Stillness and the Power of Thoughts


I named this blog Thought For Food as a converse to the more familiar phrase, “Food for Thought.” However, the more that I think about thought, the more I see how it can be a tool for both manipulative control by others, and liberation… of, and by one’s self.

If you think that no one is adversely influencing your thoughts already, then there’s probably nothing to be liberated from… for you. That is, until you notice how the introduction of a mere thought to your consciousness can result in an instant change of your mood, plans, behavior, or outlook.

In the bible, John 1:1, reads, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

You could say that before “the Word” was the Thought, and the Thought was with God (Allah/Source/Creator/etc.), and the Thought was God.

This statement would be equally true. It would also illustrate the fact that thoughts don’t need to be uttered to have impact. Yet, they pre-exist as well as drive all utterances.

This is a good place to delve further into the work of Walter and Lao Russell who, through their books, identify stillness as an ever-present attribute of God, and an element of all “matter.”

Walter and Lao Russell

Let me state right here that you and I have bodies that are made of “earthly material,” but we are not “material” beings. We express our thoughts through the form, with the Presence and Grace of the Causative, Dynamic, Balancing, Living Stillness.

Perhaps this is another reason the Russell’s work has been largely ignored. Their description of the physics of materialization would kick the Elmer’s Glue Higgs Boson story as the “God Particle” to the curb, and show up CERN’s Very Large Hadron Collider for the scientific boondoggle that it is.

CERN’S Super Collider: Complexity is its own “black hole” to nowhere.

Imagine that the most elementary element of all physical creation, is not a “particle,” but the stillness that allows and causes motion to occur, and hence, particles to form. And in order to facilitate such causation, it is present as “the centering force” of everywhere, and everything.

Though immeasurable, thoughts are not “still.” Even they have, and cause motion. The Russell’s make it clear that the quality of Stillness allows differentials of motion to occur. When factored in with intelligent imagining, said differentials of movement, on levels both within, and beyond our “bandwidth” of material sense perception, create the infinite variety that we know as “Life.”

Stillness is present as a Source and Center of all motion. As such, Stillness will be an integral part of each thought, which is  in motion, though invisible, as it is to any visible movement, from subatomic, to macroscosmic. Stillness is the fulcrum between the complementary polar wave forms that are normally perceived as “opposing” “positive” and “negative” in their orientation.

Referring to God/Allah/Creator, they write:

He, likewise, divides His Omnipresence by centering every particle of creating matter in His whole limitless universe with the still Light of His own PRESENCE. From each center where He thus stands, He reaches out his right arm to one pole, and His left arm to the other one, to form a shaft around which each separate unit of all Creation must move to manifest the cycles of His thinking. In this manner each Mind-centered body in all Creation has at its command, and as its inheritance, all-power and all-knowledge to draw upon in the measure of man’s desire, and in the measure of the awareness of God’s centering Presence within each unit.

Aeons pass before aught but sensation–then instinct–makes bodies aware of the centering Light of that Divine Presence. Long ages pass before thinking and knowing transcend sensation and instinct. When thinking begins, knowing also begins. More long ages pass before God’s ultimate Creation–MAN–knows of his divinity through full comprehension of the whisperings of the Inner Silent Voice which forever says to him: “What I am you also are.”–Atomic Suicide?

I believe that we have come to that point now, as this makes perfect sense to me.

The salient or key point to understand, since God/Allah is within ALL, is where to “position” one’s self for the highest connection and greatest benefit. That would be where the Stillness is; not in the discordant polarities of “good” or “evil,” but in the peaceful, harmonic balance of the Center.

The MIND (God) is cause, and at the center of ALL motion.

As such, it remains incumbent on the experiential traveler to take a fresh look at life from this new, more inclusive perspective. If we see that God/Stillness hasn’t forsaken anyone, then who or what are we fearing so much that might do us harm, that we have to do greater harm to them before they harm us?

If we know that God is within us, and within all of creation, might there be another way of looking at the actions that cross our minds, another way of thinking, and responding? Is there something new that we can learn by doing less mindless reacting, and more responsible being?

The power of thoughts

The banner below appeared in my browser when I looked up the bible verse. It will engender a reaction based on the prevailing matrix of thoughts, and their individual and collective state, in your mind.

Your response to this banner is affected by the degree to which you are self-aware.

Your thoughts on God, cancer, medical science, healing, drugs, evil, life, dreams, hopes, fears, self-responsibility, and more, will influence whether the banner above is an appealing or ridiculous option to you.

Thoughts are powerful, even more so than words, because you don’t even have to utter them. This is another reason for the almost incessant need by many corporations and government agencies to get your attention, that is, to flood your mind with their ideas, to exert some influence on your perceptions, and ultimately, your biases or fears, and behavior in ways that benefit them.

Each time you hear a news story that leads with: “scientists have discovered…” are you not conditioned to believe that what follows must be true?

Superbug alert! Quake in your boots!

When news stories proliferate that “a new superbug” (drug-resistant bacteria) is spreading, a group of companies, likely behind the development of the virus or bacteria, have already prepared supplies of their “wonder” vaccine, working with the government agency. They can reliably predict that a percentage of the population will be “susceptible” to the bug and pay a high price for their “protection.”

The public doesn’t know that people become susceptible to viruses and bacteria due to the deliberate compromising of their immune systems. The compromise comes from mental, emotional, and physical (including medical) stress, such as that caused by the regular intake of nutrient deficient, genetically modified, chemical-laden processed foods and beverages, vaccines, OTC, and prescription medicines.

The “pandemics” that ensue also have a hypnotic suggestion element to them, because they are thoughts, that only require resonance by someone who is open to the suggestion, in order to have power over them.

Thoughts “travel” faster than both sound and light. They can be communicated, exchanged, and have impact without being heard, or seen.

Thoughts are not limited by distance or time.

As such, what we think of ourselves, and the value that we place on that thought is of critical importance to the quality of the life that we live, as well as the spheres of experiences that unfold.

Who knew?

So it appears that there’s far more to life than we thought. There’s far more to existence, as well as to natural human capabilities, than historical and to a large extent, current practice, might indicate. All of these truths are supported by, and based on some system or collection of thoughts.

“We are equal,” is a fundamental idea or thought that might be considered debatable to many whose worldview is bracketed by external observation and measurement. The thought itself cannot be measured, but each and every one of us carries an expression of this one thought with us every moment. The expression operates as either, “I AM equal,” or “I AM NOT equal”.

The importance of this thought cannot be understated. All complexes that involve perceptions (and delusions) of superiority or inferiority, stem from the “position” that the individual takes relative to the thought of one’s own equality to others, irrespective of outer appearances.

Nourished with the understanding that the same Principle that animates the Pope, POTUS, or perhaps someone you admire and respect, also animates YOU, may bolster your willingness to treat others with the respect that you know that you also deserve. Give to others that which you would like to receive. That includes patience, a willingness to listen more, and react less, to forgive more and seek less punitive, more constructive and healing ways to resolve differences.

Thoughts are immeasurable. As such, it’s easy for them to operate perpetually, without examination. They are the easiest thing to change (within one’s self), while being the hardest to “see.”

Here is a great interview, done in 2014, with David Icke. He covers many topics and thoughts that don’t make it into mainstream media, but are part of why things are as they are, and why they are changing.


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