The Illusion of Death; The Power of Forgiveness

Let’s take a divergent trip from the sometimes contentious subject of MMS and take a look at something we can all feel good about… death.

Oh? You say we can’t feel good about that?

Well, I won’t argue the point. Suffice it to say that death often comes with strong feelings, like the pain of disease which makes you no longer care about living, or of sudden, and catastrophic injury, the pain of which we cannot know unless we go through it ourselves, but get transferred and picked up by our survivors.

And what about the self-willed death of suicide, or the violent death of vengeance, war, and terrorism? There’s nothing weak about the feelings we’re left with. We’d have to be dead not to care about how death happens, and why.

A man left a comment on this blog the other day who was in great pain. His son died while under the care of the William Hitt Center, where Dr. Humiston practices. I interviewed Dr. Humiston in my documentary, Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble. He uses MMS both in his practice, and in his personal life.

While I don’t know the details of the case, it seems clear that MMS was not connected. The poster, who goes by the screen name “Gizmo,” was really pained over the turn of events. You can feel it in his post. Not only was he in pain over the loss, he accused the Center as responsible, and wanted to sully its reputation, and everyone associated with it.

My purpose here is not to defend the William Hitt Center or Dr. Humiston, nor is it to trivialize Gizmo’s loss. Yet, the energy with which he seeks to inflict pain on someone else will ultimately continue fueling his own. He will not find peace, solace, or even satisfaction in seeking vengeance. Only by forgiving the real person that he had issues with, himself (for reasons that only HE knows), and his son (for leaving), will he begin to heal. Seeing death as an “end,” and a “wrong,” exacerbates the anguish.

Death is not an end to life. It is a doorway to another expression thereof. Birth is the entry point into this world for each of us who are not only “of spirit,” but are spirit. Death is the portal out of physicality. It’s an inter-dimensional “shift” of an inter-dimensional Being.

We are each inter-dimensional beings. We are not flesh and bone. We are neither mind or emotion. We express ourselves on Earth, but are not of Earth. We express our energies through manifestations of consciousness, as consciousness.

The consciousness that we are aware of is “tuned” to the frequency, vibration, and environment of earth. We therefore manifest a body and conventions of behavior according to said frequency. On another planet, or on another dimensional level, consciousness is “tuned” differently. While experiencing and manifesting a “physical” form, we are simply unaware of the other levels of connectivity. Some some, this may sound like “woo woo” philosophy. That’s okay by me.

I used to think that philosophy was an intellectual process that had nothing to do with “real life.” Boy how wrong I was. Yet, it wasn’t “wrong” in real terms, even as the ideas that I’m posing here will not feel “right” for some. It’s simply where I was in consciousness at the time.

At that time I saw my life beginning at birth, and ending at death. More specifically, I saw my existence beginning at birth, and ending at death. I saw these as essential milestones that defined “me.” I now know that they do not.

We have near death experiences each time we go to sleep. Yet, who could imagine never going to sleep? We have out-of-body experiences each time our body sleeps, although we don’t recall many of them.

How many of you can recall waking up from sleeping where you “remember” interacting with someone who you know has “died?” Do you dismiss such memories as products of your imagination? They are products of your imagination, but this very physical moment is likewise a product of your imagination. There really is no difference.

Getting to know our inter-dimensional nature begins when we stop dismissing any part of who we are, and begin trusting the immortal spirit that we are. Acknowledging and accepting the spirit that sustains us avails more awareness.

For Gizmo, if you truly love your son with the passion that your pain indicates that you do, then understanding that he chose his exit from this world, as well as the timing thereof, should begin to help you mitigate your pain. This is where forgiveness comes in.

He didn’t “die.” He transitioned to another level of reality; one that is still accessible to you, to which you can communicate. If you need a scientist to run a double-blind study before you will accept the wisdom of your own heart — the one that tells you it’s not wise to try extracting vengeance on another kindred for a choice your beloved son made — you won’t find much solace in what I’m saying here. But a state of solace and peace is exactly what you’re truly seeking, and it is what you need in order to reconnect with the spirit, energy, and consciousness your son, who yet lives, and is closer to you than you think.

For others who have read this far, I invite you to send Gizmo your love. Simply think about him with kindness. You don’t have to see him, know where he is in the world, or even know the details of his issue. All you need to know is that he needs love and acceptance, and he’s hurting because he feels it has been irreversibly taken away.

That is a very real and even convincing perception, but not reality.

Now playing on Talk for Food is my conversation with Annamaria Hemingway, author of a new book, Practicing Conscious Living and Dying: Stories of the Eternal Continuum of Consciousness.

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