Healing as a Journey of Awareness

Notes on ‘The Game of Life’

Each day it is increasingly evident to me that the degree to which the planet Earth is able to heal depends on the degree to which we, individually, are willing to be and stay healthy; each and every one of us.

It is also dependent on “who” among us are we willing to see die needlessly, simply because they appear to be different enough from us… from our looks, our nationality, religion, race, or simply our attitudes and beliefs. It’s not all about who we’re willing to kill, but who we’re willing to allow to die without doing anything positive within our knowledge, means, and abilities, about it.

Take the story of MMS as an example. Some people almost dismiss the lessons that Jim Humble learned, first in Guyana, then in the African nations of Uganda, Kenya, and Malawi, demanding “proof” that the protocol is effective in clinical trials and double blind studies that were conducted here. Where “here” actually is depends on where the skeptic happens to be. The real question about the MMS protocol is whether if the science is sound, and there’s no question about how the chlorine dioxide molecule acts in solution, and how it works on a mammalian organism whose toxic load has grown to such levels as to prevent it from sustaining health.

Pretty simple, eh? NOT!

It’s not simple because we don’t want things too simple. Or perhaps, we simply don’t believe that life need not be as hard as we have made it up to be. We haven’t yet come to know that the life we live depends on us. That’s a point of awareness that will help each of us in our quest to heal. In fact, the real journey is into awareness. States of our physical body are quite transitory, but the state of our awareness opens possibilities that extend beyond time and space altogether… all the way Home.

Human evolution is not a journey of a people on a planet. It is the journey of a consciousness in a Cosmos. As the human consciousness grows and expands, the doorway to the cosmos is opened. We are already members of a much larger community, a much greater Life… except that we’re afraid of our own shadows, except that we think we’re small and insignificant, except that we think shooting at our shadows first, and asking questions second is a viable way to be safe in this world.

Some our “best and brightest” are master strategists. They advise the “leaders” of our nations and guide thousands of troops into combat against other nations, not to resolve our differences, but to eliminate those who differ the most with our intransigent position. This not evolution, it’s “stagalution;” or how to actually be standing still while appearing to be moving in a desired direction.

Human evolution will be guided and driven by the example of the most aware amongst us. I say “aware,” not speaking about the degrees or initials that may be piled behind our names, but those who most know the Spirit that resides, not only within their own heart, but within the heart of every human being.

Spiritually aware men and women, and boys and girls who haven’t totally forgotten themselves, will gain their own power, not only to heal, but to be safe in the most violent of social and environmental storms. They’ll be at peace in the most turbulent times. Why? Because they will be keeping real evolutionary options alive for all others who don’t yet understand, and don’t yet know how to get where they want to go.

Without people who choose peace in times of war, peace will never appear to be an option, but annihilation will appear to be. Humankind will not be annihilated.

Without people who choose natural approaches to health maintenance and healing while all are being told to “consult their doctors” that will dole out surgery and drugs to maintain their dis-ease, healing will not be an option.

Fortunately, growing numbers of doctors are re-embracing the true and sacred potential of their profession as facilitators of healing and health’s restoration. Don’t throw them out simply because they wear white coats just yet. See what they have to say first.

Every individual on this planet who is experiencing a disease of some form right now has the power within him or herself to heal. This understanding is not universal, but its truth is. It applies to every human being on the planet. It doesn’t mean that there will be spontaneous healing either, for such changes are driven by internal factors, not external ones.

Awareness of these truths are inevitable, but not predictable. However, its power to work for us within our personal life becomes probable when we see ourselves as one in Spirit, with others, even if we do not appear to be “one” in mind.

Spirit is both the sub, and superstructure of the Mind. It is faster than light, beyond time and space, beyond linearity and locality. Spirit is also you, and Spirit is me, only a small spectrum of which is perceivable in “3D”. 

Spirit is the full spectrum; the power that not only allows us to be, but is our beingness, on this level of reality and beyond. Our body is formed from the Mind, as is the Earth, planets, and all that we perceive, as is our attitudes about the time/space continuum that we experience.

In this marvelous illusion it appears that we are separate and distinct organisms, dislocated from all others, and lacking power of any significance in a universe of untold enormity. In fact, it is a small reflection of who we truly are, and what each of us is capable of.

