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Having always been the philosophical type, I have long enjoyed dialogue and conversation about life and its nature. It may have started after I first learned about death as a child, and realized pretty quickly, that it scared the crap out of me. Every time the idea of death entered my mind, I’d get nervous when I imagined that fateful moment. Fortunately, the thought would pass, but it was clear to me that I need to get over that fear before the moment arrives.

I think I’ve succeeded.

In the process, I’ve learned a few things about life, some of it is shared in two books that I published, as one as author and the other, as editor:

In 2007 I started a radio show, Talk For Food, which gave me a reason to contact people who were doing amazing things — inventors, visionaries, doctors, scientists, healers — and talk with them. This experience has profoundly impacted my life, and in turn, the lives of my subscribers, listeners, and viewers around the world.

You can also find me in video form on my YouTube Channel.

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  1. In response to Matt Brown… I followed your conversation on here and I feel obliged to point you in the right direction.
    I disagree with you about peer reviewed studies becasue all are open to corruption… live testing in the field is where you get near the truth. Let us remember truth is often found in the absene of profit an that is exactly what you have here with MMS.
    Make it yourself at home or buy it… its your choice and nobody is trying to get rich from it.
    Rather than put so much onus on peer reviewed studies I suggest you search youtube for real life testimonials from real people who use mms for thier conditions.
    Thousands of people with no vested interest cannot be wrong… that is called keeping things simple and applying some critical thinking!!
    You can also find testimonials here on this website

    1. Thank you Matt! I visited your great site. I am just stepping into the cryptocurrency world myself, and will be encouraging my readers and viewers to do the same. Best regards… Adam…

  2. I love your bio and your username!

  3. Michelle Delatour

    Hi Adam my name is Michelle i would like to do a Traning on MMS to learn how how to mix it .How long it last after mixing? I want to go to haiti and help some sick people. Thank you.

    1. Hi Michelle. I would suggest that you contact some of the MMS support forums on Facebook, as they stay up to date on the latest developments with MMS. Best wishes to you.

      1. I just visited Jim Humble’s Genesis II Church Forum site. I go there from time to time to see if anyone is posting positive results from using MMS to treat a medical problem.

        What I usually find and what I found again today, is that virtually no one is posting success from using MMS. I also noticed that the number of recent postings has dwindled to nothing.

        If MMS were the miracle treatment that it claims to be, I would think that Humble’s forum would be the place where people would flock to to tell others about their success. That definitely isn’t happening. If you don’t believe me, you can go there and see for yourself.The other place you would expect to find hundreds if not thousands of ‘likes’ and stories of success would be on the church’s Face Book page. It much like the forum site has also gone dead. On the forum most of the most recent posts were all the way back in 2012.

        Adam frequently writes about his support for Daniel Smith. It is my understanding that one of the reasons he is on trial is he was ripping off his customers. He was taking their money and not sending them their orders they had paid for. That is theft.

        Adam implies that the government i.e.FDA went after Smith because he had a product that worked. This is kind of faulty logic is often expressed by people who support treatments that haven’t been shown to work, haven’t been tested for safety, and have been shown to cause life threatening side effects. If this claim about the FDA were true, then why aren’t they going after everyone who sells some kind of supplement that is claimed by the seller to work? The obvious reason is, because these other things don’t present a danger to the public.

    2. matt brown

      There are no scientific papers verifying the efficacy of mms. There are no current testimonies verifying mms. There is no science whatsoever behind the claims of mms. I bought some. It made me sick. I got in touch with james humble (who doesnt take it regularly) and adam (who never takes it) and neither would even consider the possibility of negative effects from mms. The short term problems are presumed to be detox side effects (no evidence of that, purely speculation) and there is a complete denial of long term negative effects. Humble and adam are not scientists. Not even close. They both assume they are experienced enough to propogate mms without consequence, and its true for them, but not for you. If you take mms, youll likely get sick. Thats it. I tried and tried and i regret to say i damaged my intestinal lining and god knows what else. I wanted to believe. That was my biggest mistake. Vitamin C has a much better grounding for treating many of these issues and i recommend that because there are no negative effects.

      1. Dear Matt — I don’t know why you went to the “About Me” page to make a comment on MMS, but my first response is a question. If what you say is true about the lack of scientific papers, testimonies, and science, then why did you (1) purchase it, and (2) take it? What did you take it for? MMS is not something people “try” just to see what happens. They are already “sick.” Many of them have been made sicker by the FDA approved medications their doctors have been licensed to give them.

        I have spoken to real people who had real problems. Some showed me their written diagnoses received from the doctor. They have no agenda. They simply wanted their health back, and orthodox medicine wasn’t getting it done. I am not responding to you as an “MMS advocate.” However, when you understand the meaning of the information that I have given regarding the chemical nature of sodium chlorite, scientific papers of the type you describe, are unnecessary. The complexities that you are seeking are necessary to convince “learned” men and women to dole out poisons for conditions that result from being saturated with synthetic poisons. Scientific research shows that chemotherapy and other antagonistic chemical and energetic strategies used by orthodox medicine do more damage than they solve, yet they continue to be selected. Research shows a connection between vaccine therapies and autism, yet medicine and government’s response is to *increase* the amount, strength, and frequency of vaccine regimens. You seem either oblivious, or indifferent to this far more damaging trend.

      2. matt brown

        Apologies for posting in the wrong area. I received followup notifications related to MMS and the link brought me here, unknowingly

        I bought MMS because i didn’t understand the importance of the scientific method and I took it because I had some health problems but I also wanted to help others with it. And last I checked the MMS protocol included a maintenance dose. Doesn’t that imply I don’t need illness to benefit?

        The “type” of scientific papers I was referring to are required for any initiation into the scientific world today. Without real studies, marketing and funding MMS can never reach the masses to a great extent. The fact that you deny the scientific method here is puzzling. Everything ingested new needs testing before condoning people safe passage to consumption. Any claim to the contrary is dangerous.

        And I never mentioned, nor condoned mainstream medicine or vaccines. I understand fully why thimerasol and ssri drugs are awful. The reason mainstream medicine is able to purport and sell these drugs is because they circumvent the scientific method, therefore they can manipulate or fabricate results. Sound familiar?

        Peer reviewed scientific papers are the way forward. Everyone should beware of adam until he embraces scientific methods of observation and experimentation. Dont make the same mistake I did.

      3. Dear Matt — I am well aware of what you’re talking about. Do you really think that EVERY discovery EVER MADE was “peer reviewed” FIRST??? Did you know that Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, the first man to suggest that physicians wash their hands between surgeries, summarily LOST HIS JOB? Science today would be better symbolized as $cience, because most scientists won’t study anything until someone who writes or signs a check tell them to. It *shouldn’t* be this way, but it is.

        The existence of scientific papers has nothing to do with how sodium chlorite works. This is not an exotic, or even expensive compound, although medical science wants us to think that both exotic and expensive measures must be taken to “combat” disease. The lack of scientific papers is no excuse for the FDA not to accurately describe the nature of the product. It’s no excuse for them to call it bleach when it is not a bleach.

        You may not know that every cell in the body needs chloride as one component for proper and healthy metabolism. That’s why the doctors who earned a patent for WF10, which uses chlorite in a similar (but more complex) manner to MMS, and who did double blind, placebo controlled clinical trials, still haven’t received approval from the FDA, although health authorities in other countries, mainly the Far East, have approved it for use.

        If you understand why vaccines and thimerasol are harmful, then why aren’t you asking why they’ve not only been approved, but virtually forced on children with increasing regularity? Why haven’t they taken their foot off the gas pedal to see if these horrendous health trends might abate?

        The short answer is that they’re not interested in abating diseases such as autism, diabetes and others, if it means acknowledging that their policies are responsible for the rise in the first place. This is also why you won’t see “peer reviewed” scientific papers on MMS.

      4. matt brown

        Again with the diversion of conversation. Im not talking about the FDA. Im not talking about history. What im saying here is that the effects of mms are completely undefined and standardless. Are you a biochemist? Nutritionist? Doctor? Do you want doctors and biochemists to confirm yours and humbles assertions? Why not produce papers? You could do with the papers what youd like. In the internet age you dont have to ask permission to share information with people around the world. Based on your disposition, you could be saving millions of lives but instead hide behind a cynical wall of examples of whats wrong with the system. Modern science is broken, but the scientific method is not. Until you or jim mans up this “miracle cure” will forever stay in the hands of yourselves and a few dozen loyal followers. Real doctors and real scientists need to speak with one another in technical terms and papers are how its done. It has nothing to do with the fda, vaccines, obamacare, big pharma etc. This is about having something to show for… How many decades of mms?

      5. Tim

        U could have taken a half drop. I doubt you have gotten sick. Try again.

    3. Cecile Hodgens

      Hi Adam, my 10 years boy has had H.pylori since he is 3 and the whole family is infected, we have tried the quadruple antibiotique therapy which didn’t. We have a lot a bad side effects from this bacteria especially my son. I would like to take MMS but what would be the dosage for him, 10 years old and 37 kg ? Thank you for your help. Cecile

      1. Cecile — who told you that having H.pylori was bad and needed to be eradicated? QUADRUPLE ANTIBIOTIC therapy would certainly be ineffective because it throws the child’s environment further out of balance. Your family is more likely “infected” with chemicals, rather than H.pylori. Feeding the body with more chemicals only complicates matters. I don’t know anything about your eating or drinking habits, or environment, that are contributing to your son’s and family’s “problem” with H.pylori. For example, what types of beverages does he normally drink? Unless the predominant one is water, then he’s likely dehydrated… as well as the rest of your family.

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  5. gene

    Can hydrachloric acid be used in place of citric acid as the acid form for the MMS solution?

  6. Hi there! This is kind of off topic but I need some help
    from an established blog. Is it tough to set up your own blog?
    I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any points or suggestions? Appreciate it

  7. Mr Adam, my name is Juan Grajales I distribute mms in Venezuela and your article with Mr Grant was absolutely enlightening and very helpful. It will improve very much the help I can provide to others by giving a better quality product. I am also planning a missionary trip to Delta Amacuro a malaria infested place of my country. Where different types of tropical diseases are prevalent and there are also problems with drinking water. I can get mms1 but have to bring it from canada so it ends up being very expensive, I can get mms2 very cheap in neighboring colombia and Im looking into the magnesium oxide, mentioned by grant in his last comment. I would love to get in contact with you to learn more about mms and also have your insight in what Im planning to do in this country. Thank you vey much for all that you have been doing this past years. Please feel free to email me, and if you would be able to have a phone conversation I would be more than happy.

    1. Greetings Juan. Not sure how I can help, but I’ll contact you.



    2. Greetings Juan. Not sure how I can help, but I’ll contact you.



      1. Thank you very much Mr, Adam I would appreciate it.


  8. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.
    I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to
    a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

  9. mr. abraham, i would like to speak to you, personally. email would be fine. if you wouldn’t mind, whenever you get the chance…. i’ve had a hell of a time finding any contact information on you. i just wanted to run something by you, related to MMS. thankyou!

  10. Hello there, You’ve performed a great job. I?ll certainly digg it and in my opinion suggest to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this website.

  11. Adam,
    I have always read your blog with much interest.
    We also share some mutual acquaintances
    I have tried emailing you, and I apologize for reaching out this way….

    Could you contact me if possible, either through the email listed here, or the contact info on my site.


  12. kenneth bingham

    Mr. abraham could you PLEASE sir tell me how to make a 50%mix of citrus acid there is no info on it.i want to make a spray bottle of Mr. Humbles wonderful MMS.i beg you to please help me!!!!! i am desperate!!!!! THANK-YOU ADAM………………..KENNETH BINGHAM………….PLEASE RESPOND.

    1. Mr. Bingham,

      Citric acid weighs approximately the same as water. Therefore, to prepare a 50% solution, simply mix equal amounts of both until the citric acid crystals are fully dissolved in the water. For example, if you have 2 oz of citric acid crystals, mix it with 2 oz of water.

