… I caught a really bad virus, I was feeling weak, achey, run down… basically the virus hit me pretty hard and I felt like absolute SH*T. Thinking that I would need a stronger dose for this one, I stupidly took 15 drops. (Later on I learned that 15 drops is usually given to someone with Malaria). The next 4-6 hours were spent crawling from bed to toilet (diarrhea and vomiting), back and forth several times… cold sweat and weakness, and excruciating stomach pains… after a while I just stayed in the bathroom, sprawled out on the floor feeling horrible. Eventually I managed to get back into bed and sleep, exhausted from all the fluid loss.

    The next day I woke up, and surprisingly felt fantastic. After a good breakfast and lots of water, I was feeling fresh, strong, and lively. Needless to say, the virus that was knocking me around in the few days prior was completely gone. I felt like it was never there to begin with. No lingering weakness or recovery like you usually get from a bad virus… I was just 100%.

    In all honesty, after that I couldn’t bring myself to even smell MMS again. Kind of like when you get really drunk on a certain type of spirit and then completely go off it, not being able to even imagine it again. I still think MMS is a great product, as long as it’s taken in moderation and according to instructions. I failed to do that, which is probably why I had such a reaction. Also the fact I wasn’t a regular user so my body did not have any tolerance built up probably played a factor, too.

    In the last 5 years, I have just dealt with cold/flu type situations the traditional way, ride them out and dose up on some cold/flu Pseudoephedrine tablets. Being a healthy 32 year old now, I haven’t really needed MMS, but I am considering buying it again to keep for those “just in case” type situations when something nasty comes around again.

    Hope that gives some insight to people who are considering trying it.

  5. Andrea

    Can anyone tell me why we shouldn’t do the MMS protocol if we are on blood thinners?

    1. Andrea — you might learn what blood thinners do, and the conditions that cause them to be deemed necessary by orthodox medicine. They are administered due to an ongoing buildup of plaque in the bloodstream. In this case, plaque is not a “sticky buildup” on your teeth, but along the lining of blood vessel, the vast majority of which are VERY small, some are so small that blood cells must pass through in single file.

      Understand that your blood MUST pass through ALL areas of the body, otherwise, LIFE in that section will die. So plaque is a BIG thing.

      That is the medical logic behind blood thinners, or anticoagulants. They address the problem by either inhibiting the body’s clotting response. They do not address or eliminate the reason that the plaque blockage formed in the first place. Instead, they exacerbate the problem.

      The plaque formed due to an imbalance in certain mineral in the blood, which would constitute a balanced environment, and would cause the plaque (which is calcium) to dissolve naturally and safely. Plaque is also a result of dehydration. This not only means drinking an insufficient amount of water being consumed, but also, the STATE of said water. Certain beverages, including many “energy drinks”, actually dehydrate, due to the big molecules that they are created with. Hydration only occurs within each cell, and only certain mineral combinations are taken inside, if they are in the blood. Malnourished cells mean no energy production (ATP), and a decline in health, along with the buildup of plaque.

      One of the chief minerals is magnesium, but there are others, including chloride. There are others.

      Your task is to restore mineral balance in your bloodstream by any means necessary. Cellular hydration is achieved only through the intake of energy-rich water. As you change your inner environment, plaque will go away its own. If blood thinners bring balance to your blood, then I’m all for them. However, if they do not, then you’ve got a more fundamental decision to make first than whether to use MMS.

  6. I have Chronic Lyme disease and due to blood thinner reactions to most antibiotics, nothing has worked for me. I started with 1/2 a drop the first day–took it once a day and went to one drop once a day. I am having herzheimner reactions, weakness, and lyme symptoms escalated. I also have a weak heart probably caused by the lyme as well–only half my heart works from 3 heart attacks. So I am super cautious as to what goes into my body. Jim Humble claims if you get sick, back off, but you say one almost has to get sick in order to get well. I see a lot of contradictions in both your comments and in Jim’s book which I bought –and that worries me. I am counting on this to be my last chance miracle cure.

    Please advise.

    Micki Peluso

    1. Dear Micki — Please know that there are many ways to get where you want to go. Do not place additional stress on yourself by thinking this is your “last chance.” I can’t speak to any contradictions you see in Jim’s books. If you have questions of me, please ask. However, this article was first published in 2007, and updated a couple years later. That being said, I believe that you may find the video linked here helpful. This is not about MMS. It is about something more fundamental, that I believe might help. There is plenty of reference information available, should you be interested in learning more, or going further in that direction.

    2. Hi Micki — Please realize that your body is now coping with the adverse effects of antibiotics, as well as the original condition that brought on the Lyme state itself. That original condition was/is an imbalance, or insufficiency of certain minerals in your blood… not a bite from a tick. Your body is also dehydrated, as antibiotics will tend to do that, as well as most beverages — coffee, “energy drinks”, and more — that are not water. Oftentimes, even the water we drink won’t sufficiently hydrate, given the chemicals they are treated with, and the normal degradation of their energy state during the journey to our homes. I would suggest that you read one or more books by Dr. George W. Carey, including “Wonders of the Human Body” and “God-Man: The Word Made Flesh.” They are available as books, and free downloads. I would also suggest that you look into the work of Rene Quinton, who helped thousands of people heal using Marine Plasma (sea water) to great effect.

    3. Sam Mukherjee

      I agree, find some contradictions. In the part that describes the chemical part there are contradictions too. Describes it as electron donor and acceptor almost in the same sentence. I would expect a little more in-depth chemical explanation using modern reaction mechanisms. No clear description of what happens to the residual product in the body. Just saying it does not exist anymore does not make scientific sense. Moreover I would like to know the reactions if any at the kidney. Any clinical tests done specifically on that?

  7. Martin

    I can see some good arguments for and against MMS and must admit the lack of people posting their positive experiences for the world to see isn’t helping. Though not a scientist myself i am able to understand the basics so i am sold on the science of it. I have tried it and did experience vomiting etc but that’s because i started off using too much too soon. I reduced the dosage on my second try and had no problems. I’m trying to rid myself of Genital Herpes and am glad there’s something out there that may help that’s all i ask. If it doesn’t work at least i tried riding myself of this invader. Not sure if its gone yet and musy admit i haven’t used it for the length of time specified but no break outs yet. It’s difficult to stick to it because of the eating issue and also it makes you smell and i have to be around lots of people often during the week. I’m not against MMS at all but why is it so difficult to find the floods of positive testimonials out there that there should be if it is curing people just a couple of forums with just a few posts dating back some years ago now. I understand some people wouldn’t want the world knowing they had a disease but surely there should be still quite a few who still come forward for instance on Youtube. Its one of the major things i am concerned about.

    1. Martin,

      Perhaps you haven’t seen positive experiences posted, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t to be found. Millions of people have used MMS, with positive results since this article was first published, in 2007. However, a new way of looking at “disease” is needed. You say that you’re trying to get rid of genital herpes, which is a viral condition. It is also evidence of an environmental condition. The virus exists because the environment in your genital area is conducive for it; an imbalance of some kind exists. Medical practice today would attempt to kill the virus. However, their medications put the environment further out of balance. It may succeed in removing evidence of the herpes, but succeed in making the environment conducive to microorganisms that can exist with even less oxygen, for example. This is actually a good thing for you and me, because if microorganisms that can survive in oxygen deficient environments inside your body didn’t exist, we’d die off right away.

      When you understand this, you’re free to use whatever means that are convenient to you to restore balance to the environment, not worrying about one virus, and know that once you do, your body will take care of itself.

    2. susang

      ‘’I’m not against MMS at all but why is it so difficult to find the floods of positive testimonials out there that there should be if it is curing people just a couple of forums with just a few posts dating back some years ago now”

      I think you know the anwer to that.

      Even on Jim Humble’s own Forum there is scarce evidence that anyone is being cured with MMS. And the few claims that there are saying they were helped are nothing more than weak testamonials all anecdotal. MMS has been around for decades now. If it were true that people were being cured of varying diseases people would be posting objective proof, like before and after lab results. By now certainly enough people would have told their own doctors about this cure. It would be pretty hard to ignore. And please don’t tell me doctors want their patients to stay sick so they can profit off them. That’s just twisted. That kind of cynicism can only be found amongst snake oil sale men and charatans.

      Also you should know that just because you haven’t had an outbreak since using MMS, it doesn’t mean you are cured. Some people only have one outbreak when first infected, then never again. This doesn’t mean the virus is gone. It simply means the virus is dormant.

      1. After 7 years of living with debliitating chronic Lyme disease and using several protocols, including antibiotics, I am finally cured in full of Lyme disease thanks to MMS! I own and moderate a large Lyme group, I coach other Lymies using MMS and some members are cured of Lyme and others are in their own respective levels of improvements thanks to MMS!! To this very day, I still use a “maintenance dose” daily to keep my body clear of pathogens and poisons and I brush my teeth daily with MMS, never use toothpaste anymore, no dental issues for the past 7 years of brushing with MMS.. And I will use MMS until I am no longer on this earth! My greatest respect to Jim Humble who founded MMS, his team and to AA (philosopher) for getting the word out about MMS early on!

        When I first read about MMS, that it produced Chlorine Dioxide, read all I could about it, I came way realizing this was the one thing that really could cure chronic Lyme Disease, most other things can’t… I started using it and never stopped… And because I pursued this course, many on my group are also benefiting from this unique health tonic. ~ JimJax

  8. monika podhorska

    I am looking for a help for my uncle. he had been diagnosed with cancer (colon) and metastases 2 months ago. His age is 56. But there are few test have been made and they found present of Echinococcus granulossus parasite in his body with cysts on his liver. The doctors recommend him the chemotherapy but he decided to try mms solution. He did start to take a CDS2 every hour 5ml 7x and combination with mms1 3 drops every hour. He was doing ok for a few days but today he got huge inflated stiff belly and we dnt know what to do with him. He feel pain and its very uncomfortable. The doctors doesnt wanna help him because of his diagnose so I need a help. Could you recommend me what to do? why the belly got so huge and how to help him. Thank you very much.

    1. Joe Riley B.

      Hello Monika,

      Although I’m am an advocate of MMS and I still have some in my refrigerator,
      I haven’t used any in several years.

      This reply is about other choices you may want look into.

      Dr Mark Sircus has a practice in Brazil who has written MANY
      books on natural allopathic medicine. He had one foot in the grave
      earlier this year, pushing himself to 14-hour days, seven days a week.

      He has many protocols and therapies that are inexpensive.

      Read this article and you’ll see what I mean.

      Dosages for Natural Allopathic Medicine

      Keep Smiling,

      Joe Riley B.

  9. Julian

    Hello Jim!

    Do you have any scientific paper that demonstrates the positive effect of MMS? I have tried to find out on the Internet but cant find anything. Maybe some papers have been written after the 100,000 people experience or on the clinical trial in Malawi prison. Thanks for sharing or indicating the link on the internet. Cheers! Have a good day! =)

      1. None of these links you have provided are to clinical trials of MMS. These are studies done on chlorine dioxide used as antiseptics, used topically on the skin and other surfaces. The others were testing the use of chlorine dioxide for use in water treatment and on surfaces as an disinfectant. They tested it’s effectiveness in killing polio virus on surfaces. The other link is to a study done on rats. They gave the rats chlorine dioxide gas to inhale, and studied the toxic effects on the rats.

        The important thing to know is that NONE of these links were to a study where MMS /chlorine dioxide was given to humans INTERNALLY at the dose you and Jim Humble are telling people to drink it at.

        You won’t find any peer reviewed studies that test the efficacy of giving chlorine dioxide/MMS internally to humans because it is considered a poison and should not be ingested .

      2. Susang:
        The ORIGINAL question for this was, “Do you have any scientific paper that demonstrates the positive effect of MMS?” … NOT for Clinical trials of MMS.

        You have to be pretty ignorant to think that the FDA, or doctors would fund a study on taking Chlorine Dioxide/MMS …. they aren’t interested. Get real !

        These studies I posted show that Chlorine Dioxide (activated MMS) is SAFE for humans to take for recovery from a severe illness…. also that it destroys biofilm.

        To call Chlorine Dioxide (CD) a poison shows your complete ignorance of the subject.

        We both know you are a Pharma troll, and even IF a doctor OR the FDA gave you undisputed evidence for CD, …it wouldn’t matter…. cause your main purpose for being on here is spread negativity about CD….

        Go elsewhere !!!

      3. susang

        I think it was clear he was asking about MMS and it’s use in treating humans by this remark he made: “Maybe some papers have been written after the 100,000 people experience or on the clinical trial in Malawi prison.”

        The fact is, and you know it, there aren’t any studies or peer reviewed papers that have been done on the use of MMS given INTERNALLY to treat disease in humans. Every time one of you people who push the use of chlorine dioxide quote or link to an article or scientific paper on chlorine dioxide, the amount people are subjected to, like for water purification, are NO WHERE NEAR the ppm that is used for water treatment.

        You make the ridiculous claim that the reason there aren’t any published studies is because the powers that be, FDA etc. won’t allow it. Here are just a few reasons why this is preposterous. Firstly, MMS has been around for quite a while. It would not have been that difficult to gather some patients and do even a small preliminary study.If it were so effective in curing all of the things that the people who sell it claim, the pharms would be all over it! Anything can be tweaked, altered slightly, synthesized and made into different types of delivery systems. All of this can be patented and money can be made off of it.
        No one has ever even come close to doing anything like this with MMS.

        Secondly, if MMS were REALLY doing things like curing cancer, AIDS, Malaria, internal infections etc. by now it should be all over the Internet, on the news, and in countries where health care is free their governments would be rejoicing over the money saved on health care!

        Not only has none of this happened, but if one goes to Jim Humble’s Church forum where MMN users can ask questions and describe their success or LACK of success with MMS. I’m not seeing the flood of success stories one would expect if it really worked. As far as the serious conditions like cancer I’m not seeing anything but failure.

        For the record on literally every industrial chemical web site chlorine dioxide is listed as a poison. I am not a pharma troll. I am only interested in presenting the truth. Like your comment that chlorine dioxide isn’t a poison. You are making money off this scam. So your agenda is far more questionable than mine. I’m not profiting in any way. My reasons are far more personal. I had a friend who was diagnosed with cancer. I watched him fall victim to charlatans just like Humble and the guy who runs this blog. This quack pushed his snake oil along with false hope.

        There are so many scientific facts that are flat out false in this bloggers description of how MMS supposedly works. I hope people at the very fact check what this guy is telling them before they ingest something that could do them harm.

  10. Alex

    Could you please explain to me how a strong oxidizing agent miraculously only oxidise pathogenic entities? The reason we need vitamin C, E, A and various other nutrients is for their anti-oxidant effects ie they neutralise oxidizing agents in our systems, and prolong cell life. To my knowledge, chemicals do not make decisions. They will react with the best oxidizing/reducung agent to hand- and it’s *relative*- that is, if there is *anything* else even vaguely reactive around, whether oxidising (basic) or reducing (acidic) by comparison, s*** will happen. That – surely- includes any biochemical, “pathogenic” or not? This is a serious question- I’d really like to know what your response is.

    1. There’s no “miracle” about it. Every particle, mineral, or compound, no matter how simple or complex, has a natural charge state, or polarity. It’s a “plus” (+) or a “minus” (-). By your question, it’s obvious that you already know this. The polarity factor doesn’t stop. As a new compound is formed, its charge state defines its activity or reactivity with other compounds. When NaClO2 is combined with a light acid, the ClO2 species with a (-) charge results, along with NaCl. Anything that has a positive charge will be oxidized, whereas that which is likewise negatively charged, will not be.

      1. Alex

        Yes- but a couple of probs here:

        Not all particles/molecules etc have a charge- some are neutral in charge, but still reactive. Some are neutral and inert. Polarity is *definitely* not universal to all molecules- polarity is a very specific property, and does not have any relationship to overall charge in the majority of cases. The prime example is water (H2O)- it’s a neutral molecule, but is extremely polar, due to the tendency for Oxygen to “pull” electrons into it’s orbit more strongly/frequently, even though they are shared with Hydrogen. Reiterating- polarity is nothing to do with overall charge on the ion, and is definitely not a property of all chemical species.

        The kind of reaction you are talking about with MMS sounds like a free radical reaction. To save time- a quote from the Australian Research Council: “Free radicals are molecules with unpaired electrons. In their quest to find another electron, they are very reactive and can cause damage to surrounding molecules… radicals are also useful because they help important reactions in our bodies take place ” (unpaired electrons, btw, can occur on molecules with a negative charge, AND with a neutral charge, just for clarity’s sake- sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true).

        I am not saying this treatment cannot help anything, and I am particularly impressed with the short bits I have seen re: Malaria, but like many medicines I am almost *certain* it has the capacity to cause damage, and probably reasonably extensive damage- most of which would be undetectable in the immediate sense. Like other free radical damage, say from air pollution or smoking- you generally know about it years later. When you get cancer, for example :S To be treated with respect, and huge caution I would think.

  11. As an ND I am very interested in mms!

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    1. lol…OLD news ….. and completely False …. anyone who believed this either has flunked Chemistry or is a paid Pharma Troll !!

  14. Pat Christiansen

    I’m new to this but can’t see that there’s an amount of water listed. 3 drops + 3 drops but how much water? (The video shows 3 oz. and the bottle method is about 2 oz.)
    Thanks, Pat C.

    1. Hi Pat. It is not that important how much water you use. For a 3 drop dose it is probably best to use at least 1 oz of water though or it will not taste too nice.

      1. Pat Christiansen

        Pat C.

    2. Pat,

      The Rule is … for every ‘activated’ drop of Chlorine Dioxide (CD), you add 1 oz of water.
      So…. 3 drops of activated CD, you take 3 oz of water.

      1. Pat Christiansen

        I have Lymes and am almost afraid to try it.

      2. Yo have nothing to lose, and everything to gain … CD has cured Lymes before… many times. You start off low (drops) and slow … and work your way up.

        My advice would be to use the CDH method (instead of taking fresh made drops every hour)

  15. Sam


    My boyfriend was diagnosed with ALS . He just started taking MMS . Which protocol do u think will be most helpful? We both have high hopes that he is going to get better taking MMS

  16. Carly

    Can anyone tell me why I got flu from taking the MMS protocol a week into it? I had flu once 20 years ago but generally do not get ill. It is obvious to me that mms caused me to get so sick and was made worse by it.

    1. Why do you think anyone here can answer your question, not knowing anything about you? If you want to “conclude” that MMS “caused” your sickness, then there’s nothing else to talk about. You’ve done it. You can spare yourself EVER taking MMS again.

      Have a nice day.

    2. Carly,

      There can be a number of reasons you got the “flu”….

      Keep in mind, you aren’t necessarily “sick”… more like you are going thru a ‘detoxing’ reaction from the MMS, and this is good.

      When people take MMS, one of THE most important requirements is that they drink LOTS of water so as to ‘transport’ the toxins out of your system… if they don’t, “flu like” symptoms can occur.

      Many times when people are taking MMS, they are already constipated, and this can be yet another reason that their system gets backed up, and their body goes into a detox reaction like flu, diarrhea, vomiting, etc…

      My advice would be to make SURE that your colon is “moving”, and that you are drinking 8oz of water every 1/2 hour til 6pm… and to back off the MMS if you are getting flu like symptoms, til you are feeling better, then resume.

      Over all, this is a good reaction … your healing has begun ! 🙂


      1. Hi Carly

        I would also (strongly) suggest that you take enema’s at least once per day, sometimes adding MMS to the enema (see mms site for enema protocol). This will keep the colon much cleaner enabling toxins to be removed more quickly and help prevent you getting sick.

        Love and Light
        pete adams
        Minister of Health, Genesis II Church of Health and Healing
        The Sanctuary, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

      2. People get sick, nauseated, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain right after drinking MMS because it’s a poison! It’s the bodies way of trying to expel this poison and it’s telling you NOT to do this again.

        A true Herxheimer reaction is rare and caused by only a few types of antibiotics. The other thing is a Herxheimer effect happens over days, NOT immediately after you ingest whatever substance (MMS). When MMS is ingested in a high enough amount it will cause these symptoms , nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhea.

      3. Susan, you don’t want to rustle a sleeping giant. You’re not speaking to novices here. It’s really arrogant to step in and begin criticizing folks you don’t know simply because YOU disagree with their point of view.

        If you truly cared about any of this, or the people involved, you’d ASK questions.

        This forum isn’t actually closed, but it has long ago ceased being a hotbed of MMS dialogue, as so much has changed, while the core information remains viable. I kept it up after people told me how it helped them. Today, even some health practitioners use MMS.

        Don’t know where you’ve been, but welcome to TODAY.

      4. susang

        I am correcting a medical fact. I keep hearing the same explanation given to people who ingest chlorine dioxide and become ill right after doing so. When they take a high enough amount they experience symptoms like, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and weakness. They are told by those promoting MMS that this is a Herxheimer reaction and the body killing off pathogens and ridding itself of toxins. A real Herzheimer reaction is caused by treating an infection with 3 different specific antibiotics. Vomiting isn’t even a symptom of a Herzheimer reaction. It takes several days for the symptoms to develop. In the case of ingesting MMS when the amount gets high enough, and this can vary from person to person, the person becomes immediately sick, vomiting etc. This is the bodies typical reaction to ingesting a poison. It’s a reaction that has probably prevented many from becoming completely poisoned.

        This is a medical fact. Telling people who get sick from drinking MMS that that is a good thing is medically ignorant. Period. I’m sure you don’t want any descent on this forum. After all you are selling this stuff.

        I find it quite arrogant of YOU to push such a medically false explanation for why people feel sick from drinking MMS. It’s almost as medically ignorant as your claim that chlorine dioxide differentiates between which cells it oxidizes both good and bad!

    3. grant

      Carly, I’ll begin this by assuming that you are an individual not having axes to grind with MMS.

      Here are some questions that you need to answer honestly and CORRECTLY. Explain EXACTLY your mix method, drop counts, acid used, water used, activation time. Is there any possibility that you are making mistakes regarding the mixing? Also, provide me HONEST info regarding any “make it taste better” materials added to the mms. Tell me EXACTLY how many doses per day, and also tell me about other drugs such as drug store shelf cold medicines that you took at the same time.

      Did you recently receive a vaccine of any kind? Did you get a flu shot? If so, was it before, during, or after you began the mms? Is there any chance that you have picked up a case of botulism?

      Do you have Carbon Monoxide detectors in your home? Has there been any personal exposure to Carbon Monoxide from sources such as cars, dirt bikes, lawn mowers, etc? This is important, because Carbon Monoxide exposure caused severe Flu symptoms that last until well after the exposure occurs.

      Did you batch your mms using Ozone-treated distilled water? Are you drinking Ozone-treated water or Ozone-treated flavored water or mixed liquids that have Ozone-treated water in them?

      It is highly unlikely that you have gotten sick from taking in date, properly stored (away from sunlight), properly batched (no ozone-treated water) MMS.

      1. Jovine

        Friends, True Testimonials, begin your fantastic journey here:

        Diabetes, Malaria, Bronchitis, Cancer, HIV_AIDS, Candida – MMS Testimonials,
        8 min:

        Lung Cancer, 4 min:

        And after you search, read, and figure it out, this below link of 3 min is the easiest way to make the CDS / CD gas from MMS:

        Making CDS from MMS the simple way, 3 min.

        Make Sure To Open and Watch:

        And understand, “CDS / CD gas being put into water to drink, made from MMS”, is newer than this last video above., Open and watch all links above in their listed order, to begin your instant and fantastic journey.

  17. Danny

    Been following you for over a year and I must say Thankyou for your in depth of knowledge.

    Question, I am going to start a 30 day juice fast and I wanted to add a mms protocol whilst on the fast. Would you be so kind to advise me on the right protocol using 1/1 method. I am just wanting to rid the body of possible lingering or dormant viruses and pathogens.

    I also understand the strong effects of mms in high dosage but I am totally unaware of strength while fasting. I am sure it will be more intense, hence why I am asking for your help.


    1. Hi Danny,

      I am probably not the one to ask this question. I appreciate your desire to do what is right and best for your body, but anything that I would offer to you as to what is “best,” although given with the best of intentions, would nonetheless be only a guess.

      Your body KNOWS what it needs and does not need, and has a remarkable, though mostly unknown (or disbelieved) ability to produce its own medicinal supplement in the form of your urine. I have only learned this in December 2012, although written information on this subject goes back over 5,000 years. Urine therapy has been practiced in the East and West, by medical practitioners of all kinds, with remarkable results.

      Although I have produced quite a bit of information on MMS, and hold it in high regard as to its potential benefit, urine therapy contains within it a healing dimension — physical, emotional, and mental — that is unlike any I’ve come across to this day.

      You can’t overdose on your urine, as your body will give you what IT needs in the moment. It is rich in 100% bioavailable mineral nutrients, urea (one of the best known diuretics), hormones (including DHEA), aminoacids, enzymes, B-complex vitamins, and much more, ALL of which are formulated for YOU.

      I can’t speak to what effect taking MMS while fasting would have. I would ask my body if this is a good move for it. If so, I would ask it to tell me how much to take, how long, etc. This can be done through muscle testing or with the help of a pendulum. This is not to turn your question away. Instead, it is to direct you to the one that actually has the answer

      Best wishes,


  18. TT

    will mms clean your system from any substances?

    1. You probably should be more specific. The words “any” and “substance” cover a BROAD spectrum of potential.


  19. Elalim

    I would like to congratulate for this research.
    There was one point that was not clear for me – in the paragraph “Halt! Surrender Your Electrons, Now!” you say that: “A healthy human cell has a natural electrical of just over 1 volt”, but as I know the membrane potential at rest for a cell is -70mV. Now I think that this refers to something else, but I still do not understand. Does the measure of 1 V refer to the redox potential of a human cell? I have never learned about it (well, I’m still a student, but I want to do researches and improve my knowledge), so could you please explain this to me?
    Thank you in advance
    Waiting for your reply

  20. Greetings I am so happy I found your blog, I
    really found you by mistake, while I was researching on Yahoo for something else,
    Regardless I am here now and would just like to say many thanks for
    a marvelous post and a all round interesting blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to browse it all at the minute but I have bookmarked it and also included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the excellent job.

  21. Nati Rivera

    My sister has breast cancer that has spread to her liver, lungs and brain. I’m giving her 3 drops of mms1 and 1/2 a pill of mms2 for 10 hrs a day. I have so many questions…. Is there anything else I could be doing that I’m missing?? She seems to be doing a little better, but still has her bad days, just last week they told her it had spread to the liver. About what she should or shouldn’t be eating while she’s on mms…so many contradicting stories, so many to ask. Can you please just put it in a nutshell for me… Thank you!!! I will continue to give her the mms daily for now! — your truly

    1. Hi Nati,

      If she is able, you can ask your sister to start her day each morning in short meditation. This is not “prayer.” Ask her to sit and, for a minimum of 7 minutes, take a DEEP breath and expel through the mouth uttering the sound “OM”… sounds like “Home,” but without the “H” sound. This action will do several things that will benefit her. If she is willing to do it, I’ll tell you what they are. On the other hand, if she does do it, she’ll tell you what she noticed.

      Let’s start with this and see how she responds.

      Regards and best wishes,


  22. Jay

    I’m concerned that mms could make my vitiligo worse ( skin depigmentation ) before it gets better. Would you please respond to this and let me know what protocol to use?
    Thank you for you time and trouble.

  23. from TEDtalks regarding trials and peer reviewed studies:

  24. Barbara

    Could you please tell me if MMS helps for helicobacter pylori?
    Thank you

  25. Ashley

    I’m not “the other Adam”, I truly do believe in MMS. With that said, I used MMS as an enema three times in one day, with about 3 hour spacing in between. The first time I used 4 drops, the second time 6 drops, and the third time I used 4 drops, all with the same preparation of 1:1 50% citric acid activator. I used about 2 ounces of water for the enema and held it in as long as I could, which was probably about 10 minutes or less each time. I got really disoriented, flu-like symptoms, and defecated a lot of what looked like biofilm– mucousy, stringy stuff. I have ME/CFS along with lots of mental illness problems (OCD, anxiety, depression, ASD-type symptoms). I know there are a lot of heavy metal and viral problems going on. I have also been passing some blood, though it was blended in with the biofilm…it never came out as drops, just bloody mucous. I’m still feeling disoriented after two days, having a lot of brain fog/euphoria type symptoms. I’m pretty hopeful that MMS is going to be the answer to my problems, but I’m a bit scared. Can I get some reassurance? I’m going to slow down and do 1 drop BID in an enema instead.

    1. Hi Ashley
      MMS if used correctly is a valuable aid for virtually all health solutions, but it cannot & should not be relied upon on its own.
      Re. MMS use, you should be taking protocol 1000 to start with. If you choose to do enemas (which i think should nearly always be one of the first things to do for health issues), then the correct protocol for MMS is: Use 10 drops of MMS in 8 ounces of fluid. Hold it in for 5 to 10
      minutes if you can . Or do the enema any way you are accustomed to doing it but add about one drop of activated MMS per ounce of water . For all the up to date protocols & to ask questions go to

      i strongly suggest you seek someone with good knowledge of MMS able to give you complete holistic advice, but also for you to satisfy yourself that the advice being given is good by doing your own research.

      Peace & Love

      Minister of Genesis II Church of Health & Healing

    2. Until you do get more advice, be sure to look up protocol 1000 on the forum, and start researching about parasites, which affect possibly 80% of population & are at least partly responsible for most conditions. Look up Dr. Oz interview on Oprah on youtube. Also drinks lots of water (half oz per 1ib of body weight) to ensure toxins are flushed. Find the purest water (idealy structured water) you can find. Your body is around 80% water. This is why MMS (a water purifier) works so well!

    3. grant

      Ashley. The enema idea is increasingly dangerous as the time involved increases. The reason is that the liver is bypassed, and no detoxification can occur.

  26. bob

    I posted in another section yesterday but was not sure if it would be responded to so am doing so here as well. I have had about 6 or so years of experience in taking and using mms to help myself and others and nearly all results have been very good. Some people complain of the taste but so did I when my mother had me consume castor oil and eat broccoli when I was young. If it is helpful to your health, just drink it and then consume something small like a caramel or the like afterward to change the taste in your mouth. I suggest “never” consume it with any reacting soda item like bicarb for reasons that Adam talked about.

    My experience with mms has been vast and varied, assisting with serious lung problems, diabetes, cancer, swine flu, and many other things.

    Frankly, the few people who did not respond well to the use of mms were the ones that did not follow the protocol to the letter. Many need a “mentor” to help with this as they just do not have the discipline to carry it forth in a correct manner. Of those that took it as directed, nearly all of them had wonderful results.

    Adam, you have a fine blog and podcast, each of which I have followed and appreciated. I, like others, could not find a way to talk directly with you via email so ask you to contact me. I may be able to provide substantial and actual usage information for your consideration and would like to share some thoughts. Thanks, Bob

  27. lecrisha

    please help me! im so lost! i want to get rid of this virus for good!!

  28. Can you tell me where to get a good product at a good price as soon as possible? There are too many out there now. One guy on Amazon said he got one that didn’t taste like much…as far as i know, if it’s real, it tastes awful! :))) Thank you for your good work on this! Peace!

  29. Kai Pelton

    I am in great need of your advice! I have been using MMS with the activator for a good two months. I drink 32 oz in water a day to try and rid a Fungal infection as well as Staph and other Bacterial infections which were diagnosed by cultures. This gunk stream down from my sinuses all day and all night!
    These infections leave me so ill that I can’t function! I have Lyme Disease and have been on many Antibiotics which of course lead to all this. I also have a history of Psuedomonas A. Doctors don’t know what to do for me! I DO NOT have Aids or Hepatis.
    I want to start the MMS 2 BUT I HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH TO TAKE? The MMS did seem to help lessen the gunk, I went from a white tongue & mounth full down to a much lessor amount which still drains all day & night. I’d say it cut it by 30%? Plez email me & I will give U my number! Thank you so much! Keep up the good work.

    1. dear kai jim humble has mentioned a few times that unfortunately there r certain new ‘super’ funguses which r unaffected by MMS. i have battled various funguses for 10 years and the best results have come from simple baking soda. a teaspoon with a bit of honey, mixed in 8oz glass of distilled water 2-3 times a day. it doesnt even taste 2 bad and starts working after only a day or 2, full effects after a few weeks. plz research alkalizing your body with baking soda 2 find out more as i am no expert. and by all means dont stop taking the MMS. it goes fine with the baking soda, and always helps no matter what! best wishes your suffering ends immediatley

    2. grant

      Kai. It is very likely that your infection is hiding deeply in your ear canal. The “old” RECOGNIZED method of curing that issue involves the use of Drug Store-grade Peroxide as a “flush” cleaner. Laying on your side, pour a teaspoon of Peroxide into your ear. Hold it in for 5 minutes. Roll over, do the other side. A few days of this, and all such infections are gone.

      This works.



