Xenotransplantation, Exopoltics, and HeLa Markers

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Xenotransplantation – Creating The Zombie Apocalypse « REALITY BLOG

Within the above image lies a very large part of the problem with the subject of “healthcare” in our general society today. That is, medical science’s willingness, if not obsession with “mixing and matching” genetic information across species under the guise of fighting disease. We continue to drift ever further from health, into disease in another series of “wars” that “benefit” a few at the expense of many.

The failure of the Medical Autocracy to notice, not to mention, be appalled at, the human holocaust that it is actively facilitating, leads me to believe that the debting, dumbing and dimming down of humanity is its actual goal. This is not to single out the medical profession, as it is but a single cog in a larger wheel of social manipulation and tyranny.

Fortunately, as long as it is not your or my goal, the only way that the system can achieve its aims is if we don’t act on what common sense tells us is now prudent, such as decline their invitation to take toxic cocktails or wage a destructive “war” inside the body in order to attempt to “cure” socially-constructed, medically sanctioned, and nurtured “diseases.”

This would also include diseases that we’ve not had, such as the practice of vaccinating children on the belief that they will get a disease at a future time, and then allow the system to claim credit when they don’t get it. When other diseases come up years later, such as autism, diabetes, or MS, the early assaults to the immune system and overall ecological balance that vaccinations, and synthetic (GMO) nutritional products, represented, are never even questioned.

Yesterday I watched this video on the life of Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) and what he was able to accomplish through his discovery and understanding of what he called, orgone energy.


Notice how, in the video dramatization, when Reich delivered rain — as promised — to a drought-plagued farmer who offered to pay him to come and help, he was summarily arrested by agents of the FDA (who witnessed the process), and prosecuted. He died in federal penitentiary after just 61 times around the sun.

In spite of the obvious benefits that his discoveries demonstrated, after his death, Dr. Reich’s inventions were seized and destroyed. His books, burned. His reputation sullied.

This same government Autocracy, of which the FDA is just a small part, is reported to have brought over 1,500 Nazis from Germany after World War II under Operation Paperclip. Their work was not limited to atomic weaponry or the space program. They were heavily committed to the principles of eugenics as well as genetic engineering. Funding for both of these activities can be traced to the Rockefeller Foundation, which is also connected to the founding of the FDA.

The article below sounds another alarm at what is happening before our very eyes, while much of the scientific community still slumbers.

Xenotransplantation – Creating The Zombie Apocalypse « REALITY BLOG.

The author expresses serious concerns about the implications of these practices, which are fueled by the fact that increasingly, human organs are failing to last a lifetime, leading to a mad scramble for “spare parts.”

However, in the mad scramble, two very important questions are never asked.

  1. Is there something that we can change that would naturally extend organ life and end the organ failure trend?
  2. Does an organ that is “on the brink” of failure possess, in response to a specific, fundamental change, an inherent ability to self-repair?

A “yes” reply to either question could change the course of human history, if the health and well-being of humanity were the Overseers’ goal.

While he never uses the term, and may not have been aware of it at the time, evidence of the HeLa cell is everywhere. Knowing how to effectively turn it off, can therefore be of great comfort.

As such, I suggest that we take this time to expand our view of reality, of what is possible, and how such changes may be availed.

Listen, without judgment, to the 1993 revelations of Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, and Peter Moon as they describe their activities as part of the Montauk Project. They also explain the Philadelphia Experiment. Of particular interest are time travel, as well as the ability to use visualization techniques in conjunction with a “mind amplifier,” which caused the object that was visualized (in this case, a can of beer), to materialize (starting at about 25 minutes in).


We are at a time where a reset of our understanding of reality is in order, where new, or shall I say, different, possibilities or “laws of potential” can be introduced.

The key rests within each of us.

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  1. Albert Krauss

    I’ve always been disturbed by the accounts of the suppression of Reich’s materials and data, and his incarceration. It leaves a huge unresolved lump in one’s attempt to integrate history with the present reality, just as the 9/11 data, and the circumstantial “conspiracy” evidence concerning how the entire event “came down” leaves an undigested clod in the national reality. There may have been charlatans exploiting the “orgone box” idea, but Reich certainly was no charlatan. Rather, the pharmaceutical industry practices as institutionalized charlatanry. Thumbs up on this piece!

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