      Best wishes,


  13. Francis

    Look up chlorine dioxide on wikipedia… it’s just disinfectant, it has been used for water treatment in the USA for decades. Am I missing something here?

    1. the only thing you’re missing is a balanced argument on MMS. noone that promotes it is willing to admit that there even ‘could be’ negative side effects. all negative effects are attributed to ‘detoxification’, apparently under the assumption that drinking a bleach could NEVER cause harm, only good.

  14. Hi Adam,

    I just started my own blog 2 days ago… When I found yours I thought “Wow!!”… you talked about all the stuff that myself and my partner Craig are passionate about. We’ve been using MMS for years for a variety of things, from the common flu, to burns, to skin cancers. We also use transdermal magnesium and we regularly have apricot kernels every day… I guess what I’m trying to say is that it is not a surprise to me anymore how the energy of our thoughts and beliefs get us to meet other people like us who are trying to “spread the word” and work in synergy… As I said, my little humble blog is only two days old but I would appreciate greatly if you could give me some suggestions and ideas to improve it so that i can too give my contribution to a better life and a better relationship to our Universe…
    Have a gorgeous day!

  15. Hey Adam,

    We recently interviewed Mark McAfee, founder of Organic Pastures, on the benefits of raw milk. Please watch this 50 minute informative video. We believe your readers will greatly benefit from this information.


    ~John Calvin Byrd III

  16. Hello Adam,
    Great work you are doing.
    I hope if you are ever in Florida you will consider checking out Ken Rohla at

    He is an amazing health educator working with the same things Dr. Medicine Wolf works with, he is teaching us locals how to grow our own Ormus rich foods by building the soil and The scalar field technology and much more. His re-engineered Stress Shield is amazing and he uses it to help his sprout and Wheat grass grow.

    He has wonderful integrity and as he has worked with so many of those who are on the leading edge of this work.

    Well Adam I could go on and on, so just check him out he is hard at work in little back water part of Central Florida. He is an inventor, educator, and is bringing people together that otherwise would most likely not meet.

    Judy Randolph

    1. Hi Judy,

      I’d love to meet Ken. it would be a great road trip! Let’s see how the year unfolds. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Best wishes


  17. Kan

    I am almost ready to have my son, he is due in 5 weeks and i am starting to think about oxypowder for after he arrives. For me of course. I have a parasite issue i’ve been dealing with for a while that doctors won’t look into further and have said i don’t have but my stools speak for themselves- sorry if too much information :)! Any ways, I am really anxious to clear my colon out and start on a light mms protocol to put my mind at ease but i will be breast feeding. I don’t feel hesitant at all to breastfeed while taking mms. I am just interested in your take on the oxypowder. I have read that it can make the babies stools wwatery and that to do half the regular dose for the cleanse. And if the babies stools are still runner decrease it further. Do you have any insight on this topic.

    Thanks Again!

    Also, -random- I have heard a lot of amazing things about red algae.. Just wanted to put that out there for anyone who wanted to look it up. They call it the king of the cartenoids really benefitial antioxidant.. I will be taking that soon as well along with my usual silica greens rx and omega 3’s…

  18. moongirl


    I purchased the super phos 30, oxy-powder, and paratrex, one of each. I have found several instructions for these cleanses. Which would be the best? IT seems as though I may not have enough for the paratrex. I have not yet started and scared! What if a gallstone gets stuck in a duct? I would prefer to do distilled water than apple juice (calories) but sounds like its safer. Has anyone done these?

    These are instructions I’ve found. The second one does not talk about parasite cleansing though.

    1. Moon,

      Since you now have all these products and most of us don’t, why don’t you let us know what your experience is? What works best for YOU? And, while you’re spending time visualizing whether a gallstone gets stuck, please give equal time visualizing the gallstone dissolving and harmlessly leaving your system. The option that you resonate with MOST, is the one more likely to happen. I would strongly suggest that you do NOT drink distilled water. It is, for all practical purposes, dead, devoid of the minerals that your body needs for water to do what it is designed for. So if you drink a lot of distilled water, your body will be forced to take mineral resources from other areas in order to make it useful, but doing so compromises you health, which is probably one reason you have parasites now.

      I just had a long talk with a woman today who has a major parasite problem. She has been prescribed antibiotics and many other medications for several years. In the course of a 40 minute conversation I asked her what was her hydration practice. Having done quite a bit of study, and having received much advice from doctors, she said, quite intently, that she drinks distilled water. I explained to her what I am explaining to you now. Distilled water is liquid death. Not that it is toxic, it is not. However, it devoid of what your body needs to get from water, and therefore, contributes to more problems than it solves.

      Drink, shower, and bathe in structured water, and you will build a solid foundation for balancing your inner ecology.

      Best wishes,


      1. Ash

        There is plenty of research and testimonials from medical professionals concluding distilled water is perfectly safe and doesn’t leach minerals from inside cells.

  19. Kan

    Thank you everyone for your responses. I also recieved some advice from an amazing energetic therapist in whom i highly respect. He is a major supporter of mms himself but said to me (similar to what adam said) that since i did such an intense treatment on myself with the mms that the overload of toxins in my body did mimic an allergic reaction. He said i did not drink enough water to aid my body in the expelling of the toxins and thats what my naturopath was picking up on. He said that after the pregnancy we will do some energy corrections to help my body accept the mms benefits again confidently and that this time i will be drinking adequate amounts of structured water through my next mms cleanse. I have some water charging plates that structure the water in 30mins that i have been using. They are amazing.

    Also- Thanks Julie and Adam for the other tips. I take 4000iu’s of good qualitiy vitamin d everyday with concentrated green powder and i feel healthy right now.

    Going to look into the Himalayan Salt lamps too.

    1. Greetings Kan,

      When you feel good, WE feel good too! 🙂

      I am learning more about the importance of structured water and will continue to publish more on the subject, along with negative ions vis-à-vis Himalayan salt. I’ve done two Talk For Food programs on the subject thus far.

      Himalayan Salt
      Negative Ions

      The links will be on for about 6 months, at which point I’ll move them elsewhere.



  20. CdnFarmgirl

    Hi Kan

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am very familiar with the technique your naturopath used – I have my Level One Touch for Health. It’s a wonderful tool to have in your medicine chest. It does indeed test the 14 meridians you have in your body, and can be used to test various things, like vitamins, etc. I am surprised to hear that she said you were “allergic” to the MMS…my understanding with the testing is that you can ask whether a substance will be beneficial or will not be beneficial the person being tested…I don’t believe that she can deduce that you would actually be allergic to it. I do believe that she picked up a negative response because MMS may not be the best thing for you to be taking during your pregnancy, even though you are concerned about the flu virus.

    There are many other options to staying healthy to protect yourself and your baby, and proper nutrition and your multivitamins are certainly a good part of it. Remember to stay hydrated – Adam has some excellent posts here on structured water. Vitamin D is huge! make sure you are taking enough – the easiest way to get your daily dose is to spend 20 minutes in the sunshine every day. Otherwise, turn to a good quality supplement.

    Just back to the allergy thing – muscle testing, dowsing, pretty much all forms of this kind of testing – the results can vary from one day to the next, as you experience changes in your health. For example, if you had a life threatening condition that MMS could help with, I’m sure you would get a positive result. As this point, maybe your body is telling you that you’re okay and that there are other options to explore while pregnant.

    I have read Jim Humble’s response to queries about MMS and pregnancy, and he has always replied that it’s okay, as long as you start with very small doses. I have also read a response on a popular MMS blog by a man who is a scientist, has done extensive research using MMS with fabulous results – his take was that he would not recommend it, given that there is a very sensitive fetus being exposed and there hasn’t been any document research done on that particular use (ie. during pregnancy)

    Adam will have a well researched answer for you as well, I’m sure 🙂

    Personally, if I was pregnant, I would wait until after the baby was born to take MMS, especially if I am in good health now. There are lots of other options to help you stay healthy and weather this flu season.

    Best of luck! Julie

  21. Kan

    ooops i meant do you think it is possible for someone to be allergic to mms?


    1. Hi Kan,

      We are blessed to have Julie watching over this hallowed place. 🙂 She knows whereof she speaks. I too would raise an eyebrow over your being “allergic” to MMS. This doesn’t mean that the doctor’s advice was off. This is one of those great places where it pays to develop a relationship with yourself, opening a channel of communication, asking the questions of your heart, and trusting the answer.

      Using the non-local, quantum communications methods at my disposal to ask, I received the same answer as your doctor on whether to use MMS, but not because you are allergic to it. There is simply no need now. It is not harmful to you, nor does it cause allergic reactions. If you were infested with a large overgrowth of anaerobic microorganisms, their “flight” from the chlorine dioxide molecule might initially look like an allergic reaction, but it would actually be MMS being effective. That doesn’t appear to be the case here.

      Your doctor is also wise to advise you to get supplements that contain energy. As Julie mentioned, structured water is fundamental (I have a new video coming up that will show how), and anything number of live foods, or live food extracts.

      Vitamin A & D are also REALLY important, and here’s a news flash. Himalayan Salt lamps are an amazing source of negative ions, which balance serotonin levels in the body and, I suspect, is a SLEEPER source of natural vitamin D.

      Listen to my conversation with Clayton Nolte regarding negative ions, and see what I mean. I don’t expect mainstream media to come to the same conclusions, or to actually SAY what I’ve said, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

      Here’s the podcast link with Clayton.

      Best wishes,


  22. Kan

    Hey Adam,

    I hope you have some time to get aroud to this strange question i have. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and decided to go to a naturopath to make sure i am up to par with my vitmains. She uses a technique by testing your energy guided by the maridian lines in your body. She can see if energetically a product or supplement is compatible with your body. Anywho she ended up telling me a bunch of my vitamins were not adequate (they were cheapies from the pharma store) and gave me different ones. On top of that she said i am “allergic” to mms. Well that was very hard for me to swallow. I am counting on mms to get me through the flu if i get it so i didn’t like that diagnoses.

    Its hard to accept all the other stuff she said if this one thing i am not agreeing with. Have you heard of this before>? Maybe its because i am pregnant my body would reject it? Which doesnt make sense to me either.

    I was also tihnking of after the pregnancy using hydrogen peroxide therapy. And she didnt sseem to favor this idea as well.

    Do you think its even possible for someone to be “allergic” to hydrogen peroxide?

    Hope you can make sense of that.


  23. Gg

    Straight but sincere answer.

    I’ll keep investigating.

    Thanks Adam

  24. Gg

    Hello Mr.Adam , I’ve been checking about MMS…and I have some questions about it for you and for Mr. Humble.

    How do we know that MMS has no collateral damages in the long-term run ? Something like liver cancer etc…
    It can be use to desinfect environments in hospitals and so , but it’s not going throught an “unnatural” proccess by cleaning the body with such intensity ?
    Don’t you think that is Scientifically uncorrect to say ” no collateral damage discovered ” since it hasn’t been properly tested in any place with the addecuate surveillance by physicians/chemistrians ?

    Why is it only “officially” spread in Mexico , some problems with Health regulations there in the US ?
    How can we trust the words of a person without any health-linked institution or career diploma ?
    How can I trust this product after reading this link (Concerning my health, I’m not a friend of conspiracy theories so I do trust this link ) :

    Sir, You need to understand that being skeptical is natural in situations like this, I know well the health business and the recompensation for giving out some kind of medicines, but you’re talking about a product with a MASS impact to the body that hasn’t been properly tested, I Don’t want to appear to be an ignorant, but by properly tested I wanted to mean in a laboratory with doctors checking the side effects and so, like a normal medicament.