    Dear Mr. Humble,

    I am very happy to found you through my friend in Czech Republic. My name is Areti Gregoriou and I live in Cyprus. I am diagnosed with skin cancer – bcc epithelioma. My dermatologist already applied therapy with laser, but the results in not very good. The epithelioma is now bigger than 1cm on the end of my nose.
    He decided to do again the second laser therapy at this week, he believes that it will be more successful ( 99%). I have seen also the plastic surgeon, who said, that this operation will be complicated, because of the end of the nose.
    What is your opinion on this therapy? Can we combine laser with your MMS therapy? How can I use it and where I can buy it?

    Sorry for my English.
    I am waiting for your answer, please HELP ME!!!

    With many regards,

    Areti Gregoriou
    Tel. no. +35799804787

  31. David

    Hi, I have a question. My mother has the Crohn’s illness, It’s a inflammation of the intestine. I bought for her the MMS and she does not see that much change since a week and feel a bit worse. Is the MMS good for this kind of illness and does what do you recommend? I know MMS does not touch good cells and I think her reaction is the MMS acting on the infected part of her intestine.

    Did you had any other people in the same case?

    Thank’s a lot

    1. Hi David,

      Instead of the idea called “Crohn’s disease,” please consider that your mother has an overgrowth of a certain type of microflora in her stomach. That microflora is there because the environment is most conducive to their growth. It’s conducive because imbalance is its predominant state. One of the chief elements necessary to change that state is oxygen. Presently, the microflora are mostly anaerobic, meaning that they do not require oxygen in order to be there. This doesn’t make them “bad,” but points out that aerobic, or oxygen respiring microflora, which would naturally manage the anaerobic population, are lacking in sufficient number. More oxygen is needed, but that’s not all. More trace minerals are needed too.

      MMS generates chlorine dioxide, which delivers oxygen to the system, and includes SOME trace minerals. It does not include the full spectrum of trace minerals that the body needs in order to restore optimal balance. It may improve the situation, but it may also be an irritant if BALANCE is not the goal, and MMS is taken indefinitely. It is not uncommon for an individual to feel worse for a time after taking MMS (or any remedy as it begins to resolve a chronic condition) before they start to feel better, as toxins are discharged from the system. But I want to emphasize that BALANCE is more important than MMS. MMS is useful only to the extent that it helps restore BALANCE.

      She should also consider taking RAW, UNPASTEURIZED milk. It will add (a) aerobic microorganisms, (b) digestive enzymes, and (c) real vitamin D to her intestinal environment. Colostrum, which is harvested at the time of birth, will add all of the above, PLUS it will reset the instruction-set of the immune system.

      Himalayan salt can be used — when converted into liquid form in what is called a “sole” (pronounced “so-lay”), to restore the entire spectrum of trace minerals that a human body needs. Joyful thinking, laughter, and other “lighter” emotions, are also very powerful “boosters” of health and vitality. Such actions demonstrate the power of consciousness, which is the true disease maker (or allower) or healer in our lives.

      This is probably more than you bargained for, but that’s why we’re here.

      Best wishes,


      1. Lhyra

        My brother’s CHRON’s disease was caused by MILK and dairy products. David, I do not recommend DAIRY. In fact, according Dr. Sebi, a world renowned herbalist who is known for CURING AIDS, dairy causes MUCOUS which causes all disease. I do believe that mucous plays a big part and he may even be correct that it’s the whole problem; either way, CUT ALL DAIRY and MEAT, perhaps try the MMS Protocol AND get Dr. Sebi’s program if you can afford it [it’s very expensive BUT dam good… I take his products, he has an office in Los Angeles where I live].

        But the key will be to cut all dairy and meat. They are ACIDIC. One of the most important factors for health is ALKALINITY in the body.

        **I hope this helps!! Goodluck! Love and Light!

      2. Lhyra

        I forgot to post the link to Dr. Sebi’s lecture… I recommend watching it right away!! I think the combination of Jim Humble’s information and Dr. Sebi’s information should do it!

      3. I’d like to add my own 2c here …

        Speaking as someone who’s recovered from severe ulcerative colitis years ago…. if I had to pick one thing that were of UTmost importance, it would be …. Caclium Bentonite Clay (thanks Adam)
        Drink 1 rounded teaspoon with room temperature water, 2x’s a day, on am Empty stomach.

        The clay is EXTREMELY alkaline, and has a Ph of 9.7 .. you need this in your system when you have an inflamed bowel. Plus, the clay will come in contact with any parasites, and crud on the intestinal wall, and ‘escort’ it out of your system.
        The clay might be a something you do initially before starting an MMS program… it will prepare the bowel. Clay would be a must for me !


    2. Cat

      try the ultimate zapper for crohns and other things; it is sold by a man named Ken Presner in Canada who overcame Crohns himself and MS. is the website. good luck!

  32. Alicia

    My current research has led me to Zeolite and MMS. I am wondering if you can combine the two, or if one is better than the other. Does anyone have any knowledge of this. Thank you.

    1. Hi Alicia — there would be no conflict in using both zeolite and MMS. Please note that the ultimate goal is to restore balance to your body’s inner world. You can use muscle testing to see if, and of so, how much of each would be good for you.

      Best wishes,


  33. Lori Rogue

    I appreciate the effort you put into this article. It prompted me to look further into other articles you have written.

    So consistent and constant. I hope that the universe is leading many seekers of open thought your way. Such a beautiful and gentle introduction to many things long lost.

    I will cite you when I can.


  34. Mark Alvarez

    I’m typing from Salem, Oregon. I am currently waiting for my MMS package in the mail and it will be here soon, I am considering to take this alternative as more than a grain of salt. I have devoped a host of neurological degeneraive signs since late 2009 following a couple of accidents ocurring back to back space two months apart. I was only 25 years old when it all happend and I have never been the same me ever since. Many of physicians have denied my progressive condition to be associated in any way to these involvements but its not fair to me because the connection is very evident based on MRI and MRA dicovered findings. One physician ordered me a Lymes disease panel test and I proved negative for that. I’m sure my condition is a result of blood flow insufficiency to my brain because the radiologist report states “dissected vertibral artery…with this patients history it may be the result from either accident…
    MY question is can I mix MMS per instructions with black lave sea salt or charcoal supplements?
    I Thank you!

  35. I am just overwhelmed by the use of chemicals in food. Can chemistry be applied so technically in eating;)

  36. seo

    Hello would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re utilizing? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different web browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most. Can you suggest a good web hosting provider at a reasonable price? Cheers, I appreciate it!

  37. Hi there everybody
    I’m back in South Africa and my internet access is not the best. Hence I don’t participate a lot on blogs ect.
    Let me share with you my latest experience regarding MMS. As many of you know, on the end of 2009 I started taking MMS and after 2 days of use, my asthma which I had for years, was gone.
    Last October I moved into the hotel I worked in whist it was closed. The only room of 65 rooms that was heated was my room. On 10th & 11th December 2011 we had a concert. I was sitting that evening at the reception to keep an eye on the people running around were they not supposed to be other than in the function- room. That evening I started coughing. I had just drunk some coffee and did not take MMS for that reason the same evening. Next day it was to late. I had a cold. Not sure if I picked up a virus from one of the guest or if it was just from sitting in a cold place for to long. However, when I tried MMS the next day, it did not help. Monday I had to see the doctor to get an injecting into my arm, which was still hurting from a fall I had in February. The doctor also gave me antibiotics for my cold. But it got worse. I realized that I was storing my MMS to warm and hence it did not help me. I throw it into the sink. Knowing that I was going to SA in January I did not bother order new MMS for Ireland, but let it be send to South Africa instead. Meantime I use the asthma pumps I got from the doctor which helped to relieve the stress when I got a cough attack, but did not heal me.
    3 days ago I finally received my new MMS from Germany and start taking it the same day 8:8 ratio in the evening. The same the next day and ones in the morning.
    This was all it took, and my asthma is gone AGAIN in 2 days.

  38. Dear Mr. Abraham, is it necessary to utilize a ductless hood to absorb the chlorine dioxide gas produced while waiting the 3 minutes? (Children in the home.)

    1. Necessary? I wouldn’t say it was “necessary,” but it all depends. How much are you mixing, and how close are the children. The amount of MMS that you might be mixing is very low, but children shouldn’t be around. Your own sense of the situation will tell you if other cautionary steps should be taken.

      1. Dear Mr. Abraham,
        Thanks so much for your advice. I realized, after I wrote to you that I should NOT be waiting 3 min. with the 1:1 ratio . . . after re-reading, I saw that you said 20 sec. was usually sufficient. By waiting too long, it was de-gassing a lot.
        I very quickly got up to 9 drops, but very suddenly, I started suffering severe stomach pain. I stopped the MMS (has been @2 wks.) & stomach finally back to normal.
        Do people find that it helps to take it with food? Any ideas?
        THanks for all the good work you do,
        Karen S.

  39. Mpho

    MMS works!!! I see some websites trying to say MMS is a scam…hhmmm. I think those people are paid to say that. My friend had sores that would not seize to disappear on his face…we tried every available “pharmaceutical” ointments and medications to no effect. We then came across MMS…in less than 3 hours….immediate change..the next day..GONE!!! And this is just 1 example…we’ve witnessed lots of diseases cured by MMS… MMS WORKS!!!

  40. s

    I dearly need some assistance. I am trying to rid of candida which I think was responsible for my childhood seizures. My natural doc recommended asea along with a huge regimen according to my hair analysis. What is the difference between asea and mms? I haven’t even gotten the grasp of what mmsII is yet. I am wondering if I am missing out on asea or am I already using it. ASEA is outrageously expensive. Help! 🙂 I am a huge natural health supporter and am trying to treat my children as well-1 definietly with candida as the culprit of her ailments-already avoided multiple surgeries for her.

    I am also working on growth/absorption issues with my children. Should I begin mms with them for this?

  41. simona

    plesae help me i would like to buy mms from an authorised seller.-

  42. I’m intrested in MMS I ‘m just scared because I might make a mistake in buying it …from not authorized people. .and also i would like to know if i can be assist while doing the preparation…i got now scabbia that I think it could be solved with the use of MMS ..
    PLEASE HELP ME . reply to me please..

    1. Joe_B_Wan

      Hi Simona,

      What country do you live in?


    2. Mpho

      depends on the country u live in…

  43. Takis Pap

    This is an exelant analisis about MMS.Thank you .
    Could you please get in touch with me by mail regarding
    CDS new procedure?
    I will appreciate an answer of yours.

  44. Daniel

    Adam, can I get a hold of Jim Humbles phone number?

    1. I can only give you a email address Daniel.

  45. becky

    Dear people, I want to ask you about DMSO. How is the protocol for using it? First DMSO (with water) and than MMS. How much time in between those twoo? Thanks, Becky

  46. BECKY


  47. My sister’s IBS turned out to be severe Blastocystis hominis. After rounds of drugs we turned to homeopathic remedies because of the side effects. Look into something called Para 90. It’s a combination of several herbs that drew the parasites right out within days.

  48. Steve Zimmerman

    I some how ended up with MRSA and it has been a fight for 5 years. 5 months ago I had a severe outbreak, spent a week in the hospital, operation on both hands and IV antibiotics for 10 weeks. It has been 5 months now and every time they take me of the antibiotics I breakout again. This time I had another breakout before I finished them. I received my MMS in the mail the next day. Took 6 drops, waited an hour took 15 drops, waited 4 hours and then took 15 more. Got up the next morning and took 15 moore drops. That afternoon everything was scabed over, I couldn’t believe it, so I took another 15 drops. Started the protocal 1000 and holding the gas in my nose 2 times a day for a week now. Haven’t felt this good for the 5 years Iv’e had the MRSA. If you say this does not work you need to find ouy what you are doing wrong. Find a way to work with this and it will work for you.

  49. I used MMS myself recently in Malawi and was cured of suspected malaria within 2 hours. Others who clearly had malaria were cured after 2 much stronger doses – 10 drops of each, 2-3 hours apart. Brilliant stuff, but no longer available in UK.

    1. Clint


      Have you tried ordering it from here ? Very reliable and reputable comoany:


  50. Bee

    Wow… amazing! I’m starting to feel sick today. I switched back to the 3x/day protocol….the every-hour protocol didnt seem to produce any effects.

    Have u heard of people doing MMS enemas? I heard it helps with candida

    1. Sorry, I have no idea about that. 🙂

  51. Bee

    I just switched to the 1000+ protocol [every hour with equal amounts of MMS and DMSO] (I have candida/fungal issues, heavy metals, FMS/CFS, GI issues, adrenal/thyroid/hormonals…the list goes on). However, it doesn’t seem to be very effective. I’m up to 6 drops per hour (when you are supposed to do only 3) b/c I’m noticing no difference.

    However when I was working my way up to 15 drops twice a day (the old protocol), I seemed to start to get the die-off reactions (it started in my throat: major congestion, phlegm, mucus, raspy voice, tiredness…no diarrhea/vomiting/nausea though, but my stomach felt “odd”). I always took it on an empty stomach (upon awakening and before bed, and i waited at least 2 hours to eat after taking it or 4 hours after eating. I didn’t have to worry about what to eat or what supplements to take b/c I knew I could plan it out so that they wouldn’t interact. (Plus, it is extremely inconvenient to mix a dose every hour…I tried the “pre-mix” idea to carry around all day, but it seemed to lose it’s effectiveness).

    I don’t know if this 1000+ protocol works. Like some people have surmised, it seems like a lot of the doses would be useless due to the neutralization effects of food, supplements, etc. This link shows all the foods and substances that can make MMS ineffective: (scroll down to Incompatibilities):

    Should I go back to the 15 drops BID and maybe work up to three or four times a day (take a dose every 3-5 hours)?

    Have most people benefited from the old or new protocol?

    I appreciate anyone’s advice, for there is not a lot of info about MMS out there.


    1. Clint


      You could NOT sound more peculiar if you tried !!

      I can sat with certainty that you haven’t even bought an MMS kit, and/or used it.

      You should think about getting a real job… instead of trying to knock MMS off it’s path.

      get a life dude !!


      1. Bee

        Clint, your comment made no sense and it had so many typographical errors that I pretty much rendered whatever you said useless.

        I did buy a kit, under advice of my DC.

        You need to “get a life dude”

    2. I personally make my MMS on every time I need it 6-8 drops each. I think this is the still the best way to use it for me! But than, my big trouble was gone the second day I used MMS (Asthma) and now I use it for when I feel a cold coming and ‘wolla’, the cold does not come through at all. 🙂

      1. Bee

        Wow, u are lucky it cured u so quickly! I make mine fresh each time I need to use it, too. The “pre-made” bottle seemed to lose its effectiveness throughout the day.

        How are u using MMS? Did/Are u doing the every-hour protocol or are u doing it differently (like the old way, which was 2-4 times a day)?

        How do u use it when u have a cold?

      2. 2years ago when I started using it, I used it 3 times a 6 drops each. I had Asthma for few years and used pumps. The second day I used MMS I could throw my pump away! 🙂
        When I’m feeling OK, I use it ones a week only, or when I feel the need for it, like when I feel a cold coming up.
        I also bath in it and it helped my athlete’s feet.
        Now I also use it to stay ‘regular’ whilst I’m on a diet. But only ones in the evening 8 drops each max.
        A friend of mine used it for her mouth. She had lose teeth which were supposed to be extracted, but after using MMS her teeth were saved and her infections in her mouth are gone.
        Another friend had for 15 years lose stool (almost diarrhoea) when going to the lo. After using MMS for 2 days, his stool became normal and he could finally sleep properly again too. 🙂

  52. Ben

    Dear Jim,
    It is my pleasure to contact you. I have been to a hospital complaining about the pain in my lower left abdomen which might be the colon or the gut. Could you please tell me how would i use the MMS to treat this. It feels like something is blown up inside and when i press on my stomach on the left side it feels sharp pain.
    I have been using 3 drops of MMS and acid of course ad i have been feeling a bit dizzy and also a feeling of like vomiting but there is no vomiting. Please give me some explanation of what i can do. Thank you very much. I hope i get a response very soon.
    Regards, Ben

  53. Jessy

    So I’m using MMS on my face everynight.. I don’t have a spray bottle so use 3 drops of mms and 3 drops of activator then a little bit of water in a glass then tap it on my face with a cotton, is this right? and I was also wondering, how to drink mms for it to be more effective at its full potential, I hope I get answers, I would love to hear stories about mms use on the face. Lots of love and health! 🙂

    1. Gilgamesh

      I m not sure how MMS would work, instead of botox, as MMs is for killing pathogens.
      Instead of botox, Camilla , and the Royal Family use,and Camilla endorsed the Deborah Mitchell Bee Venom Mask, It works instantly, it takes of 10-15 years of age. Bee keepers never get arthritis, so it may also be good for arthritis.
      And I m sure someone else will answer here also how to use MMS on the face and on the skin for other skin problems, maybe Adam, or Jim Humble.

      1. Jessy

        Ok ok, thank you for your early resposne, I hope someone will. 😉

      2. Jessy

        Ok ok. Thank you for your early response, I hope someone will! 😉

  54. FeFeB

    But HOW do you lose weight with it?!!!

    1. Clint

      Easy … quit being Lazy, and EXERCISE !!!!!!

    2. FeFeB, I lost 17kg during the last 12 week. Besides that I went on a 1200 per day diet, I used MMS to keep me regular, and 6 to 8 drops do the trick.
      Clint, sorry, but your comment was below the belt! When you overweight, exercise becomes a task, but ones the weight is off, THAN exercise is a necessity to get back into shape. Being overweight, does not equal lazy!

      1. Clint

        Unless you’re in a wheel chair Simunye, you have an apology … if not, you’re able to walk… yes ?

      2. Clint, no need to apologize TO ME, since you did not offend ME, but people who are overweight of whom you assume they must be lazy.
        I am a accommodation manager and as such I have to do a lot of walking, up and down the hotel. Hence I do not take your insult personally.
        I KNOW that my problem is not being lazy but eating to much, no doubt because my food in the hotel is free.
        But regardless, you have no right to call anybody lazy whom you don’t know, assuming they lazy and hence overweight. That is an insult!

      3. Clint

        So…. I guess a few Hotel workers strapped you down against your will, and forced all that wonderful free Hotel food into your stomach ?… 😉

        Most over eaters don’t eat cause they are truly hungry, the same way alcoholics don’t drink cause they are thirsty, and sex addict have sex all the time cause they are “in Love” ….. They are “medicating” themselves.

        There are no Victims, ONLY Volunteers Simunye …. and when a person is over-weight, they tend to get lazy, and take the easy way out … taking the path of least resistance. We all do it.

        So… yes, Lazy ! 🙂

    3. Oh dear Clint, did I say that? NO!
      I said I did something about it, successfully I might add.
      But that does not change the fact that you are rude and adding insults to injury.
      FeFeB just ask how MMS helps losing weight!
      She/he did not ask to be insulted, so go and get a life! ROGER! 😉

      1. Clint

        My Dearest Simunye,

        I have a life… and am glad you did something about it … but sorry, I don’t feel a need to take pity on those who ‘voluntarily’ want to take the easy way out. So, knock yourself out with the pity party my dear.



        Roger 🙂

  55. Rhedda

    please, can someone give me a link to any articles in spanish about the use of MMS?

    1. Clint


      You might try going to and using the ‘Translate’ feature (under the More menu at the end on the upper left) … then pasting in the English text, and translating it to Spanish.

      Just a thought.


      1. and here:

        Peace & Love
        Please subscribe to free newsletter to help co-create Peace on Earth (which includes a dis-ease free humanity.

    2. Steve Zimmerman Choose language Spanish

  56. coste

    BONJOURS Mrs humble, avant de vous faire ma demande je tiens a remercier pour l’aide auprés de toute l’humanité que vous avez apporter et que le mms appotera dans le futur et cela grace a vous.

    d’autre part je vous laisse mon temoignage car ayant une excroissance qui est devenu enorme en 2 semaines et tres douloureuse, et j’ai donc acheter du MMS apres avoir essayer des vitamines et mineraux sans succés.

    le premier jour j’ai commencé part 2 gouttes, et le deuxieme jour 2 fois 6 gouttes et le lendemain matin je me suis reveillez sans douleur et mon excroissance avait désanflé et a presque totalement disparu depuis 1 mois.

    le MMS a aussi soigné mon fils d’une gastro et de parasite intestinaux, de la fievre et il me dit avec c’est petits copins de 8 ans que c’est leur dentifrice préféré.

    J’aime entendre mon fils me dire : papa ces miraculeux j’ai plus mal. apres lui avoir mis du MMS activé sur une coupure de 1cm au gros orteille.

    j’ai aussi soigné ma cheville enflé de 2 piqures d’abeille en moins d’une heure en prenant un bain avec 30 gouttes de mms1 mais j’ai verser la solution avec un peu d’eau sur ma cheville enflé et laissé 1 minute avant de me mettre dans le bain.

    ma cheville ma grater 5 minutes et a désanflé en 20 MINUTES.

    MRS Humble votre decouverte est formidable.

    sud france Mrs coste

    Mrs humble, j’aimerai maintenant vendre votre livre en photo copie ,le tome 2 edition 3 et je vous promet que les benefice me serviront soit a distribué ce livre imprimé ou du mms1 et aussi a faire la promotion de vos site internet sur mes anonces ebay et aussi une mutitude de blog que j’ai.

    je me permet de vous montrer mon travail sur internet, allez sur google et ecriver 2010 rrr et regarder je suis premier et vais concentrer mon travail pour le MMS.

    MRS Humble soyer bénit part toutes les générations futur qui maintenant ce souviendront a jamais du MMS et vous.


    mrs humble j’aimerai votre accord, merci part avance

  57. mo

    i think adam is hired by the FDA and he get paid good enough so he has to work harder in order to keep his damn job

  58. BEV

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks Adam for this forum !! You among many help spread the word !

    Anyone who is asking how long or It did not work for me –pay special attention. It has been said before but are you listening….

    I just wanted to stress to readers who don’t know, (most already know) when your body is detoxing ( getting rid of waste,toxins and chemicals) that are making your body malfunction (out of balance) in the first place you need to go as slow as your body needs to rid itself of the toxins…everyone is different–your ultimate goal –balance.

    You need to be doing more than MMS– you need to restore your body’s imbalances through good nutrition and supplements and other restorative modalities. As was said before a good intestinal and liver cleanse is always recommended because your body needs to clean house and your gut and your liver are very important in restoring health

    Finally, you did not get toxic overnight — you will not be better in 2 weeks or a month — the more “dis order” aka symptoms you have– the more toxic you probably are….just a little more food for thought…

    from a layman


  59. Bob Prudhomme

    Dear sir:
    I wonder if you could be of assistance to me. I live on the north coast of British Columbia, Canada and am involved in placer mining for gold in a small way. About 22 years ago, I spoke with Jim Humble over the telephone about a gold/blacksand separator he had invented (or co-invented, never was quite sure on that point) and was marketing through Action Mining Services. The separator was a very unique, simple device and was called the Hydrostatic Vertical Table. Although it was low volume, it was ideally suited to my small operation due to its ability to recover ultra fine gold, simplicity of construction and complete lack of moving parts.
    I deeply regret never purchasing one of these units as, shortly after I spoke to Mr. Humble, production ceased in favor of a more complex line of tables. Many people feel that it was discontinued because it did not work well but I know, by talking to the handful of people that have actually operated the HVT, that it was capable of everything Mr. Humble claimed. It is my sincere hope that Mr. Humble either knows where I could locate a used HVT or could perhaps provide me enough direction to build one for myself.
    I would understand completely if Mr. Humble did not want to be bothered by me phoning him about the HVT. However, could you be so kind as to pass this message along to him and convey to him that I would be deeply honoured if a man of his stature were able to find the time to discuss the HVT with me. If Mr. Humble wishes to telephone me, my number is 1-250-637-1295.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Best regards
    Bob Prudhomme

  60. Suzan

    From my experience taking mms i got so much worse that right now i cannot even walk. in the beginning i believed in this stuff but now i am not sure and i was told that MMS is not good for rhematoid arthritis, that’s what i have. I was so close to remission and then i started taking mms and now i am bed bound.. i am only 29 . not sure what to do? has someone had similar situation?

    1. Hi Suzan,

      While this is not to say that MMS will resolve every issue known to man, I do know that it does not induce such degenerative conditions as you are describing. Your post raises many more questions than answers. Such as, how much MMS are you taking, and how frequently? How quickly did the condition degenerate? Why did you take it in the first place, and how long had the condition persisted before you began taking MMS. What else are you doing for yourself to restore balance in your body? What kind of water do you drink, and how frequently?

      Your situation IS resolvable, and MMS can help, but it would be unwise to think that it alone will take care of this, or that it alone is the problem.

      Best wishes,


  61. Dear Adam / Jim Humble,
    I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue syndrome aka M.E. for 25 years with severe disability from extreme fatigue, anomolous heartbeat , muscle pain , twitches , blurred vision, memory impairment, all brought on by minimal exertion mental or physical.
    I would like very much to optimise the chances of MMS improving my condition by having you recommend a protocol for this disease. As I cannot see any specific reference to CFS/ME on your websites I would appreciate it if you could help me. I am currently taking one drop appx every hour.
    I look forward to your recommended protocol.
    May I also say how inspiring your work and attitude is within our very selfish world systems of existence.
    Power to you!
    Thankyou Matthew Webb

    1. Dear Matthew,

      I believe that you should consider using MMS for its disinfection abilities, not because it “treats” or “cures” anything, and see what happens. In the article that your comment is threaded from, an updated protocol is outlined, which you should consider. Start slowly, with minimum intake (1 drop to start). Consider other complementary steps that you can take, such as remineralization with the use of Himalayan salt (called “Sole” or (pronounced so-lay)).

      Best wishes,


  62. King kevin

    thanks a lot!

  63. King kevin

    Hello adam, I was curious if you had any suggestions on the best method of intaking MMS for hsv1. I’m having terrible outbreaks that come on over and over again. I have just started my one drop in morning one in evening with no nausea, but seems to be so many methods I’ve read I wanted to get an opinion of a professional on the best protocol to take. thanks a lot

    1. Kevin – Take protocol 1000 & spray the affected area’s with skin spray. 10 activated drops with 1 oz of water every hour.

  64. dave

    MMS is actually an industrial form of bleach. It has NO beneficial effects (and no, your delusional story that you think it helped you once is worthless). In fact, drinking this form of bleach is so dangerous that the FDA has officially issued the following warning:

    “FDA Warns Consumers of Serious Harm from Drinking Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)
    Product contains industrial strength bleach”

    Avoid at all costs.

    1. So Dave, who appointed you the arbiter or what is real and what is not, to walk in and tell anyone here, unannounced and with no respect that anyone here may KNOW what they’re talking about, and claim MMS is a scam? Do you really think anyone here believes that YOU know what they are experiencing better than THEY do?

      1. Clint

        It’s OK Adam, he was an abused child . . .

        … send him towards the light !!!


      2. Just another I-know-everything-better-troll… 😉

    2. holygrain

      hello dave i have taken mms many times now with no bad side effects if i consumed the same amount of comercial bleach i woulkd be dead by now never mind industrial bleach wich just means its used by the industries it does not mean how strong it is or how toxic it is its ok telling every 1 that it is does not work and is harmful but unless you have got up off your arse and tried it for the sake of proving it works or dosnt work then you have no way of knowing what your saying i have tried it and it never has made me feel sick or caused me any discomfort havent decided whether it cures all the things its said to cure but i no it dosnt kill you or burn your insides or anything like that so go and get some and do your own trials on it rather than just dismising it out right people are very sick and need to no wether mms works so for ther sake dave if not your own go and get some and put it through its paces what ever the results are they will be benificial for all those people taking it and wanting to no if it works im sure thats what ur spending ur time here for to make people aware of mms so you must be here for the people not ur own agenda so prove to the other people that it is harmful or benificial instead of getting ur information of some 1 else you should always experience your own truth not listen to some one elses so called truth

      1. Rhedda

        We have to make up our own minds, that no one can convince anyone of anything ultimately; your approach does not afford this basic right because it is wholly one-sided. I have read and listened to the critics as I have read and listened to the proponents (to be sure, there would be NO proponents if people were getting damaged by MMS, certainly not in the numbers they represent). It finally became necessary to start using it myself and I have seen positive results. Results that saved me the trip and expen

      2. Rhedda

        …of going to the doctor.
        Coinsidence? Yes, this event coincided with my using MMS


    3. david


  65. petrol

    my 5 year old daughter is in advanced stages of a brain tumor in her brain stem. She is receiving palliative care. is the MMS protocol capable of penetrating the blood brain barrier

    1. mike

      I will pray for her.

  66. holygrain

    hello every body this is my first post and before i get started my name is adam im not the adam you are all having a debate with just to be clear on that i purchased mms a while bk started to take it 3 times a day increasing the dose by a drop each time it never made me feel sick but did make my poo runny not uncontrolable just runny(sorry for the description) while i was taking it a came down with a realy bad cold or flu wich ever so i stoped taking it as i couldnt understand how the most powerful pathogen killer known to man was letting me get a cold i then lost intrest and faith in the mms and threw it away i then saw a video on youtube about it being used for water purification nothing to do with healing and they where stating how natural it was and how safe it was and that it was safer than using chlorine like i said nothing to do with making people better so with this infomation i purchased it again it cost me 50 pounds sterling soon as it came i took a 6 drop dose the next day i had a realy bad cold rather than give up motivated by the amount of money i spent i lowerd the dose took three drops and today im fine the last time i got over a cold so quickly was when i was a young healthy buck ther are 2 differences with the mms im taking now compared to the last one it has the new activator 1 drop for every 1 drop of sodiom chlorite and the distilled water is re-vitalized distilled water it cost me so mutch cos i bought a large bottle im just sharing my experience with you all and i have a question my 3 children and ther mother now have this cold is it safe to give to my children ther ages are 7 2 and 1years of age and if so what dosage ther mother thinks that its snake oil and that my money was a waste and could of been used for somthing else i beg to differ purely on the account that it didnt do anything bad to me

    1. dave

      Unfortunately all you experienced was a coincidence. I’m afraid that you got scammed for £50 for what is essentially a couple of pence worth of bleach 🙁

  67. Chris Horton

    Help! I am usually a very healthy person. I am vegetarian, I hardly ever get sick. Around November of last year my now ex girlfriend cheated on me and then gave me herpes. I took colloidal silver for about 2 months, but I had another outbreak so I switched to MMS. I took 5 drops a day for 5 weeks until it made me so sick to think about the taste that I couldn’t take it anymore. With this I used Kroger brand apple juice with no vitamin C. While on the MMS I had 2 more outbreaks. I finally gave up and now I am back on the colloidal silver, oregano oil, bitter melon and anything else I can find. I am not well mentally. I feel hopeless and I need a cure. Please please tell me what I might have done wrong and why when on the MMS I had more outbreaks, took it for 5 weeks and still am not cured.

    1. kath

      I would try iodine both orally and lugols topically. I think its working on my shingles, another herpes virus. Read some literature on it. buy it online. And then I’d see the doc for valtrex or something.

    2. Alicia

      Hi Chris, — 5 drops per day is not very much. You’re expecting a small single dose to fight its way through every pathogen, mycotoxin, and heavy metal in-among your body’s ~75 Trillion cells and still be strong enough to reach and target a tough capsid DNA virus. MMS will persist in the body for a max 2hrs, or only until it runs into something that it attacks – which initially could be just a few seconds. For someone just starting MMS, the dosage will keep depleting/fighting in the local stomach area and never get any further into the body. 5 drops once per day = 5 drops per 24 hours. — BY comparison, 3 drops per hour for 8 hours = 24 drops per 24 hours (big difference), and an additional 6 to 8 hours of treatment time vs a single dose. That radically larger figure is the ‘Protocol 1000’ dosage and even it is for a general health detox. The ‘Clara’s (6×6) Protocol’ is a heavier dosage more targeted to serious illness and cancers. 6 drops per hour for 6 hours = 36 drops per 24 hours. Try the Protocol 1000 at the minimum, Clara’s 6×6 at the maximum, or figures in between to get a daily exposure of 24 to 36 drops across six to eight consecutive hours per day. — Additionally for direct treatment of an outbreak you can dose topically right on the skin with DMSO (thinned to 50% with distilled water) — this can do it all on its own, the higher cell permeability and higher cellular voltage caused by the DMSO will cause a pretty fast healing state, — or even use a mix of MMS and DMSO applied right on the skin. Both MUST be thinned with water or you will burn your skin. You can find more on the proper usage of this mix on the web, too much to write here. Enjoy 🙂

    3. Having a bath in MMS also helps. 🙂

    4. Cavalier

      Blood electrification

  68. ross

    I just found this link

    This company sells Chlorine Dioxide tablets 0.2 % to cure fish of almost all conditions with much higher doses, so this tells me that chlorine dioxide (MMS) must be perfectly safe if you give it to fish,since fish are notoriosly delicate. They claim it is better and safer than any other treatment .Hope this helps. It also confirms that chlorine Dioxide it not the same a regaular bleach chlorine like MMSDebunker keeps sugesting.

