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William Cooper: Secret Government and UFOs [Full Length]

It’s not clear when and where this talk was given, but many important subjects, concerning post-Roswell Incident events and history, and the the ensuing cover-up of “shadow government” involvement with Extraterrestrial Intelligences, are covered. Topics include:

  • The formation of the MJ12, CIA, and NSA
  • Presidential Involvement and Isolation
  • Area 51, and Groom Lake
  • Experimental facilities at S4 (Area 51) and Dulce, NM,
  • The formation of the Bilderberg¬†Group
  • Financing through the drug trade
  • Involvement of the Bush Family (George H.W.)
  • Secret Space Program with Bases on the Moon and Mars
  • Assassination of JFK

William Cooper was killed in 2001.

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  1. William Lyne has a different take on this topic of UFOs and aliens. Aliens are a fictional creation by the CIA, Pentagon and U.S. Military to hide the simple technology behind UFO craft as having been originated by Nikola Tesla when he was still a student, proof of concept by 1894, test flights from out of his New York apartment around the turn of the century using a modified cast iron stove as his vehicle, and personal tutelage of Werner von Braun between 1936 – 1938 in New Mexico. Operation Paperclip retrieved this technology from the Nazi’s after WWII. See, Mr. Lyne’s books on Amazon: “Pentagon Aliens” and “Occult Ether Physics”.

    1. Vinyasi — Thanks for this. Lyne’s books are on order. I enjoyed the video interviews too. Lyne’s ideas complement information given by Douglas Dietrich, who was a librarian at the Presidio in San Francisco.

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