Now Look Who's Suggesting a 'Miracle Cure' (NOT About MMS)

You can thank 60 Minutes New Zealand for this suggestion. They recently produced and broadcast the story of Allan Smith, a dairy farmer in New Zealand who  contracted Swine flu in 2009 and, lungs filling up with mucous, rapidly came perilously close to deaths door. His condition got so grave that the hospital, on the advice of a consultant, was…

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Ted Kennedy's Death 'Validates' a Medical Medusa

Relative to health care, and standards of treatment and outcomes that Americans have come to expect, Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s transition at the age of 77 represents a huge vote for the status quo. He becomes the latest high profile “poster child,” an example for what the public can expect with the best medical care, medical care we agree needs…

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No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry

MMS De-Mystified tags: alternative health, chlorine dioxide, detox, chelation, healing, heavy metals It was in August of 2007 that I had my first experience with something wonderful; that has implications for every one of us. It’s known as “MMS” or the “miracle mineral supplement.” But it’s no miracle, it’s just the wonderful use of chemistry. I call it wonderful…

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