  69. Dear Mr. Abraham,

    I came across you name on several occasions during my research w/regards to Mr. Humble and MMS. I would like to share with you an email that I had sent to Mr. Humble after reading a recent post by him entitled “Kill Order” and my concern after reading it. Im sure yours is the same. I hope you may be able to help me in passing this message on to Mr. Humble. My contact information as well as other contact information is at the bottom of the email sent to Mr. Humble. I apologize for taking up to much of your time but felt strongly compelled to write to Mr. Humble and you. Please keep safe.

    Kind regards,

    George (Jiri) Borovec


    Email sent to Mr. Humble:


    Good morning Mr. Humble or to whomever may be able to get this message to Mr. Humble.

    My name is George (Jiri) Samuel Borovec and I write to you today after reading your post “Kill Order” this morning. I was horrified at what I read and felt compelled to write you immediately although I had planned to do so in the coming weeks. I am deeply concerned about what you have written and feel the need to offer and extended hand of help should you choose to except it. I am currently involved with a website and group of friends that perhaps you may have run into somewhere along the way in your quest to get the message out on the benefits of MMS. The website is (WYB) We are a lighthearted group with a unique platform providing a strong message. This is aslo your website as much as it ours and everyones. I am currently helping out with WYB in an unofficial capacity as I am bogged down with my current life and its somewhat mundane tasks. I hope to be able to provide more assistance to WYB once some of my time is freed up and I can devote it to something much more worthwhile and meaningful. ie WYB.

    The members/team at WYB are all former Administrators and Mods from Project Avalon. They have come together to work on this very important project. I ask that you or whomever is reading this and can help get this message to Mr. Humble please visit the site at to better learn and understand our message and the wonderful loving people behind it. We believe our message is your message and your message is ours.

    In the “about” section of the website you will find a beautiful spirit by the name of Tania. Tania has been using MMS for quite some time after Bill Ryan suggested its benefits to her. I have spoken with Tania about my contacting you in the hopes you and her might speak. Tania is one of the creative geniuses behind WYB and looks very much forward to speaking with you.

    WYB is launching/opening its doors on May 15th 2011. WYB is not only a website but also serves as hub for sharing the message of so many fantastic people who often go to unheard, like yourself. This is done through many different mediums. Art, Healing, Music, Literature, Media, Love and many more outlets.

    One of the many avenues to get out WYB message is WYB’s radio show. In preparation for the May 15th launch we have conducted several interviews with some outstanding guests, many of which I am sure you know already. We have many more confirmed at this point and everyone is working tirelessly to give them a voice to share their message. Our guests are some of the most inspiring and well known individuals in the alternative media and science community. I will be happy to share with you some of our guests names if it better helps you to know, we are all on the same page.

    I am deeply concerned as I mentioned with what I read in the “Kill Order” post. Your message and MMS needs to be heard and spread to the masses. If I can be so candid as to say “there is strength in numbers”. The people surprising MMS and the many amazing messages of our guests and friends like you know this. So do we. Loud and clear. I ask you now Mr. Humble or to whomever can get this message to you, we would be honoured and humbled to give you a platform to share your message and your and our belief in MMS. We cannot afford to lose you or your spirit or MMS. There is strength in numbers as I said. I ask you or to whomever can get this message to please visit our/your site and please consider contacting me or Tania, Bethany, Shane or Josh if this is something that resonates with you. I also personally and I am sure I speak on behalf of the others extend my hand out to you in any way that will help keep you safe. Please let us know how we and I can help in this regard. Nothing is more important to us then your safety and well being. Stay safe Mr. Humble.

    Please find us at

    My personal contact information should you care to speak to me directly is as follows:

    George Borovec
    76 Regent St
    Ontario, Canada

    Tel: 613 985 5474
    Skype Address: happygeorge66

    Wash Your Contact Information:

    Please feel free to contact any one of us at a time of your choosing and your convenience.

    Please keep safe Mr. Humble, I hope this email and message finds you so and in good health.

    Kind regards,

    George (Jiri) Borovec

  70. rebeka

    I am using a new protocol , every hour 3 drops. I mix it with the pineapple juice. My question is: Can I mix 24 drops for the daily dosis in a bottle with the pineapple juce? ( no vit. c added ) Is the effect asstrong as with the water?
    Thanks for feedback!!!

    1. northerntracey

      Absolutely not Rebecca. The reaction would have died down after about an hour and you’d just be dringing very clean pinneapple juice. Mix each dose as recquired.

      1. rebeka

        but can I mix 24 drops in a bottle with water for the daily dosis?
        Why is not possible to mix my daily dosis then with an pinneapple juiice without vitamin c?

  71. Ray

    I am taking antibiotics at the moment which I have been told I must finish, can I take mms without effecting the antibiotics

    Thank You

    1. Ray,

      The MMS will affect anything that has a lower electrical value than the chlorine dioxide molecule, which is .95 volts. The antibiotics will likely be zapped. However, so will the bacteria that also fall within that electrical range.

  72. Ray

    I am taking antibiotics at the moment which I have been told I must finish, can someone tell me please if I can take mms without effecting the antibiotics

    Thank You

  73. Adam:

    Thanks for taking a lead in the MMS debate. I would like to converse with you sometime about my health issues, and the effects MMS had on the digestive system. I have been doing the 1000 Protocol for 3 weeks, MMS (I assume) is really causing severe diarrhea – somedays as many as 25 trips to the bathroom. I am HIV+ and I have Mycobacterium Avium Complex – caused my a very low T-Cell count.

    Please contact me.


  74. Eve Keeffe

    Dear Adam,

    I would appreciate it, if you would put me in touch with someone well qualified to administer MMS therapy to my father (86) for his bladder cancer. He lives in Bellefontaine, OH, but his wife could probably drive him some distance. My e-mail address is and my phone number is 702-647-2349 (Pacific Time). Thank you for your help.

    Eve Keeffe

    PS: I have sent the same e-mail to Jim at,, but it came back undelivered. Does he have a new e-mail address now?

    1. dave

      I’m afraid MMS is a scam. Sorry to hear about your Father but please be aware that these scammers will think nothing of preying on those who are desperately ill.

      MMS is actually an industrial form of bleach. It has NO beneficial effects (and no, your delusional story that you think it helped you once is worthless). In fact, drinking this form of bleach is so dangerous that the FDA has officially issued the following warning:

      “FDA Warns Consumers of Serious Harm from Drinking Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)
      Product contains industrial strength bleach”

      1. You’ve simply identified yourself as the latest person to come here who is either (1) uninformed, or (2) has an agenda. If you have a question, you are welcome, but this is not a place for debate with people who don’t know what they’re talking about, or don’t care. The words that you use to denounce this therapeutic use of chlorine dioxide doesn’t “bleach out” the results that people are experiencing when they use it for disinfection. MMS use is growing because it is effective, your dismissive suggestion of “coincidence” notwithstanding.

      2. Now we know that you can copy and paste! But what do you have to say for yourself? Any experience? If not I suggest you get some before you talk about something that you have obviously no clue off.

      3. Gilgamesh

        Hi Dave.
        I guess you dont know, that MMS is not a dangerous industrial bleach, as you drink it everyday in your drinking water, and it is on your food, on your vegetables,and on your fruits.
        And millions of people use it for their health, and get miraculous result.
        But you should buy some, and try it for your self.

      4. Tim

        How common it is for human beings to state an opinion, declaring it fact, but without any experience either way. How many people have died taking MMS? How many people have died taking FDA approved prescription drugs? Debate over.

      5. Pete

        I have to say that you are quite wrong. I did the detox for 3 weeks, had the Herxheimer reaction, and am now on the maintence dose.

        I was travelling around some asian countries and had stomach bugs, dizziness and colds. Coming back home, I did the 6 drops as Jim Humble suggested, my sore throat cleared, my head not foggy and my whole body felt great!

        Yes those who don’t follow exactly will get a bad reaction, but if you do, it works. It doesn’t cure anything, because that’s up to your immune system. It just kills the pathogens in your blood and body for a while so that your immune can respond and fight.

      6. Not to mention that MMS works, wheather you believe it or not, I find you have a dam cheek to call people delusional who can testify to the effectiveness of MMS. We have our own prove that it works, but what prove do you have? Go and write about something that you have actually knowledge of…

  75. Ross Adams

    Regarding MMS2 I found this link all about Sodium and Calcium Hperchlorite. it is quite technical but for those who like this stuff it details the reseach into this chemical. I have tried MMS2 (Calcium Hyperchlorite) it has not killed me or injured me in the quantities /dosages sugested

    1. I also use MMS2 without any problems. It looks like MMS2 may become in future my main product, since my supplier in Germany seems to be not allowed to sell it anymore. So I’m glad I know how to make MMS2 myself.
      I just come back from a visit in South Africa and my friend there reports that she uses mainly MMS2 and only for her teeth does she use MMS1. She brushes her teeth with MMS1. 🙂

      1. I just received the news from my supplier that they are just not allowed to sell it in Germany anymore. So it is still available for us! 🙂

  76. Ross Adams

    I have had some very good results from MMS ,I took it for 18 month with no bad effect, infact I had no days off work sicj in the 18 months ,but mmsdebunked has some very valid points and we all need to listen to this guy as much as we listen to the MMS movement. He has a point that for all the millions of bottles of MMS sold we only here of a few handfull of people post there sucess stories on youtube. It is worth remembering that mmsdebunked has some very valid poits to be addressed

  77. guy999

    is there any testimony other than Jim Humble’s words of curing HIV using MMS2. Please let me know

    1. Clint

      That’s a good question Guy !!

      I’ve always wanted to hear from the person’s themselves about HIV, Herpes and all the virals being cured of MMS 1 &2 . . . my feeling is, if we did hear a lot about it… Jim’s Treatment center might get swooped down upon like the Branch Divinian’s experienced in Waco, Texas.

      Kind of a Catch-22.

      1. Yup, there’s been 14 years and supposedly “millions” cured, but not one single person who has come forward with a test result showing they are cured of HIV, or any serious disease actually. But you can trip over the thousands of people “claiming” to be cured on the internet. Do you really think scanning a test result would all of a sudden make “them” swoop on Jim? Really? He’s in the Dominican republic you know? Isn’t there “already” a conspiracy to silence him? Aren’t there already millions of doctors on the “pharma” payroll? The reason they haven’t “got” him yet is because people haven’t made their test results public? Is that what you want us to believe?

        In the real world, if MMS worked, after 14 years there should be hundreds of people, if not thousands who post their test results on the internet. Showing they were cured of incurable diseases like morgellons disease, HIV, Herpes and anything else Jim claims it cures, what would “swooping on Jim” achieve then? Do you REALLY believe something like this could be suppressed? Doctors don’t have family members who die of cancer and other diseases MMS claims to treat?

      2. Clint

        The More you speak, the more you seem to reveal your ignorance (whatever your name is),

        Have you ever thought that one of the reasons people don’t “post their scanned test results” is that maybe they already know that there’s a movement to Silence Mr. Humble ? Do you really think that it’ll be a person’s Mission, once they’re cured, to go out now and tell the World about it ? Who are people going to make their “test results public” too ?!?!?

        Better yet, IF there was a cure for cancer, do you really feel it’s be announced on the 6:00 evening news ? Please, get real !! Posting their test results on the internet ?? In what, JPEG form ?!? lol !!

        No, in the “real world”, things like MMS and Jim Humble to make the news… so YES ! Something like this WOULD be suppressed… Ozone was…. Royal Raymond Rife was….. so, please wake up, and get a clue.

        And more importantly… WHY do you even care about all this ? What’s at stake for you ?


      3. Everything you say directly contradicts the available evidence. You say “Do you really think that it’ll be a person’s Mission, once they’re cured, to go out now and tell the World about it ? ” Yes, that’s exactly what I think, because that’s exactly what I would do and that’s exactly what this blog does and it’s exactly what the hundreds of people giving testimonials of being cured are ALREADY doing. You are completely wrong: THEY ARE DOING IT ALREADY. This is what people DO if they were really cured of a serious, fatal or incurable illness.

        “do you really feel it’s be announced on the 6:00 evening news ” Yes, exactly. You think they wouldn’t? You think the credulous media wouldn’t gobble up “miracle cure” stories? Of course they would. There’s HEAPS of stories JUST like this everywhere on the internet, here’s just a couple:

        If MMS REALLY worked, there should be dozens if not hundreds of sites JUST LIKE THIS that say people used MMS to cure their serious illness. Where’s the “big pharma” conspiracy trying to suppress these people? I’ll repeat what I’m saying: 14 years on and supposedly “millions cured” and there isn’t ONE site like this!

        “Posting their test results on the internet ?? In what, JPEG form ?!? ” Why not? If they’re willing to say they have test results, like Adam claims on this very blog, why not post it? It would have a “lab” name, people could look the lab up see if it was legitimate. Doctors could see the results. It would be a start. I admit if there was one or two it wouldn’t be convincing, but that’s the nature of evidence. You look for the preponderance of evidence, where does MOST of the evidence point? If you could get a few dozen, or hundreds of such results together, (which would be VERY EASY if MMS really worked) THEN it would start being VERY convincing. If you could get enough people doing it, what’s “big pharma” going to do? Start “disappearing” people? I’d believe it if we lived in the eastern block under communism, which I did by the way so I know what I’m talking about. You have absolutely NO idea how free we really are if you think “big pharma” could stop hundreds of people all over the world from putting their results on the internet, they can’t even stop Jim Humble. Do you really think Big Pharma “need” those test results to swoop on Jim Humble? If he’s such a “danger” why haven’t they “got” him already? Either they are trying to get him or not, get your story straight. You think some people posting actual results is what’s going to make the difference? Do Big Pharma KNOW how much danger Jim Humble poses or not?

        “WHY do you even care about all this ? What’s at stake for you ?” Because I care about the truth, that’s all.

      4. Tim

        mmsdebunked.. do you have any personal experience of taking mms? have you been able to judge the results for yourself?

  78. Suzanne

    How long does it take to get rid of any disease? If i was taking MMS 3 weeks is it long enought to proof if it is working or not for me? thank you

    1. Suzanne… the “proof” that MMS works and when you no longer have RA are two different things. MMS WILL reduce heavy metal deposits and pathogens (which may come AFTER the heavy metals), that took years to accumulate in your body. If you are taking MMS, it IS reducing these by introducing oxygen into your formally oxygen depleted body.

      Your body also needs to be able to conduct the new energy throughout. This may not happen immediately. MMS does not “cure” RA. It DOES reduce heavy metal and pathogen loads. When you have sufficiently brought these items down, meaning that your body has moved into the “sweetspot” of homeostasis, you will no longer have RA. I would not suggest trying to “rush” the process, or obsessing over how fast or slow that it is going. The more at peace you become, even in your discomfort, the faster YOU will heal YOURSELF.

      Just my opinion.

      Best wishes,


  79. Suzanne

    Hello. i have rhematoid arthritis and have been taking MMS for 3 weeks now. I started with 1 drop , now i am at 15 drops. My symptoms have not improved, in fact i feel worse, my joints are swallen more and i have more pain. How long does it usually take to reverse the disease? how often should i take it? thank you

    1. Hi Suzanne… if you feel worse, I would suggest dialing back your intake. It is apparent that you have blockages… energy and perhaps fluid… in your body, which have to be worked out. If this is so, MMS/chlorine dioxide would be inactivating pathogens, but with said blockages the symptoms and discomfort could temporarily intensify.

      Jim Humble introduced a new protocol in 2010, which he calls Protocol 1000. It involves taking fewer drops at a time each hour, over an 8-hour period. If you re-read the article above… “No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry,” you will note the update and description of the protocol. Even then, I would not suggest starting out with 3-drops per hour, but instead, would begin with 1-drop an hour. If you feel discomfort, it means dial the doses back and give your body a chance to process the action that you’ve begun.

      You can learn more about the new protocols at Jim Humble’s site…

      I would also suggest that you consider adding a “sole” to your morning routine. It involves taking Himalayan salt, dissolving it in water until fully saturated, and then taking a teaspoon of the solution (IN A GLASS OF WATER) at the start of each day. The Himalayan salt has ALL minerals in the Periodic Table, and the human body uses ALL said minerals. By taking the sole you begin the process of energetically re-INFORMING your body with all the minerals that it needs. It will strengthen your immune system, and allow your cells to conduct electrical energy needed to carry out your healing. This does NOT conflict with MMS intake. In fact, the sodium chlorite that MMS is created from is a form of unprocessed salt, just like the Himalayan salt is. The latter salt has more minerals, all of which are needed in order to create a healthy YOU.

      I take a teaspoon of sole in a glass of water every day.

      Here’s a link with more information about the sole.

      A great book on the subject is “Water & Salt: The Essence of Life,” by Dr. Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira; which can be purchased at the same site.

      Best wishes,


      1. Hi Adam.

        You might just want to check those facts regarding minerals in the periodic table. In fact there are 38 periodic minerals all up, all other minerals (thousands of them) are molecular compounds which are obviously not in the periodic table.

        There are only 13 so called “essential” minerals required by the human body which are all elemental, and another 5-10 “trace” minerals, the exact number is not agreed on, but it’s definitely not “all of them”.

        Amongst the 38 periodic elements is *gasp* mercury also uranium, antimony and lead and a few other lesser known but also nasty elements that are quite toxic and NOT required by the human body what so ever.

        Just thought I’d clear that up.

      2. That’s your opinion, which you’re entitled to. You should write a book about it. I didn’t write the book on what I wrote, but I read a very well presented on that was written by a medical doctor and bio-physicist, titled, Water & Salt. There are more than 38 elements in the periodic table, and the human body is, in fact, made up of the material of the earth. What is “toxic” may in fact, have to do with amount, combination, and proportions, rather than simple presence. Unless you can “clear up” what they presented, which is available for anyone who cares, to review, accept or refute, I’ll stick with what I said. Their work cites research that has examined the effects of sole supplementation, which among other things, greatly enhances electrical/energetic conductivity in the body. Your “position” leaves a reader simply in doubt, with no useful understanding to work from.

      3. There is a difference between “opinion” and “fact”, I didn’t state any opinions, just facts. I also wasn’t giving a “position” or trying to claim what the book says was incorrect.

        You said “There are more than 38 elements in the periodic table” but that’s not what you said the 1st time, you said “ALL the MINERALS in the periodic table”.

        Yes there are more then 38 “elements” and there are more then 38 “minerals”, but there are only 38 which are both minerals AND elements (in the periodic table). Some of those 38 are not required by the body and some are also toxic, like mercury, this is not an opinion, you can actually go and count them yourself if you want to confirm this.

        Unless you are willing to take back what you said about vaccines containing thimerosal, you have to admit mercury is an element which is toxic and not required by the human body.

        Maybe the mistake is just your interpretation of what is claimed in the book, not what’s actually in the book it self, maybe because you are not precisely familiar with the difference between an element and a mineral. If the book claims there are more then 38 “minerals” like you said in your reply then this is correct, but in your 1st post you were incorrect calling it “all the minerals in the periodic table”, that’s wrong, again that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. I can paste a list of all 38 elemental minerals if you like. That’s all I was trying to clear up.

      4. This is where your arrogance shines.

        Mercury’s toxicity in thimerosal has nothing to do with whether it is toxic in the amounts that may be used by the body NATURALLY. The body’s need for, and ability to use mercury in a therapeutic and even beneficial way, may very well depend on the presence of one or more of the other 93 elements that are also contained in Himalayan salt, but are missing in Thimerosal. This is much the same with many supplements that contain isolates of vitamins and minerals, but not the full complex that is found in nature, thereby limiting bio-availability and the actual nutritive value.

        The presence of these elements were demonstrated, not by conventional chemical analysis, but by frequency spectroscopy, which confirmed the presence, via waveform frequencies, of each constituent element.

        Children have been shown to demonstrate a dramatic decline in health after vaccination with chemicals that have Thimerosal as an active agent, whereas people — children and adults — have shown dramatic health improvements when they re-mineralized the body using sole.

        You are not trying to “clear up” anything. If you were clarifying, you’d ask questions, like any intelligent person would. If I write something, I have a pretty good basis for my opinion. Results are far more important indicators of the efficacy of a hypothesis. The results of the way of thinking that you represent, is our current health mess. Arrogance… thinking that current predominant knowledge represents ALL “right” knowledge, is part of the problem.

        You are trying to insinuate that you hold some superior point of view, and that mine must be in error. While I’m not attached to being “right,” or having something to learn, nothing you’ve presented has any relevance to what I’ve just said, nor do you offer any alternatives for consideration that might of equal or greater value.

  80. Ez

    Hello I was just curious as to how you would know if the herpes virus was completely gone from your body if I was to use MMS and if there are links to testimonials that have solid evidence (such as a blood test) as to a virus being eliminated from their body.

    Thank you!

    1. Gilgamesh

      My opinion, is that you just see your doctor, or health practitioner and get a test.

      1. Awesome, we have one taker already accusing me of being a sock puppet and 2 thumbs down. 🙂

        I never rejected the offer to see the tests, i said i was keen to see them and gave my email address, I did however state I wasn’t sure how much I’d trust a source who blatantly links himself to . I encourage you to read the exchange on the post called a-little-good-news-amid-much-fear comments and click on the guy who offered the tests: “Tony’s” name.,

        Adam claims the user he wrote about who was cleared of HSV has tests to prove it, which WOULD be a miracle because, as you must know, current medicine does not have a cure for HSV, so it’s pretty interesting that no one has created a stir about this don’t you think? The doctor or lab doing the tests weren’t a bit curious how this person is clear of an incurable disease? I suppose they were already paid off by “big pharma” to keep quiet?

        quick sheep: give me thumbs down because I speak the truth! lol

    2. Someone has already given a thumbs down to a newcomer who genuinely seems just interested in finding out what information is available… Classy.

      Ez, if you want my advice, stay away, you watch, the next thing that will happen is the trolls of this blog will come out of the woodwork to flame anyone who dares even ask for something as basic as some “test results”. You’ll probably get accused of being a sock puppet, or a pharma agent, or my favourite one so far: a military bot. lol.. I’ll no doubt also get some replies for just telling the truth, just wait and see.

      I have been searching and asking for actual evidence like a test result for over a year now and have not seen a single one, not just here, but on youtube, curezone and many other forums that had MMS threads. One person on this blog recently offered to send me their tests, but they linked them self directly to! and even though I gave him my email address, I’m still to receive anything from them.

      Ask yourself if you were cured of HSV would you show everyone your test results? And now Jim Humble has had 14 years and he claims “millions have been cured”, so ask yourself why we can’t find one single test result?

      1. Clint

        lol !!

        … Adam, do you have nothing better to do ?… WHY do you care about MMS…. go get a life man !!

        Quit being an idiot and DO something with your life, instead of coming on here under different aliases.

        You’re Pathetic.


      2. Clint,

        The IP addresses of Mr Fraud and UK Adam are different. Also their writing “voices” sound different to me. Still “narrow bandwidth,” but different nonetheless.

        How’s things going in Saskatchewan? The tolerable season must be under way by now.

    3. Ez,

      If it can be detected during a physical examination, it can also be confirmed to be gone, as one visitor to this site reported to me after 3 months of MMS use. She had HSV 1 & 2, for 10 and 2 years respectively. A medical examination confirmed that she is now HSV free.

    4. EZ, please ignore the thumbs down. I’m the only one so far voted to your comment so far and pressed the wrong thumb by mistake. I tried to change it, which sometimes works, but not this time. Sorry. But it did accept my thumps up now as well, which is weird, I think!
      Welcome to the blog and may somebody be able to answer your questions.
      MMSfraud was offered to be send prove via e-mail, but he rejected the offer before he even saw the prove, because ‘it could be fake’.
      Well, we cant please them all…smile
      When I started using MMS, I did not take it for something specific. I was told by several people that MMS was good and helped them with different problems, so I toke their word for it and tried it. I had nothing to lose, but I ‘lost my asthma’ and a few other problems in duo process.
      So question is, what do you have to lose?

    5. Ez, I use myself as an example now.
      I was on several asthma medication and asthma-pumps, prescribed to me by different doctors, duo to me moving a lot.
      When, after taking MMS for 2 days, my asthma was gone, I did not bother seeing the doctor and paying 50 euros, just to tell him my asthma was gone AFTER taking MMS.
      Do you think, that if I would have told him that I believe, I was healed by MMS, he would have believed me? Don’t you think he would have come up with plenty excuses and ‘maybes’ to find another reason why my asthma was gone? Possibly he would even take the credit for healing me with some of his medication before he would admit MMS could have been the cause for my wellbeing. I’m sure about that like the AMEN in the church.
      I’m also pretty sure, that most people who use MMS won’t even tell their doctors about it for the same reason why I did not tell mine. 🙂

  81. G-B

    hi there, I just came upon your blog today:) I am trying to get in touch with jim, or maybe someone who can answer a couple questions I have. Can you or someone reach out to me with the email I provided? Much appreciated!!!!

    1. G-B,

      There are many knowledgeable people here. If you’re willing, ask away! If it’s something we can’t handle, we can make arrangements to get it to Jim.

      1. G-B

        Thank you:) I would love to share the questions I have, and will definitely share my knowledge, but would much prefer speaking privately via email first to ask a couple questions, is that possible??

  82. Kerri

    My sister began taking MMS and at 5 drops a black spot on her back appeared which looks like melanoma. She is now at 13 drops and is having severe severe stomach cramps. She says it feels like labor. She backed down to 10 drops but still has the cramps. Please help?? She feels like she should go to the hospital.

    1. Hi Kerri
      Sorry to hear about your sisters problem. I do not know what melanoma is and if it can be from MMS or if it just happened to appear at the same time as she started taking MMS. Hence she thinks it could be from the MMS.
      Jim is for some time telling us all that it is better to use MMS according to the new protocol, and not take a big dose of MMS at ones, but rather smaller doses a few times a day.
      I hope she will feel soon better, one way or the other, because if it is something else, she may need to see a doctor. 🙂

      1. Clint


        Don’t be fooled… this post is Bullshit !!! it smells badly of the ‘other Adam’ and his constant negative agenda against MMS.

        Just reading it, it gives little details and goes directly to fear.

        Nice try dood !!

    2. Clint, I alsways give people the benefit of a doubt first. But if you right, than it was not a good attempt to b…….us, because the sister is very obviously not using MMS according to instruction in the first place.
      What I did noticed is that those people, who have problems don’t write here themselves, but have others speaking on their behalf! Makes me wonder too… 😉

    3. Rhedda


      So at 5 drops (presumably taken as an incremental dosage aroung day 4), the black spot appeared. Not MMS induced melanoma or MMS induced anything for sure. that would be a chemistry impossibility. Up to 13 drops and having “severe severe stomach cramps”; Hmmm. what about when she got to 12 drops, where they then just “severe”? How about at 11 or 10?? She should have started to back off drop by drop as soon as slight cramping started, or am I to understand that suddenly at 13 drps this cramping came on so strong ?

      There are no toxins produced by chlorine dioxide and these problems are probably due to something else.

      Best “remedy” for MMS? H2O.

      There are simply no numbers of cases in terms of those who have tried MMS and experienced what your sister has to substantiate a fault of MMS for the issues you describe.

      Keep this forum posted please on her condition and also if she does indeed go to the hospital. I for one would like to trace all reports like this right to the doctors treating the people for a supposed MMS reaction to discover ezactly what is up.

      Good Luck

      1. Clint


        Please save your breathe… this was a Fake post, buy a guy who originally called himself Adam …. and is trying to turn people OFF to MMS. He has his own agenda.

        He keeps posting stuff on here under different names, claiming MMS makes him or his Great Aunt sick…. he’s an idiot.

        Anyway… just thought you should know, and thanks for trying to help,


  83. Anthony


    I have been doing lot of R & D on MMS and decided to use it for HIV. I’m planing to buy MMS and Citric Acid and Jim Humble’s book online. If you have any information on how to cure HIV using MMS please share with me

    1. I did not come across anybody here on this blog yet (but I’m not around since the beginning) who used it for HIV, but your best bet is to look it up on
      …how to use it.
      And please keep us updated about your progress. Thanks 😉
      God bless you…

  84. Janey2204

    My daughter came home with what I think are pin/thread worms. Normal mebendazole cleared hers up but hasn’t touched them for me.
    Do you think MMS would help me. I have had them for four weeks now and am beginning to feel really ill, nauseous etc. I have tried black walnut, garlic etc, but nothing seems to work. I have lost my apetite and now have no bowel movements, I am worried this infestation might turn into something else. I am just recovering after being treated for breast cancer and cannot believe I have this problem as well.
    Thank you for your suggestions.

  85. Ryan Whitaker

    My wife and I have used MMS1 off and on for a couple of years. We heard about MMS2 and I got some capsules and some powder and have taken them a couple of times as well. My son in law is a PhD in Chemistry, and works for various governments coming up with antidotes to chemical warfare scenarios. I asked him about the chemical claims behind MMS1 and MMS2 — Do the ingredients actually “come out” to be what they are claimed to be? He verified that, yes, the chemistry is very sound and accurate. His only concern was what was the biology of those chemicals once they enter the body’s GI tract? How much does the chemical processes in the body change or break it down. He said the best way to tell if MMS1 or MMS2 actually reach certain organs would be to conduct blood tests to detect the presence of the original chemicals in the various parts of the body. No one is going to spend research money to do that because there is not an expensive product here to make a profit from! But I was very encouraged to hear that the original claims behind MMS1 and now MMS2 are valid. They are NOT “just” bleach.

    My own testimony from personal experience is that these have definitely helped me overcome things. Quickly!

    Ryan – Vancouver, WA

    1. Thanks, at least now the question of the AAMF’s re WHY Jim is not having it done is answered: THAN MMS WOULD HAVE TO BE SOLD MORE EXPENCIVE! Makes sense to me! 🙂

  86. kath

    I have a question about the MMS. From what I read it is not bleach and you are not drinking bleach. Does it hurt the thyroid? Any evidence of that? Because I use a water filter to remove chlorine and fluoride from tap water. I also use a shower filter so that I do not breathe the chlorine gas. and not mess up my thyroid as fluorine and chlorine are way more reactive than iodine, which is what the thyroid uses.

    I had a chemistry student drink bleach because she was told it would clear drugs out of her system before her pee test. I am now wondering if she tried something like MMS.

    Is MMS the same thing as water purification drops that are bought from the camping supply?
    Is MMS the same thing as stabilized oxygen?

    Is there any evidence that this chlorine dioxide/ oxygen goes through the blood brain barrier?
    It was my understanding that sulfur compounds were the best at removing heavy metals do you have any tests that confirm this? Hair analysis is not always best because hair dyes contain heavy metals.

    I am considering trying the MMS method for fibromyalgia syndrome. I have been positively diagnosed with Lyme, chlymadia pneumonia, & epstein barre. Instead of a years worth of antibiotics I thought about trying this method first but I am already over weight from medications and don’t want to make my thryroid any worse. Also I have trigeminal neuralgia. I really think it has been caused by one of those bugs or by a resurgence of varicella on the nerve, although the spinal tap came back clean.


  87. I took MMS to mycotoxin detox & kill any possible lyme /staph infection I might still have due to mold exposure.

    The first week; I felt better. After that I started PEEING BLOOD… If this MMS is so safe & only hurts acidic cells; how come my kidneys are killing me & I’m wizzing blood??

    1. Clint

      PJ: (or should I say ‘Adam’!)

      Your post and explanation is lame, and very brief… you give NO details as to how you took or even prepared the MMS.

      Most people would give more details than you if they were sincere about asking a question.


  88. moxaman

    If I may, MMS is indeed a “form” of bleach BUT it isn’t the same as chlorine bleach! H202 is also a “bleach”, heck even the sun will “bleach” over time due to oxidation from solar radiation. So what! Chlorine dioxide does not cause the formation of THM’s like chlorine does. It’s really that simple. So yes, skeptics can call MMS “bleach” and they are partially correct in that it is an oxidizer, but they fail to mention that no toxic byproducts are formed thus making it a safer alternative to chlorine. Many of these skeptics are simply playing the game of semantics on people who don’t really understand how or why MMS works. It is simply a relatively non toxic oxidizer that kills anerobic pathogens and neutralizes toxins and metals having a positive ionic charge with a PH below 7 (or have an oxidation potential of less than .95 volts). Healthy cells and beneficial aerobic bacteria have a negative charge with a PH around 7 or above and will not be oxidized by chlorine dioxide, thus making it safer than other oxidizing agents such as H2O2 or ozone which has the potential of oxidizing healthy tissue. Bottom line… chlorine dioxide IS a type of bleach, just not as toxic as chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, or ozone (in small concentrations). Corrections welcome!

  89. I just read something about ‘viral marketing’, whereby certain companies ect BUY a .DOCTOR or any other ‘EXPERT’. to go on websides like facebook etc, to ‘kill a product’ by spreading false ‘expert advise’. Sounds familiar? 😉

  90. Adam

    Thanks a million for opening our minds!!

    I just have some small questions regarding MMS2.
    * There are currently many web sites available where I can buy MMS2. However, I want to make sure it’s the correct solution and not a commercial fabricated product with bad fabrications. I found the following website with MMS2 capsules. I really would like to know if you are known to this product/site and if its fine for me to purchase from them this MMS2?
    * I bought a hardcopy MMS book yesterday, but already would like to know if the above product with 60 capsules would be enough to thread a patient with a severe decease?