Oh how well we deceive ourselves!

It is not a knock or a criticism to say that we deceive ourselves. This is “The Game of Life” that we’ve chosen to play. We’re playing the game of beginnings and endings, of “highs” and “lows,” of “right” and “wrong” on a canvas (that Mind) where none of these concepts have any meaning, except the meaning, formed by mutual agreement, that we give them.

How’s the game of life workin’ for ya? Are ya havin’ fun yet? Or are you too busy condemning and disapproving of it, and of those who do?

And what about God?

Great question!

We spend lifetimes looking to get on “the side” that God is on, so we can “fight the great fight” against the bad guys, not realizing that they’re all us. Everyone is a kindred. All are expression of God.

When we go to war, we kill kindred spirits. When we rip someone off, we rip off a kindred. That is the appearance, because we believe death is real.

In fact, when we wrap ourselves up in duality so tightly that we will kill, rip off, or simply hold another person or group in disdain, we’re experiencing a love with another that is so deep, they will have allowed themselves to be part of our self-deception. This is not done so that “the fittest will have survived,” but that awareness — Spiritual awareness which is inevitable — can be gained.

Although it is one of the cornerstones of the great deception in the Game of Life, there is no death. It’s not real. There is transition, to be sure. There is entry into this reality, and there is an exit, but everything else is drama. Death is a mystery surrounded by fear, when in truth, it is a blessing that need not be dramatic, traumatic, or sorrowful.

Drama around death and disease is born from a lack of awareness of who we are. We may try to assert our “superiority” over others, or protest life’s unfairness, or inequity. We may “fight” for equality when in fact, we already have it. What we don’t have in equal measure, is self awareness; an understanding of our spiritual nature that has nothing to do with race, religion, gender, or nationality, and everything to do with love and acceptance of who we are, and a respect for all.

Self awareness will grow as we open ourselves to it, and in so doing, we’ll begin seeing our world, and our place within it, very differently.

There are some who believe that th
ere’s a massive plan at hand to reduce the world’s population. I’m not hear to say whether it is true or not. I really don’t know. I do know that it’s nothing to be concerned about if you know who you are, and are intent to be One with Spirit.

You’re already one with Spirit, but the issue is knowing. If you know that you’re one with Spirit, and that “your” Spirit is The Spirit of all Humanity, and that The Spirit of all Humanity, by another name, is God, then you start to see duality as the illusion that it has always been. Peace begins to swell within you, not as inflammation, but as illumination.

Peace that swells within you will not do you harm… it will actually protect you, for it is an energy that possesses electromagnetic properties. When it moves beyond the boundaries of your physical presence, it simply continues growing and, like a tuning fork, will strike a similar chord within the heart and mind of every other human being whose heart is open and are willing to know themselves, even while experiencing duality.

It will be those who know themselves while experiencing duality who will carry the true tone of peace in their hearts, a peace that can be felt by a blind man in in a fog, that will allow Peace on Earth to become a reality. Don’t do it for the earth, do it for yourself. Yet, when you do it yourself, the earth becomes a more peaceful place.

Peace on Earth is chosen by individuals, not governments. Health is chosen by individuals, not by governments. Awareness is gained by individuals, and cannot be stopped by government. There will always be aware ones amongst us. The question is, (1) will we recognize, appreciate, and resonate with the light that they bring, and (2) will we become aware ourselves.

My “bet” is on you.

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4 Thoughts to “Healing as a Journey of Awareness”

  1. rick

    This post is a “me too” to dana’s post above… i too have had results – and documented it with notes and photos – is someone (trustworthy) collecting that kind of info? I would like to discuss some things with you – but at this point want rather do it privately…
    Could you please email me! Thanks!

  2. Rett,

    They’ll soon be in my hands (Feb. 11-12), and shortly thereafter, in yours.



  3. dana morris

    adam, could you send me private email address. i would like to speak to you about mms. i have had great results. i would rather discuss something privately however.

  4. In practicing self awareness my awareness tells me that I do not yet have the MMS DVD in the hands of my self. In this I have been feeling lack. Perhaps more meditation is needed to find true fulfillment. Or you could just tell me when you are anticipating shipment and I’ll get over it.

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