    No offense intended in this post mr.Adam but as you can understand, I’m deeply skeptical about this product even thought , if my doubts are answered in the right way I would give it a try.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    1. Dear Gg,

      It sounds as though you take some pride in your skepticism, and are seeking some convincing, which I am disinclined to offer. It is CLEAR that such FDA approved and AMA sanctioned modalities as steroids, statin drugs, diuretics, chemotherapy and radiation, not to mention surgery, have profound negative, long-range effects, yet they are administered each day, and tens of millions of lives are impacted with health not restored, while sending many into financial ruin. Yet you indicate no skepticism in the efficacy of the present predominant way of doing things.

      Sir, your standing up for this massive affront to humanity is saddening, for only you can give yourself the eyes to see and the ears to hear. It’s not my job, nor my desire. Those who do see, and are appalled with what is going on before their eyes, will use their own intelligence to make the decision, and do what is best.

      I trust that whatever you do, will be best for YOU.



  25. mE

    I was trying to find the colon cleanse capsules you suggested taking before using MMS… Your site needs a search function on it.

  26. Adam, Love your blog and all that you do and are committed to. Have referenced your blog and you on my own this day, in the post “Panaceas”.

    You reference making our own “structured water,” is there a hint about where to discover how to do that? I would welcome your response. Thank you, Jan

    1. Dear Jan,

      Thank you so much for the wonderful article and kudos! Your question sparked a response that warranted its own posting. So I invite you to see it here:
      On ‘Becoming’ a Water Structuring Device.

      Best wishes and warm regards,


  27. Connie

    Hi folks from Canada
    New to mms – got it from a friend who got rid of his arthritis with these drops. He tells me of another friend who is experimenting with these drops, who knows Mr. Humble, and he is taking 120 drops/day without any problems. Obviously he has completely detoxed.
    Anyhow, my husband and I just started taking these drops and I was a little worried at first because of a report on another blog because I have high cholesterol. We are starting out real slow because I guess it gets rid of cholesterol really fast and leaves your arteries possibly in a weak state (so taking lots of vit C). After the first 2 days (1 drop at bedtime) and before the second administration I noticed a new little black skin tag on my neck. 2 hours after the second administration it was gone. I had tried to pluck it off with tweezers but it was painful so I just left it. Just thought I’d let you know. I have a growth in my neck under my jawline for over a year now – my dr. said it is probably okay since it hasn’t grown – although it causes pain – so hope it goes soon and also arthritis in hands and feet. I’m 57 yrs old and am going to tell everyone I know.

  28. kbuddy

    Adam,,,does the structured water have a high ORP.

  29. spacemans hairdo

    I wish more people thought like you.

  30. esther

    Hi Adam,
    I’ve been reading up about the mms for a while now, and started taking it 5 days ago. My complaints are tiredness, anemic, and my body doesn’t seem to take up ireon very well. I started off with one drop, activated with citric acid, seemed ok, took 2 more a few hours later than 3 drops before going to bed. Did feel a bit rough, but nothing major. However foolishly went up to 4 drops on a tue morning and have been so sick, started with throwing up than diarrhea, really miserable for at least 6 hours. Took another drop wedn mo, and 2 wedn, eve, seemed ok, did another 3 again thu mo, same thing happened, sick as a dog for another 6-7 hours. Didn’t take anything on a friday, gave my body a rest, than took another 1 drop this morning. Now I haven’t been throwing up or diarrhea, but felt still as sick as a dog. I took it this morning at 8, and only now at 17 I’m up, still having stomach aches and being a bit nausea’s. Can I be allergic to this stuff? I took it on an empty stomach, tried 1 hr after a light meal, didn’t take anyth that could interfere with it (i think)
    Any advice would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Esther,

      Sounds to me like you’re following your inner guidance, and your body is doing what you’ve allowed it to do, that is, release unmetabolized, stored-up toxicity that it has been carrying. I wouldn’t interpret the response to allergy. It’s simply YOUR body’s chemistry that is in need of balancing via the reduction of low pH, positively charged pollutants. That is the only thing that causes chlorine dioxide to “react.”

      I would suggest that you increase your water and mineral intake before and after taking MMS. You should increase your uptake of full-spectrum salt, and actually stop taking in NaCl, i.e., normal “table salt,” which is missing many minerals that the body needs, and has aluminum as one of its active ingredients. You can always moderate your MMS intake, cut down on the drops or give yourself a rest. The only other thing I’d suggest is be mindful that the discomfort will pass, and that it is being caused by the neutralization of pollutants that will no longer be affecting you.

      Best wishes,


      1. Kristina Jurjevcic

        I have a severe case of infections inside my body and am desperate. can you tell me if there are any contraindications between mms, cipralex 10 and xanax ?

        at the moment i am taking baking soda twice per day and am feeling sick sometimes and have dihharea.
        my stumach is pulsing and burning and heart and i have pain in the head and throat.
        i am desperate

        thank you for help


      2. Hi Kristina ~ I just saw your comments and trust that you worked things out. No one has infections without having created the imbalanced conditions that allow the condition to advance. Without you providing more information on such matters as your habits, environment, there’s very little that anyone can give you. Yet know that YOU are the key to solving the problem by restoring your body’s balance inside.

  31. bruno random

    I haven’t used MMS for awhile and wonder if it has lost potency. It’s been like 10 months. Has it lost its potency? What about the citric acid crystals, do they loose potency? And the citric acid solution itself? They’re kept in a dark , cool-to-room-temp temperature.

    1. Hi Bruno,

      If they are stored in a dark place, they don’t lose their potency.

      Best wishes,


  32. phaelosopher

    Structured water.

    Would one stir in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere?

    1. Dr. Ross,

      That would be my best guess, if you’re wanting to structure water by stirring. However, the water structuring device that I refer to actually produces two streams that induce vortexing in opposite directions simultaneously before “joining” the water again.

      Best wishes,


  33. CdnFarmgirl

    Hi Jesse, sorry to hear you have shingles – my mother-in-law was afflicted with shingles two years ago, and I know hers was very painful.

    In answer to your question, yes, you can take 15 drops 3 x a day for more than a week, but I am surprised that you haven’t seen improvement. I just wanted to make sure that you are taking any Vitamin C at least 3 hours away from the MMS, and that you are not taking it on a full stomach. I prefer to take it at least 1 1/2 hours after eating. Also, make sure that you are not adding any juice with extra Vitamin C to it. Our family has been taking MMS since the fall of 2007. We find the most effective way is to activate it with citric acid, and to add a half glass of water to it, then “chase” it with another glass of water — all with your nose plugged, of course 🙂 If you haven’t been using water, but fruit juice, I would suggest you cut back on the number of drops initially, because you may find it is a much stronger mix. Best of luck.

  34. Jesse Prather

    I don’t have a response but I do have a question, I have shingles and I have been taking mms. I got up to 15 drops three times a day for a week and im not getting the results I thought I would. there are not directions anywhere that tell you what to do if it doesnt work. Can I keep taking it at 15 drops three times a day after my week is over will that affect my body negatively.Hopefully you can help me because I cant find any experts on the subject.

  35. bruno random

    What’s the shelf life for MMS? And the shelf-life for the citric acid crystals and the citric acid solution?

  36. shanti

    Hello Adam
    I’m concerned about using MMS, which I’ve started having heard that a couple (here in Australia) had cancer diagnised whilst using it. I have yet to speak to them about it but I am wondering whether it’s possible that for some people MMS is not suitable despite the good result in others. Some people on your site seem to have increased the drops too quickly. Hence the nausea & stomach cramps. Or if u take it with food, there is less chance of unpleasant side effects.

    I am only taking 3-4 drops and wonder whether I could keep it at a low dose. Maybe I would still get some benefit from it. It was suggested to me by an alternative doctor over here surprisingly.

    1. Dear Shanti,

      If you think that using MMS may have “caused” a person to get cancer then you have a bit more to understand (1) about carcinogenesis, and (2) about MMS and chlorine dioxide. You’ve leaped to concern about MMS usage, relative to cancer on far too little information on the couple, which says nothing at all about its possible effect on you.

      The chlorine dioxide molecule does only one thing: react on, meaning accept up to five electrons from low pH molecule structures that it encounters. It doesn’t embark on “search and destroy” missions to “look for” cancer or parasites, or toxins, or heavy metal deposits. It simply reacts IF it meets something that is in the low pH range, meaning that it is acidic. This range of pH includes anaerobic microorganisms, yeast, mold, fungi, and all things that either happen to be, or contribute to cancer. There is no way that chlorine dioxide “causes” cancerous growth. However, its normal action definitely contributes to the halting of it.

      I don’t know what your doctor’s reason for suggesting MMS was, but please consider doing some research on how it works before assuming that someone else’s *possible* negative experience has anything to do with yours. The FIRST factor in healing is that you are POSITIVE about your own power to heal, and the efficacy of your healing modality. However, YOU are the One True Healer that allows MMS or anything else to work positively and effectively on YOU.

      Best wishes,


  37. Keith

    Dear Phaelospher,

    I saw your video response to the attacks you’re getting on your site. It would be better for you and everyone if you displayed the attacks prominently. They show who you are, and who your attackers are. That obviously you’re a man of quality. And they are.. well.. they are what they are. The attacks not only show who you are quite plainly, but also that what you’re working on is valid.

    But then, you deserve to silence such rhetoric if you feel the need. And I support that. I just wanted you to know what it looks like from the outside. There is no better advertising.

    Hang in there and may God bless,


  38. Staci

    Hi Adam,
    I just happen to come across your blog. Do you have any advice that you can give me on chronic neck pain? I have been suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain , for about 14 years. I have tried everything for it. I recently tried prolozone injections for the pain. I have 3 series of the injections, but the pain is still the same. I try massage,chiropractor,pain management,acupuncture..etc. The problem is aggrivated by my job, but I cant do anything about that. Any advise? Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Staci,

      To really get to the core of your situation may require more introspection. You mention 14 years. The first question might be what happened 14 years ago that stands out… an event or experience that affected you in some way. I would also want to rule out a long-standing hydration problem, which would make me want to know what kind of beverages you drink. It’s not enough that you drink water, there’s a certain type of water you should drink. And most people think that if they drink Diet Coke and Pepsi, or coffee, or any number of a long list of beverages that have water in them, that they’re getting hydrated, when in fact, they are not.

      I am now reading a book titled, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water,” by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. ( This is a must read. Another great book is “How We Heal,” by Douglas W. Morrison ( Water is fundamental to human health, and many of our habits have totally overlooked this critical fact, and in so doing, our hydration status is rarely considered, and worst yet, the deficit is generally aggravated. I would suggest that you look into structured water, which you can do yourself, as well as find devices that will structure water that comes out of your tap. (

      I hope this helps. The answer may sound too simple, yet when we find out that it is that simple, we’ve got to be ready to laugh at the sometimes painful and expensive “hoops” we took ourselves through to get to that realization.

      Best wishes,


  39. John

    Hi Adam
    Just a quick feed back in the interest of fairness in case my earlier negative result’s with MMS put’s anyone off giving it a try…Less than 24 hour’s after i last posted i developed a blurring of my vision and and a pain in my upper gut. Several hour’s later i developed diahrrea and still have it now 3 day’s later though not as intense as in the beginning. The gut pain and blurred vision has cleared up and my eye’s appear to be improving by the day….As for my wife , last night she reported feeling very light headed in a pleasant way as she she had smoked a joint (her word’s) and this morning she also developed diahrrea . It definitely feel’s like MMS is working it’s magic and detoxing our bodies now.

    1. Hey John,

      That’s wonderful news! In describing the healing process, many writers have reported that one tends to feel worse before they get better, as the body progressively retraces its steps from disease (imbalance) back to well-being. Emotional clearings are likely to happen too. It is a testament to you that you maintained an open mind and reserved judgment even while wanting to see results. The fact is that the path we take to restore balance and well-being to the body will be as unique as was our path into imbalance.