    Thanks a million for your respons and keep up the great work!


    1. To make your own MMS2 is easy. So why don’t you try it. Jim gives the instructions for it, and I tried it and it works well. I got a little capsule-filler and the staff to fill it with, and wolla… 🙂

      1. Adam

        Hi Simunye,
        I have ordered his book, its a good idea. I will look into it.

        I also was able to get a respons form one of Jim’s collegue’s who told me this site and the MMS2 they sell is ok.

        Thanks for your reply! Best Wishes.

  91. Lynlondon

    Thank you Phaelosopher for your reply to my posting. Do you have a radio prog I can tune in to as I really would like to partake more of your wisdom … You know how one can hear the same thing over and over again and then one day it one has ears to hear it. Well that is what happened with me – I suddenly saw all the strain I was putting on my body by the years of worrying about my health and I realised my body in its wisdom could not rebalance itself with all these negative vibes. It seems that I have relaxed in this knowledge and it feels like my body has been relieved of a burdon and feels better and lighter! All my attention to and worrying about bad health was creating more of the same… Wow! its good to have seen same. I wish to create a healthy body – I have asked for same and now it is up to me to get out of the way, get happy, and allow ‘ask and it is given’ to work : )) lynlondon

  92. ullricke meyer

    Mr Abrahams
    I am trying to get hold of Jim, a friend with cancer is enroute to tijuana and wants to be treated IV with MMS, how do we get it setup and find out where the clinic is etc, could we contact Jim to let him know she is en route and to get details of where to go? I hope you can help us with this, she needs all the help she can get. I have a number but its disconnected, I hope either you or someone else can help us get hold of them.

    Thank you

    1. Maybe you want to try Jims e-mail Ullrike…
      Good luck for your friend…
      LG Moni

    2. Nicole

      Hi M. Meyer, as far as I know, Jim Humble is in Dominican Republic. Here is an extract of a news letter I received in December offering Free Healing at their mission.
      “The World-Wide Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing invites one and all, rich or poor, to come to the Dominican Republic to be healed free of charge of any or all of their diseases and discomforts.” I suggest you write to this address where I received very quick answer.
      Hope it will help your freind…and others.

  93. Mike Van

    I have been following this site for a long time and I was actually one of the first to post on it almost 2 years ago. Even though I haven’t been writing recently, I have been following every post that comes to my email, and let me just say that it has been interesting. I have a question for you, but first I wanted to address some things for some of the skeptics out there and why they may not feel the way WE (anyone who has been in the position, in which I am about to explain) do.
    I have been dealing with symptoms that have completely debilitated me for the last five years on and off and for the the last 2 1/2 years constant. When I read about these skeptics that continue to bash whether MMS is properly tested or not, or whether MMS really helps or not, I get very angry and at those people and I have a few questions for the skeptics to ask themselves. Have you ever felt terrible for an extended amount of time? If so, have you been to numerous doctors who tell you there is nothing wrong, that they can see? Have you tried many different treatments and spent thousands of dollars trying to get better so you can live a normal life? Have you ever been so down that the only thought that crosses your mind is to end your life so you won’t have to feel this physical pain (not depression) anymore? Well, I have. I have been to over 30 doctors in the last 2 years from New York to California, all whom have not been able to help me. I have had so many labs done that I have collected that have not shown any thing that could explain my feeling this way. I have been diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, Leaky Gut, CFS, Chronic Lyme ( those are from doctors who actually took some time trying to figure me out) and Deression, General Anxiety Disorder and NOTHING (those are from doctors who just wrote me off). So when the skeptics say stuff like, we are just desperate and will do anything even it it harms us, I get very upset becasue they are right, we are desperate. But that doesn’t mean we are not smart and educated in our decisions. I have researched as much as I could about certain alternative therapies and have tried numerous ones with really no help. I have kept a strict diet with no sugar, nothing but organic food and nothing to drink but spring water for the past 2 years straight. If anyone doesn’t think so or thinks there is no way someone could possibly be that disciplined, I will be happy to give you my email address and then my phone my number and we can talk on the phone. I assure you that I am a real person who is dealing with a very real issue. I am a cop in NJ and I am 31 years old. After having done my own research on my condition and having wrote down everything from what I eat every day to how I feel, very specifically, I have come to a conclusion. I have either a virus or a bacteria that has done this to me and I need to get rid of it. Once I do, my body will heal itself and come back. In the beginning of my symptoms, 2 1/2 years ago, I tried MMS and after 1 week I stopped because it had exacerbated my symptoms 100 fold. At that time, I was afraid that that was a bad sign and there is no way it could be helping me, so I stopped and tried to seek help elsewhere. Well now I have come back full circle and realy believe that I need to try it again. That brings me to my question:
    phaelosopher, since you have done so much for MMS and alternative therapies, I was wondering about your feelings on NANO silver? It seems to have the same claims that MMS does. The other part to the question is a little more complicated. I said before that it is either a virus or bacteria that is causing my symptoms. Well since I have been on IV antibiotics for Lyme for the last 5 months with no real conclusive evidence that I have Lyme, I am pretty sure that it may be a virus. Since a virus cannot make its own ATP and must hijack a another cell to survive, how then could MMS and/or NANO silver invade that cell and stop the virus from replicating?

    I am sorry this was so long but I had to get somethings off my mind to try and explain the reasoning behind some of the things we will do to get better. And for the skpetics, there is no way they could ever even fathom what it is like to feel like I do 24/7 365 with no relief. I have tried every route and again if anyone wants to see my labs or see my notes or see the receipts for the over 62,000 dollars I have spent trying to get better, I will be more then happy to accomodate them. Thanks, Mike

    1. Clint

      Hi Mike,

      Am sorry for the rough times you’re going thru … I can relate… I had Severe Ulcerative Colitis for 4 years back in ’82…. took forever to come around.

      I’m not speaking for Adam here, but was thinking MMS via IV (or even IV, Intra Muscular) might be a means to rid you of your pains… by passing your digestive system, and getting directly into you blood stream. I did a IV series for 2 weeks, 2 x’s a day 15 drops in a saline IV bag. (a few years ago)

      I’ve also been using the Silver water for quite a few years as well for maintenance.. it has done wonders.

      If you want to talk at length about the above .. feel free to email me at :


    2. Dear Mike,

      I remember your posts. Thank you for writing. One doesn’t have to have walked each step of the past 2 1/2 years in your shoes to empathize with, and understand your actions. That is what has made the detached intellectualizations of the critics so annoying. Not only were they showing great disrespect for the people who support the use of MMS as well as those who are seeking viable alternatives, they invariably support the very system that, by its ineffectiveness at helping people to heal, has created the need for people to search for themselves.

      In that respect, the system is a blessing, in that people actually do begin relying on, and getting to know their own power, not only to heal, but to transform all aspects of their life. That is, those who truly want to live.

      Here are some thoughts to consider.

      Your body is severely out of balance. When you restore that balance, you’ll be fine.

      I’m not going to say that it is easier said than done. Balance itself needs to be better understood.

      It can be understood in molecular, chemical, microbial, electrical, emotional, mental, and spiritual terms. All of these areas comprise what is YOU.

      The molecular, chemical, microbial, and electrical aspects could be considered your physical environment.

      Because the chlorine dioxide molecule is generated in water (meaning it is of a higher vibrational frequency than minerals), and because water is multidimensional, MMS can help on the first four of those seven levels.

      The emotional and mental aspects have a great influence on the physical environment.

      Your profession as a law enforcement officer also means that you very likely are in situations of VERY HIGH EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL TOXICITY. You FEEL not only your own pain, but the pain of the people that you encounter, both the villains AND their victims.

      Let’s be clear about this… neither the doctors, nor the medical profession are going to acknowledge such things that they themselves still grappling with.

      It sounds to me as though the MMS was beginning to address the physical poisons that had surfaced in your body, but you also must address the emotional and mental.

      I say that the MMS was beginning to address it, because it seems that your body was at the start of a toxicity release… which isn’t all that pleasant while it is occurring. However, you feel GREAT once it is out.

      Some other suggestions:

      Remineralize your physical environment by creating a solé solution with himalayan salt rocks, dissolved in water. Dissolving the rocks will create a 26% saline solution that contains ALL the minerals that the human body needs. You can also get it by consuming humic and fulvic acid.

      Restoring the mineral balance will allow your body to conduct electricity once again.

      I am disinclined to suggest IV. It’s far easier to bypass the digestive system by running a bath, activating 40 drops of MMS and pouring it in. You can also add magnesium oil (MgCl) to bath water and your body would absorb it transdermally as well.

      Let’s also talk about stress. Your job must be stressful. This is the emotional, mental, and spiritual part.

      You need to give yourself a rest from the “good guy/bad guy” mindset. This is not to say that people who are doing bad things don’t need some attention, but they don’t need your scorn (if this applies to you), condemnation (if this applies to you), or vengeance (if this applies to you). If these concepts apply to you, you may feel quite justified in owning them, but you are also feeling the effects of your intentions. What we do to, or wish upon others, we do to ourselves. Since we appear to be separate, we have a high degree of deniability. However, you cannot deny how you feel right now. When you feel differently about the people you serve and even the people you “enforce” law upon, you will feel better yourself.

      These are SUGGESTIONS Mike. No judgment, only love for you, and for what you do.

      Best wishes always,


      1. Mike Van

        Thank you for your detailed and ineresting reply. I am not sure what I am going to do yet becasue of the small fear that the exacerbation of symptoms is not a healing crisis but something else wrong with me. You would think that after this long, I would realize that it is just a herx, but its a hard concept to swallow when you never had to exerpeince anything like that before to get better. I do believe in it but have to muster up the courage to just go for it.

        I do not believe you addressed my two specific questions pertaining to collodial silver. If you could, can you please answer those as well. Thanks, so much. It is comforting knowing there is someone like you to turn to for answers in my world of uncertainty.

        thanks, Mike

      2. Thank YOU Mike for considering my off-the-wall suggestions. I am positive you can restore your health.

        As for colloidal silver, it’s a natural biocide. It will work to inactivate living microorganisms because it is natural. It does not work on synthetic, non-living elements, such as unmetabolized chemical residue and heavy metals, which MMS appears to be effective at addressing via oxidative process. WATER IS the best, most basic, and fundamental remediation agent there is, because no matter how small a colloidal silver particle gets, it will still be denser than water, and will require water to transport it throughout the body. The chlorine dioxide molecule naturally occurs as a gas. It will always be lighter and have higher permeability than silver. This doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve some good results with silver, which is also stable. In contrast to colloidal silver, a single chlorine dioxide molecule only exists for 2 hours before it breaks down into something else, losing its oxidative properties.

        You also have the price issue… MMS costs far less than various silver products.

        The good news is that silver and MMS don’t compete. You can use them together.

        I can’t speak to how silver does its thing. However, instead of looking at the bacteria or virus as another “bad guy” that must be killed off, please consider this… they are there because the chemical environment in which they live… you might call it their neighborhood, is not only conducive to supporting their life, it NEEDS them in order to keep YOUR BODY ALIVE. This is the opposite of how bacterial and viral conditions are generally viewed these days. Although you are feeling a great deal of pain right now, they have no specific agenda to harm you.

        So lets look at the environment.

        Remember what I said about balance… it is out of balance.

        One of the main elements that are required, is oxygen.

        If you don’t have sufficient oxygen in your system, coursing all through your body, IT will not be able to support oxygen respiring (aerobic) bacteria or microorganisms.

        What did you say you were taking for five months? IV ANTIBIOTICS. They bind up oxygen, killing off microorganisms that require it in order to live. Additional evidence that you have too little oxygen is a lower pH (under 7.0, but probably substantially lower than that).

        You had an imbalance prior to taking the antibiotics, so five months of taking it by IV have simply made a bad situation worse. It’s all STANDARD MEDICAL PRACTICE, but that’s for us to learn. They’re not going to change themselves unless we change the approaches we’re willing to explore.

        MMS brings OXYGEN to the body, transported by water, the most permeable substance there is. It has a far better chance at delivering OXYGEN to all parts of the body than anything else that I know of, outside of good natural water itself.

        You might be surprised to consider that you might actually start experiencing relief from your pain by STOPPING THE MEDICATION and DRINKING MORE WATER. If the water is coherent, IT will bring naturally oxygen too. Oftentimes, water is chaotic, and also robs the body of life-sustaining resources. Also, many people mistakenly think they can drink other commercial beverages as substitutes for water.

        Colloidal silver doesn’t bring oxygen. It doesn’t work on inorganic materials. MMS/chlorine dioxide does.

        Once you have sufficient oxygen coursing throughout your body, the ENVIRONMENT can once again support aerobic microorganisms. You would benefit by taking a probiotic. You can do that by drinking RAW, UNPASTEURIZED milk… better yet, some colostrum, which is even higher in immune system building elements.

        BTW… the solé that I suggested yesterday should be taken only a teaspoon at a time, added to your drinking water. I took a teaspoon of it directly the first time I tried it, and almost had a herxheimer reaction right away.

        Please KNOW that the power to heal IS within YOU Mike.

        You can even begin by making the conscious choice to BREATHE deeply. The oxygen content in our air is lower today than generations ago, which contributes to all the problems and conditions that I’ve described and you’re experiencing now. Drinking more water, taking less or no medications, and taking in high, nutrient dense food, will turn your situation around. Taking MMS will certainly accelerate the oxygen delivery process. The oxygen will do what only it can.

        When there is enough oxygen in the ENVIRONMENT that is your body, anaerobic microorganisms will be unable to exist there. More importantly, they will be UNNECESSARY, because they were there only to keep you going, unless you did nothing different and killed yourself, or allowed current medical practices to do it for you.

        If you’re doing all these things, let me know.

      3. Lynlondon

        Adam Phaelosopher .. so pleased you are at the helm – you answered Mike so wisely and so beautifully!!
        You know last night I was up yet again for at least half the night with IBS pain not knowing what to do and I realised that (maybe yet again) these times when it seems we have hit a brick wall are gifts in disguise as they make us revolve down deep into ourselves for an answer. So often when we sail along in a ‘comfit zone’ we are not really growing. Seeing this last night I somehow feel empowered and less of a victim this morning. I have suffered with illness for 30 yrs and MMS has helped a lot, but I still have a ‘hyperthermia’ problem and cannot take cold conditions which weaken the body.
        I feel though that it helps to realise that we are the creator of our circumstances and we CAN change what we face in our lives and that came to me in the early hours of the morning and was empowering!! As creator – I have to see myself well, and focus on health, health, health. When you are steeped in ‘unwellness’ it is soo easy to focus on only this and bring in more of the same by the power of our conscious attention. I have not taken the time to explain this as succinctly as you explain your thoughts – but I hope you will glean my meaning from what I have written : )) Lynlondon

      4. Dear Lynlondon,

        I’m grateful to have you here! It CAN BE a somewhat lonely position, IN THE BEGINNING, to accept the idea that WE CREATE OUR EXPERIENCE after it has become so commonplace to disbelieve or simply deny that we have done so. What would the legal system be like if the people charged with criminal offenses said, “Yes, I did it,” or the “victims” said “Yes, I allowed it.” What would we learn about how they really feel about their life and relationships, both with others, and with self?

        If we are sincere and unequivocal with ourselves, then accepting that we create our circumstances and experience can, and will eventually lead to just you and I and many more people are beginning to do; RE-BELIEVE, and then, RE-IMAGINE their life, overlaying old attitudes, habits, and memories with new ones, new dynamics, new qualities, new responses, and new outcomes.

        With heart-felt gratitude and best wishes,


    3. Kevin

      Hi Mike,

      I don’t know if you have solved your problem yet or not but I am sincerely sympathetic to your situation. I’m no expert on MMS but I have read Jims books, purchased Adams DVD and further purchased Jims 8 DVD MMS Training Course set as well as many hours researching MMS on the net. In addition I work with a terrific doctor who gives me the task of Immune Stimulation. This was one of the main reasons I got interested in MMS.

      Personally from your initial reaction to taking MMS your overall internal environment sounds compromised to say the least. The end product of ineffective medical advice. It is very important that your Saliva PH which updates you daily to what is going on internally is returned to a neutral PH range. Medicine,diet and stress are your greatest problems to overcome. Fortunately a half a T spoon of Bi Carb Soda daily can help on the short term. Don’t take too much or you will give yourself toileting probs. A small amount of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar won’t hurt either.

      Although MMS is a very good oxidizer I think there are a number of other steps you could take to lesson the severity of your reaction to MMS.

      As I am a one finger typist this is not my preferred option to communicate the information required to fully resolve your situation. As I’m located in Australia Skype is probably the most affordable and best way to have an in depth discussion.

      In answer to your question about Nano Silver or even ionic or colloidal silver Yes it is a very effective part of a more complex yet affordable protocol we could put together’ A modified version of what is known as The Bob Beck Protocol – Look it up on Youtub – can be designed.

      AS for the second part to your question about penetrating cells one of the simplest solutions are negative ions and magnets. Large ferrite magnets or Magnetic pulser’s will penetrate at least 12 inches through organs and bones without harming any healthy cells but with terminal effects to pathogens.

      The bodies Bio energy system responds to different types of energy.

      To kill pathogens in the blood – 5 volts of DC electricity stepped down to 200ma at 15 cycles per second.
      To recharge and rejuvenate cells – Broad bandwidth of harmonics – Google George Lakhovsky – MWO.
      To negatively ionize and oxygenate the blood and brain – Powerful north pole( negative ) ferrite magnet under your pillow..
      To assist dissolving a lot of the crap your body needsto eliminate I would suggest drinking ozonated water as well as rigging up a cheap sauna – preferrable a cheap infra red sauna and using ozone through the skin.

      Yes I have listened to all of Jims warnings about ozone but in less concentrated amounts it is very stimulating to the immune system. If anyone wants to read a medical study by DR Velio Bocci – Ozone A New Medical Drug – he points out a lot of information most people don’t understand about how the body uses and responds to ozone aside from oxidation.

      If your interested I can send you a free Ebook I have compiled to inform clients of the many aspects of Wellness. I have also invented a few home use items which really boost and assist the Immune System.

      The bottom line Mike is that I’m not trying to sell you anything or influence you away from starting MMS. I have had to help people in a similar situation as yourself to get well and they also initially reacted badly to MMS but after they got rid of the heavy pathogen load they were then able to use MMS to get the deeper stuff etc.

      The bottom line is if you wanting to work up to MMS there are options available and that’s what I specialize in.

      If your interested – phaelosopher – we too can discuss this further since this is your Forum. Like I said I’m only trying to offer some optios for Mike to regain his health back and to commence will not be too expensive.

      Good luck whatever you decide to do.

      Best Wishes from DOWNUNDER


      1. Lynlondon

        My god – we do have some erudite people on this website (Kevin for eg). The sceptics have not even a chance when one reads about the pooled amount of wisdom inherent amongst the supporters of this forum and our captain, Adam, of course … most encouraging : ))

  94. Lynlondon

    CLINT words came into my mind to write to Jonsharmen and then I scrolled down a bit further and saw that you had posted the exact same words – to my way of thinking 10 thumbs up for what you said so succinctly to him!: ))

    JONSHARMEN… Could you truthfully inform us please of your present state of health. TRUTHFULLY please? Dont be vague – give us a full picture! Don’t lie to us because either way its ‘checkmate’!! : ))

    1. Clint

      Thanks Lynlondon !

      … kind of an exercise in Futility with this guy … really !



      1. Lynlondon

        Yeah you kind of know it even as you are responding that it IS an exercise in futility : ))

  95. This morning @ breakfast I had a conversation with our maintenance-manager, which I concider to be a wise man. He said something I like to share here.
    I guess this is a short version of what we see happening here and all over on the internet.
    The more THEY tell us we must stop using, selling, promoting MMS, they more determant we are to do just that. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I called this BACKFIRING! 😉

  96. Ooh, this is a fun discussion. phaelosopher, peer-review is when, before a scientific (or other) paper is published, experts in the author’s field (his peers) review his/her work to make sure it is accurate, rigorous, etc.

    As far as the efficacy of MMS is concerned, a claim that ‘it works for me’ does not count as definitive proof: non-medicines are often used successfully to treat illness even though they don’t contain any active ingredients (placebos).

    And, Gilgamesh, MMS ‘when used as directed’ does form bleach:

    Lynlondon: obviously MMS does not ‘heal’ anything. It is used to ‘treat’ illness – but this is just semantics. Humble may well claim that MMS is a killer of pathogens, but that’s not all he claims. MMS is touted as

    “The answer to AIDS, hepatitis A,B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind’s worse diseases”.


    1. It’s nice that you’re enjoying the repartee.

      This forum has been here for over three years. We know the definition of peer review. We also know from personal experience whether MMS works or not.

      What “peers” think means nothing when the disease hits home and nothing your doctor has prescribed has worked. People are searching for themselves in ever growing numbers. Whatever does work WILL be understood to have worked, and reported as such. If MMS didn’t work, people wouldn’t hesitate to say so. It’s not about “curing” disease, but disinfecting a polluted, oxygen-deficient inside. Whether MMS forms “bleach” or not is irrelevant. By EVERY measure, chlorine as used in water treatment is chemically dangerous and most of the population is exposed to it, and other chemicals daily.

      If you live by the peer review, and the peer review alone, you’ll die by it too. When push comes to a shove, intelligent people will see it, and are choosing to extend their odds.

      1. Joe_B_Wan

        It seems “Adam” has invited one of his/her buddies to
        the scene to provide backup since he/she senses his/her
        demise is approaching swiftly.

        The squiggies have breached the hull. But we have the “One”

        If we didn’t have evil, unholy, unrightous humanoids around,
        we wouldn’t anything to compare the GOOD ones to.

        Peace, Love and Happiness,


      2. Re the definition of peer-review, I was responding to your comment here:

        which gave the impression of a misconception.

        Chlorine itself is dangerous; use of chlorine to make drinking water fit for consumption is regularly monitored. It is used *to prevent infection* /

        Conversely, use of chlorine dioxide in MMS (which turns to bleach when used as directed, despite the belief of others here to the contrary — this is *not* irrelevant) is self-administered and neither its safety nor its role, if any, in treating disease has been proven to any reasonable standard of evidence.

        Your point about personal experience has been addressed by others already (Adam) – problems of cognitive bias in self-reporting mean that this is not a reliable form of evidence. Also see what I said about the placebo effect.

        The thing about alternative medicine is that if it is proven to work, it becomes just plain ol’ medicine. MMS is certainly not that.

      3. What’s your point? You have no idea what evidence I and others here have experienced and/or seen, to blithely enter here and suggest that what is, or isn’t true based on whether it has been validated by people who’ve not shown enough interest or openness to look.

        You say that chlorine levels are regularly monitored, BUT not the effects of exposure on health. They’re watching how much they expose the public to, enough to keep deniability levels up, even though chlorine dioxide has been confirmed to be a superior disinfection method. Many of the chronic and degenerative diseases that people are experiencing today are exactly some of the projected effects of long-term exposure to chlorine.

        Tell me what chlorination turns into. You mention the word “bleach” like it’s a big deal, but what about it? Compare turning to “bleach” to THMs from chlorine. And should I assume that you KNOW that chlorine dioxide produces no such derivative chemicals?

        “Peers” aren’t going to be responsible for the choices that people make on the basis of their opinions, neither are the publications. For that matter, neither are the doctors, who oftentimes would refuse the very medications that they push on their patients.

        The science that their opinions are based on involves experiments generally performed on mice and rats, for many decades using microscopes that killed the cultures in order to observe them, and rely on chemicals measured by their lethality. Perhaps the system has provided a decent income for you. But you’re in no position to preach when you, like Adam, assume that independent investigation is not possible, and that people blindly began taking MMS without first doing some homework.

        People aren’t making this stuff up.

      4. It is very interesting to sometimes check out twitter to find out who is who…

        adam_j666 Adam Jacobs
        by rhysmorgan
        Aww, I’ve just been banned from Failosopher’s website. Seems he doesn’t like people saying MMS is a scam #bleachgate
        11 Jan Favorite Retweet Reply

        Jon_S Jon Sharman
        @rhysmorgan There’s no reasoning with them, is there?
        10 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

        Tweets tagged with #bleachgate»
        adam_j666 Adam Jacobs
        @Jon_S Good stuff! Perhaps you can be the new voice of reason there now that I’ve been banned. #bleachgate
        8 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

        Anybody still unsure where our new critic has arrived from and why? 😉

      5. Joe_B_Wan

        “…new voice of reason.”

        Talk about high-minded and self-righteous.
        Evil influences abound all around our realm.

        Peace and Love,

    2. Joe_B_Wan

      I told you he is the “One”.


      P.S. Maybe not “THE ONE”, but one of
      the “Ones”. 🙂

      1. He is ONE OF US…:-) 😉

      2. Gilgamesh

        They are all followers of Rhys Morgan, and his soul mate.

    3. We KNOW all about placeboo, and we KNOW the differance… 😉

      1. @Simunye: Serious question: The difference between placebo and what?

        I wasn’t ‘invited’ over – I followed a link and thought I’d join in. I also stand by the ‘no reasoning’ comment I made on Twitter: while people advocating for MMS are using a kind of deductive reasoning (I hoped that taking medicine X would cure illness Y; I no longer have illness Y, therefore medicine X works) – the lack of willingness on the part of most commenters to engage with criticism of that concept – besides saying ‘it works for me’ or some variant – is unreasonable.

      2. Jon
        If after several years (over 10) of suffering from asthma, using all sort of different medications and pumps prescribed by 4 different doctors (duo to several moves) with no improvement, but after 2 days of MMS my asthma is gone completly and no pump needed, than than is NO placebo-effect.
        If every time I feel a cold coming up, be it running nose, caughing or such, and after taking 6 drops of MMS the symptoms are gone within hours, than that is NO Placebo.
        Placebo would also not be possible with animals, and since I know of people who give it to their cats ect, and their animals are healtier, have healthier fur and they are dewormed from MMS this is NO Placebo either. 🙂

      3. In your response to my comment at 10:26, you did *exactly* what I had described: ‘It works for me.’

        Whether MMS works as a placebo, or better than a placebo, or not at all, can only be demonstrated through properly-conducted trials: while I can’t prove it is a placebo, you can’t prove it isn’t until trials are carried out which don’t rely on self-reporting. It’s the refusal even to admit to the possibility of it not working that I can’t get my head around.

        Please don’t think I’m attempting to denigrate your experience or anyone else’s; however, drug trials are randomised, controlled and blinded/double-blinded for a reason: people cannot always be relied upon to accurately report what happens to them.

      4. I quote:
        It’s the refusal even to admit to the possibility of it not working that I can’t get my head around.
        Now that is YOUR problem, not mine!

        Your refusal even to admit the possibility of it WORKING, that I can’t get MY head around either.
        But that is your opinion, and you have the right to your opinion as I have my rights to my experience. I also have the right to maintain my health with MMS if I wish to, and nobody, not you or Adam or anybody else has the right to deny me my rights!
        Other than that, I suggest you read what has been said before between US and Adam, to save us the trouble to repeat ourself now to you all over again, seing that you have the same issues and opinions than he has and we answered him not ones, or twice but several times. 🙂

      5. QUOTE:
        It’s the refusal even to admit to the possibility of it not working that I can’t get my head around.
        Thats YOUR problem, not mine!

        It’s the refusal even to admit to the possibility of it WORKING that I can’t get my head around either. 😉

        I suggest that you read previous post by Adam, his questions, opinions and our answers, since you have the same opinions and question. 🙂

      6. Clint

        My ‘Spidy Senseses’ are saying MAYBE, just maybe Adam and jonsharman are THE same person !!

        (since they think alike)


    4. Lynlondon

      I feel safe with MMS… I have taken a few bouts of it and I am not interested in arguing about every little aspect of it and what it is and what it is not and what it can and cannot do – I HAVE A LIFE AND DO NOT INTERFERE IN OTHERS LIVES OR THEIR GOD-GIVEN CHOICES. I just know that after 30 yrs of illness MMS is the first and only substance that helped my body to systematically clear up most unpleasant symptoms. You speak from outside the circle and you are all in your head – you have no direct experience – I am NOT interested in entering your ‘dilly daydream arena’! Give it up – we know from core experience what we know!

      1. Joe_B_Wan


        Right on, mama! I couldn’t have said it better myself!


  97. Michel Hanna

    Good afternoon,

    I’m interested in purchasing MMS but need to know if it’s safe for heart patients? I had double bypass surgery several years ago. I’m currently using the following medicine: Metoprolol Tartrate, Lipitor, Ezetimibe and Ramipril.

    Please let me know.

    Also, do you have a phone number that I can contact you at from Canada?

    Thank you,

    Michel Hanna

    1. Lynlondon

      I would in your shoes, Michel, write directly to Jim Humble who introduced the world to MMS. He has a lot of experience through his field work with MMS and suffering humanity. If he cannot directly advise you then I think he could put you onto a doctor who should be able to do so. Here are 2 email addresses that I use to correspond with Jim Humble whenever I have to :- and – very best wishes! : )) ps Phaelosopher might be able to help further.

  98. Adam, you are talking bull….!
    I do not sell MMS and I’m sure so are many others here.
    But you know that those who are guilty of doing something that is not correct, are the ones who accuse others of doing so. This is because they know THEY are dishonest and expect others to be like themself. I must see you under that light for reason of your own behaviour.
    Ones more I tell you , do NOT compared me with you, because I have a reason to be here to share my experience, but what reason do you have to make claims you cannot possible know if you havend used MMS? OTHER THAN BEING PAID TO ANNOY USERS INTO SHUTTING UP ABOUTSHARING THEIR EXPERIECE!
    Now I sound like you, right!
    Guilty as charged and not sorry about it! 😉

  99. Lynlondon

    Phaelosopher – as you can see from Adam’s response from my email of the 11th Dec “@Lynlondon:
    “It was definitely clearing out all the toxins that were overloading my body’s healing mechanism.”
    Ah, the old detox myth. You do realise that MMS doesn’t clear out any toxins, don’t you? That’s just a myth put about by the people who sell MMS.
    You have a liver and 2 kidneys. They are pretty damn good a clearing out toxins all by themselves.
    Ask yourself this: if you think MMS is clearing out “toxins”, then why don’t you tell me what those “toxins” are?
    As for what Humble is claiming, I think you are just splitting hairs over the words. He is certainly claiming many health benefits for MMS, and has not a shred of evidence for any of them.
    You say that you started to eat well. How do you know that MMS had anything to do with feeling better? Isn’t it much more likely to be due to changes in your diet if you were feeling better?” … as I said Phaelosopher there is no pleasing this fellow and he is NOT helping this site at all… he is just involving the members in continual arguments – and is on the whole dragging the site down!! I am not overduly bothered by what he says … I am merely sick of him … well and truly sick of him and his devisive comments!!

    1. Lyn,

      Thank you for your thoughts. If there is a genuine interest in dialogue, even in disagreement, dialogue can be constructive, but you are correct, Adam has become a negative presence in our midst. Since he doesn’t respect the people he’s talking to, then there’s no need to allow him to continue. Most people peter out on their own, as in his cronies. Perhaps he wanted to see how long I’d go before he earned the distinction of being banned.

      Places like, where there are many forums, have an MMS “debate” area for people like Adam, and an area for support. There’s no real need for debate here, and a desire to give support.

      I’ve not banned anyone before, but I’ll take whatever steps I need to minimize disruptive influences, by whatever means available.



      1. Adam1
        I posted one post 2x by mistake. The second has spellingmistakes. Will you please delete this one? Thanks..

      2. Lynlondon

        Phaelosopher of course constructive dialogue is quite another matter and I am sure that the intelligent (no flattery only fact) people on this site would welcome same.. and I would feel sorry to see anyone banned… Maybe Adam could mend his ways and be a bit humble and realise that everyone has a right to their own choices in life – be they bad, good or indifferent…but then maybe pigs could fly as well : )) Would Adam be happy if the thousands of MMS users stopped using same today .. somehow, I think not! :In any case if one’s happiness is dependent on others behaviour then one is never likely to find true lasting happiness! : )) Adam … if you are reading this – “IS YOUR HAPPPINESS DEPENDENT ON THE MMS USERS ON THIS SITE?” Yes – trying to manipulate does boil down to trying to make oneself feel better!
        Thank you Phaelosopher for your answer! Lyn

      3. Gilgamesh

        I think many times Adam dont even read what we post, he just following his script and his post dont make much sense. I dont like to see anyone banned from here, but it is certain he comes here to be disruptive and negative. And most of us here not locked up in any kind MMS box, like Adam is locked up in his box.I asked Adam to comment On Jonathon Campbell’s article on MMS, but I think he never even read my post.He just repeating himself, over and over. And I agree with your last paragraph.

