Awareness, ‘The Idea’ and ‘The Journey’

This horse and buggy driver is a member of the Mennonite culture in Kentucky.

NASHVILLE, TN – Nothing like your birthday to share what’s on your mind. It doesn’t have to make total sense, or even be related. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I’ve been in the Music City two weeks already, and on the road for six weeks, on what may turn out to be The Journey of my life.

And perhaps yours too.

SO much has happened already, and SO MUCH is HAPPENING now, that words become inadequate. Video can be problematic too, as it still requires an assemblage of words to go along with the images that may help convey an essential Idea that is about to be born again, not with a vengeance, but with wonder.

The Idea has to do with the most important awareness or understanding that you or I can ever have in this life.

What do you think that is?

Now, what do you feel that this may be?

Raise your hands if you got one answer when you “thought about it,” and another if you felt a different reply.

I’ll end the suspense.

The single most important awareness or understanding that you or I can ever have in this life, is not how to become a billionaire, or even how to actually cure cancer (instead of acting like you can while using methods that won’t do it). It is to know that God is real, and exists not only in you, but as you, as well as in all of Creation, as all of Creation.

Looking at the meaning of words, the idea that “God is all,” and that “God is Allah,” makes sense. (However, this observation doesn’t make me either Muslim, or an Islamist.) If Muslims thought of Allah as all (which would naturally include Infidels), they could no longer rationally justify “killing” anyone, as by their delusion, they would dishonor Allah.

If Allah is all, why would “He” try to kill himself, even by the hands of his Creation?

The Creator can’t be “killed.” Life will always prevail, because it has no real antithesis. For those who are caught in a mindless loop about population reduction, The Creation can’t be “killed” either. Why? Because The Creation is Life. The form may indeed end, but it is not the Life. Life is conscious. Life is consciousness. If conditions are made incompatible for Life, it will change the conditions and return.

Back to the most important awareness. It would furthermore be to be able to consciously, personally know and experience the Power that God is, not for “His” glorification, but to restore the beauty of His Creations, which include you, me, and all of humanity.

We’ve so convinced ourselves that we aren’t expressions of God, even though most would acquiesce to the idea that we are “God’s Children,” that we’ve made the path of possibility very narrow. We’ve come into this world thinking of ourselves a little more than beasts of burden, destined to work mostly, play occasionally, love conditionally, fear authority and “glorify” God.

What a mix.

On the contrary, God is “glorified,” not by fighting and competing with, fearing and exploiting each other, but by honoring “His” Creation, which includes each other, as well as the planet that we live together on.

We honor the Earth by finding better, more efficient and less damaging ways to support ourselves and get along with each other. Where we have done damage, we forgive and heal, which is different from simply “repairing.”

For many people, all this sounds implausible. “There are evil people out there that would do us harm,” some would say. “We have to protect ourselves.” I would agree. However, one does not “protect” one’s self by becoming more deadly and afraid. The safety and protection of all is increased by dispelling fear through promoting greater harmony. Every human being has the power to become a harmonious presence wherever they may happen to be. 

That power comes through the choice to LOVE. To be it. To LIVE it. To give it, and to receive it.

This doesn’t mean that every person you meet will appear to “love” you back, but as more people do it, their world changes for the better, including health.

This isn’t a “Call to Jesus” meeting. If anything, it would be an end to thinking that Jesus, Mohammed, or the Pope were anything or anyone different from what you or I, In Essence, ARE.

It would also be an end to thinking that we are not capable of figuring out why our problems exist, and therefore, how to fix them. The Common Man has been relegated to an observer in the solution matrix, leaving the responsibility to scientists and other “experts” who spin their wheels while on the dole, making the great appearance of progress, at great expense, while achieving nothing meaningful. 

This practice has led to countless millions of people asking for, and heeding schemes cooked up by various professions and “experts,” such as their doctors “opinions” and paying with their money, health, and ultimately, their lives, for prescriptions and procedures to “fight diseases” that only made health matters worse while enriching the practitioners’ pockets and that of their institutions. 

Why would Jesus say that we’d achieve even great feats than he did if we don’t have the capacity to learn? If you think he was only referring to a few experts, perhaps you’re also waiting for him to come back to kick ass and take names, since the experts aren’t doing it. But then, that’s what we are here for, and we already know what we need to do. We don’t need to “learn” anything. We need only choose to LOVE all, as givers and receivers.

The government and justice system made the exploitation easier, by protecting the practitioners, institutions, and insurance companies from prosecution in the event their methods were proven to be responsible for damages.

This LHC is looking more like a ‘false idol’ every day, an expensive one at that.

The practice that led to billions being spent on the particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), only to get a quasi-confirmation of at particle, now called the Higgs boson. In spite of outrageous references to it as “the God Particle,” (as though it were that important), the scientific community has discovered nothing that could even remotely be thought to be useful in solving the problems of today.

