Dancing in ‘The Door’

On Wednesday, September 18, 2013, I’ll be a guest on the Proof Negative Show on, in the second hour (7pm PST).

Breaking with my pattern of the past, I thought I’d let you know ahead of time, instead of after the fact. One possible topic: water, as I have actively resumed an advocacy of high-spin, energy rich, water transformation technologies. I am excited about the implications of the Rainmaker™ device. Here’s our latest testimonial. More about that soon.


I received my first request for audio CDs of The Door of Everything, actually from my friends Taylore and Roi at the Reiki Ranch, who originally brought the title to my attention. Taylore wants to listen to it in the car.

When I finished reading the book, I imagined the possible impact of 1 million people, willingly, joyfully, playing in the consciousness that the book expresses. That vision gave me pleasant chills. I loved the idea so much, I had to do it without worrying about “What’s in it for me?!”

The book presents a worldview that is in stark contrast to the examples that some “leaders” and public opinion makers are attempting to present as valid and wise today.

In and through The Door of Everything, the Voice makes clear just how “Godless” our society/civilization has become, not because there are no “good” people or too much “evil,” but because we live in polarity, asserting the aspect that we want to be identified by, and denouncing or renouncing that which we don’t.

Only by loving the Whole of who we are, and can be, do we prepare ourselves for the Truth that sets us free.

“Free from what?” You ask.

  • Limitation of any kind.
  • Harm of any kind.
  • Disease of any kind.
  • Injury of any kind.
  • Deception of any kind.

How about that for starters? Would you be “up” for that?

Even the idea construct known as “death” will bow to our unlimitedness when we awaken to the idea that our Soul intended to express itself through the form, and not be embroiled in a “long distance,” trans-dimensional, “way over yonder” relationship.

Oneness with the Grand Cosmic Being within is, and has always been The Plan. Everyone is qualified to apply. No “credit” or “background” checks are necessary.

No one will need to look you over and judge your “worthiness.” All you have to do is be willing to be freer, happier, and more generous with your love than you’ve thought permissible. More an embodiment of truth than you thought safe to do.

  • Imagine being whole again.
  • Imagine being healthy again.
  • Imagine regenerating broken or lost limbs.
  • Imagine visually expressing an optimal “age” while being ageless.
  • Imagine expressing your body in the gender of your choice as and when you wish; not needing surgery or “death” to “explain” your change.
  • Imagine seeing the heart essence of every being, whether earthly or not, humanoid or not, and knowing that your Love is the greatest Power, as you would never harm another, and anything that doesn’t resonate with Your Love, can never “harm” you.
  • Imagine being unaffected by high fructose corn syrup, HAARP, Fukushima radiation, vaccinations, or GMOs.
  • Imagine having the ability to consciously travel anywhere in the universe at the speed of thought. No space ship necessary.
  • Imagine travel through the innerverse (ponder what that may be).
  • Imagine creating a “physical” body when you need or want one, wherever you may want to be.
  • Imagine knowing the truth because you embody it.

These are the traits bestowed us by the Originating Father/Mother Consciousness, and their only begotten, which is The Christ.

This is not a religious matter. The Christ is an Energy or Light. It’s a matter of Love. No one is excluded from joining, although from often-practiced ways of thinking, many will greatly limit their powers of expression.

Nonetheless, Love is who and what we really are. The words eternal and infinite also apply. How we express ourselves, is the Dance around the Door, either from the “outside” in the fearful world of appearances, or Inside, where Truth IS.

Oneness is Real Even if We Fail to See It

We cannot not be one with the Originating Consciousness. However, we can believe in disconnection. We can fail to recognize the Magnificent Presence that permeates every aspect of our life, even within each breath we take.

If the life-giving energy of the Originating Consciousness was not present within each breath we take, we would not exist in this form.

There is reason for gratitude, as well as reason to notice other Gifts that are all around us. As we look for, notice, and acknowledge the Gifts from On High that we are given each moment, we will draw more of this Awesome Power into, and through our vessel, coloring our thoughts, inspiring our dreams, and making them real as our heart’s desire.

In spite of public concerns for the future, I find great peace while getting to know this Power within Me.

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  1. I stand at the door and knock. Who will answer?

    I will Lord. I have heard you calling in the night. I stepped through and then I knew for the door I entered was indeed “The Door to Everything.” ~ Debra Clemente

    Adam, you mention in this introductory video the idea of having a discussion of the ideas presented within this book. I would love to participate if you ever do. ❤️

    1. Thank you Debra! That makes TWO, which is enough to take it to another level. I love your art, and thoughts! I’ll add a link to your site too!

  2. Albert Miles

    Hi Adam,
    Love your blog. I am also interested in the CD’s for “The Door of Everything”. I listened to the online reading (nice touch with the echo voice) and would like to be able to listen without being chained to my laptop. How can I obtain a set?

    1. I listened to the videos on my iPhone. Works great for me. ????

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