  100. Lynlondon

    Dear Phaelosopher,
    I know that you are aware of the fact that what one gives one’s attention to grows and grows… If we want MMS to succeed in helping people then surely we should keep focusing on the good aspects of MMS and the healing that it has brought to thousands of people. The more one focuses on what one ‘does not’ want the more one gets of the very thing one is trying to avoid and it is only in the focusing of what we ‘do want’ that that will continue to grow and thrive. I fear that this part of the website has become an area for focusing on sceptics, critics and unwanted things. I intend going on another 3 weeks protocol with the MMS and if I notice that THE BODY has then been able to heal even more ‘stuff’ then I aim to post it here to encourage people. One needs to have high good feeling vibes to attract in good things and not low scepticism-fighting vibes : ))) You write beautifully and truthfully … warmly Lynlondon

  101. Gilgamesh

    Hi Adam
    I dont know who created the arbrecology hoax, but this is not a very smart hoax. Nobody will take it seriously. And the big mistake they made, is they did not included in there, that Cleopatra used Arbrecology, and that was her secret. And that was a big red flag right there. lol lol lol

    1. Gilgamesh, you don’t need to convince me that arbrecology is totally bogus. I believe you. You’re quite right that there are red flags, although I missed the bit about Cleopatra. Where do they say that?

      But anyway, the so-called “clinical trial” described on the arbrecology website is a big enough red flag. It doesn’t seem to have been published in any peer-reviewed journal, which is enough by itself to discredit the whole thing as far as I’m concerned.

      But here’s the thing. All the stuff about MMS has plenty of “red flags” as well. Again, nothing is published in peer-reviewed journals. That’s deeply suspicious. And then perhaps the biggest red flag of all is that MMS claims to be able to cure too many diseases. If Jim Humble had just claimed to be able to cure malaria and stopped there, then it might have just about been credible. But when he also claims that MMS can cure AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and a whole host of other diseases as well, then the red flags really start waving. All those diseases have completely different pathological mechanisms. It’s simply not credible that any one treatment would be effective against all of them.

      So my question is: why are you so quick to spot the red flags for arbrecology (and rightly so), but completely ignore the red flags for MMS?

      The only reason I can think of is that you have some kind of financial interest in selling MMS to desperate and gullible people, so you want to maintain the myth that MMS has some benefits.

      Sorry, you’re not fooling me. If you want to claim MMS has any benefits, then produce some evidence.

      1. Gilgamesh

        Hi Adam
        About Cleopatra, it is not in the arbrecology, and that is the red flag. LOL. However, one of my relatives was a practicing Shaman,and he would give you seeds,and herbs in a small poach, to put it around your neck. His office was a block away from my other relative, and he was a modern doctor and his wife, they had a modern clinic.The clinic had lots of patents, but the shaman had people lined up down the street.The shaman used to meet with other shamans on a secret mountain, and those secret meetings were Biblical. My other relative a dentist, one of my relatives is working for the FDA, and 4 of my relatives are nurses, My ant, she is as good handling a machine gun as she is good in the OR.
        And I use MMS, and there are no red flags in MMS, and I have no financial interest in it, I dont sell MMS, And I m not trying to convince you, or anyone about MMS, and you have no evidence that MMS dont work,or harmful if it is used properly, but people also used it the wrong way and one person was trying to kill himself with it, and he was not successful. But you dont have to use MMS, if you think it is bleach,or if you feel it is not effective, you already drinking bleach in your drinking water. But MMS is not a bleach.
        So you are just fear mongering.

      2. Gilgamesh

        Hi adam.
        I forgot, but I should also include my brother in-law, he is a practicing Reiki Master. I get a lot of essential oils from him.

      3. Lynlondon

        Adam when I was ingesting MMS I did not for one moment feel that it was curing anything. It was definitely clearing out all the toxins that were overloading my body’s healing mechanism. Once my body was free of this overload and there is more energy flowing, then, I personally, was aware of the fact that it was up to me to eat well and to eat organic nutritional foods to support my body as it was freed up to begin what it does naturally do i.e. righting its own balance when it is given the opportunity to do so. The body is a self-healing mechanism and will heal a plethora of illnesses if it is allowed to. Stop saying that MMS cannot cure diseases with different pathological mechanisms … Who is claiming that it does?… Certainly NOT Jim Humble. Shall I copy and paste his words which should be familiar to you as you are such a hearty protagonist! Jim Humble has stated that MMS is a ‘killer’ of pathogens, bacteria etc. and that IT does not heal – the body does! When are you just going to quietly go away. Your words, your stance, your lack of clear information and mostly your lack of experience with MMS condemn you all the time as someone not worth listening to!

      4. @Gilgamesh:

        “and I have no financial interest in it, I dont sell MMS”

        Yeah, and I’m the Pope.


        “It was definitely clearing out all the toxins that were overloading my body’s healing mechanism.”

        Ah, the old detox myth. You do realise that MMS doesn’t clear out any toxins, don’t you? That’s just a myth put about by the people who sell MMS.

        You have a liver and 2 kidneys. They are pretty damn good a clearing out toxins all by themselves.

        Ask yourself this: if you think MMS is clearing out “toxins”, then why don’t you tell me what those “toxins” are?

        As for what Humble is claiming, I think you are just splitting hairs over the words. He is certainly claiming many health benefits for MMS, and has not a shred of evidence for any of them.

        You say that you started to eat well. How do you know that MMS had anything to do with feeling better? Isn’t it much more likely to be due to changes in your diet if you were feeling better?

      5. Adam… you expect people to respect that you’re genuine (which you’re probably not), but don’t extend the same courtesy.


        Humble is claiming health RESULTS from MMS, based on what he’s seen and others have EXPERIENCED, none of which you have done.

      6. Adam
        MMS WOKS FOR anad my friends, wheater you believe it or not!
        Says WHO? Says ME!
        Because I KNOW from experience!
        Take it or leave it… 🙂

      7. Whether the standards are “double” or not, it’s my option to decide, not yours.

        Since you don’t care what people think, then you won’t care when I elect to have had enough of what you offer here.

        Best wishes…

      8. Clint


        THAT’s EXACTLY what I tried to tell him when I went back n forth with him !!

        Maybe Adam just has TOO much “education” for us ???


  102. ewa

    Welcome Adam part urgently needs to contact the Jim Humble.Please some contact.Thank you.Ewa

  103. Gilgamesh

    Hi Adam.
    You are wrong about arbrecology. You call it a scam, but arbrecology is not a scam. Everybody knows that arbrecology is hoax.
    Only you think it is scam.

    1. Well, whatever, hoax or scam, I think we’re both agreed it’s bullshit and we can cheerfully dismiss it.

      So now do you see why I do likewise for MMS?

      1. MMS is neither a hoax or a scam. You just don’t know that it works because you made up your mind without evidence and prove! So I do not understand why you do likewise with MMS… 😉

      2. Monika, tell me what you think of arbrecology. Do you agree it looks totally bogus?

        If so, why is it OK to dismiss it as bogus? After all, it has testimonials from people who say it has helped them.

        That’s all the evidence that there is for MMS. So why treat them differently?

      3. Adam, I have no clue what ‘arbrecology’ is, but I know what MMS is.
        Moment, was it not YOU who treats those two items the same?
        Knowing that MMS works but you don’t believe it, there is a big chance the same goes for the above mentioned to.
        I did not call it a hoax, so don’t put YOUR words into my mouth please!

      4. Sorry, you’re right, you didn’t express an opinion on arbrecology before. I was assuming you’d take the same attitude as Gilgamesh, but you’re right that that was an assumption on my part for which I had no evidence. Apologies for that.

        You can read all about arbrecology here:

        Now, what do you think of it? Do you agree that it’s a scam/hoax? Or do you think it’s a valid form of therapy?

      5. Adam, no problem. We all can make mistakes, but as said, I have never heard of this before, nore do I know anybody who knows it. Besides that it has nothing to do with MMS and really does not belong here, I used your link till:
        “Once the seed is inserted in the skin and begins to grow, the sympathetic powers of the growing seed build up a quantum differential field which will remove dangerous toxins from the patients body and dissipates them through the growing plant.”
        Sorry, but this does not sound like something I would concider trying to find out!
        i-git-i-git, sounds gross…;)

      6. I agree with you! It certainly doesn’t sound like something to try, does it? I certainly wouldn’t try it either.

        But as you can see, there is a bit of an inconsistency here. You and many others on this site have said I have no right to criticise MMS because I’ve never tried it myself.

        Do you see that you’ve just taken exactly the same attitude to arbrecology!

      7. Adam, you doing it again!
        Don’t put YOUR words in my mouth please!
        It is NOT the same what you are doing!
        I say, it does not sound like something I would like to try.
        I do not say it does not work or that others who believe it works and who do use it must not do it or believe it!
        I have no right to force my view onto others if I don’t KNOW if it works. I have no experience to back up that claim that it is a hoax or a scam, and I will not say something I have no prove for.
        The simple thought of having something planted under my skin, is not something I fancy! That is ALL I can say! 🙂

  104. sagacious mama
    You hit the nail on the head.
    Adam is being repeating himself over and over and sends us ‘copy and paste’ to answers our questions. He has an opinion but no prove, but does not accept our experience as prove or calls us users downright, liars, deluded or sellers. I have no time for such crap anymore!
    If he wants to stay in ‘his box’, good luck to him. 🙂

    1. Gilgamesh

      Hi Simunye.
      Adam just want evidence, that MMS is not harmful and it is effective.
      But as millions of people using MMS, and if it was harmful, it would be all over the internet. Hundreds, and thousands of people would be posting that MMS is not effective, or harmful.
      But all I read from people, is that MMS helped them, with health problems, that pricey, expansive drugs did nothing, or made them worse.
      Maybe Adam should post here, how many people died from aspirin,and other drugs in the last 5 years.
      But he is just fear mongering here, And if somewhere a ten ton crate of MMS would fall from a 100 feet on somebody’s head, I think Adam would almost say that there is evidence, that MMS killed someone.
      And he is not commenting, on Jonathon Campbell’s article on MMS.
      I think he is just following some script, that somebody else wrote for him, And maybe they even pay him a few bucks.

      1. To be precise, I’m not so concerned about Adam. He may be anti MMS and sounds like a broken LP, but at least he is pretty civil about it now.
        I just saw in the news that 2million fish died in Maryland. They say this seems to be happening latly a few times, fish and births dying in masses. Now that is frightening, seing how many rely on fish for food.
        Nobody takes my experience away from me, and even less my improved health. Thanks to MMS.
        My video seems to indicate that many are interested even if they don’t talk about it. I think that many don’t talk about there experience because they don’t like to be rediculed.
        All that matters is that those who know MMS works make it known what MMS has done for them. I also think that it is improtant to share negative outcomes, especially if the protocal was not upheld.
        But I really think if somebody taking by mistake 50 drops imstead of 15 and he survived, that this speaks for itself.
        I guess everybody reacts differant to MMS, just like to any other medication.
        I call MMs a detox, because that is what it is to me. And if I have nothing in me that needs to be oxidised, I have no bad reaction! If having a bad reaction means my body has been springcleaned and some patogenes have been killed, than that is worth the trouble. 🙂

    2. Lynlondon

      Yes and Simunye – bees are dying off at an alarming rate too and they pollinate the food we eat!!!

      1. Oh dear, and hney is not only food but also very healthy and good for some ailments, like a sore throat (i hope I spelled that right)… 🙂

  105. Lynlondon

    Okay before I am corrected – I will correct my statement concerning the fact that 3 drops of MMS an hour is innocuous enough and not a great risk. I realised after pressing the ‘post comment’ button that for some 1/2 drop of MMS per hour would be the maximum dosage that they could ingest to avoid a herxheimer effect … humble apologies!! : )

  106. Lynlondon

    I would like to log on to a website where the discussion is about MMS. The relief that people have had from using MMS and where there is advise and help for newcomers who are starting out with using MMS.
    These days when I receive emails from the ‘Thought for Food’ site and I open them – the mail is often about the sceptics who for some reason frequent this site (what is there goal – they don’t seems open-minded and an asset to this site.) These sceptics just seem to want to air what they ‘believe’ is their superior knowledge. They are just dragging the purpose (in my mind) of this site down. Do we really need to argue with them to persuade potential users of MMS that what they (sceptics) say is codswallop OR can we trust that the genuine seekers will, as I did, get themselves as well informed as possible from the myriad info available and then in good faith and the interests of good health be willing to try MMS. I mean 3 drops an hour of MMS is certainly not going to harm anyone and bring on any herxheimer effect. As they slowly following the protocol – they will find out experientially that nothing ‘bad’ happens to them and after a short while will surely realise how extremely good they are feeling!! “The proof of the pudding is in the eating!” as they say! : )))

    1. Gilgamesh

      In my opinion, Adam is just copying a script or from a script that he did not even wrote himself, it was written for him, and for others in the same box. And i guess, he dont even know that he is drinking bleach every in his drinking water.

  107. @ Sagacious Mama
    Thanks for reminding me of something.
    I wrote this on facebook before, but I’m not sure if I mentioned it here already. Before I started using MMS I had a cizt in my back, between my shoulderblades. The doctor told me not to worry as long as it was not giving me trouble or pain.
    A few weeks later I had an infection right next to that cizt, the size of a 2 euro-coin. I went to hospital and it was cut open and drianed, which toke a few weeks. The doctor in hosptal told me to come back when it was healed so that they can cut out that cizt as well. They would not do it at the same time for fear of bloodpiosoning.
    In the meantime I started using MMS and when my back was healed and I wanted to go to have that cizt cut out, it was gone… 🙂
    Coincidence? That is what I was told on facebook by some of our anti-MMS experts…. 😉

    1. Lynlondon

      This is the kind of post I log on to this site to read ….. not this continual argument with bigotted sceptics!

  108. Gilgamesh

    Hi Adam.
    Jonathon Campbell wrote an article about MMS, and Phaelpsopher responded, and wrote; Chicken Little revisited; ‘MMS is Falling.’
    Would you ,please comment also on Jonathon Campbell’s article on MMS?
    And your opinion?

  109. Tanya

    Shalom Adam Abraham;

    I just want to write to you and let you know that when I stumbled upon your blog not too long ago, I was actually looking for other information for my Mother (she was diagnosed with high blood pressure a few months ago and I was doing some research online to find a solution for her (I did, by-the-way, and I’m happy to report that her blood-pressure has now been normalized without her having to go on death-dealing medications)).

    But back to MMS: I stumbled upon your blog about MMS, did some further reseach on it, and decided that it might be an alternative treatment for my child’s Dad, who was diagnosed with diabetes about fifteen years ago. I told him about MMS and he said he would try it. I received my MMS solution and activator in the mail last week, and this morning I prepared the 1:1 ratio and prepared 3 activated drops with 3 ounces of water (6 tblspns) for him.

    On his way to work this morning, he dropped by our house and drank it. I just called him at his place of business to see how he felt, and he said he was feeling just fine, and just ate lunch, but that he did feel a little sleepy after drinking the MMS, but that was it. So after work, he’s going to come back by the house in the evening and take another dose (we’re starting him out at 3 drops in the morning (with three ounces of water), and three drops in the evening), but I will keep you informed of his progression. His diabetes is starting to affect him (legs swelling sometimes), so we hope to see some improvement. Thank-you for your blog, Adam. I’ll keep you posted.

    1. sagacious mama

      Hi Tanya,

      Please document the results here if you could. Many people ask for info or start to report on their progress, but don’t report the results. I have followed up several people who inquired but didn’t follow up, and they all had raging success, total healing. That’s something really worth sharing, something the whole world benefits from hearing. I know your child’s father will get positive results, so when he gets them, just come back and let us know. 🙂

      I, and others I know, find the best results after about a week or so on 3 drops an hour, 8 to 10 times per day. I recommend a raw food diet, at least 80% raw, heavy on the green leafy vegetables (google “green smoothies” as they are the easiest and tastiest way to get pounds of greens into you). It isn’t “necessary”, and this is an MMS page, but to not include that advice on a diabetes case would be negligent.

      I also like DMSO for diabetes as it really helps take that pancreas inflammation down fast. DMSO is even used in hospitals to bring down inflammation, it’s one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories humanity has. Makes you smell funny though… when I take DMSO, my whole house reeks of a garlicy/oyster kind of smell. Worth it though.

      Disclaimer: Not intended as a prescription. I am not recommending anything, I am just saying what I like, what worked for me and others I know who used that protocol. The only thing I am “recommending” is a raw food diet. Don’t do anything without checking with God… uh, I mean, your doctor… don’t even FART. Don’t trust your own judgment or the living evidence of thousands of healed people, you are NOT capable of being trusted, and your intelligence is not enough to research anything yourself. But if you are stupid enough to attempt to research things yourself, ONLY trust FDA approved statements and studies publish in mainstream science journals funded by massive corporations. Remember, they are the ones that showed the evidence that coconuts are full of BAD fats and if you had instead followed the living evidence of millions of healthy islanders who ate coconuts, you’d be… oh wait, that advice turned out to be incorrect with modern research… uhh, well, that’s embarrassing… delete all that bit… just shutup alright! Listen to smarter people and swallow your damned pills and go watch TV. Good girl.

  110. Gilgamesh

    Poor Adam, Stuck in the box, and cant get out.

  111. Lynlondon


    “In England, one person selling MMS got out their Church logo and Minister’s Certificate and showed them to the people who came to take their things. Those people left with nothing, not wanting to attack a Church.
    I hope you understand that Churches have the protection of people’s consciences.
    No one wants to be responsible for attacking a Church, but on top of that, and even more important, the Churches have the protection of the law. In the eyes of the common law of man that has come down to us from antiquity, and is still fully in effect, the philosophy of separation of church and state is that the Church has equal powers with the government. The government thinks twice before sending people out to attack a Church as they are concerned about the waves it will cause in society. In addition, those whom they send out are almost always very apprehensive about attacking a Church.
    Remember, we adhere to no specific religious doctrine but although our Church is not religious, we are spiritual. These are our beliefs:
    Doing good deeds;
    Healing for free; and
    Always doing what is right.”

    1. Thanks Lynlondon for explaining to those who do not know about the real reason for Jims Titel and church.
      I think it is a sorry affair that the only way MMS can be protected is by the church.

      Doing good deeds;
      Healing for free; and
      Always doing what is right.”

      …sounds good to me! Anybody having a problem with that? That is there problem, not ours! 🙂

      1. Lynlondon

        Its a pleasure Simunye! : )) I think it a brilliant ploy on Jim’s part … otherwise MMS would die to the world!
        What a true humanitarian he is… I mean with all the hassle he gets – he could have retired long ago … staying healthy and fit on MMS (as he claims), but ‘No’ he has a great vision of a world free of illness which he persists in ‘fighting’ for even at his age! He found the one and only loophole to outsmart BigPharma – and in some ways it sounds zany and yet it is the only loophole that keeps BigPharma at bay!

  112. Pavlos Yiorkas

    Dear Mr. Adam

    My name is Pavlos Yiorkas and i am 24 years old. I come from Cyprus-a small Greek island in the Mediterranean sea. I like to investigate and discover non-conservative ways of heeling or maintaining health and well-being.

    I have accidentally “fell” on your website and start reading about the MMS supplement. I have to admit, that i was intrigued by the whole concept behind it and i decided to try it.

    My problem is that everywhere i looked i didn’t find any “clear” schedule of usage for the supplement for young people like me and this is what pushes me back from purchasing it. As i mentioned above i am 24 years old and very healthy.I would really appreciate if you can send me a schedule of usage for the category of people that i belong in order to maintain a “boosted” immune system. (young+healthy).

    Sincerely yours

    Pavlos Yiorkas

    1. johnwoowoo

      The age does not matter, it is about how much pathogens you have accumulated in your body. Nobody can know that, so there is only one starting schedule: the CAREFUL schedule.

      Take 1 activated drop ( = 1 MMS + 5 citric acid 10% drops) just to see if it does anything, if not, tomorrow try two drops, add one drop every day. When the numbers go up, spread the schedule over the whole day. Don’t worry if it takes a week.

      MMS is not magic, it does not make the pathogens disappear, you still need time to detoxify. You can go through the spring cleaning in your body as a hasty fool in 2 days of the worst hangover of your life, or you can let MMS do its job comfortably over a week of careful and patient dosage.

      Make sure you drink enough water, that is a prerequisite for any detoxifying medicine or procedure. Don’t increase dosage if you have any detox symptoms, but don’t completely stop either, once you start you must also finish.

      Once the initial spring cleaning in your body is finished and MMS no longer gives you any reaction, you can take MMS as you think you need.

      It is very individual, for example my father had a significant detox reaction after just one drop of MMS, but my mom (something like a vegetarian) started to take MMS on a flu without any side effects.

      MMS is not a replacement for immune system, it is a specific “weapon” that destroys pathogens and dissolves sediments in body, then after an hour it decomposes on salt.
      You still need your immune system to clean up after that and to keep the body secure from new pathogens. Just live healthy, take vitamins, etc. Do not take MMS together with artificial vitamin C, (ascorbic acid) they neutralize each other. Don’t take MMS on the same day you took pills of vitamin C.

    2. Pavlos, I’m curious: why the interest in MMS? If you’re interested in “non-conservative ways” of maintaining health, there are many other alternative treatments out there. Most of them don’t work, but most of them are at least fairly harmless. For example, homeopathy is completely harmless (although also completely useless).

      Some forms of herbal medicine are harmless enough (although some can be harmful) and some even work.

      And then acupuncture is very well established, and although some serious side effects have been reported, it’s pretty safe in the hands of licensed practitioners (although again, probably useless too).

      There are loads of other alternative treatments, like faith healing, chiropractic, reiki, arbrecology, naturopathy, and ayurvedic medicine.

      Now, granted, most of them are worthless, but they are generally a lot safer than drinking industrial bleach (you do know that MMS is industrial bleach, right?), which is also worthless.

      So why the interest in MMS?

      1. Clint


        Seems the more you post on here, the more you reveal your ignorance as well as declare yourself an idiot !!

        You are about as qualified to say acupuncture, chiropractic homeopathy, etc… are worthless as you are qualified to fly to the moon.

        Are you that bored that you have to post ignorant garble on a blog here, knowing that most of the people on here could give 2 shits about you ?

        Seriously…. you’re pathetic Adam.


      2. I think I’m pretty well qualified to say whether those treatments are worthless or not. Homeopathy is clearly worthless, given that it contains ABSOLUTELY NO ACTIVE INGREDIENT.

        Chiropractic, as I’ve said, may be of some benefit in treating back problems, but the idea that it can treat things like asthma is just fanciful.

        And then seriously, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that arbrecology is worthless. Tree seeds in the human body building up a quantum differential field? Are you seriously trying to tell me that that has any merit whatsoever? I don’t think you’ll find a single peer-reviewed paper on that.

      3. The operative phrases in your statement is “I think I’m pretty well qualified…”

        Of course YOU THINK you are… that doesn’t make what you’re saying true. Yet, you’ve been taught to believe that you are qualified, even an authority in a subject that you clearly know little, if anything, about. You will NEVER grow thinking only in the box that you have been put in, that you confine yourself in without any additional conditioning.

        Your habit of judging the merits of an idea by its lack acceptance by YOUR familiar influences will keep YOU forever BEHIND and UNDER them. You’re paid a big price for such obedience. But then, you don’t know it, so it’s no big deal.

      4. Phaelosopher, I’m a medical statistician, which means I have specific qualifications in assessing whether medical interventions work.

        Sorry if they’re the wrong kind of qualifications for you, but there the one that mainstream science recognises, and which have led to scientific progress in the past.

        I also happen to have a PhD in chemistry from a previous career, so when I see claims like “quantum differential field” as a postulated mechanism for healing, I know that that’s total garbage without even having to look at the statistics.

      5. Adam,

        Being a statistician, medical or otherwise, automatically and always puts you in the position of not knowing what’s in front of your face until you have “verified” it statistically. And, you can never know whether ALL relevant or contributory information has been included. You are always subject to the motives, methods, and agendas of everyone who feeds you information. That’s why you’re placing so much importance on “peer reviews” and publication in journals, but they are human too, and subject to the same unseen biases.

        You have been trained well, conditioned to pass off as rubbish, garbage, bullshit or other pejorative term for anything that your “Authorities” have not said have merit. By propping them up, you put yourself down, and don’t even know it.

        Perhaps it’s a survival mechanism… I don’t know and it’s not my business. But you show primary allegiance to something outside of yourself. It may be making a comfortable life for you, but you operate in a perpetual non-learning mode, convinced that you are “right” and anything outside of your approved orthodoxy is “wrong.”

      6. Clint

        lol . . . .

        THAT explains a lot ! . . . . I can rest easy now.

        Stuck ‘inside the box’, . . . poor guy ! 🙁

      7. Sorry Clint, not sure I follow you there. In what way am I stuck inside the box? Is it that I expect scientific evidence to follow rigorous standards? Or is it that I call bullshit when I hear phrases like “quantum differential field”?

      8. Phaelosopher, I’m happy to believe anything is an effective health intervention if I can see reliable, trustworthy evidence for it. That means evidence from controlled clinical trials to exclude all the cognitive biases that result from individual assessments of treatments.

        There’s a huge literature on cognitive biases. You would find it interesting.

      9. I hear what you’re saying, but you’re not OPEN to using your own intelligence unless someone else has rubber stamped it first. You’re not searching for anything original. You’re not open to discovery… YOUR OWN discovery. That’s why you don’t see the box that you’re in. You therefore make yourself subject to boxes — and biases — that others make for you.

        Find your SELF… you’ll find it interesting.

      10. Clint

        Adam (the real one),

        I could NOT have said this any better !

        You hit it right on the head my friend !!!


      11. OK, Phaelosopher, I expect I’m going to regret this, but that last post of yours intrigues me, so I’ll humour you for a minute.

        What exactly do you mean by “you’re not searching for anything original”? I suspect you don’t mean the same thing that I understand by it. I would say that I am frequently searching for original things, as I am involved in designing and analysing clinical trials for my day job. They frequently come up with original knowledge. But I suspect that’s not what you meant, is it?

        So, if that isn’t what you meant, then can you explain what you did mean? What specific attitudes or behaviours would I need to adopt to, as you put it, get outside my box?

      12. Whether you agree with what I’m about to say or not, I honor you for the courage that you showed in asking the question.

        Courage is one of the first casualties of conformity. It takes no courage to stay in one’s box. To move outside might take you outside of the “approval zone” of your peers. You would also have to become secure in — TRUST — your own judgment. This can never be done if one only suckles from the breast of another’s opinion.

        You said that “they” frequently come up with original knowledge in designing clinical trials… not “we,” not I. But then, “they” are in the same box that you are in.

        If you considered, for a moment, that the people here who have told you their experiences with MMS are being truthful, and recognized the information as providing valuable clues, you’d learn quite a bit more. The few people who have tried to give MMS horror stories, were shown to be fraudulent. It’s not that everyone has a great experience… the process of healing is not always “fun” or pleasant. But the option for someone who is chronically ill is to follow their doctor’s advice — which has shown itself to be ineffective, but is considered accepted — and not heal. People are dying each day following that logic; unwilling to TRUST their own intelligence and choices. They console themselves by angrily ridiculing others who are choosing to live, stepping out on the limb, taking responsibility for their choices, forgiving the past, seeing themselves in a new and brighter future, going through the discomfort of purging toxicity, and getting well.

        So courage to have your own opinion and respect for another’s truth are big pieces of the puzzle. Expanding your concepts of what is possible, is another. If a lot of people who don’t know each other are reporting similar positive results that are outside of what current methods can claim, then this is reason for, and a great opportunity to learn, not ridicule. You and your crew (whether you know each other or not) have taken the role of denouncers, dissuaders, and detractors here, but you only diminished your own credibility since you don’t accept the science that supports why MMS is helpful, and don’t own your own knowing which supersedes that of peers. When you ridicule people who do have helpful knowledge, the only real “loser” is you.

        Our world is always changing, and many of the innovations that we take for granted today came from people who were outsiders, mavericks, and did not bow to conventions of their day. They had to risk and endure the very same ridicule that you, the FDA, and all who feel threatened by the change that MMS may represent, have meted out against Jim Humble. I wonder whether you care enough about making positive changes to stand tall in your own KNOWING that may differ from your peers and have that kind of judgment directed at you.

        You have a PhD and yet, all that training didn’t instill the common courtesy to respect another human being who is working from his knowledge, and does know what he’s talking about, to do something positive to improve the human condition.

        People here have told you the positive results they have experienced themselves, and it has not touched your heart… yet.

        This is how you maintain your box, and only you can free your self… if you want to.

        Doing so would make you more valuable to your colleagues (if they see it), and to humanity (even if they don’t agree).

      13. Thank you for your detailed reply. Will cogitate on it and share my thoughts tomorrow.

      14. OK, have read your detailed reply. Here goes.

        First, thanks for taking the trouble to give such a detailed reply. I asked my question in a perfectly genuine spirit, and I appreciate that you took the time to respond in kind. Clearly, we disagree about many things. However, it’s also clear that you are an intelligent person with some interesting ideas, and I am still hopeful that I may learn something from you. I really don’t think you have much to teach me about chemistry, but when you talk about discovering one’s true self and stuff like that, then you’re verging more into philosophy, which is a subject I don’t know much about, and where it’s quite possible I may learn something interesting.

        However, the problem I have with your post is I don’t think you’ve completely appreciated the reason why I dismiss the stories I’ve read on this website about positive experiences with MMS. It’s really not that I’m not open to new ideas. I absolutely am. It’s just that I want to be sure I can trust the information that might lead to new ideas.

        There’s what I see as an important contradiction in what you said. First you say “trust your own judgement … This can never be done if one only suckles from the breast of another’s opinion.” Quite right. I totally agree. But then you go on to say that I should not dismiss reports of positive experiences with MMS. The trouble is that those positive experiences are someone else’s opinion. So why should I trust them?

        Are you familiar with Bayesian statistics? Some of the mathematical details are quite tricky, and although I’m a professional statistician, I must confess it’s not something I’m an expert in when it comes to the mathematical details, but it provides an excellent intuitive framework for looking at a variety of questions, and you really don’t need to understand the maths to use it. There’s an excellent article about it from a totally non-mathematical perspective here.

        The way it works is this. If I receive a piece of information, then the weight I put on that information depends on what I already know about the subject. If the new information seems entirely plausible in the light of what I already know, then I am fairly ready to believe it. However, if it seems implausible, then that’s different. It doesn’t mean that I automatically won’t believe it: that would result in a closed mind and an inability ever to learn anything new. But what it does mean is that I will treat it with suspicion and make sure that the information is of good quality before I believe it.

        Let me give a trivial example of how that might work in practice. If I’m sitting at home with my girlfriend and see a vague movement out of the corner of my eye, I would be very ready to believe that my girlfriend is moving around the room. However, if I’m at home by myself and I see a vague movement out of the corner of my eye, I wouldn’t assume it’s someone moving around the room. Of course it’s possible that someone has broken into my house, but that’s unlikely, and I wouldn’t believe it without looking directly at the part of the room where I thought I saw a movement.

        The trouble with the positive stories about MMS is that they simply don’t meet the high quality threshold that I demand if I am to believe something unlikely. I can think of 2 very plausible reasons why people might write positive things about MMS even if it doesn’t work. First, MMS is sold via a pyramid selling scheme, so there are many people out there making relatively small amounts of money from selling it. Those people have an incentive to talk it up. There is no way for someone like me to tell whether any individual person posting about MMS has a financial interest in it or not.

        The second reason is that we as human beings are very prone to believe something works even when it doesn’t, as a result of well-documented cognitive biases such as illusory correlation or confirmation bias. Someone may have a cold, take MMS, and get better, and assume it was the MMS that was responsible, even though colds get better anyway. So some people may genuinely believe that their minor ailments have been cured by MMS, even if they weren’t. After all, a great many people believe that they have been cured by homeopathy, even though (and I guess we may disagree again here) there is a large body of research on homeopathy, which shows that it is no better than placebo. So if it can apply to homeopathy, then I’m sure it can apply to MMS as well.

        I would be happy to believe that MMS was a useful health cure if I saw *reliable* evidence of it from controlled clinical trials, but the trouble is none of the evidence I have seen so far is reliable. And since it seems on the face of it to be unlikely that drinking industrial bleach would be good for you, I need any evidence that it is to be reliable.

      15. Adam,

        Clint has expressed things pretty much as I would have. When you say that you must trust the information that might lead to new ideas, you don’t include yourself as a credible source. You’ve been conditioned to “trust” only certain types of sources, and you have striven to gain “credentials” yourself. By seeking to get into that “club” (i.e., box) you exclude any source that you (or your box makers) have deemed not “credible,” a euphemism for not worthy of your respect. You’ve shown great disrespect to people who have come here to share their knowledge and experiences, and to learn. The stigma that you have tried to lay on MMS is not based on any personal knowledge, but on hearsay.

        There is plenty information available about chlorine dioxide, from credible sources, that could support anyone’s curiosity on how it works IN GENERAL, and how it differs from chlorine IN GENERAL. You’ve not acknowledged this information, and others have simply misstated it, attributing to chlorine dioxide behavior that actually applies to chlorine. If you were using YOUR intelligence, you wouldn’t have a problem acknowledging reason when it is shown to you. And even then it wouldn’t mean that you should take MMS. No one here cares whether you take it or not. If you chose to, we would care that you use it in the way that is most appropriate and beneficial, for you. That way may not be like anyone else’s.

