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ON THE ROAD, USA: I share with you a view of Flathead Lake from its western shore in the town of Lakeside, Montana, where I spent three days interviewing a remarkable lady, Judy Beebe ( and

I left Arizona on the 5th of October. Presently, it’s not clear when I will return. I originally thought I’d head West from here, but now I’ll be heading east.

My first stop was the Salt Lake City area, where I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Moray B. King, author of Tapping the Zero-Point Energy, How “Free Energy” and “Anti-Gravity” Might Be Possible with Today’s Physics, and A. True Ott, PhD, author of Secret Assassins in Food: The Ninjas of Taste, and owner of Mother Earth Minerals ( I also had a chance to spend some time with M.J. Pangman (, co-author of Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water. This was a reunion of sorts, since I met and interviewed M.J. and co-author, Melanie Evans, in 2011.

While these encounters were enjoyable “perks,” they were not the primary reason for the trip. For the past several months, I have become active, once again, in what might be termed, an advocacy for life-sustaining and enhancing water, and the technology that can make it happen.

Water is perhaps the single most important product of nature on this, or any planet in the universe. Perhaps even more so than atmosphere, we look for signs of water in determining a planet’s potential suitability to support life as we know it.

Yet, though it is one of the linchpins in any litmus test to determine suitability for life on any planet or environment, we callously treat water as though it was a common chemical, in spite of the fact that mankind, in all its glorious technology, cannot make it. It is one of the few substances that we can’t arrogantly declare having a superior substitute. Indeed, a vast majority of our inferior products have their basis in water.

As such, water will enhance, or hinder life as we know it, to the extent that we are inclined to enhance or hinder life as we know it.

This is because water is more – far more in fact – than we have become accustomed to thinking that it is. One element that cannot be accounted for via standard chemistry, is the life that is present in water, and its ability, or inability to sustain life.

Water is made, formulated, and produced, by Nature, which to me is synonymous with saying that it is produced by God, Allah, or whomever you call your respective Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent Power. It is so special and important to life, that there is no intelligent justification for today’s modern treatment methods, which routinely deliver water that actually lowers vitality when consumed, rather than enhance it.

Dr. Jacque Benveniste

Virtually nothing enters or exits our body without the involvement and able assistance of water. Yet, people who have researched the properties of water have done so at great risk to their careers, professional standings, or their very lives.

Jacque Benveniste (1935-2004), who confirmed scientifically that water possesses the elements of “memory,” is one example. Even after his death, the “prestigious” Journal Nature, attempted to put the light that he effectively revealed to human understanding, back into the shadows.

The idea that water molecules, connected by hydrogen bonds that last for only about a picosecond (10-12 seconds) before breaking and reforming, could somehow cluster into long-lived mimics of the antibody seemed absurd.—Philip Ball, Nature

Fortunately, objective videos like the clip below offer a more expanded view of what was going on, more so than a few biased words can convey.


Of course, Beneviste wasn’t alone. Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958), was perhaps the first “Water Wizard” of the modern age.

Viktor Schauberger

A simple forester, not university educated, Schauberger was an ardent observer of nature, as well as natural behavior, particularly of water. He was also fervent in his documentation, leaving copious volumes of handwritten notes and diagrams.

When he made a declarations about water’s power or nature, the first responses from “educated” people, were that it was impossible, or that he was delusional.

That is, until his demonstrations, using working models that he designed and built, confirmed the declarations.

When it was clear that Schauberger, an Austrian naturalist, knew what he was talking about, and that it could be used to further the purposes of the Third Reich, he was conscripted into its service.

While many believe that his work was centered around the development of an “über vehicle” that, through the power of the vortex, could run on water, it is more likely that he discovered a way to use water itself, as fuel itself.

Movement is but one of the ways water gains power.

With our current predilection toward the use of a limited supply of fossil fuels, with all of its toxic byproducts (due mostly to our grossly inefficient methods of combustion), the availability of an unlimited fuel supply, that produced no harmful residue, has remained a closely guarded secret.

As a civilization, we have continued to proclaim our “advancement” while firmly ensconced in a dualistic, “fixed” pie size, scarcity mindset. Some have chosen to play a game of “rob from Peter, to enrich Paul,” or more succinctly, to conquer Peter to enrich self. The only problem is that they’re doing it with what have been termed, “the 99 percent”.

After experiencing a journey out of her body in 1994, Judy Beebe has diligently and resolutely scoured a myriad of religious and ancient texts, including the Bible, Koran, the Lost Gospel of Thomas, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean, crop circles, and many more.

Her research has led to one of the most fundamental of understandings conceivable, i.e., that Hydrogen is our conduit, connection, as well as presence, of God. In other words, it is not a God Particle, but the God Particle, the element that makes all other elements, as well as the physical density in which we live, move, and have our being, possible, as well as that of all manifestations of life, from microscopic to the macrocosmic.

Scientists would scoff at the notion, but her assertions make sense. The self-congratulatory shindig given by the Nobel committee, which awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics to François Englert and Peter W. Higgs for their postulation of the “boson,” is rife with meaninglessness outside of their sense that it may validate another unproven theory, that is, of the “big bang.”

A bird’s eye view of the CERN complex.

