Human Evolution: A Declaration of Intent

Evolution is a word we use to acknowledge and point to a process of change; the arc from one point, and form of expression to another. The expression can be anything; a person, place, or thing. It can span eons or an ephemeral moment. Common attributes to all evolutionary views, are beginning and end points.

Our view of evolution is a static view of a process that is actually not static. Change is always… well, changing; a fact that is sometimes not evident to those who are experiencing it, and even to observers. How many times have you said, or perhaps heard someone say, “That situation will never change?”


That situation, “those people,” or whatever we happen to be looking at or going through, is always dynamic, and on its way to being expressed in another form. The great news is that when we are aware of our integral role in matrix of change’s evolution, or the evolution of evolution, we can consciously influence and direct it.  

Suffice it to say that it behooves us to know that we are evolving always, changing even when things appear to be as unchanging as cement; better yet, as a diamond. We think diamonds are forever, but even they are forever changing. We see them as static, but they are really moving even while appearing solid and hard as, well, diamonds.

I’ve learned about some wonderful developments that will assist human evolution by the effect of the positive changes they allow us to have on our own health. As I have been learning, I’ve also wondered how to go about sharing it. For me, this Declaration of Intent is the first step. More to come.

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