Genome Healing: An Awakening Opportunity

An amazing site for an amazing experience.

Yesterday we visited the proposed site for the Genome Healing Workshop. It is, in a word, breathtaking! But a single word isn’t enough. It is a private residence, physically in Phoenix, on Camelback mountain, and satisfied my desire to create an amazing and memorable experience for all who come.

I felt a strong resonance with this property. It was the first one to engender such a strong and positive feeling when I began looking for something other than a hotel or conference center.

However the owner or agent wasn’t easy to find, so we began looking for, and at other sites. Given that its price was also a question, the thought was relegated to the back-burner. However, a local real estate agent that I eventually contacted sent me a link to this property as a consideration, with no knowledge that I knew anything about it, or had any interest. After viewing it yesterday, it is even more impressive in person than a photo could ever reveal.

A few things must yet unfold before this is a “done deal” on this plane, which we are working toward, and I’ll leave it at that for now. This is going to be a special experience wherever it is, but I’ve seen where my heart wants it to be.

In the meantime we distributed re-designed postcards (see sample below) for the workshop yesterday, stopping by the Unity of Phoenix, New Vision Center For Spiritual Living  (New Thought), Unity of Mesa, as well as to several doctors offices, bookstores, and herb shops.

Carol sent me another testimonial yesterday. This shows you more how the term “healing” is subject to expansion, compared to the narrow framework that we’ve become accustomed to.

Hi Carol:

Thank you too for giving sooo much of yourself to all of us during the past 7 days. My friend who picked me up from the airport last night has known me for about 12 years and said  you could not believe the transformation. She brought me to the airport and I see her on a regular basis. But now for the WOW.

My flight was due to leave Gold Coast Airport yesterday at 3.25pm. I arrived at the airport at 2.15 to find that it was fogged in and that no incoming flights were able to land.  All the flights both Virgin and Jetstar (plus other airlines) were all cancelled and passengers were asked to collect their luggage and gather downstairs to be transported to Brisbane on a bus and would be advised when a flight would become available to take them to their destination. 

No information was given about my flight JQ441 except that it was delayed. At 4.30 approx an announcement was made that JQ442 from Melbourne was circling and going to attempt a second landing. (This was the flight plane due to take me back to Melbourne.)

I went into the transformer and attempted to lift the clouds to make the landing strip visible.  I took the “Mist” through the transformer a second time and intended that this lifting would allow 442 to land.

About 3 minutes after this was done a huge shout from the people sitting in the departure lounge as 422 landed and my flight was then able to take off just after 5pm.  WHAT CAN I SAY.

We can all draw our own conclusions !!!!.

Thank you again Carol.  My friend Pek-Sim is going to check her diary to see if she is in Australia in September to do your course.

Much love,

Lorraine   xxx

At the beginning of my most recent conversation with Carol (not yet edited), I offer the hypothesis that “healing is an act of consciousness,” to which she readily agreed. A greater knowing of who and what we are stimulates new impulses; new approaches to familiar challenges.

The Genome Healing Course is a Course in Consciousness. It doesn’t have to take a lifetime to change a lifetime’s worth of effects born from a more rigid or restrictive sphere of consciousness.

The knowing of which I speak is not static. It is dynamic and progressive. There will always be more to know, and greater challenges to master, but we’re at the threshold of a major awakening opportunity that I am pleased to be part of, and to take part in.


Redesigned GHW Postcard

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  1. I have been told about this workshop in the past I feel like I need to look into it more! Thanks 🙂

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