      Thank you for the update, and best wishes,


  40. John

    Thank’s Adam , Will try the bath suggestion and see how it goes. Will also check out the other suggestions and link’s. In paticular the info on Serapeptase consuming scar tissue. (never heard of it before now)
    Thank’s again


  41. John

    Thank’s for promt reply Adam. I did post before on this thread on Jan 22. My wife has no health problem’s but wanted to take MMS as a general detox. On the other hand i have ongoing health problem’s for the last fifteen year’s since i accidentally swallowed a glass of ammonia believeing it to be water . The most annoying result of this is recurring scaring at the neck of the bladder which causes a blockage every 3 month’s. Also for some reason the doctor’s don’t seem to be able to explain i have constantly red and inflamed eye lid’s. I also have trouble concentrating and retaining information. I did not suffer from any of these ailment’s before and they are a direct result of ingesting the ammonia. I had some major surgery directly after this accident including the removal of half my stomach. I know this is a one-off kind of health situtation but any help or advise would be most welcome.

    1. I have a couple of suggestions. As far as the MMS is concerned, you might consider taking a bath, activating 20 drops of MMS and soaking for up to 1/2 hour. Submerge as much of your body as you can under the water. This would allow the chlorine dioxide more direct access.

      While it will reduce the amount of pathogens in the body, I don’t know that chlorine dioxide would be effective on scar tissue. That’s what enzymes are for. Serapeptase is one that will consume scar tissue. There are also nutrients that you can take which provide all the amino acids, minerals, and increase enzymatic activity in the body, which allows the body to correct situations like that. Check out Global Light Network. They have Barley Gold and Lignan Gold (flax) products, and Vitalzym, which includes serapeptase.

      I would also suggest that you look into a water structuring unit, which would literally neutralize the chlorine and fluorides in the water, and deliver energy to the cells that would take out any microorganisms that may yet be in your eyes. You can safely rinse with structured water. You can find inline units (under the sink, shower unit, garden, or whole house) at Click the Structured Water link. My next radio show will be on this subject, with the inventor or the product, which goes online tomorrow (February 9).

      Best wishes,


  42. John

    Update …I reached the 15 drop dose of MMS and took it 3 time’s a day for 7 day’s with no result’s or effect’s. I have increases to 20 drop’s 3 time’s a day and notice no difference in my health or well being. Dissappointed to say the least… My wife is also trying it and same negative result’s for her. She is on the 15 drop dose for the last 6 day’s. ..After reading so much positive feedback from other people we find this hard to understand. Any feedback most welcome.

    1. John,

      I reviewed an earlier post of yours, but it did not state what condition you and your wife were working on. It may have been on another thread. Please note that every individual is unique, and because you have yet to see results, doesn’t mean that nothing is being done. I have some suggestions, but would like to hear once again, what you and your wife are addressing. Best wishes,


  43. Paul Serravalle

    I can’t believe so many people are trying to refute something they have never tried, when there are so many people, to testify of good results (Me included, the stuff works) are you mad because it’s cheap, and you’ve spent big money & time on pharmaceuticals that didn’t? Quit trying to debate with childish fallacies, and give somebody the “benefit” of your doubt, we don’t need it.
    I’m a Christian, and run into many nay-sayers who would rather discredit me than examine their own life, or the light of Christ’s life. For some folks truth is hard to swallow, maybe the same thing is going on here.

  44. John

    Hi , i am on MMS at the moment and up to 12 drop’s with no side effect’s . I just came across this article on Hydrogen Peroxide and was struck by how similar it is to MMS. Am i mistaken?

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  46. tony cove

    tony cove
    can you tell me where I can find your info relating directly to mms and fibromyalgia
    thank you

    1. Tony,

      The chlorine dioxide should help reduce the overgrowth of microorganisms that contribute to fibromyalgia. There are several entries in the comments section of this page that speak to these factors, and should be helpful. Use your browser to search for all incidences of the term “fibromyalgia”, and you’ll see. Doing a search on the terms fibromyalgia and MMS will bring up results.

  47. Leilani

    Hi Adam,

    I wonder if you know if MMS has proven effective for anyone in regards to repairing a hernia hiatal? As well as for reducing shortness of breath? I have been on MMS for about 2 week and a half and at one point I had a surge of energy, along side of being sick with a nasty cold and cough that doesn’t want to go away. The cough is so deep that it feels like it is agitating or inflaming the hernia hiatal, which is affecting my ability to breath deeply. Just wondering if you know of any case where MMS has been able to address these particular types of problems. Many thanks, Leilani.

  48. Thanks for the suggestion Rett. Every day without a government conspired “fix” is a day that things get better.

  49. Adam, I hope you can find some time to address this issue.

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  50. Larry

    Found some interesting reading that you and your visitors might enjoy:

    First time I have heard of such therapy.

  51. Adam,

    The pharmaceutical industy is on the verge of pulling a fast one on us. We must mount resisetence right away! Because they could not make an artificial B 6 to do the job effectively they are going after control of the B 6 that has been on the market for years. If we let them get away with this it could have serious consequences.

    Due to new pharmaceutical interest a petition has been made to remove vitamin B6 from the market. This vitamin is a natural component of food. No toxic effect has ever been found even at high dosage and it is already used by many people to ward off caridac disease.

    Removing it from the market to make it presecription is in pharmaceutical company interests only, resulting in a raised price and a visit to a doctor to access.…0000648051908f
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  52. jared

    your 10th amendment rights

  53. jared

    i’m sorry to go of on a tangent with my comments on here but its important to look at the wider picture…

  54. jared


    by Ivan Fraser

    This article was published in the Truth Campaign, Chapter 13, Lifting the Veil

    In the early half of this century the petrochemical giants organised a coup on the medical research establishments, hospitals and universities. The Rockefellers did this by sponsoring research and donating monetary gifts to US universities and medical schools where research was drug based and further extended this policy to foreign medical establishments via their International Education Board. Those who were not drug based were refused funding and were soon dissolved in favour of the more lucrative pharmaceutical-based projects.

    In 1939 the ‘Drug Trust’ alliance was formed by the Rockefeller Empire and I.G. Farben. After the war, I.G. Farben was dismantled but later emerged in the many guises of the companies with whom they had signed cartel agreements. These companies include: Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), Borden, Carnation, General Mills, M.W. Kellogg Co., Nestle, Pet Milk, Squibb and Sons, Bristol Meyers, Whitehall laboratories, Procter and Gamble, Roche, Hoechst and Beyer and Co. (two extant pharmaceutical companies who initially employed convicted war criminals Friedrich Jaehne and Fritz ter Meer as board chairmen). The Rockefeller Empire – in tandem with the Chase Manhattan Bank now owns over half of the USA’s pharmaceutical interests and is the largest drug manufacturing combine in the world. Since the war the drug industry has steadily netted an ever increasing profit from sales of drugs to become the second largest manufacturing industry in the world next to the arms industry (also owned by the self same Elite agencies).

    Today, health care is a multi-billion pound industry world-wide with ever increasing expenditure by taxpayers into the system which funnels the majority of this staggering profit into the hands of the drug manufacturers who are, as we have seen, headed by the major Elite manipulators of this century. These companies now control the vast majority of health care and set the standards for the practice of medicine in all developed countries. Doctors are no longer free to choose the most reliable and safe forms of therapy available but are at the mercy of their financial reliance on sponsoring (frequently bribing) drug companies. Once out of drug-company sponsored medical school, doctors embark on a career of increasing workloads and have ever increasing amounts of new pharmaceutical products to use and understand. The sheer volume of literature which a GP will receive from drug sales reps has resulted in the present situation whereby GPs are poorly educated about the chemicals which they are giving to their patients and are essentially gleaning most of their post-graduate training from the salesmen of private business. The moral implications of this are staggering.

    The number of available drug preparations is now well in excess of 200,000. In 1980, the World Health organisation advised that a mere 240 drugs are necessary in order to provide good health care in the Third World (which should be more than adequate for First World needs considering we are a significantly healthier proportion of the population) whilst in 1981 the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation stated that a mere 26 of these are considered ‘indispensables’. Most of the many drugs which are now available are known as ‘me-too’ drugs, i.e. recombinations and exact reproductions of drugs already available but which are irresistible to other companies who wish to share in their market. For example, the standard analgesics Paracetamol and Aspirin come in a multitude of forms under a variety of different brand names and yet these products can vary in price to a factor of ten or more times for the exact same formula depending on brand type chosen. Often the consumer erroneously presumes that increased price is equivalent to increased quality in this case and are entirely unaware that the drugs they are buying and those which they are rejecting are identical. Doctors are also often guilty of prescribing drugs by trade name and thus netting greater profits for the favoured company whilst cheaper versions are available to the unwary consumer/patient. Usually, before handing in a prescription it pays to consult the attending pharmacist if there is an equivalent and cheaper drug available. This can save some chronic drug users hundreds of pounds per year.

    Pharmaceutical companies rely upon ill health in the population to survive and reap their profits. No drug company has a vested interest in curing disease. They do, however, have a massive vested interest in maintaining ill-health, creating disease and manufacturing chemicals which will promote this under the guise of ‘therapy’ for the symptoms – rarely ever the cause – of disease. Dr John Braithwaite, now a Trade Practices Commissioner, in his expose, Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry, states:
    ‘International bribery and corruption, fraud in the testing of drugs, criminal negligence in the unsafe manufacturing of drugs – the pharmaceutical industry has a worse record of law-breaking than any other industry.’

    In the US in 1978 1.5 million people were hospitalised because of medication side-effects alone. In 1991 in the US, 72,000 people were killed due to iatrogenic – that is doctor-induced – causes whilst 24,073 died of victims of firearms shootings, which makes doctors nearly three times more lethal than guns! This has serious implications for other countries including Britain because the US are the foremost pioneers in the health care field and what occurs in health care in the US is usually implemented in Britain a decade later.

    The drugs industry has managed to sell to the majority of the world the idea that disease is largely an inevitable part of life, especially during the later years. Through its front-line representatives – the medical system – it has effectively reduced the range of choices of health care to which the public has access. Through funding and educational control it has seen to it that natural forms of treatment are largely ignored and grossly under-researched. Those organisations which do reveal the true causes of disease and promote effective forms of disease prevention, such as nutritional medicine, healing and naturopathy are regularly attacked in the mass media and publicly labelled as quacks by pharmaceutically-sponsored de-bunking organisations such as the Campaign Against Health Fraud, now called Healthwatch.

    They have also sold to us the idea that natural remedies and cures which have been successfully employed for centuries are ‘alternatives’ and to be treated with great scepticism and caution. Frequently, we are told of how one or two people have been injured or killed through the misapplication of a herbal remedy by dubious alternative practitioners but are not told at the same time of the thousands who are damaged by the conventional drugs which are handed out like sweets by our doctors.

    During their initiation into the Western medical tradition most of our young doctors are repeatedly informed by their superiors that therapies which are alternative to classic western medicine are fraudulent and quackish. They are told that there is no scientific evidence to support any of the claims of psychic healing, crystal therapy, colour therapy and the like and the whole area is dismissed with a superior grin and a wave of the hand. A mountain of study is then hurled at the junior doctors, on top of an already inhumane workload of practical hours, to be spent absorbing the biased views of their forebears. A junior doctor has not even enough time to explore the realms of stress-free relaxation never mind alternative thought and therapies. Much the same methods are used by certain religious organisations to indoctrinate the minds of their followers into a single belief system. The key tactics, to which most doctors will relate, are: maintenance of sleep deprivation so as to minimise resistance to teachings, isolation from the outside world until one is literally eating, breathing and sleeping the set doctrine of the cult, and maintenance of a fear of failure to conform through almost unachievably high level goal setting; often via frequent examinations.

    I believe that western medicine is as much a dogmatic cult as popular Christianity or the Moonies. It breeds its young on dogma to the exclusion of free will and reasoned thought in order to perpetuate itself. It is controlled by instilling into its members the fear of failure and it thrives by exploiting the initial motivation of its members, which is love and a desire to help and heal others.