However, on the strength of a Nobel Prize for Physics being awarded in 2013 to François Englert and Peter W. Higgs for their erstwhile discovery, new rumblings are now being heard about the possibility of building an even larger “collider” than the present one, a likelihood Judy Beebe and I laughed about when we did an interview following the original announcement. (See article.)

This was to be expected, since collecting a paycheck has become the #1 priority in all sectors from science and research, to government, education, and religion, the media, with truth and integrity, and most importantly, humanity, taking a backseat.

This is not about taking Jesus or Mohammed, or even doctors and government officials off their pedestals. It is about raising myself, yourself and everyone else up. In other words, it’s seeing, acknowledging, and living the self-evident truth that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL(S).

Now clearly, although the statement sounds good, and you could say, sparked the American Revolution, we don’t believe it now, and have never lived it in this country.

Collectively, we’re certainly not believing or living it today.

But what if we did? Forget about “we”! What if you did? That would make at least two of us! 🙂

Judy Beebe’s discoveries about Hydrogen and water have important implications that we won’t dwell on here, but will continue to elaborate on.

The famous line from the Declaration of Independence the united States of America, ratified July 4, 1776, is preceded by a less famous paragraph, which should be presented here.

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

I don’t know about you, but we have gone far beyond “taxation without representation”, which was the basic grievance that spawned the Boston Tea Party. The trusting individual generally finds it hard to believe that both sides of the political and government sectors have come under the “ownership” of a single entity that prefers to be unseen.

Can you explain to me why a government can have “secrets” from the people it purports to serve, but the people can’t have the decency of privacy from its government? Why the great need to know what others are thinking and doing, but maintain and protect, under threat of “death” (which doesn’t really exist), secrecy over its own activities?

There’s something very unequal (as well as delusional) about all that.

On the other side of the spectrum, acknowledging and living the self-evident truth of every Man’s equality to every Man, would mean elevating our regard for everyone we might previously have thought to be “beneath” us, irrespective of our previous rationale for thinking they deserved “less.” (Do I need to stipulate here that my reference to “Man” is inclusive of all Humanity? If so, then it does.)

Little have we known that to withhold such regard, you could even say LOVE, for others, was and is to deny one’s self that LOVE. We are always the first recipient of the love we give, and the first victim of the love we withhold.

This monument to Jefferson Davis, the first president of the Confederacy, is in Pembroke, KY.

Race and ethnicity, nationality, political preference, education, religious orientation, sexual orientation, professional standing – are all external effects; they are not causes.

You and I are Causal Beings. We cause experiences to occur through the following tools:

  • Desire
  • Intention
  • Thought/Imagination
  • Attitude
  • Love
  • Fear

These are internal, causal elements. They cause the formation of an individual’s worldview, as well their words, resultant actions and reactions. They also affect and/or influence the response and non-response of others.

This is how we write “history” each moment. “History” is really our story. Your story for you, and my story for me. Our stories together.

We have spoken a good game about God, but have not lived it consciously, having convinced ourselves that an evil counterpart was at large, and had to be vanquished. Anything that didn’t look “human,” just had to be “bad,” did it not?

We’ve been trying to squash or squish “bad guys” ever since. In the process, we’ve almost decimated a beautiful, pristine planet that was created to sustain the growth and evolution of our knowing of God, about life, love, and freedom, not just from tyranny, but all “limitation.”

I’ll ask you, on our present social path, are we moving toward greater freedom? I’ll also remind you that this path didn’t start with the current administration, nor the previous one, nor the one before that, nor the one before that. It’s been going on for quite some time, prior to 1913 and the start of the Central Banking System, even before 1871 and the incorporation of Washington DC as a City-State.

If the legislative and legal infrastructure is not moving toward greater freedom, or even its maintenance, if it’s moving toward more force (e.g., vaccinations, RFID chips, and drones) and less personal freedom, then is this the America, or the world you actually want?

While the “experts” might disagree, you can do something about it, starting with simply turning them off and listening both to your own common sense, and to each other. Then, expand your sphere, based on the value you can bring to the table. I’m not speaking of money, but vision, knowledge, intelligence, skills. Believe it or not, enthusiasm, where positively and harmoniously directed, is a valuable trait and skill!


As I’ve crossed the country, stopping for a time here and there, the meaning of, and in my life has evolved. As I took time to process it, I’ve neglected to comment on many things, create a travelogue of some of the images that I’ve seen, or some of the many people I’ve met and interviewed.

Below is a thumbnail sketch (not in chronological order).

A. True Ott, Mother Earth Minerals ( and, has never closed his eyes when truth stared him in the face, nor turned his back on a person in need.

Some of True Ott’s experiences could make your blood curdle.