        It is also not hard to reason that if chlorine dioxide is as effective at inactivating pathogens as have been demonstrated by National Institutes of Health, the EPA, and even approved by the FDA for larger scale applications, that the same principles might actually apply in the human ecosphere if they were appropriately scaled down. It doesn’t take a PhD to see that possibility. It seems that it takes a PhD to be blind to it, except that I know PhDs who do see it. So let’s not demonize PhDs.

        Putting aside the likelihood that this is just a job to you, that you’re simply being the devil’s presence here as part of an MMS dissuasion campaign, there is no rational reason to assume that every person writing something positive about MMS has an agenda; particularly where they are speaking from personal experience. If they have an agenda, it certainly isn’t about making a living on MMS sales. But I could see how you might dutifully try to dissuade people against using MMS — even though you’ve never used it yourself and don’t really know what you’re talking about — just to appease or satisfy a paying customer. I can see that as a possibility.

        Yet, having so little to hang your hat on, you try to manufacture reasons to take umbrage with anything MMS. An affiliate program is not a “pyramid” scheme, nor is it Multi-Level Marketing. With indignation you cite these as examples of a profit motive, when the Orthodoxy that you speak for siphons $trillions off the public each year, and at the expense of their health. It’s hard to believe you can’t make this simple distinction enough to know what is meaningless and what is important. But the truth is that you can… you just choose not to.

        You say that positive experiences are “someone else’s opinion”… not so. Experiences are not “opinions”. Experiences represent knowledge. Experiences are powerful information. Opinions are… well, what you bring to this forum. Not so effective, except if they are heeded by someone who knows less than you do. And that’s okay too.

        You say it yourself: that you weigh information based on what you already know. However, instead of respecting the knowing of others, which can be discerned through interaction, you simply reason that they are not “you”, so their information must be subject to question. Yet, you’ve got a better opportunity to get to know, and interact with, the people you’re talking to here than you do the folks who make up those peer groups.

        Then there’s your comment about what is “unlikely”. If you believe that health improvements are “unlikely” if an effective disinfection effort is undertaken, then you leave virtually no opening for rational discourse.

        Modern education has shown people how to get credentialed without actually using their own intelligence. They’re judged by how well they honor and/or regurgitate someone else’s opinion. But what will they do when they see for themselves, how wrong the opinion is? Would you, like Galileo after looking through the telescope and seeing that the sun didn’t orbit the earth, speak up? Or would you wait for the pope, who refused to look and see for himself, to say it was “okay?”

        It took the Catholic church 500 years to apologize for their myopic reprisals against Galileo.

        People who are experiencing various infirmities will greatly improve their recovery when they choose to learn without dismissing another’s information without a fair hearing, then making the choice that best serves their needs. None of these steps require “debate.”

      16. Clint


        This “high Quality Threshold” you speak SO highly of, is Corrupt ! !  How you can’t see it is beyond me. But, you view it as one of THE ONLY sources of credibility as a hoop to jump thru. This is why you live in a box of narrow-minded, self-protected rigid rules . . . that even IF a cure for cancer DID come along, it wouldn’t jive with the narrow-minded, tunnel vision criteria you so praise and choose to live by.

        And… MMS is Sold via a “Pyramid Selling Scheme” ?!?!  Please tell me you are kidding me !  Sorry Adam, but MMS is not multi-level, nor sold as a “Pyramid Scheme” (this, coming from an educated, degreed analyst such as yourself ?… and you blindly believe that ?!  LOL !!)

        Here’s what most MMS believers believe Adam…. they believe that their Gov’t and Medical System has failed them, and is corrupt beyond belief ! … and most of the “believers” have been sick for a period of time that they know in their heart and gut that the medical way is not the way to true healing, and have no choice but to try and be their own doctor, and get well by researching non FDA approved products (i.e Rife Technology, Ozone, etc…. and now MMS)

         And yes, life IS about risk, and knowing when to take it. When I read about MMS, something just resonated within me that THIS just might be the real deal, I couldn’t poke holes in it .…. So, I ordered some, and tried it. …something that your Skeptical mind wouldn’t even Fathom doing, cause you need data, charts, and Statistics before you venture out and take a risk.   Are you really that Fearful? Good Lord !

        If MMS, doesn’t work for you, then move on. Is it that you can’t or don’t want to believe that (at this point) millions of people have tried it ?… and are still alive after taking it, AND doing well ?…. and that most of those people are simply lying on all these blogs ? Do your “Statistics” show that to be true ?

        You sound ‘Highly Educated’ Adam … but, you come off as being Supremely Ignorant when it comes to taking risks and finding your own way. If you were to ever get married, would you need “Data”… “Statistics”…. to take that risk ?… or, would you trust your heart and ignore the box you live in ?

        For you to say that you need “Reliable Evidence” from “Controlled Clinical Trials” HAS to be one of THE most Naive statements I’ve heard you say yet. It’s obvious you haven’t done ANY research about how when it comes to “Clinical Studies”, how most of them are corrupt (as the system is already) and they “cherry pick” their data. But, then I realize you look thru Rose Colored Glasses when it comes to all that.

        You seem to have ‘Blind Faith’ when it comes to believing in your FDA, Gov’t, etc… thinking that they have your best interests at heart, you’re ALL for that (with no data or “research” needed)  Why ?

        It’s obvious you’ve never been deathly ill, and had your back against the wall … cause even if the Truth could Stare you in the face, you’d still blow it off and rely ONLY on the information you (think) you know in the little box of yours, and “cherry-pick” your ‘Data’, mainly because your mind thinks as a group … and not for yourself.

        Thanks for the entertainment …

      17. Clint, you don’t seem to believe that MMS is sold via a pyramid selling scheme.

        Would you like to comment on this web page then? Do you think it’s a fake?

        As for clinical trials, I have worked in clinical trials for my day job for the last 15 years, so I know exactly how they work, thank you very much. I also know why they are essential if you want to make a judgement about a medical intervention.

        And yes, some clinical trials are of poor quality, and some are even reported fraudulently. That doesn’t mean that all clinical trials are therefore worthless. By analogy, you might say that some politicians are corrupt, so it would be better if we lived in a dictatorship instead.

      18. Clint


        . . . . remember when I said you like to Cherry pick ?!?! 😉

        The more you talk, the more you sink your own boat my friend. The prices for this website are incredibly cheep anyway. Please, show me 10 sites like this. Besides, I’d challenge this site to be real anyway, as I have NEVER seen an MMS site that requires one to give a SSN or EIN like this one does. Have you ?

        So, I guess some clinical trials are of poor quality (as you say) so does that make ALL websites a Pyramid scheme when you come across one website selling MMS that asks for a SSN ? Are you abiding by your own rules here ?

        Adam … almost ALL Politicians are corrupt to be even to play in that toxic game. The system is set-up to fail… you can’t see this ?

      19. Oh get real Clint. You know perfectly well that MMS is sold via pyramid selling.

        Or are you going to try to tell me that this site is a fake as well?

        I quote:

        “You can become an affiliate and promote (sell) my books, DVD, and MMS bottles. You get a 50% commission for each book you sell and you don’t have to handle the book, money, or shipping.”

      20. Wow! Besides that I did not know what a pyramid-selling-sceeme is, I also did not know that MMS was sold that way. So I checked out the link Adam gave! Very interesting indeed.
        I cant really see anything wrong with that, if someody who maybe would like to help sell MMS to help others but does not have the nesseccary know-how, or to have an aditional income without having to produce the product. I don’t think I would do this to make money, but to help selling it because I believe in it, would be worth while concidering! Thanks Adam… 😉
        Oh sorry, that was not why you supplied us with that link! hi…hi…backfiring again! 😉

      21. Clint

        lol ! …. ME get real ?!!?

      22. I’m still thinking, but for those who like to suport Jim and MMS…here is another link now!
        Tahnks again Adam! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      23. I’m still thinking, but for those who like to suport Jim and MMS…here is another link now!
        Thanks again Adam! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      24. sagacious mama

        Hi Adam,

        I don’t get it. You came in with all the same accusations about MMS that you still have and like you, I required you to back up your statements, yours being that MMS is “toxic” and harmful etc. You gave me two links. I had already read through one of them in the past, and I read through the other one thoroughly, including downloading all the pdfs. I then reported back the findings of the sources for all you say here.

        There was NOTHING in those toxicology reports except proof chlorine dioxide works as suggested.

        There were many studies cited in the reports, on both sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide, and where sodium chlorite had a lower lethal threshold of about 150mg/kg, chlorine dioxide’s was at >10000mg/kg.

        Read that again, because that is a MASSIVE dose.

        The toxic dose that showed any negative organ change whatsoever was in fact higher than table salt (3gm/kg is lethal salt dosage).

        Table salt is sodium chloride – it also contains chlorine. I can’t believe I’m pointing this out to a lab rat but, just the presence of a chlorine molecule does not automatically make it toxic.

        As I said, sugar, salt, EVERYTHING is toxic if it passes the lethal threshold. Chlorine is liberated from salt in the body… are you suggesting this will damage you, too?

        Again, I must ask for your evidence of harm from chlorine dioxide. You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t accept, “it’s a bleach, so it must be harmful.” My degree is in health science, you don’t need to baby me, show me your evidence.

        Everyone knows chlorine “bleach” so it is easy to pull the wool over the masses with “yanno it’s a BLEACH, you don’t want to drink BLEACH do you?” “You’re not that STUPID are you?” left unsaid.

        We all know bleach is a scary word, so when you continue to use it, you make it clear you are using fear, not logic and evidence. Have the guts to fight fire with fire. You want evidence it is safe, I want evidence it is harmful. The evidence I accept that it is safe is the research done on it, the food grade use, its presence in toothpastes, etc, but mostly the almost a million people have taken it and not one death has been reported, and only nausea as a side effect. I believe dehydration could be a problem due to vomiting if someone takes more than the recommended dose but to speak of more than the recommended dose is irrelevant.

        I could care less about the words “toxic” and “bleach” because I’ve been in the health game for 15 years now and found that chemistry is the important thing, not hype.

        It was obvious to me at the time that you hadn’t even read those reports and just linked “chlorine dioxide toxicology report” because that sounds scary to those who are not versed in scientific research. Either that or you don’t know yourself and linked it because you thought within it would show evidence for your claims.

        I have been researching ClO2 for a long time now, I’ve seen all the “evidence” of harm… and it’s a bit thin on the ground. Which must frustrate you no end but that’s no excuse to hype up the fear factor. Let the evidence stand for itself, it doesn’t need you fluffing around it dramatically… really, it doesn’t.

        Have you met Jim? Have you visited him at the places he heals large numbers of people? Adam (Phaelosopher) has. His experience, trials and evidence FAR outweighs yours… I cannot even impart just how much he outweighs you in this arena. He went to Haiti, he went to the Dominican Republic, and previous to that I believe he has visited Jim in other areas. You are essentially calling Phaelosopher a liar. Because he is telling you hard core diseases have been cured undeniably by ClO2 and you are saying, “no it hasn’t”. Seriously? What are you stumbling over here? WHAT part of this don’t you get?

        I personally have witnessed miracles with the stuff. People take it for one thing and another thing goes away, and when I say “thing”, I mean diabetes, uterine cysts and all manner of debilitation, otherwise untreatable conditions, not just a cold as you suggested.

        May I suggest the research of Thomas Lee Hesselink, MD:

        He even makes it easy on you with purty pictures and stuff.

        This is the same, but with references and no purty pictures. His references are extensive.

        People take ClO2 for cancer, and when people like yourself suggest it is too toxic it is laughable. Have you seen the toxicology report of chemotherapy? I can tell you right now you will NOT find any evidence of safety for chemotherapy, so what do you say to doctors who suggest chemo for cancer? Isn’t it your duty to tell all those patients that they are taking a toxic substance? Shouldn’t you be out there on the cancer forums suggesting things like, “well, good luck if you’re going to risk it. It’s radiation, you know, it’s a poisonous chemical cocktail.” What are the chances I will find posts by you out on the innernetz doing that public service?

        Because there is actually mountains of evidence to show the toxicity of chemo, as opposed to ClO2.

        The fact is, we take toxic chemicals because the benefits outweigh the risks. People take a toxic chemical that damages their liver for headaches and pain. They take all kinds of things and will walk on fire if necessary. In all the research out there showing the safety of ClO2, and all the people still alive after using it – not just alive, but better off – we’re obviously not talking about a wickedly toxic substance here. If the powers that be ever manage to wrangle up a decent argument against it and show evidence of harm, in my opinion that had better be something really bloody serious because not having diabetes is worth more risk than you obviously think it is.

        Not dying from cancer is WORTH the risk.

        Not suffering migraines is WORTH the risk.

        And for me personally, not having diabetes anymore and not having cysts in both ovaries, fibroids in my uterus and breasts, migraines and constant fatigue was WORTH it. Doctors FAILED me. They had nothing to offer me. I had surgery once but it all came back again. I suffered terrible pain most of the time. So seriously, you had better give me something showing serious toxicity for me to really give half a damn about the so-called “risk” you keep touting here.

        What if I was one of the people you managed to scare off this stuff? I’d still be doubled over in pain and sticking my fingers with needles every time I ate.

      25. sagacious mama

        Shoot, I forgot that second link with the references:

      26. Whatever. Bottom line is this: there is no credible evidence that MMS has any benefits, and plenty that it is harmful. Granted, probably not very harmful at sufficiently low doses, but given that there isn’t any really good research to define what counts a “sufficiently low”, why take the risk?

        Sagacious mama: I don’t think you read that report very carefully if you didn’t find any evidence of harmful effects from ClO2. Read section again, which describes someone who died after being exposed to it.

        You may think that a few random bods posting unverifiable anecdotes on the internet counts as good quality evidence. I don’t. None of your quite astonishingly ill-informed grasp of chemistry and basic human biology will convince me otherwise. If we believe random postings on the internet, we would also have to believe that aliens have abducted humans on numerous occasions and that Elvis is still alive (and probably in cahoots with the aliens as well).

        If you want anyone outside the loony alt-med community to believe that pouring bleach down your throats is anything other than an attempt to win a Darwin award, then do some clinical trials.

        But we all know you’re not going to do any clinical trials, because you know perfectly well that they would show MMS to be harmful.

      27. Rhedda

        youv’e given your credentials :

        “I’m a medical statistician, which means I have specific qualifications in assessing whether medical interventions work.”

        youv’e stated your position which among other things includes this bit on your thought processes:

        ” It doesn’t mean that I automatically won’t believe it: that would result in a closed mind and an inability ever to learn anything new. But what it does mean is that I will treat it with suspicion and make sure that the information is of good quality before I believe it.”

        (which if I may humbly suggest at that point the campaign you wage here becomes virally obtuse when you call MMS industrial bleach and say it’s application for the body is “worthless” without applying the same standards you boast to back up that statement. Calling MMS worthless is not a gesture of suspicion, it is an as of yet unfounded defamation… What a mess youv’e gotten into.

        And to top it off, when a response comes to you with this medical thesis by an MD on the mechanism of MMS against Malaria, you respond with “whatever, the bottom line is…” Does that not sound like an arrogant reply in this reasoning process which had your answer been more shall I say “inclusive”, would otherwise possibly raise the platform of this discussion?

        So after reading the link as a sceptic, you ARE in fact, to a specific degree, “closeminded” and are, via the buffer of your thinking process, unable “to learn anything new” or at least CONCEED TO THE POSSIBILITY of the effectiveness of MMS.

        It is your professionalism gone wrong, replaced by rabid and even pathological antagonism, otherwise what is the basis for your long stay here ? It’s just feels so ridiculous.

        Take a little turn here…
        On one of my last posts, I was asking you about your views on Genetically Modified Foods. could you give me your views on them?


      28. sagacious mama

        Adam, I have had many discussions of this nature with people with much higher science pull than yourself online and offline and the discussions have never guttered into this tripe. That only happens with lay persons or idiots, not with scientists, in my experience. But I will trust you are neither an idiot nor a layperson, based on no evidence except your word, because I extend that courtesy indiscriminantly, not just to those who believe what I believe.

        We are talking about oral use of chlorine dioxide last I checked. Let me make this clear for you: there have been no deaths from oral use of chlorine dioxide.

        The death you are hanging on to as “weight” was due to massive inhalation (which I already pointed out is when it becomes lethal, hello, are you even reading?) because he was inside a tank of the stuff. Plus, it was in 1959, so not even one other overdose has happened in 50 years.

        Snorting ibuprofen won’t do you any favours either but only a blithering idiot would go to a discussion and bring that up… “yanno, if you inhale ibuprofen, you’ll die… one guy did that once!”

        I already told you, twice now at least, that you can overdose on anything. I already told you, once at least, that inhalation will damage your lungs (I don’t snort my aspirin either, do you?).

        Thanks for, again, pointing out that you can indeed overdose on chlorine dioxide but really, what else do you have? I know what you have… zip. I also know you are here to debunk, not learn or be “open” because your language belies you, as does the evidence. We have the evidence (including experiential evidence, which is valid science), you have nothing but a guy who gassed himself to death 50 years ago in a tank full of the stuff.

        You can bring in red herrings, straw men, and ad hominem logical fallacies all you like, you can’t change the facts. The facts stand for themselves: you ain’t got jack, and we have hundreds thousands of users who are unharmed. Even if you don’t believe it works, you can’t deny the fact these people were unharmed. That’s evidence even you have to accept.

        Evidence of efficacy, true, we have limited amounts and you can indeed keep pushing THAT angle if you like. That’s what the more intelligent debunkers do, who don’t try to add more weight with lies to their position. They use facts, and the fact is, there is no evidence of harm, chemistry that shows the metabolism and excretion of chlorine dioxide, unharmed users, before and after sonographic scans… the list of “lack of evidence” as you call it, is rather extensive so the fact you have is your opinion which is it will hurt you. So keep saying that. Quit inflating your opinion with your PhD and saying the chemistry is dangerous when you and I both know there is NO evidence for that.

        I’ve actually enjoyed the discussions on science forums about this because there is always at least one scientist who IS open, and we have a tennis match of chemistry about chlorine and chlorine dioxide and many other things and it is stimulating and I actually learn things. THIS, however, this is obviously a vested interest thing you have going on, because you don’t even address the chemistry, evidence and studies done, including the doctor who broke it down into baby terms for you how it works (yes, WORKS, whoodathunkit) against malaria… you don’t offer me anything, just “whatever”. So, you expose yourself again as either vested or ignorant.

        If you want to impress the many people who visit here with the idea that it is a mighty risk, then engage on an intelligent level. Debate without logical fallacy, especially Appeal to Emotion because that one is the most obvious debate mistake you keep making. Learn fallacy, and then come back without those crutches.

        Debunkers use so many of them, you should probably be aware of all of them, knock yourself out:

        Experiential evidence is acceptable science, I don’t understand why you say it isn’t. At the very least, it is a jumping off point, and I don’t know any scientist who outright rejects experiential results, especially of the MMS magnitude.

        As for “just do a clinical study” many have been done. Jim has personally done many clinical studies using double blind, labs and doctors. To get the official stamp costs millions of dollars, hence why most studies are never done as it excludes anyone outside of big pharma, and hence why most studies are done on things that will result in a profitable discovery.

        As an example, aspartame has been studied many times but since the introduction of it into food (coincidentally, maybe) all studies show it is ok for human consumption. Previous to this time, the mid 80’s, studies showed a lot of evidence of harm. An independent researcher did her own tests with aspartame and the results have spurred a scientific frenzy. However, she, like most of us, cannot afford a gov accredited clinical trial so to someone like you, that invalidates her results. To many very sharp and unvested scientists, her results are more valid than ever. Here is her experiment:

        From this point on, I will just be copying and pasting my posts to save time, should you repeat yourself to any new people the same stuff in hopes you’ll win them. You have argued all you have in your corner now you can do nothing but ignore it and repeat what has already been addressed, so I’ll do the same thing to you.

      29. @Rhedda:

        “medical thesis by an MD on the mechanism of MMS against Malaria”

        Sorry, must have missed that one. Can you give a link?

        BTW, I call MMS worthless because I haven’t seen any reliable evidence to contradict that, and there is every reason to think that it is worthless (ie it’s an industrial bleach). If it had any value for human health, someone would have done some clinical trials to prove it. If anyone does those clinical trials and they show benefits for MMS, then I’ll be quite happy to believe them. I’m really not close minded, I just don’t open my mind so much that my brains fall out.

        I don’t see what genetically modified foods have got to do with anything, but since you ask, I’m not the slightest bit concerned for their effect on human health, but I do have some concerns about their effect on the environment. I avoid buying them myself because of those concerns.


        As I’ve said, the death in that report was due to a higher dose than most MMS users take. But why don’t you tell me what dose is safe? I don’t believe that you or anyone else actually knows that, because no-one has done systematic studies to find out. If MMS were a licensed drug, then the manufacturer would be legally required to keep a thorough database of any side effects to see what safety issues emerge in widespread use.

        Is anyone doing that for MMS? No. They’re not. So how do you know it’s safe? It may be perfectly safe at recommended doses for all I know, but then again it may not. It may have really harmful long-term effects. I simply don’t know, and neither do you, because no-one is collecting the data in a systematic way.

        And as for evidence of efficacy being weak, well that’s a bit of an understatement. You say clinical trials have been done. If so, why haven’t they been published in a reputable journal? You mention the cost: it’s true that doing large-scale clinical trials is expensive. But if the trials have already been done, as you claim, then it costs next to nothing to publish them. The fact they haven’t been published speaks volumes.

        Also, it’s not that expensive to do small-scale clinical trials, say on 20-50 patients. If MMS had the dramatic effects that its supporters claim it has, then you should easily be able to see something positive in a trial of that size.

        But those trials haven’t been done, which speaks volumes.

        @Everyone on the pro-MMS camp:

        You all seem to say I’m wrong to be skeptical and that I should take the users of MMS who claim benefits at their word. I’m not sure you would take that attitude yourself to anything that wasn’t your own personal favourite.

        Are you familiar with ? As you might imagine, I regard this as another ridiculous scam. If you’re being honest, I bet you do too, don’t you? So why is that any different from me being skeptical of MMS? After all that, website also has testimonials from people who say that arbrecology has helped them. If you regard those testimonials as bunk, can you see why I regard testimonials about MMS in a similar manner?

      30. Somebody died from an overdose of MMS?
        Never heard about this one before.
        I remember somebody writing that he toke 50 drops by mistake instead of 15, and he had diareah because of it.
        But he survived those 50 drops, to tell us honestly that he made the mistake… 🙂

      31. The death I referred to wasn’t from anything coming out of a bottle labelled MMS, but it was from chlorine dioxide, which is what MMS becomes when you mix it as directed.

        Details in section of the document here:

      32. Rhedda

        Please Adam, you did not miss the MMS/Malaria link. I am not a fool. the links are highlighted in bright orange. Sagcious Mama sent them (two parts) in her reply to you and I re-sent it. just scroll up a little

        “BTW, I call MMS worthless because I haven’t seen any reliable evidence to contradict that,

        fine, then take your place among the scoffers of history like those who came up against the idea of a round earth. Was one time postulating that the Earth was in fact round a worthless hypothesis ??? Surely at that time there was no “reliable” evidence to the contrary, but does the lack of stamps decrees and declarations by authorities make something worthless? No. You could say that the worthiness has not been proven to many peoples satisfaction, which would not be so presumptuous

        and there is every reason to think that it is worthless (ie it’s an industrial bleach).”

        every reason? No, that’s YOUR SCRIPTED ONE REASON

        Now to your answer on Genetically Modified Food :

        “I’m not the slightest bit concerned for their effect on human health , but I do have some concerns about their effect on the environment….”

        Although asking you about GMOs may seem off topic, the intent of this question was to gauge your response. You gave an answer which is sadly part of your fatal flaw. And I am not saying this to be snide or an asshole or arrogant; you are a research specialist. You are most likely more educated than I (I have no college degrees and no room for arrogance)

        But I want to call specific attention to this reply of yours with the other respondents on this thread to show the evidence of this flawed position. I would like you to think about that answer again, not with your linear mind but with something else that you possess.

        Adam, You and I ARE the enviornment along with the trees, the birds, and the rivers

        Plus there are several other issues revolving around GMO food and the bolstering of such produce which speak to the reliability/trust of approvals by those authorized to protect our food and drugs

      33. Rhedda

        Please Adam, the links are highlighted in bright orange. Sagcious Mama sent them (two parts) in her reply to you and I re-sent it. just scroll up a little

        “BTW, I call MMS worthless because I haven’t seen any reliable evidence to contradict that,

        fine, then take your place among the scoffers of history like those who came up against the idea of a round earth. Was one time postulating that the Earth was in fact round a worthless hypothesis ??? Surely at that time there was no “reliable” evidence to the contrary, but does the lack of stamps decrees and declarations by authorities make something worthless? No. You could say that the worthiness has not been proven to many peoples satisfaction, which would not be so presumptuous

        and there is every reason to think that it is worthless (ie it’s an industrial bleach).”

        every reason? No, that’s YOUR SCRIPTED ONE REASON

        Now to your answer on Genetically Modified Food :

        “I’m not the slightest bit concerned for their effect on human health , but I do have some concerns about their effect on the environment….”

        Although asking you about GMOs may seem off topic, the intent of this question was to gauge your response. You gave an answer which is sadly part of your fatal flaw. And I am not saying this to be snide or an asshole or arrogant; you are a research specialist. You are most likely more educated than I (I have no college degrees and no room for arrogance)

        But I want to call specific attention to this reply of yours with the other respondents on this thread to show the evidence of this flawed position. I would like you to think about that answer again, not with your linear mind but with something else that you possess.

        Adam, You and I ARE the enviornment along with the trees, the birds, and the rivers

        Plus, as you may or may not know, there are several other issues revolving around GMO food and the bolstering of such produce which speak to the reliability/trust of approvals by those authorized to protect our food and drugs

      34. I did miss the malaria link. Why would I say I did if I didn’t?

        Anyway, thanks for pointing out which one it is. I have now read it.

        I note that it is pure speculation. It provides no data whatsoever about using MMS against malaria in humans. You can read a much more detailed takedown of that article <a href=""here.

        Your flat earth analogy is flawed. Yes, plenty of people believe that the earth was flat. But you know what, the people who claimed it was round produced evidence to back up their claim. That’s the big difference, and is why they were believed in the end. No-one claiming MMS works has produced any evidence, unless you consider a bunch of unverifiable and biased anecdotes to be evidence. You want to convince people, then do some clinical trials.

        Now, since I answered your question about GMOs, perhaps you could answer my question about arbrecology.

        I assume you, like me, can see that is is clearly a scam, can’t you? So tell me, why do you think I should not view MMS in the same way? What’s the difference between arbrecology and MMS?

      35. Sorry, messed up that link.

        It should have been this.

  113. johnwoowoo

    Hello everyone!
    I signed up on a suggestion from

    We users of MMS can often see how it works, how powerful dissolving, anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory effects it has. For a recent example, my father in childhood suffered several inflammations of inner ear, which left him with permanent sediments in the space behind the ear-drum for all the remaining decades of his life. He felt pain from the hardened sediments inside his skull every time weather changed or if he pressed a finger on his ear.
    But recently, MMS started to dissolve the decades old sediments within, and by prolific drinking of MMS the detoxication begun that removed everything in a few weeks. The inflammatory sediments were removed completely and only thanks to further drinking of MMS (and lots of water drinking and diet!) they did not settle down in any other problematic area of my dad’s body, like the teeth and jaw bones.
    Although, the sediments sure tried that, but my dad’s paradentosis-ridden gangrenous gums and jaws were cleansed and healed by MMS earlier this year. Really, MMS works like a miracle, just a little slower 🙂

    There are many reasons for diseases and many of them do not have their origin in physical body. But cleanness of physical body is an important step to recovery and prevention, for which the MMS is excellent tool.
    I want MMS to have its rightful place in home medicine cabinets with proper written instructions. The cabinets will become somewhat more spacious by that addition.
    And I want it known, that perhaps millions of people in the world including me drink regularly this allegedly “poisonous” substance with substantial and sometimes permanent improvements in their health – or just vanishment of small ailments that trouble us, like acne. Oh, I wish I’d have MMS when I was in puberty.

    In a nutshell:
    I personally ingested a little MMS and went through a couple of days of detox symptoms. (in which process also some my long-term ailments vanished, much to my joy) Then I ingested a lot more MMS for much longer time, many months, and experienced NO NEGATIVE SYMPTOMS.

    To anyone with IQ above 60 it must be obvious, that MMS is not a toxin.
    If anyone says “well, body can adjust to poisons, right?” then I suggest patience and tolerance for our mentally challenged fellow citizens.

    And message to PharmAdam, in case he did not get it:
    Many of us are here all proverbially soaked with MMS inside out (according to Humble’s recommended dosage) and we’re doing great. Your fairy tales about toxic hazard still do not apply on us, and it is the scientists’ job to find out why.
    If scientists can go out to rainforest to local inhabitants to study their medicinal substances and herbs, why couldn’t they perform the same research among native people in of Europe or USA? It is the same as telling the herbalists in rainforest that the burden of proof is up to them to get their herbs approved by FDA.

    1. johnwoowoo

      *suggestion from Simunye

    2. Clint

      VERY Well said John !!

      .. I couldn’t have stated it better myself…

      It gets old when PharnAdam try’s to ‘Mind Screw’ people on this forum…. basically trying to sell his own brand of snake oil o the less informed.


      1. Unless you have the necessary measuring instruments and accurate scales as well proper bottles it is not worth the money you might save by buying sodium chlorite in bulk. Try a bottle of MMS first to see if you can tolerate it.

    3. Hu johnwoowoo
      Welcome and nice to see you here ‘lonely woolf’. 🙂
      I absolutly admired your contribution in this anti-mms-website, but I rather not start there writng as well or I have to go on early pension to have enough tme to argue with so much ignorance, hate and comments of people who have no clue what they are talking about!
      I’m really amaased about quick people condem something they don’t even know, but when they hear something positive, they just dismiss it and do not bother correcting mistakes either. Like in the case of Sylvia Fink!
      AAMF were quick to spread the news about MMS being blamed for her death, but they case is being over and dismissed because there was no prove found that MMS was the culpid other than what the husband claimed. Those people sharing bad news do not bother sharing the results of the coroners report and the case outcome.
      I’m sure if MMS was responcible, the coroner would have found prove for that and the case would not have been dismissed, regardless wether MMS was prohibited in that country or not. It would be like saying knifes are not prohibited worldwide, hence if somebody kills with a knife, the court cannot change somebody with killing with a knife since knifes are not prohibited in this country. Likewise any judge would warn of the danger of knifes if handled in the wrong manner, and same applies if MMS is not used according to instructions. But our ‘anti-mms-expert’ concludes that this is a hidden message that MMS was responcible, but could not be proven. 😉
      But I was glad to come accross that other webside, because I found a few things I copied into other MMS sites, were users will be glad to see this.
      So this persons intentions to debunk MMS has backfired on him as well.

    4. Johnwoowoo
      I changed my mind! After the last comment on this other website I could not withstand the temptation to reply to it!

      This is the comment!

      “He (Jim Humble) actually claims to be a bishop from a line going directly to Christ.”

      I thought I have heard it all from anti-alternative-medicine-fanatics, but to put those words in to Jim Humbles mouth surely is the ‘cherry on the cake’ of all lies/misinformation/slander against Jim. I could not withstand this temptation. I had to reply to this bulls…! 🙂 😉

      1. Gilgamesh

        Jim is a bishop from a line, that is going back before the time of Christ, and maybe directly or indirectly to Christ.

    5. Gilgamesh, you right, Jim is from ‘a line of kind people who know a miracle when they see one’…:-)
      Miracles used to be declared by the church, so it makes sense he calls himself a bishop 😉 since he discovered that MMS can cure things that some other medicine cannot cure, or only very difficultly, or that are hart to come by by the avarage person! 😉
      Back than, in days gone by, people where closer to nature and listen more to their elders and their intuition, because there were no news paper or internet to listen too… 😉

      1. Rhedda

        What is this?
        Please not in front of the children

        I don’t know (and don’t give to hoots if Jim Humble is from Abraham, Moses, David, King James or whoever; MMS IS NON-DENOMINATIONAL and it works.

        As long as Jim does not proselytize, he’s good in my book…. (“good book”, get it ? hehe )

      2. Jim became ordained in a religious order that traces its beginnings as claimed, but it wasn’t to proselytize a religious position. He thinks that freedom is easier to exercise behind the framework of a religion than as normal human beings. Of course, it is not necessary to create a religion in order to conceptualize, explain, justify or demonstrate the merits of MMS. Jim Humble has earned a place in history by bringing this novel use of sodium chlorite/chlorine dioxide to the public’s attention.

        I talked to a man yesterday who has been taking it for several weeks now for a prostate condition. He just had a follow-up PSA test, and found that the number had increased (from 32 to 54). However, the doctor noted that his blood looked much better than it did at his last checkup, and his liver was now functioning much better, so whatever he was doing, to continue, and not be concerned about the temporary increase. This man also had a cluster of moles — probably 20 or more — on his neck before he started. He said that he noticed that they were starting to shrink.