    At the apex of the pyramid of medicine lie the controllers; not doctors, but the multinational pharmaceutical companies who exist, not for the benefit of others, but for the desire for money and power. And behind them lies the sinister organisation of global secret societies headed by the Illuminati.

    It is through this subtle mind control that the System maintains itself. Veiled in secrecy and fuelled by fear, the monster machine controls every aspect of our lives. The medical system is an integral part, but nevertheless only one aspect, of the overall design which seeks power and neither cares how this power is achieved, nor how many individuals are destroyed in the process.

    As an example of the fraud perpetuated by the pharmaceutical companies, the next section will take a close look at the AIDS scandal, which illuminates how these companies have infiltrated every area of the healthcare system are willing to endanger people, allowing them to be killed, for profit via the industry’s tool of corruption and front organisation, our own medical system:

  55. heres a bit of the story fyi.


    “America’s largest and most ruthless industrial combine, the Rockefeller Empire (which was built on Standard Oil Company) in the early part of this century became interested in the drug trade after making breath-taking profits from palming off bottled petroleum called Nujol as a supposed cure for cancer and later constipation.

    “In 1939 the Drug Trust was formed by an alliance of the world’s two greatest cartels in world history – the Rockefeller Empire and the German chemical company I.G. Farbenindustrie (IG Farben). Drug profits from that time onwards curved upwards into gigantic proportions and by 1948 it became a 10-billion-dollar-a-year industry.

    “IG Farben’s unsavory past is highlighted by the fact that during the Second World War it built and operated a massive chemical plant at Auschwitz using slave labour. Approximately 300,000 concentration-camp workers passed through IG Farben’s facilities at Auschwitz and at least 25,000 of them were worked to death.

    “Also, others were brutally killed in IG Farben’s drug testing programs. Twelve of IG Farben’s top executives were sentenced to terms of imprisonment for slavery and mistreatment offences at the Nuremberg war crime trials.

    “Hoechst and Bayer, the largest and third largest companies in world pharmaceutical sales respectively, are descended from IG Farben. In September 1955, Hoechst appointed Friedrich Jaehne, a convicted war criminal from the Nuremberg trials, as chairman of its supervisory board. Also, a year later, Bayer appointed Fitz ter Meer, another convicted war criminal, as chairman of its board.” – How the Chemical Companies Came to Control the Media and the People

    “In a letter to Roosevelt from Berlin in the early ‘thirties, the US Ambassador in Germany, William Dodd, said:

    “‘At the present moment, more than a hundred American corporations have subsidiaries here or cooperative understandings. The DuPonts have their allies in Germany that are aiding in the armament business. Their chief ally is the IG Farben Company, a part of the government which gives 200,000 marks a year to one propaganda organization operating on American opinion’.”

    “Throughout the entire second World War conflict, not one bomb fell on the IG Farben headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, allegedly as a consequence of Allied orders. In 1938, IG Farben borrowed 500 tons of tetra-ethyl lead, the gasoline additive, from Standard Oil. During 1939, the year Germany invaded Austria and Poland, the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey loaned IG Farben US$20,000,000 worth of high-grade gasoline.

    “In 1939 the American Aluminium Company (Alcoa), then probably the world’s largest producer of sodium fluoride, transferred its technology to Germany (the Alted Agreement). The Dow Chemical Company transmitted its experience and technology in that same period. Germany’s two largest tank manufacturers were Opel, a subsidiary of General Motors (J.P. Morgan), and the German subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company.

    “Even with the purchase of oil from non-German sources, the major supplier of oil was still the Farben cartel…

    “So, in 1941 when cylinders of Zyklon B, the deadly cyanide-based extermination gas made by I.G. Farben, were lethally unvalved on inmates of Auschwitz, Bitterfeld, Walfen, Hoechst, Agfa, Ludwigshafen and Buchenwald, there were more than substantial links between huge American technology and German manufacturers.” – Fluoridation: Mind Control of the Masses, by Ian E. Stephens

    The Bush’s “firm originally was known as W.A Harriman & Co. The link between Harriman & Co’s American investors and Thyssen started in the 1920’s, through the Union Banking Corp.” The Union Banking president was George Herbert Walker.

    As “Walker made Prescott vice president of W.A. Harriman… Union Banking became an out-and-out Nazi money-laundering machine.”

    “Some… say that Bush specialized in British investors in Nazi Germany, while Walker handled the Americans… Harriman & Co. merged with a British-American investment company to become Brown Brothers, Harriman. Prescott Bush become one of the senior partners of the new company… in 1934 Walker arranged to put his son-in-law on the board of directors of Union Banking.”

    The Bush family deception continues as “Walker also set up a deal to take over the North American operations of the Hamburg-Amerika Line, a cover for IG Farben’s Nazi espionage unit in the United States. The shipping line smuggled in German agents, propaganda, and money for bribing American politicians to see things Hitler’s way.

    “The holding company was Walker’s American Shipping & Commerce, which shared offices… with Union Banking. In an elaborate corporate paper trail, Harriman’s stock in American Shipping & Commerce was controlled by yet another holding company, the Harriman Fifteen Corp., run out of Walker’s office. The directors of this company were Averill Harriman, Bert Walker, and Prescott Bush.” – The Secret War Against the Jews, pp. 358-359

    “Before 1932, the Nazis had conducted a vicious propaganda campaign against IG Farben ‘as an exploitative tool’ of ‘money-mighty Jews’. In June 1932 two IG Farben officials met secretly with Hitler at his home in Munich to try to end the campaign.

    “A deal was struck: In return for election donations, Hitler halted the campaign and promised to keep tariff protection after he won power. A sigh of relief went up at the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, which stood to lose millions if Hitler kept his world and dismantled its partner.

    “Following Hitler’s triumph and consolidation, IG Farben led the way among the German corporate world, adapting itself to the Nazi ideology and purging itself of ‘undesirable (i.e. Jewish) elements. ‘By 1937-38 it was no longer an independent company but rather an industrial arm of the German state, and fully Nazified’. Allen Dulles was pleased. With clients like IG Farben, there were megaprofits to be made all around…” – The Secret War Against the Jews, pp. 58-59

    Our goal is to expose all aspects of Globalization. The story of IG Farben and its link with the Rockefellers and other New World Order bankers is important knowledge.

    Today’s 21st century threat of a totalitarian Global Community comes from allowing international bankers and industrialists to control our monetary system. Our money and banking is the key to the New World Order. More education on this is available at Federal Reserve banking history and Money Creation.

    Once you understand that the elite cabal funds its Global Community through illegal taxation and fraudulent debt creation, you can begin to see that one solution is to go after that funding. By blindly buying into Federal taxes and a mountain of debt, Americans are unwittingly funding the elite and their totalitarian plans. It doesn’t have to be this way. If the people are educated on the fraud, the fraud falls apart.

  56. i just want to say that the last two posts are excellent and highlight the fact that our own governments (i’m in New Zealand) are proactivly denying its citizens proper health care and have progressivly become parasitic to the wider population its up to every indivdual to choose freedom otherwise we are cursed to repeat history and at no other time in history have we had the oppotunity to come together as one people for the people by the people and demand our governments stop killing our woman children and make a stand , its time to make thegovernments of the world understand they serve us and not corporate interests and that they should fear us if they go down the slippry slope of there CFR overlords wishes who if you take the time to read have orchestrated this edict as far back as 1913 when they brought in the privately owned federal reserve bank in america to control us with money and supported the nazi war machine with supply of wrought iron and other essentials for war “read about the dulles brothers and there conections” and the picture becomes apparent also the eradication of oxygen treatments read the book flood your body with oxygen by ed mccabe it explains alot of the criminal attincs of the ama and fda’s criminal history. this is more than just a question of peoples health its matter of our freedom and our health is the frount line is this what your ancestors fought and die for just to have an insidious underground version of a fasict elite in the form of the corporate run capitalist government.

  57. Ananda

    same mms arguments going on on the web and curezone since i left the debates 2 or 3 months ago—and the same old thing is still going on— what a shame.

    it is amzingly sad what people are saying about eachother —so sad
    personally, i do not feel that biosafe bruce or humble are deliberately trying to deceive anyone. i think they are both convinced of their point—they both REALLY beleive that what they know is the right position. they both feel they are trying to help others from sickness or dying.they both believe they are doing the right thing.

    bruce is saying do not take mms or you will get poisoned and/ or die

    and jim humble is saying take mms so you will not be sick or die from disease.

    –kinda odd, isnt it?…

    i truly feel both are trying to help and save others from the way they see chlorine dioxide.

    i will not pick sides and argue— but i do have my own view b/c of my personal experience with chlorine dioxide — —for me, mms has given me my health back to a degree that i can take care of my children in a way i have not been able to in years!!! — i have never had anything work this well in such a short period of time. so for me, mms is a great gift and blessing to my entire family.

    i find it very sad to think that this kind of gift can be taken away from some other family with a sick mother –( someone else with a situation like me) with mms being reported to officials, and trying to stop it, etc. that would just be sad . so i am grateful i found it when i did.

    i did not get sicker, i got better!

    also, i have not had a herpes break out since jan. 08– almost 4 months– where before i had 2 or 3 breakouts a month! and this cannot be a placebo! mms did that for me (and my husband)!!

    i am indebted to jim humble for my new found health. he could have charged me 100,000 dollars for that bottle of mms— you cannot put a price tag on freedom from herpes and freedom from debilitating fatigue—

    so i actually hope jim humble is getting some monetary gain from sharing his experience with mms! why shouldnt he? i am indebted to him for without his book and the mms i would still be fighting with herpes and debilitating fatigue!

    i am so greatful i found mms. if i didnt take mms myself, i would be very confused about it after reading everything on the web (both pro and con) — i probably would have been scared away from trying it too. so i am very glad i started it before all this craziness.

    so in summary, if there is one thing i cannot argue with, it is my own direct experience.


  58. Wm. Bradford

    As a secondary medical (health) researcher for the past 30 years, it took me 12 years to realize that the medical profession and the health insurance companies in this country are not in the business of health and wellness. They are in the business of treatment and income stream generation.

    Follow the money trail, which is driven by Big Pharma. I started this journey because I came down with what was later diagnosed as MS. My life style changes and not the medical profession enabled my body to heal itself. It was not spontaneous remission. If I would have listened to the Doctors, I would more than likely have been dead years ago.

    Jim Hubbles discovery will never be adopted openly or endorsed by the AMA because it is effective, inexpensive, and can be self administered. The FDA along with their bed fellows in Big Pharma will send shills in with disparaging comments and remarks, will lie, distort, and use the power of the federal government and the press to shut down this movement. They will bribe legislators to pass legislation to stop it and to keep it out of the hands of the public. I have seen this happen on several different health issues in the past 30 years.

    I have seen the FDA deliberately set up studies that were designed to fail, but not to test the effectiveness of a protocol or substance. Their purpose was just to shut down its use and keep Big Pharma in the bucks. Most of the negative feedback you will get will be from “plants”, or just the plain brain dead or the brainwashed ignorant and are usually not worth the effort to respond to.

    Keep up the spreading of the word. This is the greatest breakthrough in the healing field I have seen since I started studying wellness in 76.


    The sad part is, and you have eluded to it, basically health is a choice. Each one has to choose how they treat their body and whether they will choose to abuse it or care for it. That choice becomes harder as big government and business continue to make choices that are harmful to the population in general of this country. Health is a LONG TERM personal choice and not a quick fix.

    Yes, people come down with disorders, but these are invariably a result of choices they have made, or at least 85% + of what we have labeled diseases are an end result of our choices. To have healing, wellness and health, and keep it, one must make deliberate life style changes, something about 90% of the population is not willing to do. This is sad but has proven itself true in my experience of helping people in the last 30 years. The average health problem today in this country is caused by a “hand to mouth” problem as well as life style choices. Most make excuses for their condition but refuse to change the pattern that caused the problem.

