Thoughts on Health and Healing: Bridging the God Schism

Upon reading any, or many of my articles on health and healing, you may wonder whether I am in perfect health. I AM in perfect health. The health status of my body, on the other hand, would best be described as “okay.” I have no known ailments to “battle,” but a few things are going on which indicate that some changes, in nutritional intake, exercise, and attitude, would yield benefits. I’m aware of them, and making changes, and accepting, with grace, the changes that appear to be beyond my control.

If you’re experiencing a disease for which you’re seeking relief, please understand that I’m not “preaching” at you from some position or righteousness or enlightenment, nor am I accusing you of doing something “wrong.” I’m sharing my growing understanding of how things work, with respect to the onset and experience of disease, which stands in high contrast to the way we are doing things now. Needless to say, if you don’t see the logic of this perspective, or feel a resonance of truth within them, then these ideas won’t work for you.

For example, the general thinking today is that experiences, including our bouts with “disease,” happen to us. We see ourselves as victims of happenstance, to which a relative value will be assessed. We refer to these assessments as “luck,” or “fortune,” and further classify them as “good,” or “bad.”

The core thought about the experience however, is that we have no influence on, involvement in, much less control over, its unfolding. As such, if it’s an experience of disease, this thinking would yield a perception that we have no influence on, involvement in, or control over its solution. We’ll have to put our faith in something, or someone else. This form of “truth,” which is untrue, keeps us looking for a “savior” outside of ourselves, all the while doing the same things over and over again, except in a downward spiral.

When we’re got the savior complex, it can be anything from Jesus’ return to more money, the lottery, or a pill that will make it all better. We’ll never consider that healing begins with us, and will not occur until we dial ourselves into the equation.

We are totally involved in all aspects of our experience. When we want to change the quality and nature of it, the power is within us to do it. The grand opportunity for each of us rests, in (1) realizing that the power is present, and (2) learning how to use it consciously.

Disease, or any kind of stressful situation, can be a catalyst for us to venture on our journey into consciousness raising, for a face-to-face meeting with our Self, our Spirit, and oneness with God.

God is the Ultimate Creator and Creation with which we are One. We are not of the same “stuff” that God is, but are the same Stuff. We think that we are “none of the above,” which is the cause of our apparent “disconnect.” I say apparent because we are never really disconnected from God, although it sure seems that way.

Disease, depression, dismay, fear, anger, rage… all of which have acidifying and immune suppressant responses on our physiology, are commonly chosen effects when we think that God is not a factor in our life, or in the world at large.

An individual who thinks he or she is a victim of the flu, a tick bite, a cancerous tumor, or an AIDS virus, is not consciously exercising his or her Godness. This doesn’t mean that people who do exercise their Godness won’t experience certain maladies of physicality. However, they won’t see themselves as victims. They won’t use the condition as a valid reason to be “down and out,” or to withhold their love, from self, or others. Even if others withhold their love, it won’t stop one who understands her oneness with God from being loving.

Choosing to be open to love, as a giver and receiver, raises an important, though unseen aspect of well-being; our vibration. We set a vibrational tone, and an electromagnetic pattern by the emotional position we take as we go through the experiences of life. Our experiences are attracted to, and form around this vibrational and electromagnetic pattern.

If fear is our “Lord and master,” then we operate under the influence of a self-maintained God schism, a schism within, one which obstructs the flow of love.

Love melts all schisms. Forgiveness softens hearts that have been shut off and hardened through fear, blame, and loathing. It brings the energetic pulse of life, which doesn’t stop with us, but flows again through us. When we are loving, we are conduits of God. When we are fearful, we are blockers thereof, and the first to be denied the Gift. When we feel we have been denied God’s Gifts, it is simply because we are the denier thereof. How can we receive bountifully when we will not give in a bountiful spirit?

When we don’t see the oneness in all and the connectedness and relatedness of all people and things, disparity commands our attention more so rather than unity. Difference stands out rather than kindredness. And yet, true power rests in unity, oneness and love, not only with each other, but with Self (God).

Do we dare acknowledge that our Highest Self is God, as is the Highest Self of all creation? Would that be “selfish?” Or simply delusional, especially if it means that we acknowledge that “_those_” people (fill in the blank) are also expressions of the same Source, even doing what they are doing?

This would be a silly question except that it is so legitimate for so many who are afraid of love, and to be loving to others, or toward their self. They are far more willing to be critical and judgmental, not knowing that the the trillions of cells in their body are listening to every word that their God speaks about them. The cells don’t judge what sense our thoughts make, with respect to our well-being. They simply manifest our health in the likeness of our own self vision. And if said vision is not healthy toward self and others, then our health will be “missing in action.”

What would we do with our precious judgment if we didn’t have someone to “legitimately” hate, loathe, disdain, and condemn? Well, we’ll generally direct it at ourselves. These are matters of attitude that, though untouchable and unseen, are even more important than what supplement we take to heal our body.

Many people who are in a “high judgment” mentality and experience extreme diseases, claim a very close relationship to God. They’re on a first name basis, but others who don’t agree with their point of view are godless sinners, or worse, and not worthy of compassion, tolerance, patience, or respect. Do you see a pattern here? Do you see your self? Do you see how dis-ease plays in here?

Disease is not the punishment of God, or Spirit. It is simply one way that duality, or schism manifests itself. Our response to it will be uniquely our own. Duality is a state of mind, and disease is a creation thereof… of our mind. It is a state of our choosing by way of vibrational resonance. And, it is a state that can change when we change by choosing to release our fear, and embrace our love.

Love conquers fear in the same way that what we perceive as darkness immediately gives way to light. Where light is introduced, darkness retreats. There is no “battle,” just acceptance, for light has no antithesis. It is always present. At issue is the degree. Love is light, and light is life, and all is one with God. Even in the throes of an experience of disease, love is an ever present presence. Embrace it, for in so doing, you reconnect yourself with you, and with the Source of all. And in so doing, you call in the power, and your power, to heal.

And so let it be done.

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