The Higgs Boson, as the phenomenon is now called, has been alternately called, “The God Particle.” How else to justify spending more than $10 billion to build, staff, and operate the Large Hadron Collider, thought to be instrumental and required in order to simulate the aforementioned, “big bang.” Then, with all that, they admit that what it all means is not clear.

Complex and Expensive: The Large Hadron Colider

What it means to me is that the only “God” they’ve found, is a way to justify, in their own minds, building a larger, more expensive toy. I can also predict that any “discoveries” they uncover from this boondoggle will be meaningless, to any measure of self-understanding, as well.

Judy’s knowledge has congealed in such a way, that she discovered how to change our relationship with Hydrogen, and use the enormous power vested within the atom, to literally change the world as we know it today, not through harmful “force,” but through harmonic transmutation that, if we didn’t know better (as many of us still don’t), we’d think were miracles.

An obvious example would be to provide a limitless, harmless, inexhaustible source of energy that could power a vehicle, or heat and light a home. The ingredients needed are water (H2O), plus Hydrogen and Oxygen. Now, before you go about trying to do this yourself, please know that there is a very specific way to do it, otherwise other, more familiar experiences with Hydrogen would apply.

The beauty of a miracle is that it’s never bad, and the good that it portends is indiscriminate. It applies, and is available, to everyone. The question is whether a sufficient enough portion of the population is ready to be liberated from slavery and limitation.

Based on her research, Judy can articulate and scientifically outline numerous ways that the product of her work, a very specific form of plasma, can do just that.

I can’t say the same for the scientific community. The following is an excerpt from an “informational and unofficial” letter to Judy and Dennis Holmes, her business/research partner, dated July 30, 2008, written by Art McManus, Operations Manager for Battery Research and Testing, Inc. of Oswego, NY. In it he delivered preliminary results from their testing of what they dubbed internally as, “The Beebe Formula.”

As for the experiment, we mixed your specified formula into a 1000 ml 2-neck round bottom flask. Upon doing so we immediately noticed a reaction. Furthermore, although the solution not being a battery, we decided to use a battery cell monitoring system (normally used to monitor battery anomalies) to see what, if any, readings we could obtain from the solution. We inserted two probes into the solution and wired them to the monitoring system. We were absolutely amazed when we started receiving data… this should not be possible with your formula. We received indications of voltage and current. We let the system run over night to monitor the solution and reviewed the information the following morning. We received 23 “spikes” (not sure what else to call them) which were instantaneous and less than 1/100th of a second and indicating power being produced. We were unable to determine the cause(s) of this reaction as well as why this occurred and by what we currently know there should not have been any reaction whatsoever and this should be impossible.

Except that it happened in spite of his mistaken training.

Could it be that there is knowledge to be known outside the tight boundaries of science’s “brightest minds?” Could it also be that such knowledge will not withhold itself from all but “the highest bidder” and will gladly present itself to the pure of heart, motive, and intention?

Judy Beebe is one such soul. She simply wanted to know her connection to God. It didn’t come through involvement in a church, mosque, or synagogue, although she visited many. I will say here that membership in a church, mosque, or synagogue doesn’t determine purity of heart, motive, or intention, any more than being prostitute, attorney, or politician. The connection to God is present in all, irrespective of their beliefs or actions. At issue is whether, when, where, why, and how the magic happens. The main difference-maker is in the immeasurable realm of one’s attitude.

Judy’s reward, or you could say gift that she gave to herself, is a testament to the power and efficacy of attitude. Now, who will care enough, about this mishmash of dramas, to continue ushering in conscious, real awareness of the Prime Cause that has been present all along?

Unfortunately, few have appeared to care, at least, so far.

She ran an Indiegogo campaign to raise $150,000 to fund a documentary film that covers the acquisition of an all-electric vehicle, gutting the batteries, and installing an energy cell that runs by the special form of plasma that she has learned to create. The very specific protocol that she uses could be likened to activating MMS. However, the list of “miracles” that could ensue is long.

Of that $150,000 goal, only $225 was raised.

According to Judy, the Hydrogen, unique among the Periodic Table of Elements, is sentient. It travels at the speed of thought. Even Wikipedia describes atomic hydrogen as accounting for 75% of the elemental mass of the universe.

Would we recognize a Cosmic Treasure even if we bumped into one?

After visiting Judy, I traveled to my current location in Idaho, and learned of the award for physics. After what I had just learned, the irony and contrast was palpable. This prompted many conversations.

Daniel Smith Sighting

I also had the pleasure of seeing/spending time with Daniel Smith, former founder of Project Greenlife (PGL International) who became the focal point of the FDA’s campaign to discredit and take down the “Miracle Miracle Supplement” movement.

If they weren’t working so diligently to “protect and serve” one of the institutions that is doing real damage to millions of people the world over (i.e., the medical industrial complex), I wonder if any of the people wonder what they would really have gained if they succeeded in their efforts.

Kind’a like finding a Higgs Boson, when after the partying is over, one realizes that nothing beneficial has happened. Indeed, when the FDA “wins,” humanity loses… not only health, but liberty, and a window of opportunity for precious, priceless, self-understanding.

I am pleased to see that Daniel is as okay as any American who has been presumed guilty until proven innocent, can be.

He must wear what is euphemistically called, a “bracelet” on his ankle, has a 10pm curfew, and can travel only in the eastern portion of the state of Washington.

Tomorrow he has a court hearing.

I will be there.

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