      3. Gilgamesh

        Hi Simunye.

        I dont think Jim, as bishop is connected to any church.The Merovingian Kings, Were connected to the the family of Mary Magdelene, and the church was opposing them, and made up a lot stories about Dagobert, King of Austrasia and Burgundy. These Kings were also healer Kings.
        Maybe Jim is Connected to Dagobert? LOL.
        Here is a song about Dabobert;

      4. @ Adam1

        I copy from the church of genesis:
        “To have the power of a church we need the legitimacy of the Church and that depends upon me. I was ordained in the lineage of Bishops traced all the way back to Christ. Actually, the apostles were Bishops, and they were given the power to create Churches and other Bishops by Christ. All Bishops have had the power to create new Churches if they wished and to write the Articles of Association and Articles of Faith, and Creed of the Church. My name has been placed in the lineage. We will be the first church really doing what Christ did his whole life, healing the sick and disabled.”

        I understand that this means that he is bishop simply by his ordination into ‘a church going back to the linage of Jesus’, not that his parents/grandparents ect are physiccaly from the linage from Jesus. I understand, that is what those people are implying and making a mockery about!
        The apostels were not all from the linage of Jesus either, only some of them!
        Correct me if I’m wrong please!
        Thanks Adam

      5. max

        magnesium chloride? thats NOT sodium chlorite.
        Can it be made into sodium chlorite(mms)?

      6. Max,

        Magnesium chloride is evaporated ocean water. It has a very different chemical makeup than sodium chlorite.

    6. Redda, I also did not know that Jim calling himself a Bishop to protect MMS users from having MMS taken away from them, has anything to do with teology, hence my many 😉 😉 😉
      All that I know for sure is, that he is a child of God like everyone of us…and MMS is for all mankind, and that is all that matters! 😉

      1. Rhedda

        Hi Simunye
        I respect your statement
        and although I am not religious I adhere to the possibility of a profound, albeit undefined, power/creator. (just sayin that to maybe tone my statements were I’m coming from).

        It is my estimation that religion has no place in the open discussion about MMS. I don’t mean that to sound harsh. I imagine that plenty of people give glory to God for Jim and for MMS, and I say beautiful. and no judgement here over them discussing MMS within the context of religion within their fellowship

        Religion is personal, and though we are sharing personal experience here, I’m happy that this thread is not derived from a religion topic format. I know you or Gilgamesh weren’t attempting to take us there either, I’m just sayin =)

        On the other hand, these MMS threads do afford readers an opportunity to engage in critical thinking; to form our own peership and report anything related to MMS. Praise be to human faculty! =)

        It’s funny that thing I was reading about the Bishop thing, somehow I’m reminded of Mr. Tom Cruise (not to compare Jim’s religious beliefs to his) I guess to just to say that I don’t care that he holds to Scientology which I am not into, I still like his movies and believe him to be one of the finest in the acting profession. I keep that division in my head when I watching him in a picture or it would distract me. Yeah, I think he’s way out there. possibly even a complete loon in his belief system from my vantage point., but who cares? I’ve still got good seats and my popcorn in hand

        Although some may be turned off by the association of Jim to any religion, I’m glad Jim is moving strategically and also glad that MMS has no direct fundamental tie to religion

        and glad Jim is humble.

        and you are too.


        PS “I WANT THE TRUTH!!!…” 😉

      2. I quote…

        and glad Jim is humble.
        and you are too.

        You ‘read’ me righ Reddat. No offence taken.
        I think we all are taking a bit the micky out of that statement I found elsewere. 😉
        It just gives us an idea what stupid lies some people come up with about Jim, to make him and ultmatly US look like idiots!
        But who cares… lol
        Truth is stranger than fiction! 🙂

  114. Hi Adam1
    Trying to find something specific I came accross a website of somebody mobilizing others to debunk MMS and Jim Humble in any possible way. Naturally he did not only get the attention of like-mindet but also some MMS-users to state their case/excperience. One of them wrote something I copy here:

    “There is actually a lot of academic studies on how chlorine dioxide works. Here is a study in bio-chemical terms, how it works:
    Even greater detail, with every sentence supported by peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals can be found in this book.
    I don’t understand every amino-acid name there, it would need some real biologist to look at these formulas, models, chemistry and reasoning.
    And these are the authors websites, for further information.

    Since I’m only writing about experiences and have no clue about chemie and the likes, I wonder if those links are familiar to you and if this guy indeed found links to studies that are prove something worth while sharing. I do not wish to add the link here of this anti-MMS webside, since they would only interest Adam2 and his chummies to help stirring up some s…! 😉

    1. Hi Adam
      Why is my comment awaiting moderation?
      Are you moderating now all comments?

      Simunye Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      December 23, 2010 at 11:37 am

      1. No, I’m not moderating the entries. The system flagged it and I’m not at my computer. I believe I approved it from my phone. 🙂

      2. Ha..ha…so the system doe not like words like ‘peer-reviewed’ anymore…I guess! 🙂

      3. I suspect the system flagged it because it had multiple web-links in it. Quite a sensible moderation technique, as spammers often use multiple web links. I’ve occasionally posted entries with multiple links in the past, and they have been held in a moderation queue as well, although Phaelosopher has always been pretty good about approving them promptly.

        I’m quite sure he would never do such a dastardly thing as blocking the term “peer-reviewed”, as the prompt posting of this comment will prove.

      4. Thanks Adam2 for your explaination. As I normally don’t post so many links, I did not experience this before.
        But my “ha..ha..” and the “smily” should have told you that I was joking, since PEER is a four-letter-word… 😉
        Anywhere, Merry Christmas to you to… 🙂

  115. Gary Wee

    Please update me on this breakthru..TQ

  116. Chrisstine

    I’m confused—any number of people can have the same first name—are the above contributions from someone named “Adam” comingfrom Adam Abraham or someone else. In this case a distinction should be made for us people who are new to this site, as the comments seem to represent opposing viewpoints, I myself learned of MMS from a total stranger, another shopper in health food store. I ordered the book, “Breakthrough” and was very impressed. I myself had so many things wrong with my body I didn’t know where to start, even with having studied health and nutrition for 35 years. Do or die, that’s what it came down to. I took MMS for 9 weeks in the spring. I started slow and easy, 1 drop twice a day for a week, then 2 drops twice a day the next week, etc, all the way up to 7 drops, which caused me to vomit, so I had to back off. I have been home for 6 months now, recuperatingfrom things, learning more as I go aong. I did not s becaue I had no knowlege of, Lyme didease, until my adult daughter broke it to us that she was officially diagnosed. So my search for info was originally on behalf of my daughter, and then I got even sicker faster, than she. I am now under the care of more doctors in the last six months than I have seen in 25 years. I have not mentioned to any of them that I have used MMS because I wanted to see what they had to offer since I had previously had several disenchanting experiences with the medical profession. (In their defense, I will say that this time around I seem to be blessed with a dedicated and caring group of professionals.) After the forst of the year, I am going to put myself ona second round of MMS, to try to improve another notch. I will tell nobody, because it’s my body, and I don’t want anybody talking me out of it. I didn’t need a doctor’s permission to get sick, and I don’t need a doctor’s permission to get well.I can’t tell the “good guysfrom the “bad guys” just by looking anymore. ANYWAY—I was never tested for Lyme before the protocol, even though I had most of the symptoms. I have recently been tested for it, and it came out negative. Does anybody know if evidence of ever having had it is also wiped out? As far as all the comments from the Nayayers that I have been reading, let me ask you a serious question: what convinced you to first try alcoholic beverages, and CONTINUE to use them after vomiting. No claim was EVER made that alcohol was good for your body.And sometimes gives diarrhea, too. The users brag about how wasted they were. I rest my case. As far as that goes, what about cigarettes and street drugs? Let’s all get well together. We’re all in this together, whether we like it or not. We either survive together, or become extinct together, You are either part of the problem, or part of the SOLUTION—Miracle Mineral Solution.

    1. Chrisstine, there are indead 2 Adams, In fact, if I remember right there was another Adam, but he does not seem to be here regularely. Adam the Phealosopher I call Adam1, because he is the admin of this site. Adam2 is the one who belongs to the anti-alternative-medicine-fanatics, who call MMS a scam simply because that is their opinion. Adam2 never used it, is not a doctor and he does not acept ouer experiences and the fact that we are still alive and healthy than ever before, as prove that MMS works and is less dangerous than many drugs prescribed by doctors.
      Sideeffects are few and can mostly be prvented by sticking to the protocoll. No death has been proven and we do not hear any more of the one case over a yaer ago, where a husband claimed his wife was killed by 2 drops of MMS. If this was true, I’m sure the prove would be not only available but made public to prevent futher damage.

      1. No, Monika, the reason why you’ve not heard any more of the death that occurred after someone took MMS is that the inquest has not been completed. It is quite normal for legal documents about deaths to remain confidential while legal proceedings are continuing, and also quite normal, sadly, for these things to take a while.

        Once the inquest completes, then I’m sure more information will become available.

        In the meantime, if you want to believe that MMS is safe, you just carry on drinking it. But forgive me if I don’t.

      2. No Adam… the inquest has been completed. The results, which found NO link between MMS and Sylvie’s death, were termed, inconclusive, and the case, from the coroner’s perspective, was closed. Given ALL the attempts to skew, misinform, and dissuade the public from using MMS on the basis of FALSE information by erstwhile respectable scientific and government agencies, anything less than an absolute “smoking gun” cause and effect relationship between the death and MMS would be a setback, if the truth would be known.

        So the truth has continued to go unreported… except in places like this.

        This is NOT about evangelizing MMS. It’s simply about being truthful about what causes, and what can cure diseases. MMS is not a cure, but can facilitate and assist the one that does cure… which is the body complex itself.

      3. Ah, I must have missed that. Do you have a link?

      4. The most recent information I can find is here, which doesn’t report the results of an inquest. It mainly states that there will be no criminal prosecutions, because MMS was not illegal at the time it was supplied. That is not at all the same thing as saying that MMS was not responsible for the death.

        The article also notes that “it is quite clear that Ms Fink Solis very rapidly became extremely ill shortly after drinking MMS”.

        But hey, if you want to believe that’s a coincidence, that’s up to you.

      5. You are your own evidence that you believe what you want to believe, which in your case, is that MMS may have caused the death. Even in the medical world that you profess some amount of allegiance to, the concept of pre-existing conditions plays a significant role in medical treatment. Although Mr. Nash floated the idea of prophylactic intake of MMS for potential malaria (which no one has ever suggested), Sylvie would not have taken MMS without some otherwise unreported reason. Yet, you refuse to acknowledge such factors.

      6. Adam, thanks for your concern, but being a user for over 1 year, still alive and healthier than ever, you will need to do much more convincing to change my mind about MMS!
        I KNOW it works! I still say, if there was prove that MMS killed Sylvia, the case would NOT HAVE BEEN CONCLUDET, regardless if MMS was not prohibited by law in this country, because the safty of others would be more important than this law!

    2. Lynlondon

      Chrisstine…I am soo pleased I have found out about MMS – many still do not know about it. I feel it is a powerful tool to have in one’s arsenal against illness and general lack of energy.
      First let me say that I am sorry to read that you have been so unwell for so long and that your daughter has Lyme disease. I know how down it can make one feel to be ill for a long time and to search and search for a remedy. I too have been ill for a long time (30 yrs). I thoroughly informed myself about MMS ingestion and then I decided to buy a bottle and take it according to the old protocol. I did not actually feel nauseaous, which is an indication that one should cut back on the drops of MMS, I had stomach discomfit .. a sort of churned feeling but no nausea. I upped my dose too soon and had two days of vomiting and diarrhoea. I stopped taking the MMS for a while, but it occurred to me that 16 of the symptoms that I had been plagued with had lessoned or disappeared : ))
      After a few months, I then went back onto the new protocol of 3 activated of MMS per hour for 3 weeks in the summer months (2010). I felt fine on this dosage, possibly a bit of sluggishness at times as the toxins were surfacing and being eliminated. The MMS killed off a really tenacious bug called Blastocystis hominis this second time of ingesting the MMS and there was another symptom that was eliminated, but I can’t remember what it was now. There has been so much overall relief from the MMS!!
      I felt safe taking MMS – It really seemed like that it was zapping the ‘nasties’ and then just ending up as a few grains of salt in the body as the reseach info states. I trusted that the MMS was doing its job and I left it to do same and I benefitted a great deal in all! I would like to continue having periods of taking MMS together with the Iodine which Jim Humble ( the man who highlighted MMS and its power to free the body from toxic overload so that the body can heal itself.) advised that I take in order to heal my thyroid problem.
      Chrisstine – It is a good idea to write to Jim Humble himself re MMS. He is really good at answering queries, I find!
      Please do not be phased by the ‘Adam’ who posts comments here warning of the dangers of MMS. We have concluded that he has no real experience with MMS ingestion and is somehow linked with the drug industry and really does not want people taking MMS. So he badmouths same!.
      The FDA have also been waging a war on MMS and are determined it seems to clamp down on MMS because ‘they’ have hear tell how efficient it is in relieving the body of countless dire and fatal illnesses. This being detrimental threat to the vast amounts of revenue reaped from Drug usage by the big pharmaceutical companies.
      The MMS does not heal the body, but allows the body to heal itself by relieving it of all the toxins standing in its way to a recovery.
      Honest to God – I felt as safe as anything on the MMS and am soo thrilled to have heard about it and to have a stash of it in my cupboard ( well only four bottles). Some people have been taking MMS for years and feel strong and healthy as a result of doing so .. there are many testimonials to support this fact.
      I believe that you will have to be persistent to get results, always erring on the side of caution to allow the body to throw off the toxins without making you ill while it is doing so. But you really, I believe, have to keep on taking the MMS and then please write and tell us when you are starting to feel better as we are sure will be the case … Happy, healthy days ahead Chrisstine with the help of MMS supplement : )) Wishing all the best of health in the coming year!! : )) Lynlondon

  117. Gilgamesh

    The long term side effects of MMS, is that people will live longer.

    1. That’s your opinion. As you said below, you have no evidence to back it up.

  118. Gilgamesh

    I dont believe, that you really believe, that MMS will have a long term side effect. I think you are deliberately fear mongering.

    1. Gilgamesh, I honestly don’t know whether MMS has long-term side effects or not. No-one has ever systematically studied the long-term health effects in humans.

      Maybe it has no cumulative effects whatsoever, maybe it has some very nasty effects. I simply don’t know, because the research has not been done.

      So, question is, do you feel lucky?

  119. Lynlondon

    Adam says he can not tear himself away from our delightful company Simunye … Guess it is fun to have a villain in the game as well – Who knows he may become converted!! : ))

      1. Lynlondon

        Oh Adam .. you have a sense of humour .. there is still hope for you : ))

    1. I do believe in miracles Lynlondon, God knows… 🙂

  120. Gilgamesh

    If anyone detoxing too fast,or over dose with MMS, they can stop the action, just drink one glass of orange juice, or something with vitamin C.

    And the long term effect of MMS is that people will live longer.

    1. So simple to tread some side-effects of MMS, but not with other medications!
      “And the long term effect of MMS is that people will live longer”
      Now that would be aot be so good against overpopulation…would it?

      1. Gilgamesh

        Your comment about over population reminds me of a sad story in the Bible, Adam and Eve lived a very long life, they had 60 children, and when Adam was very old, and was about to die in pain, Eve went to the gates of the Elohim, the Gods, and she was asking them for some pain medication. She was not asking to prolong his life,only to kill the pain. But the Gods refused her, she did not get any pain killer medication and Adam died seven days later. But we dont know when Eve died.

    2. “And the long term effect of MMS is that people will live longer.”

      And your evidence for that would be…?

      1. Gilgamesh

        If you are really honest with your self, you know that you will be ready to discredit MMS, and say that it is only a placebo effect no matter what the evidence. And everybody who is reading here knows this.
        But Rhedda wrote a few days ago, that he is using MMS for 3 years, he is over 45 years old, and the doctor told him, he is in better condition, than an 18 year old. I m sure you read it also.
        I use MMS, not all the time , just on and off, but my wife tell everybody , that I m strong as a horse. I dont need any evidence, I have my own evidence. I m not trying to convince you, or prove anything to you, I m just stating my opinion and you can take it or leave it.
        And my opinion is that MMS is also give you strenght, endurance, and longevity.

      2. So, no evidence whatsoever then, just your opinion.

        I genuinely hope you stay healthy, but if you are regularly using MMS, I would strongly recommend you go and get yourself checked out. You simply don’t know what long-term damage you could be doing to yourself. Not all things that are harmful to health are immediately obvious. Sometimes they don’t become obvious until it’s too late.

        Trust me, I will take no pleasure in saying “I told you so” if you post back here in a few years time to report that you have developed oesophageal cancer or something like that.

        And there’s no miracle about being healthy when you’re a bit older. I’m also in my mid 40s and healthier than I was in my 20s. But that, I expect, is simply because I take a lot more exercise now than I did when I was younger.

    3. My comment about overpopulation was sarcastic, since this would be also a hidden agenda to stop the overpopulation.
      Maybe some people think MMS is spoiling their plan… 😉

      1. Gilgamesh

        The first 5 books in the Bible are from the Sumerian writings,
        And Zecharia Sitchin translated the Sumerian tablets and wrote the Earth chronicles, over 10 books,
        So you may not find the full story of Adam and Eve, as I wrote to you, in the Bible, but in the Zecharia Sitchin books.
        I know your comment about overpopulation was meant to point out what maybe their agenda,and MMS is spoiling their plan.
        And you maybe are right, On CNN, Jessie Ventura talked about that on conspiracy theory.

    4. Coffee will also do… 🙂

  121. Hi everybody
    Here something regarding MMS that is on the light side…
    I ordered the other day Archangel Raphael Healing Cards from Amazon and they finally arrived.
    I just now tried them out, concentrating on the question regarding MMS, when one card fell to the floor. I learned that cards falling to the floor when shoveling, have a meaning and I picked it up.

    The cards reads:
    Dear Jesus and Archangel Raphael, thank you for boosting my faith so that O may trust in MIRACLES…
    I rest my case… 🙂

    1. Well, it became even better! I checked out all cards. There is another card with the word Miracle on, but it says: expect a Miracle. I past that situation last year already when my asthma went after 2 days MMS.
      Then I checked out the booklet for specific meaning, and here I found the following:

  122. Lynlondon

    I meant to ask – are you Okay now Meher … I obviously have not been taking my MMS as in my state of ‘brain fog’ I asked this question of Adam – you know the ‘indoctrinated-by-drug-co’s-Adam’ … So I hope your lungs are fine now Meher .. cos we Do care about one another on this site : ))

  123. Gilgamesh

    Hi Rhedda.
    I think you are right. I was thinking about the same thing, knowingly, and deliberately distorting the truth, and mislead people is criminal.I used to know people, who did time in prisons, and they talk exactly like; you people are all suckers, you been all played and so on. It is a criminal’s kind of talk, prison talk. We dont know, but he could be sitting in a prison some place and somebody payed him a few bucks to terrorize people on the internet with misinformation. I think this maybe a reasonable conclusion, but if it is not, it is still just the same.

  124. Lynlondon

    A sceptic sent Jim Humble the following question :- “What I would like to know is why you have not dispelled my so-called “theory” on the damage that the chlorine dioxide does. Instead you choose to avoid the truth and attempt to hide behind a detailed list of success stories. Argue science with science Sir and then let the cards fall where they may.

    Questioner: – “Nutrients are indeed for health– especially since MMS leeches ALL the iron out of the body and upsets the flora in the stomach as a result of the extreme diarrhea it causes people.”

    Questioner: – “If MMS can strip iron along with manganese out of water as well as perform a chelation on the human body – it certainly will strip the ferratin from haemaglobin once the red blood cells burst.”

    1. All of which is excellent evidence to support the theory that those who write in all caps are, in general, utterly barking. Jim Humble’s complete lack of understanding of basic biology would be funny if it weren’t actually responsible for poisoning people.

      1. Lynlondon

        Jim never writes in capital letters to me – It was just to distinguish the difference between the enquirers questions and his answers…. Is this not evident to you Adam. I have posted Jims other responses for eg on getting rid of mold and this info was not written in caps. I really dont know why you are posting on the forum as we have tried MMS, at least many of us have. It feels soo innocuous as one is ingesting same and has no deleterious (except for possible detox symptoms) effects only fabulous positvie ones!! That is why we are rooting for it!! Give it up Adam – you are trying to sway the converted : ))

      2. When you say “detox symptoms”, I take it you mean things like nausea, headaches, burning sensation in your throat, and diarrhoea? Those are not detox symptoms. Those are symptoms of chlorine dioxide poisoning.

        And those are just the ones you can see. The others, such as changes in your haemoglobin or thyroid function, are more subtle. You may not notice those until the damage becomes permanent.

        But hey, your health, your choice. Drink the stuff if you want to. Just don’t say you weren’t warned.

      3. Lynlondon

        Look Adam – I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and pre-suppose that you are well meaning. ‘I’ would realise, myself i.e, that one should live one’s own life and allow others to live theirs. We are all big boys and girls here, we have read the info, we have sampled the merchandise and we are really happy with the results … We are making informed choices for ourselves which is what everyone should be free to do .. Please do not grieve over us anymore. You must have lots of other ‘useful’ things you can do with your life. One day you might well have such a health scare and might find yourself reaching for MMS and then you will realise, once you have seen its gentle power for healing, that you were in fact wrong! I am not answering you anymore as you miscontrue what is being said!!

      4. I just checked out Adam (2)’s link to his name and came up with the following…
        We are a UK-based company offering an extensive range of high quality medical writing, statistical consultancy, and clinical data management services to the pharmaceutical industry and others working in the biomedical sector.
        I guess this says it all why he is so determent to contradict us all…

      5. That’s right Monika, I’m just part of a great conspiracy that’s determined to stop people being healthy.

        You go on believing that if you want to.

      6. I love it how Adam always turns things around as it suits him.
        I suggested that his link tells us that he is working indeed for pharma, because it says so in this advert I copied.
        This explains why he has to support them, or lose a customer.

      7. Clint

        People like Adam are only here to antagonize . . . I look at him as a test. … and frankly, many people passed with flying colors, for the simple reason that MMS can stand on it’s OWN 2 feet.

        He might as well argue that breathing the air outdoors is bad for you, his arguments are that lame… he back his statements up with nothing. I actually feel sorry for the guy.

        Karma can be a REAL Bitch Adam ! 😉


      8. natasha curly

        Hello Mr.Adam. I’m Natasha from Ukraine. I have 2 questions for You.
        1. I have sensitive stomach. If i take MMS before the breakfast, i have “bad effects” like nausea, diarrhoea sometimes,or spasm of the stomach. If i take MMS after the eating(30 min-1 hour after) i feel very good,no problems.Now i take 14 drops(before 10 drops i feel bad,after 10-good). How to be? Will MMS work after my breakfast?
        2. It’s should be de-mineralized water? I take still water. Maybe MMS doesn’t work?

      9. Clint


        The fact that you’re taking MMS on an empty stomach, and having bad effects to me means that you need a slight buffer (or small amount of food in your system) before taking MMS.

        My suggestion would be to get up early (say 6 or 7am) and have a small breakfast (a few mouthfuls of food at most)…. then, 2 hours later, have your 1st dose of MMS.

        I also might consider trying the hourly protocol of MMS (2 drops MMS, 10 drops Citric Acid) IN CAPSULES, every hour for 8 hours. That way, you’re taking less MMS at a time, but stretching it out for 8 hours. Another reason is that your system might be too sensitive for high doses of MMS.

        Also, be SURE to be drinking LOTS of water when doing this (at least 1cip water every 1/2 hour)

        Hope this helps,


      10. Clint

        Sorry…. for the type O:

        I meant 1 cup water every 1/2 hour.


      11. Mike Altmann

        Dear Mr. Adam

        I really would be grateful if you could give me some advice.
        I have been taking MMS every day now, for about a year, and one of its most remarkable effects has been to cure me entirely of headaches – which is marvelous!
        But now I’ve encountered a genuine problem that I’m hoping you might know how to deal with.
        After a five year break, my ulcerative colitis has come back.
        And now I don’t know whether to stop taking MMS or whether to increase my daily dosage back up to 15 drops twice a day for a week.
        What has particularly alarmed me is an article that states that modern hygienic practices have led to signifiant reductions in people’s exposure to helpful parasites, called helminths (or worms) that help prevent excessive inflammatory responses. In other words, it may even be that by taking MMS, and thus eliminating microorganisms that previously inhabited my gut, I may possibly have made my body more vulnerable to immune reactions.
        What I’m asking you, therefore, is whether, as a long-term sufferer from colitis, it was wise of me to de-worm my intestinal tract so enthusiastically.
        Or have I completely missed the point – and ought to step up my MMS intake so as to rid myself of colitis, now and for all time?
        Anything you say will be hugely appreciated.

      12. Dear Mike…

        There are several factors that can’t be spoken to in the information that you’ve given. Ulcerative colitis suggests a weakness in the stomach wall, and is one of the consequences of magnesium deficiency, which can be addressed via intake of magnesium chloride (which is a natural liquid), through the skin, or transdermally. There may be other factors that contributed to the U.C. condition, such as water treatment (chlorination, fluoridation, other chemicals etc.), electromagnetic field radiation, and while we are sometimes at a loss to see how it could apply, our own attitudes, particularly the ones that make us quick to anger or hold resentment. I don’t know you, and have no idea to what extent any of these factors apply, so no inference is being made here.

        If I were you I’d ask my body to advise me as to what it needs to mitigate this situation and repair your intestinal lining, and then figure out how to provide it. You can start by asking whether you should increase or decrease your MMS dosing. The protocol has changed from taking a shot once or twice daily, to taking smaller shots each hour over an 8 hour period. You might also consider putting a drop of MMS into a gallon of water, letting it sit over night before drinking. And you should consider a water structuring device that fits on your house, to provide balanced, energy rich water for bathing, showering, cooking, etc. It is easy to overlook these apparently innocuous factors, but your body has been telling you that something is out of kilter for some time, and even with the help that MMS brought, still is. Fix it, and you’ll have a great stomach and no headaches!

        Water Structuring Unit —
        Magnesium —

        BTW — I’m going to be in London next week… (from 5/3 – 5/9) if you’d like to be interviewed about your MMS experience, please let me know.

        Best wishes,


      13. Mike Altmann

        Dear Mr. Adam

        It really is amazing and heartwarming that you replied so very quickly and comprehensively. It happens so rarely in one’s life that someone who really knows the answers is there and available precisely when you need them.
        I WISH I could come to meet up with you in London, but I inhabit a tiny coconut island in the South China Sea, and it’s not easy for me to travel thousands of miles, just like that.
        I will certainly take you up on the idea of ingesting some magnesium chloride, though I was a bit confused by your suggestion that I take it either through the skin, or trans-dermally (since, in my ignorance, I thought they were one and the same).
        I will also give due weight to some reflection on your other points, especially concerning the holding of resentments. It seems you may have GENUINELY shed some fascinating light on a very possible cause for my colitis.
        My colitis first appeared some twenty years ago, about 6 months after I had given up 40 years of smoking. “A classic case of colitis caused by nicotine deprivation,” said my doctor. The only cure was to resume smking. Ten years later I stopped smoking again, but that time armed myself with nicotine patches and the like, and so the colitis didn’t recur.
        This latest episode has noot been smoking-related in any way. The symptoms just came back, out of the blue.
        I’m wondering whether they could be related to MMS.
        You didn’t refer to it, but you are obviously familiar with what is known as “helminthic therapy” which is targeted at several (non-viral) auto-immune diseases, including celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, asthma and my own complaint, ulcerative colitis – since it has been found that it is the absence of certain parasites in the human system (and particularly the absence of helminths, or gut worms), which either causes the outbreak or prevents the healing of those diseases.
        What I was asking you was whether it could conceivably be the case that MMS, of which I am a fanatical and joyous supporter and promoter, is in fact the agent that has systematically drummed those parasites out of my intestines.
        And what I am querying is whether, in your considered opinion, the deliberate ingestion of those worms’ eggs, as prescribed by Dr. Joel Weinstock at the University of Iowa and by people at the University of Nottinghan in England (and possibly also elsewhere), might help replenish me with the parasites to fight my colitis, even as I continue wholeheartedly with MMS for other objectives.
        My body, you see, is not telling me anything in that regard. I cannot obey your recommended advice and rely on my own gut feeling. Accordingly, I applied to you.
        And I’m grateful to you, no mater what.
        This is because I am the type of person who cannot be cured of anything unless he comprehends the logic of the proposed cure.

      14. Lynn

        I have been taking MMS now for over a year. I am living proof that MMS only does good things. I have not been sick since i have been taking MMS. I have never felt better and I have had a ovarian cyst that has been a problem all my life disappear after being told there was no cure for it. My eyesite improved three points and I had to have my perscription lowered, (I’m 51). My skin, nails and hair look so much better and my teeth never looked or felt better. I am now on maintenance and don’t take MMS everyday. I have my husband and daughter on it too. I think it is a miracle for me. I know how people love going to the doctor and getting their perscriptions, it’s comforting to them, but I feel like I have been set free. I won’t be without it and try to get as many people to look into it as possible, (not much luck since it is not main stream and no company is going to back something you can’t make money on.) How great to know that my health is secured, (on a ordinary health requirement level), with just $20 per year or less. Wow. I am sad when I realize how sick people are and how easy the cure, but I no longer dwell on it. I just thank God that I stumbled on this for myself and my family. Thanks for the good work you do in getting the word out. It is a slow trudge. (Can you imagine the drop in doctor visits and emergency room visits if this catches on, WOW.)

      15. Lori

        Hi Simunye

        Funny how Adam Pharm gave the same response when I pointed out his potential conflict of interest on another thread. He accuses us of being “conspiracy theorists” as an attempt to stop the debate. As if conspiracy is necessary when there’s already complete concord of interest. It’s like saying farmers “conspire” against weeds, when really all farmers know they have to beat them back if they want their crops to grow. We’re weeds to Greed-Pharm!

      16. Clint, it’s ironic you should say I back up my statements with nothing. I have frequently backed up my statements with links to reliable data, such as this one:

        But as I say, if you want to ignore it and assume it’s all just part of some Great Conspiracy, then go ahead.

        It’s the folks selling MMS who don’t back up what they say with any data.

      17. Clint


        Dearest Adam…. I am sure you are an intelligent person… but really, I can’t even address you “claims” seriously. You call MMS a “bleach”… and with that statement, sorry, but you are dead in the water, and have proclaimed yourself ignorant. Sorry, but you have no clue what MMS is.

        Also, “nausea, headaches, burning sensation in your throat, and diarrhoea(sp)” ARE really detox symptoms. I’ve had them myself. The stuff works., and is “Real”.

        How much do they pay you for trying to debunk MMS.. seriously, am just curious.


      18. Clint, if you truly believe that those symptoms are signs that MMS is doing you good (presumably because that nice Mr Humble says so, right?), then you go right ahead and keep taking it.

        I am absolutely gobsmacked by just how gullible some folks are.

      19. Clint

        Really Adam…. Get a Life !!

        … you’re speaking to deaf ears on this forum…

        This is my last response to you.

      20. Well, Clint, it’s nice to see that on your last response, at least you’ve said something on which we can agree. You are quite correct that I am speaking to deaf ears.

        If you acknowledge that MMS gives you “nausea, headaches, burning sensation in your throat, and diarrhoea” and yet you still believe that it’s good for you, I really don’t know what else I can say.

      21. Clint, I agree with you that nausea and diarrhea are symptoms of the detox, because if it was not, I would have not only have diarrhea ones, when I toke the first time 10 drops. I would have had it earlier and also longer if it MMS was poison!
        But Adam would not know about that, because he never tried it! As for not answering Adam any more: this reminds me on a little card my friend gave me ones to give to somebody who was going on my nerves.
        There was written on: I’m not deaf; I’m just ignoring you!

      22. Clint

        Well said Simunye ! 🙂

        … hence being ” dead in the water”… meaning that Adam has no clue even what detoxing and getting well means. He must think you get ‘instantly’ well after being sick for months or years.

        How can a person even respond to something like that… you can’t.

      23. Perhaps you could explain what “detoxing” means, then?

      24. sagacious mama

        Adam, did you even read that literature you linked? I read all through it, downloaded all the pdf’s, and here is the result:

        No chlorine dioxide- or chlorite-induced signs of altered renal function were seen

        No indications of adverse hepatic effects

        No reports were located in which endocrine effects could be associated with oral exposure to chlorine dioxide or chlorite in humans.

        No reports were located in which body weight effects could be associated with oral exposure to chlorine dioxide or chlorite in humans.

        No reports were located in which immunological or lymphoreticular effects could be associated with oral exposure to chlorine dioxide or chlorite in humans.
        Animal data are restricted to limited accounts of treatment-related altered thymus and spleen weights.
        .. observed reduced spleen weights in female, but not male, rats exposed to chlorine dioxide in the drinking water for 90 days at concentrations that resulted in estimated doses ranging from
        2 to 15 mg/kg/day, but the basis for this effect was not discussed.

