Everyone has problems… or what we think of as problems. If we think of a situation as problematic, then it is. That is, until we see it differently. “Problems” are perceptions of duality; our take on what’s “right or wrong”, “good or bad,” “acceptable or unacceptable,” “pleasurable or painful,” etc.

If your head is aching, that’s painful. You’ve got a problem right? If someone said, take this pill and your head won’t hurt, you’d jump at it. That’s what millions of people do. However, the little pill only short circuits how your body works, so that the problem that you really have — the physiological one — isn’t addressed at all. You still have a problem even though your nervous system has been temporarily numbed to the extent that you don’t feel it.

Problems are much easier to “see,” and therefore react to, when they are visible, active parts of everyday life. They will often have some form of “history” supporting them. They represent life situations we’d rather avoid, or want to get rid of.

The feelings associated with problems are also familiar ones. They are dissonant; don’t feel “good.” Yet, it behooves us to know that for every problem that we create, there is a real solution, which is also of our creation. If the familiar problem has been predominant, we are obliged to search within ourselves for the feeling of solution, and become familiar with it. We do not need to know the “what” or “how” of the solution, or even the “why” of the problem, in order to connect to, and embrace the feeling of solution. However, when doing so, the energy of the problem diminishes, as the energy of the solution builds.

Opening to, and feeling the real solution to our problems immediately changes our energy. FEEL the relief, joy, gratitude, vindication that is boiling within you and seeking expression. As you feel this energy, your attitude changes, as will your outlook, which will change the electromagnetic properties of your beingness, the literal “spin” of your subatomic foundation, thereby forming a new “homing signal,” a tractor beam for the answer to manifest itself in the here and now.

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  1. Late to your party, sir, glad to have arrived! Thank you. Marvelous thoughts and ideas, a welcome balm from the cyberworld of Doom & Gloom!

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