The Amazing Promise of Balance

The Amazing Promise of Balance

My most recent blog post presents as a theory or thesis, an idea that in time will be seen by all as a blatant fact. Some may even wonder how we could have been duped for so long. Until that time, We the People give tacit consent to our own unnatural and unnecessary downward spiral via widespread voluntary and involuntary chemical dosing.

All the talk of “cures” for disease, be it autism, diabetes, stroke or cancer, pale in their appeal when you realize that if standardized chemical-based practices are not checked and halted — replaced with balance-restoring natural elements — the imbalances, stress, and trauma shall continue to be recreated, allowing the diseases to return.

Instead of requiring you to read until you are blue in the face, I have shared more thoughts on this subject via video. I invite comment and involvement.

How ironic that before the video rolls, an ad runs for a diabetes medication.


Solution possibilities fan out in every direction when we see the actual causes of imbalance, and make the restoration of balance our goal.

Presently, “problem management” is our default operating mode, with little sense or hope of relief. The water crisis in many American cities, or the latest bacteria scare are prime examples.

We need not fear bacteria or viruses when we understand the balance factor, and see that it is restored and sustained. We would no longer allow balance disrupting procedures and practices to be institutionalized as part of “standard health care” and other critical supply sources that sustain life, such as our food and water.

The creator of the video below has come to a similar conclusion, as she describes a major factor as to when she had cancer.

I submit that the chemical influences that she cites are broader than those presented, for they include how food is grown, prepared, processed, and delivered.

Pathoxenophobia makes people believe that no microorganism or “germ” can be present in order to be “safe.” Health comes in balance among microorganisms, not their total eradication (which is not possible).

You will decide if now is time for this awareness to go mainstream. It’s definitely overdue.

The presidential campaign season is a perfect time to start and sustain conversations about real solutions that you KNOW are important instead of being in constant re-action mode over the reality show rhetoric that the candidates serve up.

Balance is a solution, a state unto itself, that promises to return you to the sweet spot of life.

Impromptu Radio Interview


Steve Bhaerman/Swami B.

Speaking of “sweet spot,” today I used that very metaphor, and talked about the “ripeness” that the presidential campaign season makes for bringing the subject chemicals and their effect on balance in the course of a 30-minute interview as the guest of James Moore on KRUU 100.1 FM, The Voice of Fairfield, Iowa. The conversation is scheduled to air tomorrow afternoon, and should be available for downloading too.

I met James in 2011 when I spoke at a longevity conference there.  Steve Bhaerman, who is better known as Swami Beyondananda, was the main speaker.

Bhaerman is also co-author of Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here, with Dr. Bruce Lipton. This is another great read.

Home of the “TM” Effect.

Fairfield can be considered “ground zero” to Transcendental Meditation, as it is home to the Maharishi University, which was founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918-2008). It’s a fascinating community of conscientious, forward-thinking people.

There is no way I could anticipate the wonderful experience that I would have. The short video below is a sampling of one of those. I posted it on YouTube for 5 years, but in that time there were only 725 views. So I moved it to a new channel that I created on Vimeo, which allows me to offer it on a rental or purchase basis.

This was one enjoyable video to watch and experience to remember. Perhaps now that a nominal price is now required to watch it, a few million or so people will do so.

That would be nice.

My other pay-per-view video is with Paul Pantone, who recently passed from physical. It is called Indelible Promise. It is in a 3-episode collection that is also available for rent or purchase (download).


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  1. mike What has been done here is a crime against Humanity. This plant has been medicine for the people of this planet for eons except for about 70 years.Not only medicine but fuel,clothing, paper,building materials,replace toxic plastic and the list goes on and on.I know we talk about MMS and how great it is and it is I use it every day and I support the use of MMS.But cannabis is the plant that Source put on this planet I believe to cure all. Go back in history we did not have cancer and other diseases running rampid around the world except a short period of time with plagues.Cannabis was in all our medicine. The link above shoes a video that will touch your heart. It did mine and proves this wonderful plant is The Cure for cancer. Mike

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