    I could go on for days. Just keep spreading the word. The internet seems to be the best way to get the truth out. In this day and age, the government appears to be the biggest roadblock to getting out the truth.


  59. Hi John,

    I’ve not seen, heard, or read anything about that myself, which doesn’t mean it hasn’t, or isn’t happening. I have heard many accounts of cancerous conditions going into remission as a result of this form of water purification. In my most recently conversation with him, Jim Humble mentioned that he’s received news of great results from people doing enemas with activated MMS. I don’t recall if he gave any specifics with regard to drops, but you can listen to the podcast at the link below:

    Best wishes,


  60. John Richardson

    Hi Adam

    Have you had any reports of mms being effective against cancer of the bowel. I have a just started taking mms for a malignant growth in the bowel. I have to make some choices about treatments,other peoples experiences would be helpful and greatly appreciated

    Thanks John

  61. k

    Or Bruce, what are your suggestions? There has to be some middle ground to Clo2. Hopefully we as human beings can come together and figure it out!!!

  62. Bruce

    Hi Adam, hope your well?
    I am keenly awaiting your response to “k”, you know my opinion. For your interest I was talking to my cancer hematologist about this subject, when I told him the facts on recirculating water systems that I treat building up Clo2 in dead legs he had real concerns about weak arteries swelling or even bursting.

  63. k

    Adam, do you know where I can find the protocols to use mms intraveniously. Drips, activator per weight? And the amount per ml of solution? Thanks!!!

  64. Sharon

    I want to add that I am slightly nauseous only and headachy and still dizzy after approx. 12 hours. I am afraid to take it now because of work but I may have breast cancer so I need to continue….please help with any comments.

  65. Sharon

    I have just started using the MMS and gradually over 5 days worked up to 6 drops. I am using it twice a day and the first time last night I used 6 drops I woke up a couple hours later with extreme dizziness, deep chills and weakness and the feeling was as if I was poisoned. I have never heard anything regarding dizziness or chills or headache, but this is so extreme that I couldn’t go to work. Can you confirm this is ok?

  66. Ruth

    I just started using MMS three days ago, and did one drop the first day, 2 drops the second, and 3 drops today. I am only doing to once a day, although I recall seeing somewhere that I should do this twice a day. A friend recommended this when I was trying to get over a really bad cold. And then when I read some of the info I was intrigued about maybe getting rid of my Candida, which I am sure I have given my eating patterns over way too many years.

    I felt fine this morning (I took it about 7AM) but for the past couple of hours, I have felt awful: queasy and a bit of a headache, cold, etc. I am assuming that this in reaction to my doing 3 drops, and I just want this feeling to go away!

    Any suggestions from anyone?


  67. I have been helping promote this site here in new zealand also have come across an “observational study” being done here there website is
    If you would like it the 12 page document to participate in this it would be appreciated send me an email and i can send it to you or request it from the above website moderator. maybe we can do this in every country we all need to submit these to one central source then there are copies.

  68. dar

    New to MMS. Realize from your answers it is best to take MMS on an empty stomach. In dosing the spouse it is hard to find him totally empty. If he is given a larger dose does that overcome not being empty? Some “patients” are difficult regardless. Most interested in your new book on magnesium. Have been researching minerals and they are so amazing and so totally ignored. Recent book I bought is “Minerals for the Genetic Code” by Charles Walters and it covers all minerals and functions in the body and how most drugs interfere with mineral usage etc.

  69. Achim

    I am in process of taking MMS for Dermatomyositis, an autoimmune desease. I am in the 3rd week at 15 drops evening and moring, 11 drops lunch. Inflamation has gotten worse!

    Any autoimmune experice and feedback is so much appreciated.


  70. Frits,

    I have spoken to people who are using MMS to address their HIV status, with beneficial results. Underlying all our disease pathologies is toxicity, due in part to the lack of enough oxygen actually reaching the cells. This creates an acidic internal environment. MMS/chlorine dioxide reduces the toxins (or toxin producers) in the body by way of oxidation. It’s the method that makes it effective against bacteria and viruses of all kinds. It’s worth investigating and understanding.

  71. Larry,

    THANK YOU for sharing the details of your journey with us! WAY TO GO!

    Best wishes,


  72. Larry

    This is a follow-up on my progess with taking MMS. Just a refresher:

    I started taking MMS for Eczema. So far I don’t see any change. I started with 1 drop and have progressed to 12.

    Two days ago I woke up with a scratchy throat which is a great indicator for me that some sickness is on the horizon (usually the following day).

    The thing that baffled me was that I took 10 drops the night before.

    The night with the scratchy throat was 11 ‘drop’ night. I figured this was a great test for MMS.

    Well, I woke up at 7am and was as sick as I’ve ever been. I called a drug store and they indicated, because of my symptoms, that I more than likely have the flu, and should get to a doctor so they can prescribe me with Tamiflu (sp?). She said as long as I get this pill into my body within 24 hours, I should rid myself of the flu within 48 hours. She said without the medication I should expect to have it for 1-3 weeks, and shared the horrible detail that people are dying from this strain of the flu. Well, to me, this was a great way to test MMS.

    By 2pm yesterday, I had a very high fever with sore lungs and throat that could have made superman drop to his knees, and a cough that was dry and painful.

    At that poing I decided to put caution aside and take 12 drops and head for my pillow. I woke up at 7pm with the exact same symtoms. I was beginning to become very skeptical of MMS.

    At 10pm last night I was very close to going to the emergency room because of the fever, but I did notice one change; I was coughing up some of the conjestion and my throat wasn’t sore.

    I decided to give MMS one more chance, so I took 12 drops and hit the sheets.

    I woke up at 5am this morning swimming in a pool of sweat. I changed my shirt and grabbed a towel to cover the massive wet area.

    When I get up at 7am, I was absolutely amazed. I had no symptoms left except for a very minor sporatic cough which produced a little conjestion.

    Right now it is 12:40pm and I feel like myself again. I will take 13 drops today to make sure everything is out of me and more than likely take more before bed tonight.

    Sorry for the length, but I just had to share the details.

    Good luck to everyone else who has ventured into the MMS world.

  73. Bruce Crighton

    Hi Adam, could you contact me URGENTLY please.
    It realy could be a matter of life or death.
    And I believe you could help.

    Bruce Crighton
    07 3358 0860

  74. phiippe

    Hi from France,

    Adam can you answer me?…

    I have bought 2nd Jim’s book to be able to make MMS in my kitchen. Could you please tell me what kind of ounces and quarts you use in order that I can convert them in grams and/or ml ?

    Thank you

  75. philipps

    Hi from France Adam and all 🙂

    I have bought MMS part 2 book. In the chapter “how to make MMS in your kitchen” can someone help me to convert the unities in french :

    Ounces (uk, or US?), for instance what is the equivalent for 12,6 ounces ?…

    Quarts (UK, US — dry or liquid?) for instance what is the equivalent for 1 quart?…

    Thank you 🙂

  76. frits

    Hi Adam,

    What can you tell me about treatment with MMS of a person who is HIV positive ?

    Best Regards

  77. jared

    just a quick reminder the govt and military are made up of people with fathers mothers daughter ect they need to look into ther own heart of hearts and wake up to the reality that is obvious if we open our hearts and minds.
    No one knows this but the vietnam war was’nt “stopped” because of the media coverage of the “tet offensive” and the public dissent about the war theres alway dissent from public about war.
    It apprently was from “fraging” in other words soldiers fire on and killing there commanding officers because they we being forced to carry out commands that were unacceptable like killing civilians and other horrific stuff.
    this has also been happening in iraq.
    authorities need to reliase they are only as good as “the people” who carry out there dutys there first duty is to “the people” not the govt dont forget that if anyone has a problem with this ethical truth then i suggest you read Platos symposium on on the question “should you obey an injust law?” lets also spread the word to people in the forces and postions of authority they have a right to know as they have family too…

  78. jared

    I have just sent a email to
    asking them to do an interview with yourselves about mms
    i have come across this video
    it explains brilliantly the atlas profilax treatment that i strongly recomend looking at which is on the consciousmedianetwork.
    I did a report on to it shows a search on related media on internet from the report i deducted that its sole purpose was to discredit mms as all the references are related to mms only it was published back 2005.
    i think that people generallly speaking people are more consiouos now and able to see thru the smoke screens put up by a desperate establishment you carnt stop the truth for ever i am behind this 100 percent and have been spreading the word its just like the 12 monkeys once we have a saturation of this knowlege spread like a web of light around the globe we carnt lose because this new breakthru is perfectly positioned to meet the new climate of opptimism in the world carried by millions of disillioned people who are sick of the govt and other enitys lieing and manipulating them the mainstream media never report this but its true people are ready for a paradigm shift and we the people of earth are ready to take our power back in the form a responsible desion making (self sovreignty)
    mms will be succeful in curing the peoples of the world diseased inner ecology (you so eloquently put it) by the peoples choice in trust with there own inner knowing/power we have the choice.

    “Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead

  79. Meg

    Thanks, Adam.

    I have ammended my post at my wordpress blog so my readers know where to order the DVD about MMS.

    Thank-you for all your hard work. I think this is the most important new Health Tool in our hands for a long time, and it is imperative to protect our access to it. As more and more people know about it, that will be our best insurance to keep it available for all, and at a reasonable price.

    I will keep you posted on any feed-back from my readers, and document my progress the best I can, once I start the protocol, hopefully in the coming months.

    Best to all — Em

  80. Em,

    The documentary, Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble DVD can be ofered at:

    The introductory pricing is $19.95 vs. the actual retail price of $29.95.

    I’d look at your questions and address them in a post.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts.



  81. Jan,

    Even if the government doesn’t jump on the bandwagon with respect to being supportive of the internal use of MMS, it’s important that WE THE PEOPLE don’t allow any government agency to interfere with our right and responsibility to police and cleanse our own body chemistry. The FDA has issues with any product that claims to “cure” various diseases, which MMS does NOT do. MMS does safely disinfect water. Our body is 70% comprised of water, and anyone who is experiencing anything but optimum health also has contaminated internal waters. Since medicine does not address this issue, then we must. Let no one interfere with this personal responsibility and right.



  82. Jared,

    Powerful truths, my friend. “We the People” is indeed a human term, that applies to all. Best wishes.


  83. Larry,

    Thank you for the links. It was flagged by the system for moderation and did not post automatically.

  84. larry

    I posted some good information here today and it was removed. Any idea why?

    This is one of them (Malaria Solution Foundation).

    There are 3 letters to read just below their logo

  85. Jared

    has anyone ever considered that just because the govt and drug companies can make alot of money selling drugs/allopathic treatments for symptoms of selfperpetuated disease from pollution/toxicity, that becuase they have so much money already and by simply reinvesting there huge capitals in other investments its not there sole purpose and there could be another ulterior motive? like population control.

  86. Jared

    We here in nz have awebsite that has just been started for distribution of MMS by coincedence it appeared after putting liks to jim’s miracle mineral website on a number of local portals i have now been taking mms for over 1 week and going thru pretty heavy detox diaoreha ect and got my mum on it who has diabetes its working well for her i’m so happy i carnt explain how long and how much i have been wanting something like mms i have been reading up on all the history about alternative medicine (royal rife,harry hoxley, essiac,tesalar ect)and the incredably blatant corruption shown by multiple govt apparatus and the medical establishment in all countries.
    We the people is not just an American term its alll there ever has been “the people” the govt serves us.
    We as loving,powerful,co-creators must make our stand now and its in the form of healing one another breaking down the barriers of false belief about medicine, if we are always waiting for some one else to tell us what is ok to believe or not believe then we forfeit our self sovreingty and buy into the lie of separatness.
    Power to you Abraham for taking the guantlet up and making the intiative …Respect and love jared

  87. Larry

    Today I found the following:

    The following link is a bit tricky. The page will change to an ad. You need to let it load for a second or two and then press the stop botton for your browser.