Almost two months ago I attended a court session with Daniel Smith in Spokane, WA to observe first-hand his attempt to normalize his life once again after the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) decided to make an example out of him in their efforts to stem the growth of MMS… which they have failed to do.

The Court, the judge, and her personnel when through the motion of appearing to be giving Daniel, who is representing himself, due process, but any intelligent and interested observer could see a certain absence of equality with regard to the Justice Department’s responsiveness to orders and deadlines issues by the Court, wherein flimsy and indefensible excuses offered didn’t even raise an eyebrow in the judge.

It was great to see Daniel, and sad to see the injustice of a Justice system that’s a bit too comfortable with itself.

The Court is handling Daniel with kid gloves due to his self-representation, offering a “friendly invitation” for him to get a court-appointed attorney to “represent” him. But the truth is, that attorney would “represent” the “corporate entity” LOUIS DANIEL SMITH, the one whose account (one most people know nothing about) they are actually bringing “charges” against.

Talk about having the decks stacked against you! It’s worse than going to a casino. But that’s the legal system of today.


I also heard from Thought For Food subscriber Nathan Carr, who has had good success using both MMS and DCA (Dichloroacetate). Having done extensive research on his own, he was supportive of the Chlorine Dioxide Anion/Chlorite Matrix view that Grant Maanum brought to my attention and helped shift my understanding.

I spoke briefly with Grant too recently. He has relocated to the Vancouver area after his mother’s passing, and has new insights to share. Before deciding to journey east, I was so close to the Canadian border while in Montana that I thought seriously of going to see him, except that it didn’t occur to me to bring my passport. After all our phone conversations, I’d love to set down with him in person.

Life has been such a dynamic experience over the past six weeks (and counting), that it has been difficult to keep track of it all. But we will yet have our day in the sun.


Every one of the people involved in this entire scenario we call “life on earth,” are expressions of God. This may or may not be important, except perhaps when we’ve grown tired of, or simply outgrown the not so wonderful “games” that people have played (and in many corners of the world still are playing), “in the name of God.”

I’m talking about games of:

  • War Industry
  • Poverty Industry
  • Disease Industry (Medicine)
  • Environmental Pollution and Toxicity
  • Genetic Modification Industry
  • Crime and Punishment Industry
  • Consciousness Containment Industry (material Science that denies the energetic/spiritual element)
  • Control and Limitation (Government) Industry
  • “Peace” through unilateral annihilation (e.g., drones and “smart” strikes)
  • Spiritual Stigma Industry (Religion)
  • Mental Indoctrination Industry (Education)

Are you ready to end these games?

Better yet, are you ready and willing to start a new one? One that is fun, or can be fun for everyone?

There is soooooooo much more to share, and (it appears) so little time.

Like Jazz in Nashville. Who’d a thunk it?

This 4-piece ensemble (drummer to far right) led by pianist, Bruce Dudley, was awesome!

This past Saturday I enjoyed a wonderful evening of contemporary jazz, with original compositions, performed at the Nashville Jazz Workshop’s “Jazz Cave.” Musically for me, this was like coming home! The radio stations today are filled with predominately programmed noise, anger, or fear. I have found no audio or mental “oases” in all the 6,000 miles I’ve driven so far.

Kelan Phil Cohran ( — Legendary in many ways, Cohran, now 86 years young, was one of the original members of the Sun Ra Arkestra, which was formed in the early 1950’s in Chicago, by Sun Ra (a.k.a. Sonny Blount) and my father, Alton Abraham. They were pioneers in many aspects, forming their own record label, Saturn Records, and making “studio-like” albums from their live performances.

Kelan Phil Cohran was one of the original players in the Sun Ra Arkestra.

In any era, the Sun Ra/Saturn approach was uniquely their own.

Cohran was preparing for a concert at the Chicago Cultural Center when he learned I was in town and wanted to meet.

The Rotunda at the Chicago Cultural Center where Phil Cohran performed.

One of the wonderful stations that I loved in Chicago (WNUA which was formerly WSDM), which has a long history of great instrumental and contemporary jazz, is now a Hispanic-language adult contemporary channel. The music that predominates radio today has little meaning, offers no solace in a weary, polarized, fearful, and confused sea of thought that media has become.

Dr. Ron Shefi (, is a retired chiropractor and author of several books, one of which is titled, Ultimate Healing, Medicine Made Easy. He also appears to be from the future, possessing a level of knowledge about subjects that most people have yet to ask. He has sometimes been referred to as the human tricorder, for those who remember Dr. McCoy, the “Bones” character on the original Star Trek series.

He has been a gracious host during my stay.

My host in Nashville and retired chiropractor, Dr. Ron Shefi is the author of Ultimate Healing: Medicine Made Easy.

Dan Nelson (, has opened many a mind to the true potential of water, through lectures he has given around the country. He gave the talk in the video below in Branson, MO.