        No reports were located in which neurological effects could be associated with oral exposure to chlorine dioxide or chlorite in humans or animals.

        No reports were located in which reproductive effects could be associated with oral exposure to chlorine dioxide or chlorite in humans.
        Slight, but significantly altered sperm morphology and motility were observed in male rats exposed to sodium chlorite in the drinking water for 66–76 days at concentrations that resulted
        in estimated chlorite doses of 9 and 37 mg/kg/day.
        No changes noted for chlorine dioxide.

        The changes reported in fetal and post natal rats are small and limited however null and void due to the weights used – av 13 mg/kg/day.

        No increases in cancer in humans or animals.

        No information about absorption for either inhalation, oral or dermal.

        Metabolism: quickly forms salt and chlorite.

        Excretion: salt and chlorite.

        Death: none in humans. Shi and Xie (1999) indicated that an acute oral LD50 value (a dose expected to result in death of 50% of
        the dosed animals) for stable chlorine dioxide was >10,000 mg/kg in mice.
        … In rats, acute oral LD50 values
        for sodium chlorite (NaClO2) ranged from 105 to 177 mg/kg

        Suicide attempt was 10 gm of sodium chlorite (NOT chlorine dioxide) and he FAILED to kill himself.

        It should be added, the affects, if you had read the literature yourself, are based on the actions of chlorite, as all studies show the affects attributable to chlorite, not chlorine dioxide – and ONLY in extreme high doses. All haemaglobin changes such as decreased osmotic fragility, were not seen in lower doses, in fact, no systemic changes in rats are seen at all in lower doses. In higher doses, the changes seen are limited and the conclusions drawn are written as such: “The study authors suggested that the decreased osmotic fragility may have been related to the disulfide bond between hemoglobin and the cell membrane as the result of oxidative stress.” Put simply, they’re guessing.

        Basically, there is little to no adverse reactions shown in any literature for humans in Cl2 ingestion. Inhalation carries risk and there is literature concerning this, however Jim Humble is very clear about this particular risk… he is already aware of all the chemistry regarding Cl2… there is no new information here, mate.

        Any studies concerning animals is done in high doses, and to highlight why that is irrelevant I will suggest that taking ibuprofen does minimal harm, but caution you against taking more than the suggested dosage. There is a point of dose where you will become very ill, and then a dose where you will die. It’s called a “median lethal dose” and everything has one, even sugar.

        Perhaps you’d like to look at the SAME website’s toxicological report on iodine:

        Iodine is a necessary nutrient that you will die without. Yet, there are deaths, many of them, due to ingestion of iodine – none for chlorine dioxide, many for something our salt is laced with without our consent. Systemic disease in all organs occurs after a certain mg/day ingestion of iodine. Why not focus on chemicals that ARE harmful, that have an interesting toxicological profile?

        Do you know the lethal dose for simple chemicals like table salt? (lethal dose is 3gm/kg) Caffeine? One of your precious drugs?

        Why did you point us to that literature? It proves the safety of chlorine dioxide, plus the efficacy of it against pathogens, and simply shows that high doses are detrimental. So have you come here to suggest we don’t overdose? Why that’s mighty kind of you, stranger.

        Pointing out to us that overdosing on something is harmful is so ludicrous the only rationale I can think of for doing such a thing is that you think we are morons. I assure you, sir, I ain’t no moron. I have a 150 IQ according to the Australian Army, and I am well educated, well versed, very aware and suffer no mental illness. If you think those of us on the side of MMS and against big pharma are all whacked out idiots who simply need your omnipotent arrogance to steer us back on track to continue to line the pockets of the already-obscenely-wealthy that pull your strings and pay your mortgage, I suggest you think again. With all due respect, the only sucker here, my friend, is you. When big pharma lets you down – and it will (3 to 5% of people survive chemo) – remember this discussion.

        Come back when you have something worth reading and stop wasting my time.

      25. Sagacious Mama, you are correct that in sufficiently small doses taken as a one-off, MMS is probably reasonably safe. As with all poisons, it’s the dose that’s important.

        However, I don’t think you read the report very carefully, particularly if you are claiming that no deaths in humans have been reported. Have another look at section

        What is clear, however, that if taken in sufficiently high doses, chlorine dioxide can be expected to have a series of adverse effects.

        What constitutes a sufficiently high dose? Well, that’s difficult to say, because frequent exposure at the sort of doses MMS users take simply hasn’t been systematically studied in humans. Nor has the effect of long-term exposure to small doses, low enough to pose no significant risk in isolation, been studied. Do you know what the long-term effects are?

        Maybe it’s a bit like smoking. Smoking a single cigarette will not do you any harm. But if you take lots of them over a long period of time, it will do you considerable harm. I don’t know whether MMS is like that, but neither do you, because no-one has studied it.

        So, there is evidence that MMS can be harmful at sufficient doses. No-one really knows what those doses are in humans, particularly for long-term use, because it’s never been properly studied.

        So, in the immortal words of Clint Eastwood, the question is “do you feel lucky?”

      26. Dear sagacious mama well said…

        Thanks for reading the link ‘for me’ and for supplying me with a good laugh this morning…laughing is healthy!

        What good would the blocking do, if I still read their post anywhere.
        I mean, how desperate does that sound if I block somebody and in my blog I tell everybody I’m not reading his mail anymore, when I then still find 3 mail in one day of that same person in my spam-folder? Some people must really think that what they have to bitch about is so important to us that we read SPAM too…
        That sounds like STALKING to me already…

        Adam & Co are here and in all other MMS related posts to discourage us from writing our experiences, with others words, to shut us up.

        Try again… not with me! 🙂

      27. Just for a matter of interest: Death
        Information regarding death in humans exposed to atmospheres of chlorine dioxide is limited to a single
        case in which a bleach tank worker died after being exposed for an unspecified amount of time (Elkins
        1959). A chlorine dioxide vapor concentration of 19 ppm (52.4 mg/m3) was measured inside the tank.

        I remember also that we are being warneessive inhalation of the fumes caused by MMS by Jim Humble. So what is new….?

        As sagacious mama pointed out:
        Pointing out to us that overdosing on something is harmful is so ludicrous the only rationale I can think of for doing such a thing is that you think we are morons.
        Well think again… 🙂

      28. Sorry, some letter have gone missing:
        I remember also that we are being made aware that excessive inhalation of the fumes caused by MMS by Jim Humble. So what is new….?

    2. Maybe some people write in ALL CAPS simply because they have no other options to highlight something.
      Maybe some people should try to engage their brain before speaking up and making a fool from them-self by degrading others.
      But than, you (whoever the shoe fits) allowed to look like a fool if that is what you want… 🙂

      1. Rhedda

        Lynlondon, Simunye, Gilgamesh
        this Adam talks about “barking”
        Who’s barking? Barking to me always comes from the antagonist.

        Bob Marley wrote: “’s a foolish dog that barks at the flying bird…”

        Anyway let the MMS flight continue to soar.

      2. Rhedda
        You have my vote…
        MMS works, NO MATTER WHAT… 🙂

      3. Lynlondon

        WELL DONE SIMUNYE!!!!!! Thank you for higlighting for us the self serving influences at large here (pharmaceuticals) – meaning Adam and his secret mission. I am soo naive and trusting! What wonderful research – guess Adam won’t want to show his face : )) here again!!

      4. Lynlondon
        “…guess Adam won’t want to show his face : )) here again!!”
        This sounds like ‘wishful thinking’…hi…hi… 😉

      5. Now how could I possibly tear myself away from your wonderful company?

  125. Lynlondon

    Dear Rhedda – I wrote to that Gabriela Segura, MD asking her what she based her information on and commenting that if she had not used MMS herself then how could she refer to it as ‘ a trojan horse etc’. She did not even honour me with and answer. I wrote to Dr. Mark Sircus who champions Iodine and was pretty anti MMS. He DID write back saying:- “I will be writing more about MMS in the near future and am using it
    myself for transdermal application not oral and am mixing it with
    malic acid. I still stand by most of what I have written especially
    the part about not using iodine, which does many of the same things
    that MMS does, first because iodine is something the body actually
    needs. But that said I am opening up its use in my protocol for
    specific applications and thats what i will be writing about when I
    finish using it on myself.

    Dr. S” I chose not to believe Dr. Gabriela Segura’s article as she could not in my opinion justify her findings and that is why my letter to her was ignored… Could be wrong … just a hunch : ))

  126. Meher Baba Australia

    DO NOT INHALE MMS GAS!!!! I just had to post this warning. I made up a 15 drop activation in a glass bottle to drink at intervals. I had the impression only a little amount of water was needed to ‘fix’ the solution and make it stable, so I added about 150ml. Contrary to all reports massive amounts of gas were produced, which I inhaled with deep yogic breaths in the belief it would purify me deeply. Asphyxiation occured as my lungs totally filled up with
    fluid and I had to seek urgent medical attention. A week later I have not recovered. I believe the chlorine dioxide gas must have had some healing benefits, but
    it just simply doesn’t belong in the lungs!!! Do NOT inhale quantities of it!!!! I have not seen information about this posted anywhere, please make this clear to your fellow MMS users – my life was at risk from this accident.

    However, If anyone knows how many drops of activated MMS to use in an oil burner or vaporiser I would appreciate knowing. For cleansing a room particularly when many patients are infectious it is very valuable.

    Again it begs the question – how to prevent wastage through outgassin when using a small
    amount of water? For large amounts appear to be required in order to fix the solution properly…an oil burner or vaporiser
    only holds small amounts of water. Unless larger amounts with appropriate ratios were first made up, before dispensing into burner..

    Meher Baba, Woombye Australia Thankyou.

    1. Lori

      Thanks, Meher Baba! I’m so sorry you had to go through this experience! I too tried inhaling MMS but only after reading Jim Humble’s instructions which specifically warn against deep breathing it! So I just took a couple of short, shallow breaths and that was enough for me. His instructions are here: He warns several times to exercise extreme caution when inhaling this potent gas.

      I hope you get better soon!

    2. Dear Meher,

      There is a way to inhale chlorine dioxide gas… very very very very lightly… sparingly. If that had been a question, you might have asked. But now you know.

      We’re glad you’re okay, and getting better.

      In the workshop that I videotaped, Jim explained how to do it, and then demonstrated it.

      15 drops is also way too much for any kind of personal use. You might have started with 3 or less. But this is where KNOWING comes from.

      For a room, it depends on the size… I’m not sure how to advise you there.

      The way to limit outgassing is to use a sealable container. Otherwise, it will lose its strength quickly.

      We honor you and are grateful for your sharing.



      1. Meher Baba

        Dear Phaelosopher and Lori
        Thankyou so much for your supportive, kind, thoughtful and practical responses to my message about inhaling gas. Very lovely to read.
        Phaelosopher I am impressed by your lucid, concise, logical and articulate argument against the recently posted smear campagain from the, ahem, lizard
        queen. You have some fine skills there. Wonderful to see so many fighting the good fight for this medicine so needed at this time on our planet.
        Love Meher Baba

    3. Lynlondon

      This was Jim’s reply to my question on MMS and mold removal :-
      “Lynette, activate the MMS. Actually use the chlorine dioxide gas. Put a pan in the room with about 50 drops in it and activate that with 50 drops and then get out of the room and keep the door closed for a couple of days and don’t go in the room. It’s dangerous. It can kill. Then open the windows and doors and you will have a very clean room with mold gone. If 50 drops was too much, let me know. If it wasn’t enough let me know for the next guy. Be sure not to get an breaths of it.

      Jim Humble”
      Meher it was a pleasure writing to Jim on your behalf – thank you so very much for sharing your traumatic experience of having to seek urgent medical attention after breathing in MMS gas – maybe Jim’s message to me (above) will help to emphsize your message for folk’s as well : )) Sincerely hope your lungs have recovered now!!

    4. Good grief, Meher, you used MMS, had to seek urgent medical attention when it poisoned you, and now you want to use it again?

      Do you not want to think this through a bit more?

      MMS is a scam. It will not do you any good. It will only harm you. Don’t believe the people who are making money out of selling it to you: they are just playing you for a sucker. Throw it away and be satisfied with having learnt something from this experience.

      1. There IS a scam happening, but it’s not MMS. You, dear Adam, are as much part of it as anyone. If you are sincere in your mission, then you are scamming yourself. Your admonitions aren’t credible to any intelligent individual, even if they choose not to use MMS. You, who should be assumed to have an informed opinion, but refuse to inform yourself in a balanced way. You who criticize and insult people who have done their own inquiry and are secure in their choice.

        “Trial and error” is part of any learning process, and are the facets that get the most attention. However, initiative and adjustment are just as important, if not more so. Initiative comes from one’s intent, and adjustments are made via resulting experiences. The process is honed through one’s commitment to realizing the best outcome. This is true science; behavioral and healing science. It can be done by anyone. No one here is unwilling to agree with you, IF your opinion were valid, confirmed through our own experience. You refuse to have your own, and therefore cannot speak with anything but negative, fearful innuendo.

        The Wright brothers didn’t fear crashing their flying machine and dying in the process. They took the risks, demonstrated their knowledge (without peer reviewed journals), and reaped the reward. In your slavish way of thinking, you would never have gone against the grain of conventional thinking.

      2. Dear Adam (1), you speak out of my heart. Well done!

      3. Lynlondon


    5. Meher has “tried and testified”. It ended up with a need for urgent medical attention to undo the damage that MMS did, which of course is entirely predictable, as we know that MMS is a poison. Forgive me if I’m not rushing to try the same thing myself.

      Jim Humble, and his minions such as Phaelosopher, are playing you for suckers. They are laughing all the way to the bank while you poison yourselves. If you want to do that, then it’s a free country, so knock yourself out (perhaps literally). But not all of us are daft enough to fall for such an obvious scam.

      1. Rhedda

        what a shame that you, adam, are a foolish skeptic ( as opposed to a wise skeptic: someone who will not jump to conclusions based solely on fear ) Nothing you have expressed here shows any spirit of understanding. you are just another agent provocateur who probably watches too much Jerry Springer and listens to the Gospel of Glen Beck. You have, by your attitude, created a spirit of petulance for yourself which disables you too see the spirit from which Mr. Humble and Mr. Abrahams operate. Can you not discern the expression of loving care that these two men have operated under? please go study real con artists (like your Beck, Falwell, Limbaugh, Hinn) who grab your heart with doomsday hysteria and crocodile tears

        but then again it is entirely possible that you indeed CAN see the truthfulness of MMS as a real positive and potentially life saving substance and as you have been so hired by the corporate adversary

        Nice try, but not really

      2. Rhedda, et. al:

        I believe we have determined that Adam has an agenda, and it isn’t about respecting the rights of people to choose what they believe is in their own benefit with or without approval of “the authorities.” I am inclined to let his “contributions” to this site remain, but disinclined to allow the insults and condescension to continue. An individual of his education might be assumed to be able to comport himself and his views with respect for opinions that differ. I even believe that he can. Since it has not been forthcoming, it must therefore be a conscious choice, which for me, is unacceptable.

        I believe it is better to state my position on this prior to simply disallowing any further contributions, or putting it on moderation. I welcome your thoughts.

        Best wishes all,


      3. I’m not stopping you wasting your money and poisoning yourself, Rhedda, if that’s what you want to do. I just suggest you open your eyes and realise when you are being played for a sucker.

        There is no evidence whatsoever (unless you consider Jim Humble’s unverified “stories” as evidence) that MMS has any benefits whatsoever, and plenty of evidence that it’s harmful.

        See, for example,

        But hey, it’s your health. If you want to poison yourself, go right ahead. Just don’t say you weren’t warned when you end up in the emergency room.

      4. Adam (1)
        I think you deserve a medal for patients with Adam (2)!
        I think those AAMF should open their own blog where they can discuss their point of view till kingdom comes, without interupting those who are interested in exchange of experiences!
        Well done… 🙂

      5. Phaelosopher, I do indeed have an agenda. That agenda is to warn people that the stuff you are peddling is poisonous and has no benefits. It would upset me to see people get poisoned simply because they have been misinformed.

        Now if people are aware of the facts and choose to poison themselves anyway, that’s up to them. But I believe people should be aware of the facts first. Those facts are that MMS is poisonous (I have posted many links to this, see above for one of them), and there is no reliable evidence that MMS has any benefit. I have repeatedly asked you to provide evidence that MMS has benefits, and you have failed to do so, preferring instead to rely on unverifiable anecdotes.

        Sorry if you think that’s insulting.

      6. Rhedda


        Your warning is not acceptable, but it does make me smile a bit
        For I have BEEN a CON man, a player, a thief, a liar, an opportunist, a briber, a blackmailer and a perpetrator of fraud in my life…. I declare this not to boast; that life is definitely behind me but I state all of those negative qualifications to say that it takes one to know one.

        Mr. Abrahams and Mr. Humble are NOT one

        You on the other hand Adam, well I have stated my estimation of you

        As for me ending up in the hospital?

        Been on MMS for going on 3 years,
        had a physical the other day and got a comment that I had the body and health of an 18 year old – I am 45

        PLEASE ADAM, interrogate deeply your own fears if they be genuine

        that is my final word to you


  127. Gilgamesh

    I read the very long article about MMS, and in my opinion a lot of it is misleading.
    Most of the article is about oxidation, how the apple turn brown in air etc.
    But the article did not say anywhere, that MMS is a very weak oxidizer, oxygen is 2x stronger than MMS. But we are breathing tons of air and oxygen. I guess breading air is dangerous, it causes aging.
    And I m not sure about this, but I think MMS also create an alkaline environment, and the pathogen can not live in alkaline environment.
    The article did not say anything about this, they just put together information, not even related to MMS, or how MMS works.
    Very few people have problem with MMS, but they should start with only one drop.But some people can get very sick even if they eat just one peanut butter sandwich.

  128. Hi Rhedda
    Thanks for your link dear and I see your concern.
    Naturally I did not read everything and all attached links to the link you send.
    Like you, I’m a user and had only good results with MMS. But I do not use it religiously, like every day. I rather use it when I have a problem and now and than a maintenance dose.
    Lets look at some points of concern which I understand (I don’t understand everything they are talking about).
    To start with we have a “doctor” writing this articles, something which rises our eyebrows immediately, since Doctors should know what they are are talking about.
    On the other hand we have other “doctors” saying the opposite from what we read here. Neither of those doctors is known to us. Most likely all of them believe what they say is true and have our well-being at heart.
    Fact is some of them may be wrong or exaggerated, which is nothing unusual, since doctors are human, and humans make sometimes mistakes.
    Also some things work for one person but not as well for another.
    We all are aware of only one possible death, Sylvia Fink.
    Fact is “IF” she died from MMS then it would be criminal that the coroners report has not at least be partial released simply to prevent further deaths, which makes me think that something else killed her.
    Even a combination of MMS and some other medication I could believe. But MMS and only 2 drops does simply not make sense!
    What really makes me suspicious is the fact that this doctor refers to “A DEATH” being caused by MMS, when the coroners report is not released.
    The autopsy is out since the 28.1.2010 but has not been made public.
    Does that mean that the authorities who prevent it from being made public or the family who don’t make it public do not care about anybody else being killed by something they claim killed Sylvia?
    Surely if somebody close to me would be killed by something dangerous my top-priority would be to prevent others from being killed by the same substance, correct?
    Does that mean that THEY ALL DON’T CARE who else gets killed in the meantime or does it mean they did not find the prove and want to keep on digging. What does make more sense to you?
    In the meantime, I take my MMS when I need it as before. I won’t take it unnecessary when I’m well, and I’m sure that Jim has no problem with that, when people don’t take it like their daily bread, but when they need it as long as it helps people. that is all he wants, at least that is what I believe he wants. To me he is a hero, not a God as some sarcastically name him, neither a snake-oel salesman. Referring to him as such also makes this lady doctor sound suspicious to me.
    A doctor who knows what they are talking about to be true and has no hidden agenda does not need to result to name calling, direct or otherwise…
    Well, that is my opinion…

  129. Adam (1)
    I have a college who has a bad leg. It is black and blue and sometimes open.
    I was just now on a German forum where somebody wrote about a guy having this problem for about 20 years, but MMS solved it in a few weeks.
    He is prepared to try MMS, but as a spray or bath.
    Can you tell me how what is the best procedure for him.
    He also is a celiac, but has it under control at the moment.
    Any idea how MMS affect celiac’s? 🙂

    1. He says that his condition is called Vericous Eczema. I hope I spelled that right! 🙂

    2. Simunye,

      Sounds as though he’d benefit by using MMS both inside and out. I believe it will help the celiac condition too. They call it an “autoimmune” condition, but they don’t look at the contributing environmental factors. I also have a feeling that gluten is what upsets the real culprit in celiac’s disease, which is possibly a parasite. Clearly, the condition indicates an intestinal imbalance. Chemical abatement (eliminating new chemical infusion), mineral supplementation, pathogen/parasite reduction, facilitated by consumption of (drinking and bathing in) good coherent water, will help restore normalcy.

      As for the MMS… he should consider Protocol 1000 (probably starting off with 1-drop/hour initially), and topical spray (10-drops activated MMS per ounce of water used), and foot baths (20 drops activated) or full baths (40 drops activated), with immersion for 20-30 minutes.

      1. Thanks Adam I will pass this on to him. He said he will try using it on his leg, but swallowing MMS might only be considered when he sees it works again with me. How knows, maybe this is why I had to be sick, so that I have something to cure again and by doing so, getting the attention of those who may need it!
        I know he is watching me now like a hog to see if my asthma will be gone again with the taking of MMS. I feel that I cough less already than yesterday. I toke 5 X 4drops hourly in capsules yesterday evening after my last meal and will proceed today. keep up the good work Adam.

      2. Rhedda

        Greetings Adam Abraham,
        I have been on and off using mms for a while with no adverse affects. I have recently been concerned with a report from a MD source

        …and I was wondering about some of the information provided in the report..

        have you or could you address some of the concerns posed in this article?

        congratulations on all your good work and
        thank you for your time

      3. Hi Rhedda,

        I will be happy to respond. I am working on response to another another similar article that was posted recently, plus a response from Jim Humble. I will publish both soon.

        Thank you for writing.



      4. Lori

        Hi Rhedda

        Thanks for the link. Dr. Segura’s article is apparently scientific, but after a bit of on-line research I’m not so convinced. The magazine it was published in, Dot Connector, is the official magazine of an organization called SOTT, Signs of the Times, whose founder just happens to be Laura Knight-Jadczyk, a channeler who has identified Jim Humble as one of a race of reptilian beings who are trying to control the world. This revelation came after she was bumped from an important conference and he was put in her place. Laura KJ had an article in the same issue of Dot Connector, and is a regular contributor, which makes sense, since she founded SOTT. Dr. Segura also works for The Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind, a religious organization which promotes Laura KJ’s work (this information is on her own website, Health Matrix.)

        My conclusion is that I’d be more impressed by Dr. Segura’s scientific-sounding article, if it weren’t for the Laura KJ connection.

      5. Rhedda

        Thanks Adam.
        Lori, thanks for taking the time to look up doc Segura. I got the impression that she had some points worth addressing. I hear what you’re saying about her dubious affiliations but regardless when it comes to our investigation of the affects of MMS and our well being, any contrasting info, especially from a professed expert in the medical field, is worth the inquiry. it can only help to further understanding. I know that a lot of lay people who are seeking understanding of MMS could be scared away from it by reading such inflamatory and drastically anti-MMS information; the hope here is to address the concerns, point by point, boldly and openly.
        Knowledge is power and I’m sure that with pure motives and within the framework of a non-hostile discussion, we can put on our caps and come to the table for the sake of humanity


      6. Hi Rhedda,

        I don’t know anything about her affiliations. I just knew that it would take me some time to respond to a long article. I concur that she has points worth responding to. I am in fact, writing a response, or comments, line-by-line, to her article. It will be my next post. Heading out for dinner now, but I should be done tonight, and it’ll be online tomorrow.

        Thanks again.

  130. I posted the blow yesterday in another link, but just so you don’t miss it Adam (2), I like you opinion on this! is it OK to prescribe FDA approved drugs with as many side-effect as the one I was taking the last week?
    “I like to share now some experience with you that is more recently
    Last week our hotel closed down for the winter. The last 2 days was a bit busy, but the night-porter could not work. His brother died. So I did night-porter for those 2 nights.
    The rooms were heated, but the reception had only a fireplace going till about midnight. So I was in the cold most of the night. I realized a cold coming about 2 am, but my MMS, which had prevented me from getting a full-blown cold during the year, was @ home. By the morning I had a full-blown cold, sinuses and all.
    I went to see the doctor. Oh yes, did I mention that I’m NOT ANTI doctors, even if I’m pro MMS! 😉
    She gave me some antibiotics ect. But one week down the road and my antibiotics finished, I feel better, but my asthma, which gave me no problems over the last year, is back!
    Now don’t get me wrong, but I don’t blame the doctor. She can impossibly know what is all in each medication she hands out to her patients, let alone all the side-effect. I had a low sugar attack 3 days ago. The leaflet of the antibiotics says, it is a side-effect, together with at least 30 other side-effects, including headaces, inflamatory of the mouth, tongue, pancreass, bowelkidneys, including kidney failure, low blood-pressure, nightmares, delusions, confusion, hallucination, anxiety, deafness (reversable-thanks God for that), severe liver failure ect, to name but a few. Plus irregulae of rapid heartbeat (including lifetretening)…need I say more?
    So guess who is back on MMS now?”

    1. susi

      hi adam,

      i´d like to do the simplified daily mms dosing in a bottle…

      i´m allergic to citric acid and would like to know if raw apple cider vinegar can also be used as an activator for mixing the total daily dose once a day…
      i intend to make up a 10 drop dose activated with 50 drops of acv, put this into a bottle and fill it up with water..
      i´m afraid that the solution wouldn´t be stable enough to last at least 12 hours..

      please advice if the above mentioned procedure would be ok for a 12hour-sipping.

      thanks and good health to all

      p.s. how many drops of mms are commonly used for foot soaks??

      1. Hi Susi,

        Raw, apple cider vinegar can also be used as an activator. However, attending the last workshop, Jim explained that citric acid is essentially changed during the activation, when combining with MMS to generate chlorine dioxide, meaning that you should have no allergic reaction to it.

        To get to the core of your question though, the factor that determines stability is whether the container is open or closed. If the container is open, like a glass or a bowl, then it will quickly lose its potency, as the chlorine dioxide will “offgas” into the air. This will not happen if you’re using a drinking bottle.

        I would suggest you review the 8-hour protocol. You would prepare once, at the beginning of the day, and then take 1/8th of that amount each hour, until gone. You should consider starting with perhaps a 1-drop/hour amount. That would mean activating 8-drops. A 2-drop/hour amount would mean activating 16 drops, etc.

        For foot soaks, you can activate 20 drops, add to the water, and relax for 20-30 minutes.

    2. Adam (2), I’m sure Susi was asking Adam (1), not you… 🙂
      I still wait for your opinion on the above post!
      Is it OK to prescribe dangerous FDA approved drugs?
      Avoiding the issue?

    3. Gilgamesh

      Dont worry About those side effects, they have FDA approved, and tested by the scientific method prescription drugs for those side effects, with more side effects.

      1. Ha…ha…Gilgamesh, so that is how it works…now I understand! Why did I not figure this out myself. Looks like I’m not suspicious enough.
        I find it amusing how I ask this question several times and how our experts avoid answering it.
        But when Adam (1) is ask a question, swoop, there is a answer from somebody who was not ask very fast!
        Na if that does not give away the real intentions of those so concerned citizens here. It is all obviously only about MMS, not about concern for mankind or whether it works or not. There are much more people sick or killed by FDA approved drugs than MMS, and EVERYBODY with some brain left to think for them self knows it!
        Knock, knock? Who’s there?
        “Silence is golden…”

  131. Does anybody know if MMS helps with Celiac? 🙂

    1. No, Monika, nobody knows for sure, because no-one has ever done a clinical trial of MMS in celiac. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

      It’s a pretty safe bet, however, that because of the known toxic effects of MMS and the complete lack of any plausible reason why it would help with celiac, that it would do more harm than good.

      1. What are the known toxic effects?

      2. There’s a brief summary here:

        To quote from that, symptoms of exposure to chlorine dioxide (which is what MMS turns into when it’s used as directed) include irritation eyes, nose, throat; cough, wheezing, bronchitis, pulmonary edema; chronic bronchitis

        If you want more detail, there’s a much more detailed report here:

        That has a brief summary of toxic effects written for the layman, and then a much more detailed section, with references to peer reviewed literature. It includes details of someone who died after chlorine dioxide exposure.

        It’s pretty nasty stuff.

      3. Ooooh, you’re not THE Adam, but some fly in with no actual experience trying to debunk the stuff. Goodo.

        I’ve been using this stuff for a while on many different ailments, and I know Adam (Phaelosopher) has been to the third world with it basically performing miracles. You know what “nasty stuff” is? A painful disease! Don’t you think? A painful disease is NASTY STUFF, ok? Chlorine dioxide wipes out painful diseases – let’s get things into perspective. Plus, no one has died from chlorine dioxide used in medicinal amounts, and hundreds of thousands die from iatrogenic causes (that means caused by a doctor). Soooo, perspective mate, perspective!

        I was fooled by his name, Phaelosopher.

        Carry on folks.

    2. Thanks for your Opinion Adam… 🙂

  132. Gilgamesh


    I have a question, but I think this is not just for me, but most people would be interested.
    When we mix 20 drops of MMS with 20 drops of 50% citric acid for a MMS bath, and we sit for 15-20 minutes in this bath, would this MMS bath also clean, and purify the aura, and the astral body? Or would only clean and purify just the skin and the physical body?

    Thank you.

  133. Lynlondon

    MEHER BABA – I wrote to Jim Humble on your behalf and this is how he answered your queries – ignore the bit about the hernia : ))
    JIM HUMBLE :- “Does MMS last longer in a water bottle than in a human body? Well you see, there are many things in the human body that deteriorates chlorine dioxide. First and foremost is the pathogens, then the poisons, then there are various foods, which are often more than the pathogens, depending upon composition, and finally there are the mixtures created by the body. In the bottle with chlorine dioxide there is nothing significant but chlorine dioxide and sodium chlorite. There are numerous methods and patents of making MMS last in bottles or
    cans over weeks and longer, but it takes special ways of doing it. However the chlodrine dioxide in the bottles that we use is many times stronger than the chlodrine dioxide we use in the body, and the stronger the chlorine dioxide is the longer it lasts. The spray bottle we are talking about uses 40 drops in 4 ounces of water with nothing in the spray bottle to dilute or for it to oxidize. In the body you have 3 drops in an entire body of a thousand different items. In 10 minutes that 3 drops is probably diluted 100 thousand times The fact that it lasts up to an hour is amazing to me. So yes, it lasts all day or even all week, but leave 3 drops out on the counter open to the air for an hour and it’s gone. So it lasts both one hour or less and also all week long.

    No, unfortunately MMS often does not help the hernia. It kills the cause of the Hernia, but MMS does not heal. It kills. Occasionally the body does heal it, but getting the body to heal that opening where the intestines come through is usuall not an easy task.

    Citric acid. Many fruits have citric acid naturally. Lemon usually are 10% citric acid. When Citric acid is used in any MMS it is neutralized by the MMS. There is no citric left. The research I did shows that there are some people that are alergic to citric. So it is true with ice cream and anything thing else. I check on it. And read about the citric. I have switched acids a couple of times and with thousands using it, and no one has mentioned anything other than miner problems I don’t know of anything that is less poisonous than citric. Soon as I find another acid someone would find something wrong with it.

    With Love
    Jim Humble

  134. Lynlondon

    Adam – this was Meher Baba’s full entry :- “Hi Adam. The ‘first man’ 😉 I love your concise compilation of MMS data. There is so so much conflicting info on the Internet to wade through for a newcomer to MMS – you’ve made it much simpler. Including a concise explaination of the chemistry! Well done!
    I *am* confused though. I wish to supply someone MMS to treat her 15 year old daughter. Obviously minimisng the healing crisis is important, for a child. There is a conflict between the original protocol and the new protocol 1000, for someone using MMS for the first time. Obviously they don’t build up to 15 drops x 3 daily, like before. This isn’t made clear in your instructions for new MMS users. Now it should say, that they are building up to 3 drops per hour. In order to educate her, I must be able to clearly
    explain how the beginners dose should work. How does one build up in a safe way? Increase the frequency? (building up the hourly doses) or
    the dose? (From 1 drop, to two drops, to three…) How does one
    find a balance between these two factors (Frequency and Dose) for a newcomer. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for your patience in reading.
    Incidentally there is a discrepancy between your statement of a 12 hour ‘timed release’ of chlorine dioxide with each dose, and the statement that within minutes a 3mg dose of chlorine dioxide turns to table salt and water leaving nothing behind. I’m not doubting you nor the effiacy of MMS – but from a scientific perspective – as you are so clear so keen to make sure the facts and clear and