  88. Larry

    Thanks for taking the time to respond and offer information.

    I understand the financial pitfuls for the drug companies and others, but it’s difficult for me to imagine that someone, somewhere, wouldn’t mention that nearly 100,000 people were cured or relieved of symtoms.

    Remember, he said the government was involved with the AIDS cure in prisons. Hard to believe someone wouldn’t open their mouth to share such a great story.

    I am taking MMS for Eczema, even though I haven’t read that it cures or relieves the symtoms. This is where I am at this point:

    First Night – Took 1 drop and felt about 5 minutes of nausea the next day.

    Second Night – I decided to try 3 drops. Oops, what a mistake that was. I woke up with the worst hangover feeling ever; blinding headache, terrible nausea that eventually led to vomiting, and I was in bed from 10pm until 4:30pm the next day.

    Third Night – 1 drop and again felt a little nausea.

    Fourth Night – Tried 2 drops. It felt like the residual effects of a hangover.

    Fifth Night – Again, 2 drops. Didn’t feel as ‘fuzzy’ headed or tired, but still flet a little like how you feel after a hangover.

    So far I haven’t seen an improvement in my Eczema, but I will continue with 2 drops until I don’t have any sick feeling and then I’ll add another drop.

    Again, anyone reading this… it would be great if everyone would get involved in searching for documentation.

  89. Jan

    This probably won’t help you much in the documentation department but…

    Jim Humble’s malaria cure was mentioned in the journal, “Trends in Parasitology”.

    You can read more about that by clicking on the links bellow.

    You can read more about the journal, “Trends in Parasitology” on the link bellow.

    From the poster Larry, I quote, “Most of the government sites and newspapers are covering AIDS/HIV extensively, but are not mentioning one word about MMS or Sodium Clorite.”

    Well, it is my belief that even if the government knew that the MMS would cure people of AIDS and Malaria they still would not immediately let the public know.

    Why do I believe that?

    Because there is more money in treating the symptoms of a disease than if you were to be completely cured from your disease by a very cheap unpatentable compound.

    A “Cured”, healthy person has a lesser need for drugs, hospitals and medical doctors. So curing people of diseases with an unpatentable cheap compound would lead to a profit loss for certain people.

    Even newspapers, politicians and TV stations would loose money because the drug companies would no longer pay the TV stations or newspapers/magazines advertising dollars to advertise their latest patented drug that treats symptoms.

    And politicians would also loose alot of that corporate lobbying money also. So some of the government officials would suffer if a cheap cure was found for a particular disease.

    So,there is very little money that can be made at curing people of a disease but there is alot of money to be made at treating the symptoms.

    The links bellow are somewhat off the subject but the author of the article on the links bellow makes some good poins about why the medical community will never find a cure for cancer. Which can also explain why the allopathic based medical community will never find a cure for AIDS.

    The links bellow will take you to studies regarding the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide gas at preventing the flu.

    It is highly unlikely that you will read about this in the newspaper or hear it mentioned on the news and you most certainly won’t hear it from your doctor.

    Why? Chlorine dioxide is potentially a cheap preventative for the flu and cheap cures are not nearly as profitable as treating symptoms with various expensive drug combinations.

    So I wouldn’t look for the government to jump on the MMS bandwagon EVEN if they knew that it would cure you of every known disease and health condition under the sun.

    There is just to much money and power at stake.

    So, to make alot money from of human diseases, don’t ever cure a disease instead treat the symptoms of that disease.

  90. Larry

    Can anyone show me actual documentation, other than from Jim, that shows the government was involved in the clinical trials? What about any news source from Africa? I’ve been exploring every news source I can find, including government sites, without any success. Most of the government sites and newspapers are covering AIDS/HIV extensively, but are not mentioning one word about MMS or Sodium Clorite.

    As a side note, I am taking MMS after reading so much good stuff, but I would really like to see documentation from any government source.


  91. em

    Hi Adam,

    I am excited about your mutual project with Jim Humble to produce a DVD about MMS, and yet on your current posts, I have not yet seen where to order the DVD.

    ___ Can you please specify the introductory price you are keeping through February 2008, and where to order the DVD?

    ___ Have I missed a newsletter, email list or something?

    Thank you for your good work. Please thank Jim, too, and the doctors in Mexico (both American and Mexican) who have given us hope that other medicos, world-wide, will “listen” because a few were helpful, open-minded in the beginning and they will “make the difference” for getting MMS before the people, because it works.

    ___ Meanwhile, I am intending to do a light detox protocol before starting any MMS, and wondered if you can relate any caveats, concerns, experiences for diabetics, specifically.

    ___ I am also a little confused about the various answers given about medicated and non-medicated heart stents and mercury “silver” fillings, as to whether MMS would be contraindicated if those are already in someone’s body.

    ___ And, I have not seen anything with any of the MMS front-runner doctors mentioning any medication limiting use of MMS, but as I am mentioning MMS to my readers, I want to be sure I have not missed anything. What can you tell us about this?

    Thanks, again, Adam. You can contact me also at my blog:

    With Kind Regards,

  92. michelle corey

    Dear Adam,

    Thank you so much for your response!

    Unfortunately because my condition is an autoimmune one, I’m not a candidate for iodine. The reason my thyroid does not effectively produce T4 and T3 is because my immune system is attacking it. I was exposed to high levels of Chlorhexidine among other toxins as a dental hygienist and it triggered an auto-immune response – the target organ is my thyroid.

    I’ve been feeling pretty good with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (T3) as well as a hormone free, pesticide free and wheat free diet. I also don’t have any chemicals in my home.

    I would love to be able to try MMS (because it sounds so good) but I’m worried about Dioxins since I’m already highly reactive to this class of chemicals, as are most folks with auto-immune disease.

    If you come across any information in the future, or if you can think of a resourse for me I’d greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you so much again!


    Michelle Corey

  93. Francisco

    I need to know if MMS could be used in enemas as it comes in the bottle or if needs to be activated.

  94. Michelle,

    I don’t know what to say. I do not, and cannot give out medical advice. In my opinion, the medications are a bigger problem to you than the MMS would be.

    For example, seems like iodine would naturally achieve the same results that the Levoxyl is trying to do. I’ve recently heard of “nascent” iodine that is worth taking a close look at.

    As for the MMS, it will address your body’s toxicity problem by removing (oxidizing) acidic material, organic and inorganic, that’s inside. It’s harmless to everything that is in resonance with the natural health of your body.

    We should be more concerned about the unhealthy stuff that we are prescribed (and accept) which we hope will improve our health, but rarely do.

    Yet, if and when the body does get better, we give credit to the alien drug, rather than understand that it was the body healed itself, especially when we removed toxicity that damaged it.

    This probably wasn’t a definitive response, but most likely the best I’m going to be able to give.

    Best wishes to you.


  95. Jan,

    Thank you for the links!

  96. Buddita & Wayne,

    Thank you for your kind and generous support. I believe the documentary will put to rest that niggling perception that MMS may simply be voodoo science. It’s simple, straight forward chemistry. It’s the application that is so threatening to the status quo… that human beings would become aware of their need to disinfect their own body chemistry. When we see what a simple toxicity reduction does to our health, how will we ever again place any real credibility in symptomatic diseases?

    It will be a pleasure to share the same space/time with you one day.

  97. Jared,

    Best wishes on your efforts. You can find MMS threads in a number of user forums, such as and probably has links to many more that I’m not yet aware of.

    I’ve heard mention of several initiatives in Africa, where the need is great, awareness of the need is even greater, and amount available to meet the need is never enough.

    I don’t know any of the particulars thought.

  98. michelle corey

    Dear Dr. Adam:

    I have recently been introduced to MMS by Ana Easter, RN, D.O. in Taos New Mexico. She is taking MMS and prescribing it to her patients. I want to try it but I have an auto immune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. We were both wondering if there are any known contraindications to taking this supplement with Thyroid meds; Levoxyl and compounded T3, or if it effects thyroid function negatively.

    Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.


    Michelle Corey

  99. Dear Adam:

    MMS Interview

    Some nights ago, we listened with interest to your “Talk For Food” interview with Australian expert on industrial sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide applications, Mr Bruce Crighton.

    It was very interesting to get an industrialist’s view of MMS. However, we were ecstatic at the marvelous way you handled the interview.

    As probably the world’s foremost proponent of MMS (outside of Jim Humble himself), you stayed in your POWER and met all of the comments thrown at you by Bruce with immaculate clarity and truth about what MMS is, what it does, and why it is the miracle healing solution for 21st century humanity.

    For this, we and all other MMS users and disease sufferers throughout the world are eternally grateful.

    We look forward to receiving your new DVD in early February and would like to meet up on our next trip to the US.

    Light, Love & Truth
    Buddita & Wayne

  100. Jan


    I wonder if Jim Humble is aware about this place that is selling apparel with half of his name on it?

  101. jared white

    Also i was wanting to know if anyone has heard about the advancment of the campaign in africa and if theres some sort of co-op community to help on the ground.

  102. jared white

    you have a great website here I really respect whats happening here, I came across mms via a friend of a friend in california I had just finishe dreading the book “Flood your body with oxygen” by Ed McCabe and was wanting to do Ozone Iv’s to detox my body i had been staying with my friend here in New Zealand out in the country I have been helping him with a natural immunostimulant called in the Maori language “Manuka” oil it has aprofound effect on cancer and other disease with active ingedient being Ellagic acid and Tri Ketones.
    He was speaking with a freind who had studied healing in a monastry for 5 years and I quickly sung out “do you know about Oxygen therapies?”
    I spoke with him and he put me on to mms.
    In new zealand i have linked the site to a number of directories there was no reference to it anywhere on our local web no one distributes it here but i will be getting some thru my friend in california.
    I wanted to find testomonials about mms and diabetes can anyone help.
    regards Jared

  103. Jan


    In response to the use of MMS in the treatment of Lyme Disease from the poster above, Lori, you could go to the yahoo groups at the links bellow and learn more about the use of MMS in treating Lyme Disease. Several people on those yahoo groups are using the MMS in their Lyme treatment protocol and they seem to be having favorable results thus far.

  104. Nick


    There is no doubt about that one!!!…In my experience I can assure you the lemon/stevia drink is still quite oxidizing to the body!

    I appreciate the simple logic…refer to the self and there in lay the answer. Thank you.


  105. Nick,

    The juice referred to in the protocol is as in water substitute. You need to add 1/2 a glass of liquid — water or juice — to lower the concentration as well as to wash the chlorine dioxide down.

    Since you’ve tasted it, my question is whether you can tell whether it is still doing its oxidizing. If so, then you have your answer. So share!


  106. nick

    Is it OK to add a little lemon and Stevia (a natural sweetener) with water instead of juice to the chlorine dioxide? It taste like a decent lemonade drink and is quite good!
    I use lemon or lime as the activator anyway.


  107. Lori,

    There are several good sites with dosage information as well as support:

    You can start with Jim Humble’s web site: There is also: — links to a wealth of information about MMS use, along with other modalities. — they have several MMS forums, including a support forum — has an active MMS thread, monitored by quite a few people who are experienced with it.

    These are just off the top of my head.

    Best wishes,


  108. Lori

    Where can I find the recommended dosage for MMS. I will be taking it for Lyme disease which I’ve been treating with other means for 1.5 years and am now off those protocols. I also need to know what supplements/vitamins to avoid or that are helpful during MMS treatment. Does that information come when one orders the supplement or is one expected to buy an additional book or two? I am hoping I can find out this IMPORTANT information on line.

  109. Kay, Jim is the first to begin testing the use of activated chlorine dioxide intravenously, and the results are promising. Although I know that steps are being taken to move into this direction (the subject is covered in my upcoming video), I would encourage you to contact him with your inquiry.



  110. kay


    I was interested to know if Dr. Paz used mms intraveniously to cure the person of tuberculosis? Also, do you know if there will be any doctors available to administer mms intraveniously in the near future?

