An Ode to Love and the “Magnificent Immortal Being” in All

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In less than one week (Nov. 19), I will have completed my 61st trip around the sun, having entered this reality in 1951. I’ve witnessed many dramatic changes in that time; social, political, technological, and spiritual. The phenomenon of global, direct, interactive, and personal communications between people in all parts of the world, is certainly one of them. And yet, I suspect that all the change that I’ve seen thus far amounts to an appetizer to a far greater feast that draws near.

One factor that shall influence just how our personal experience of the coming changes will unfold, is the “tack” of consciousness that we assume.

Will it be of fear? Or of Love?

I am over halfway through The Dulce Book by Branton, and I don’t mind telling you that there could be much to justify a fearful response stance in this read. It speaks of a world in which we live that has been carefully hidden, paid for by you and me through government-run “black” projects and budgets. But then, it becomes an even better tool by which to appreciate and then choose Love.

Maintaining an inner state of dynamic balance will help us pass through treacherous waters of emotion, sensationalism, and misinformation.

Embracing or taking the “side” of anything but love, will allow forces to “move” us wherever they are going rather than protect us in our journey of self-determination.

The important thing to know is that while the larger story of humanity on Earth in these, the yet early days of the Aquarian Age, continues to unfold, we can use these uncertain times to discover, or uncover, self-understanding. In other words, use this time to build your appreciation for the Magnificent Immortal Being (MIB) that you are.

The condition, age, or health of your physical form is irrelevant. The condition or health of your fiscal state or social status, means nothing. You are a Magnificent Immortal Being.

Say it to yourself, “I Am a Magnificent Immortal Being.” Do it again. Say it with confidence and conviction. See how the words feel to you. Feel the resonance of Truth. Notice the subtle boost in energy as if each of the trillions of cells in your body smiled in agreement.

You wonder if they said to themselves, “It’s about f**kin’ time!”

When you look at, or are in the presence of another, no matter who they are, or what they’ve “done” to you, you are with a Magnificent Immortal Being.

So I ask the question, “Oh Magnificent One, how do you comport yourself in such a presence, when you are aware of who you are, even if they are unaware of who they are?”

You don’t need to answer me. You will answer to YOU.

The externalized mental and social system in which we live today is designed and intended to shield the truth of your Magnificence, and the unalienable power that is yours, from you.

What makes you Magnificent? In a word, Love. Love is what you are, and makes everything that exists possible, whether you “love it” or not.

Love is the only mechanism that expands consciousness, because of its multiplicative and connective properties. It causes cells to divide and multiply. It is the creative driver of all intention. This world, and all that is within it, could not “be” if it were not for Love, and Magnificent Immortal Beings that are “channels” for it.

Love is a power that we can expand, or withhold. Fear is simply the effect of love withheld. Love has no opposite; it simply has a degree and scope of expression. Even the most despicable beings either love something, or want love.

You ARE Love, incarnate.

Say that… “I AM Love, Incarnate.”

Fear is washed away when you speak these words sincerely, from your heart, because there is nothing more important, no instinct more basic, than Love. Love is natural, love is innocent, and the greatest power that can’t be bought for all the gold in the world. And yet when it is given freely, it can create new worlds.

Therefore, within each of you is the power to create a New Loving World. Who amongst you will choose to do so?

No matter how high the price of gold gets, it will never be more valuable than an ounce of Love. This world system is designed to dissuade you from loving. Money and the control thereof, is one of its tools. Human value is “set” in monetary terms at birth, when the birth certificate is registered in Washington, DC, and eventually traded as a commodity on the Stock Exchange.

Science, religions, medicine, education, government, and media, all cast shadows over the nature of Love, and hence its power. If you’re “born into sin,” you can’t be lovable  much less Love itself, now can you?

Love has neither opposite, nor antithesis. Neither hatred nor fear are its “enemies,” because Love is within All. Hatred and fear indicate instead a state of reversed polarity, because the one who so expresses, is OUT OF SELF-ALIGNMENT and HARMONY, which if sustained, will degenerate and destroy the dense vehicle of expression (i.e., the physical body), but the Magnificent Immortal Being is unaffected.

Simply choosing to Love more is to begin the conscious journey Home. You never really left there, but it seems as though you’re “away” and “alone.” It is more so that we are learning to see again. However, everyone can hasten their graduation from the isolated world of apparent Lovelessness. What would that mean?

  • Forgiving both self and others for the actions that caused harm or hardship.
  • Atoning, not for a “sin,” but for that place where harmony can be mutual, if possible. Sometimes another is not yet ready to be harmonious toward us, and if that is the case, then it is wise to be harmonious within One’s self.
  • Trusting, that the challenges that you face either serve a purpose, or once served a purpose, and in either case, shall pass.
  • Imagining, your Life transformed by expanding the Love that you share with others.
  • Truthfulness to yourself, and kindness in your truth will be present in your actions.
  • Rejoicing, in the transformation.

My sense of changes that will shape the very near future is that neither money, guns, bullets, gas masks, radiation shields, secession, or survival gear are going to be useful, but expanding the depth and scope of your Love will be.

Becoming harmless is to be empowered against harm. Becoming harmonious creates a force field of Love around us. As two or more Magnificent Immortal Beings gather together in Love the torsion field that they create shall surround and heal the world. The process can begin with One.

For these reasons I believe that the “dire” visions and/or intentions of my fellow travelers on this planet will never give them the satisfaction they may be seeking, because more people like you and me are waking up to who we are. Seeing the Weapons of Mass Deception that have been used on humanity for so long, we are re-imagining a world with real peace and prosperity for all, and among all.

Speaking for myself, if it’s not to be here on Earth, then this abundant Universe can certainly accommodate my vision elsewhere, but I’m off the not-so-merry-go-round.

Love is more than skin deep. It is more than genetics, education, race, ethnicity, religion, or the state of one’s wallet. Having money doesn’t mean you are not loving, nor does being broke mean that you are.

You can tell when you hit a limit to your love when a truth sits on your tongue but is unspoken for “fear of …” fill in the blank. As you become more practiced at sharing, and not stifling that which is “true” for you, as well as allowing others to share their own truths without judging them negatively, new levels and realities will unfold for you.

And so, let Love be.


The videos below will take you down some “rabbit holes”… if you dare. The first and last ones should help “ground you” before and after the middle two. The middle two are disturbing because they are not fictionalized. However, with our heads no longer in the sand, we can imagine (and create) a new world where such tyranny is unnecessary.


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