I believe you’ll enjoy our 75 minute conversation (when I get the editing finished).

Dan Nelson, creator of an engineered water.

Debbie Davis, CEO, Miracule Water ( took over the reigns of the company when her husband Ron Talmage, passed unexpectedly. Talmage’s legs were severely damaged when he fell from a cliff while hiking, almost necessitating amputation. Instead, he researched various healing methods and came across the world of ORMUS/ORME, or mono-atomic, high-spin elements.

Debbie Davis, of Miracule Water

The Miracule device is the first that I am aware of specifically designed to collect or concentrate ORME energy, which water is the optimal medium. Indeed, they have patented their “ORME trap” design.

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Debbie when I passed through Minneapolis.

Massood Taj ( is a gifted artist and musician. His Mandala Project is one way he is engaging and empowering young people to channel their energies in positive and meaningful directions.

Artist and musician Massood Taj, is also passionate about water and humanity’s transformation.

Another recorded conversation was had here.

Mandala Project art.
A product of Massood’s Mandala Project workshop.

Susan Crain, writer and massage therapist, was a delightful discovery. A writer of erotic stories, she has discovered and you might say, unleashed her Inner Vixen, and has discovered heretofore uncharted levels of inner peace, healing, self-acceptance, and satisfaction.

Susan Crain and I discuss sexuality and spirituality, and why the two are one.

We had a great conversation about sexuality and spirituality, which have been treated like oil and water.  

How can we love ourselves or each other if we deny or defame the Gift that is sexual expression?

I enjoyed this meeting. Della had come to Nashville to visit after a month on the road, and she and Susan met years earlier in Las Vegas. This is a subject that can’t be broached too often, although many, myself included, have been reluctant to “go there,” at least publicly.

Kyle Zagodzky, President & Founder, OsteoStrong® ( — this was another of those unexpected discoveries, as OsteoStrong is a new franchise business that is sure to take off. Yet it’s still small enough, and we were close enough, that the chief organizer dropped by to personally give us the OsteoStrong story.

It’s about bone density and muscle, two factors that tend to be on the decline through much of an adult’s life. It shows up as osteoporosis.

Kyle Zagrodzky, President and Founder of Osteostrong, has hatched a great idea.

The OsteoStrong® method is designed to build strength by stimulating the growth of new bone and muscle tissue. They do it with a regimen that involves 1 weekly visit that lasts 15-20 minutes, doesn’t require you to change clothes or shower afterwards. This even includes a 6-minute hydro-massage.

OsteoStrong® strength gains are due to new muscle and bone growth.

My friends Michael and Karen Elley are elated by the progress they’ve seen since joining.

New bones and muscles are possible at any time in life with the OsteoStrong® System.

Aad van der Starre, Freshlight ( — I first met Aad (pronounced “Ott”) van der Starre this past June in Arizona, when I was asked by my friend Michael Bennett to drive down to Tucson to film an interview, as a videographer. Little did he know that I had been looking for what Aad produced, specifically a better light bulb and a viable negative ion generation technology.

As it turned out, Aad had combined the two into a single appliance.

Aad Van der Starre invented a better light bulb, and added something even more important.

It would be an over simplification to classify Aad’s product, and his company, Freshlight, as a new “light bulb.” Actually, it’s an ion field generation technology that also includes a more efficient lighting element.

We’ll get into ion field generation and why it’s important in the future, but suffice it to say that I’m no longer “just a videographer” anymore. On the strength of conversations I’ve had with various friends, including Michael Elley below, Michael Bennett and Aad traveled to Nashville while I am still here. We’ve had some great meetings, and have been afforded a tremendous opportunity to introduce a much-needed product to the United States.

In many ways, the future actually looks bright.

Singing is about the last thing I would have imagined I’d be doing upon arrival in Nashville, but it was as natural as dropping a fish into water (assuming the water is right for the fish). But why should I be surprised, since I do happen to be a water sign?

Enjoying Michael Elley’s (L) song at the studio led to an invitation to lay down some background vocal tracks.

Believe it or not, I left some people out, but you get the gist of what has been going on. Thank you to everyone who have sent me your wonderful thoughts and well-wishes.

There are, among us, many who care about the state of the world, and the well-being of each human traveler. It is a joy to know them and help bring their personal and collective visions forward.

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  1. “collecting a paycheck has become the #1 priority in all sectors from science and research, to government, education, and religion, the media, with truth and integrity, and most importantly, humanity, taking a backseat.”

    I would agree that this is what the PTB would like our individual and collective priority to be, but people like you prevent that. Awareness of true values is growing alongside the everwidening powergrabbing attempts of the elite. The light shared by yourself and the type of people you interview contributes to that. A single candle in a dark room shows up a lot of stuff that couldn’t be seen before it was lit.

    Thank you for spreading the light.

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