  111. May I share my greatest health discovery in 30 years in Wellness:

    Interviews are available

  112. Bud

    Greetings and thanks!

    I can hardly add to the positive sentiments that I have read and/or heard about you.

    As re: MMS, may I quote some of the Q&A for use in website and/or print publications? If necessary, may I have specific permissions in writing? You may reply to this request via My e-mail.

    I look forward to receiving your DVD with Jim Humble as soon as it is available.

    Awaiting your earliest possible response, I am very grateful for Who you are! Peace & Love!

  113. Ric,

    Thank you for that input. I immediately sought more information on Dr. B’s book, and called his publisher, wanting to get him on as a guest for my radio show. It then dawned upon me to check to see if he was still incarnate before asking to interview him, so I hung up. Just as I learned that he passed away in 2004 (MMS could have helped him, but when it’s your time, it’s your time), his publisher was calling me, seeing my number on the Caller ID.

    To make a short story short, she’s going to send me some of his books, as well as line up an MD who is using his information as a basis for her practice, to be a guest on my radio show.

    Thank you!!!

    Transdermal magnesium replenishment will also dissolve calcium deposits, and I just learned yesterday that MMS oxidizes the biofilm that many microorganisms create. I will write about this, and have included it in the documentary.

    Here’s to that rise in consciousness!

    As for SOM, Holmes, et al, I’ve never been affiliated, although I am aware of, and do resonate with their point of view. My training base is quite broad, and respects, but is not centered or based in any viewpoint that might be construed as religious.

  114. Ric


    Just read your latest food for thought. The best book I’ve read on dehydration is F. Batmanhelidj, Your Body’s Many Cries For Water. For me, MMS seems more effective in me when I drink 10 glasses of “pure” water spaced throughout the day. Each time with a pinch of Celtic sea salt.

    Also, I’ve heard that certain pathogens mask themselves in the bloodstream by covering themselves with calcium. The white blood cells do not recognize them and consequently they propagate. The way to remove the calcium is to acidify it by drinking the juice of a lemon in a glass of water. Do this at least one half hour before ingesting the MMS so it doesn’t interfere with the action of the MMS.

    I recently read that the production of Sodium Chlorite involves H2O2. In the 80’s, there was a small push to use H2O2 in a similar fashion to MMS. I’ve only got a 20 page book left on the subject. “Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy, New Hope For Incurable Diseases, by Conrad Lebeau”. I can get it to you, if you’d like.

    On another subject, I believe the critical mass of human consciousness needed to effect the change is somewhere between the Sq root of 1 % of the population to 5 %.



    P.S. Your literary repertoire and spiritual beliefs makes me suspect you were associated with Science of Mind. Ernest Holmes, Thomas Troward, Emmet Fox, etc.

  115. Hi Kay,

    That’s a question that Jim Humble has been addressing, and is covered in my upcoming documentary. He has been using a 250 ml bag of saline solution, to which was added up to 4 DROPS of sodium chlorite, then activated with 10 drops of citric acid (a 1:2.5 ratio).

    I’m not aware of him ever using a bag of sodium chlorite.


  116. kay

    Adam, what is the maximun drops of mms you could use in a 1000 ml iv bag of sodium chloride solution. Do you use an activator?

  117. Lucia


    at the moment I do not know a company. But maybe something arises – who knows? I keep my eyes open.

    Many blessings


  118. Lucia,

    Thank you for your encouragement. We’re not planning subtitles, but we are exploring the possibility that the DVD will be picked up by a company which would handle translation and distribution in Germany. If you know of German companies that distribute this kind of material, or should be interested, please send them a link to information about the video, and invite them to contact me.


  119. Id… you’re entitled to your opinion, whatever it is. Agreement with mine is not a requirement.

    Best wishes.

  120. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  121. Lucia

    Dear Adam,

    i listened to your last interview with Jim Humble (in Mexico) and enjoyed it a lot. Thank you very much for your work. And as well for the beautiful chanting at the end of the interview.

    As most of my fellow countrymans do not understand english so well, I like to know ift the DVD comes out with subtitles?

    From Germany all my best to you


  122. Ivan,

    Your assumption is correct. Chlorine dioxide works on anaerobic / acidic molecules, not aerobic / alkaline ones.

  123. K,

    From talking to Jim on numerous occasions, blood tests have indeed confirmed many of the cases that he has seen. I interviewed a biology professor at the Universidad de Sonora, who treated a prison inmate and tuberculosis patient with MMS. His “before” and “after” blood work confirmed that the chlorine dioxide treatment eliminated the condition.

    It is not my intention to “convince” you or anyone else to use MMS. MMS is not the only effective way to reduce your toxic, bacterial, or viral load. It is new, however, and its efficacy warrants examination. But ultimately, you must decide for yourself if, and how it may help you.

    1. Ice

      Hello first i am sorry about my english. I have few questions about MMS firs of all, can i cure chronic hep B with MMS, if yes how should i use it. thanks

  124. Edward,

    The nauseous feeling is a natural sign that the MMS is working, and will pass as it lowers your body’s toxicity level.

    As to your questions, I’m not aware of such tests, which doesn’t mean that they’ve not been done. I do know that this is a new application for ClO2, given that it has been used for over 50 years in industrial and commercial applications.

    2. Jim Humble provided a very clear audit trail of his travels in Africa. He was in Malawi from February to April, 2006. The information is in part I of his book. If you’re looking to track down his contacts, it’s a great place to start. Part I is a free download.

    3. The best way to determine that the nausea one is experiencing is the “good” variety, is that it is short-lived, and you feel better after it passes. Experience is the best “test” for that.

    It’s not important that I be sure. It’s more important that you be sure that the protocol is for you.

    I’ve spoken to people who are addressing some very acute medical conditions and taking far more drops than you are. They do not see a change in their condition until after experiencing nausea, diarrhea, etc. In essence, after the body has flushed its toxic load. Lab tests then confirm what their experience has already shown them.

    Best wishes to you.


  125. kbuddy

    Adam and MMS support,

    I am very hopefull and optomistic when it comes to MMS. The fact that people are experiencing new energies and vitalities is great proof that MMS is a wonderful solution. To date there are many doctors that say there is nothing that can eliminate any virus from our bodies. When it comes to MMS, I just don’t want it to be a suppression supplement like big pharma is with its drugs. Blood tests to me and many others is concrete evidence that MMS is the real deal. Knowing that blood work shows the elimination of anaerobic viruses would help convince me and many others that MMS should be taken. Please comment. If you could ask Jim that same question I would appreciate it when your down visiting. Thank you!

  126. Edward T. Babinski

    I’m up to 12 drops of MMS, and feeling nauseous. I’m also taking a teaspoon of baking soda morning and night (but not at the same time as the MMS).

    I have three questions and would sincerely like to receive an email response, especially since you got to meet the man himself:

    1) What is known about the reaction between the stomach’s extremely high acid content and MMS? The stomach’s ions are so much stronger, how does MMS retain its chemical integrity after coming into contact with stomach acid? What tests have been done showing how MMS stands up in acids of the kind found in the stomach?

    2) Can you please provide documentation of the results in Africa? I read about Malawi prison clinical trials, but no documentation. I read that Malawi is a nation in which a third of people aged 15-45 have AIDS, and that the government has O.K.ed just about every clinical trial imaginable for every kind of drug. And I have read documentation on the internet about those other trials, but I can find no documentation on the internet about MMS trials there.

    3) How can you be sure that the cause of the nausea is only due to the breakdown of bad bacteria and the poisons they release into the bloodstream? My nausea arose in stomach as my drops increased and seems caused by the MMS itself and its reaction with my stomach.

    1. 619

      YOU DO NOT INGEST BAKING SODA ARE YOU CRAZY? Sodium Bicarbonate is one of the most cancerous causing substances in our foods, and etc. …I think you should all visit my blog,

      1. 619

        artiicle titled THE GERSON THERAPY FOR CANCER: Part I

  127. K… I have no blood tests, but I have spoken to people who do. The fact that people are feeling and experiencing improvements in their energy, vitality, reductions in pain, and starting to live again is proof enough to me. The results in Africa are well documented. They are human beings too. It makes no difference where they are. People who are sick with various diseases of different names have far more in common than they know.

  128. K… the individual chlorine dioxide molecule has a life of 2 hours. When ingested, the activated sodium chlorite solution generates chlorine dioxide for up to 12 hours in an ongoing and continuous production process. There is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” sickness. Sickness is as unique as the individual who has it. It may take many applications of MMS to neutralize all the pathogens in an individual’s body. One cannot assume how long it will take to end sickness from one person to another. It will end when it ends, according to the individual’s commitment to achieving that end.

    1. wendy

      hello adam,

      i have been using mms for about 4 weeks with one week off in between because i was able to eat properly again then buring caused from taking a dr prescribed drug nexium started again in stomach throat mouth so i began again on 3 drops every hr for 8 hrs per day and did 4 days until i needed extra sleep today so started on 1 drop every hr and took 4 times then the burning started in throat and i went light in head breathing a little difficult. just wondering could this be a reaction to mms i would be very glad to hear from you wendy

      1. Hi Wendy,

        There would be much more information needed to make a reasonable guess of what is going on. Are you taking anything else, and what are you taking medication (including the MMS) for? What kind of water do you drink, and how often? Based on what you have shared, I’d consider cutting back on the frequency and the number of drops. There may be other things you can do to complement what the MMS does.

        Best wishes,


  129. kbuddy

    Adam and support for MMS,

    Do we have blood tests out there that prove one hundred percent that MMS is killing viruses in the body. I have read the reports and results in Africa but was wondering about any here in u.s. using our laboratory technology.

  130. kbuddy

    Adam and support for MMS,

    We are told that MMS is produced for twelve or so hours in the body. Why doesn’t the sickness last for twelve or so hours while it kills of the pathogens. Why is the sickness only last for a short time when first ingested?

  131. ivan alex pavlov

    i’m guessing that mms WILL NOT interfere with
    nutrient absorbtion – would that be a correct or
    safe assumption > thanks ivan

  132. Hi Philip,

    Sounds to me that the chlorine dioxide is reaching clusters of anaerobic microorganisms (bacteria, etc.), heavy metal deposits, and possibly parasites, and oxidizing them. This is part of the process of ridding your body of the overgrowth. As they are removed, the aching should pass.

    Your body and your personal health experience will be the best adviser as to how long you should use the MMS protocol. There is reason to consider doing it periodically, but once your body indicates that you have cleared it of toxicity — by no longer being affected by large MMS intake — you might use it occasionally, as needed, or over a longer period.

  133. Philip

    I have been trying MMS now for a little over a week (13-14 drops) and I am experiencing aches in my stomach, front of the stomach, the sides and the lower back + the backside of the muscles of my upperlegs. I feel like I have been overexercising. I that part of the battle that goes on inside me ? What If I have candida or yeast infection, would that be some of the symptoms ?
    Once I reach the 15 drops and go to maintenance mode after one week. How long should one keep doing that ?

  134. kevin

    I was wondering if you had any more information on MMS. Thank you!


  135. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for creating such a wonderful place to visit. I am excited to have this new nook to explore.


  136. Om

    Good work Adma! Keep it up


  137. I’d change the “if” to *when*. I am confident that the sphere of thought that we’re presenting here will predominate human consciousness within our lifetime. A “majority” is not needed in order to achieve critical mass.

  138. hi,

    Your blog about “Spheres of Consciousness in Matters of Health and Healing” hits the nail right on the spot. If only more believe that we do not need drugs and chemicals to heal. That there is so much we can achieve by using our consciousness…

  139. Marina,

    My pleasure, always!


  140. Marina

    Hey Adam-

    Your blog about meditation was exactly what I needed today. See how the universe works.. a gentle nudge given to me to return to who I am, and to trust in principal. Thanks and I enjoy reading your writing.

    from NYC

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