Dawn of a 'Peece' Movement

A year's supply for around $20 bucks.
Making room for “peece” in my life.

This is the longest article I’ve ever written, just so you know. I always want to be clear as possible, but never more so than now.

Let it be known on this day, of my official withdrawal from the “Miracle Mineral Supplement/Solution” a.k.a. “MMS” conversation.

While I am grateful for what I have learned and the many amazing people I’ve met on this journey, in good conscience, I can no longer continue to address various ways to use the product when a more compelling solution—one that is unquestionably natural, benign, and not subject to the issues or laws of interstate or international commerce, or capricious, jingoistic “approvals” of “Man,”—presents itself, though it may initially be met with even greater skepticism, prejudicial distaste, or disbelief than MMS.

Shedding an ever lovin' light on Mee.
Shedding an ever lovin’ light on Mee.

Nonetheless, that compelling solution is one’s own urine. You could say that it is from Earth, Mother Nature, or God, and all statements would be true. The Intelligence needed to bring together all the components that are found in urine that make Life and health blossom again, is clearly beyond the most “advanced” conventional scientific knowledge. Why it works is not beyond our understanding. What’s hard to understand is why we continue to believe our present methods might work, when the results they produce have been, and are so abysmal. Also hard to fathom is why the Powers that Were thought we’d never figure this out. Perhaps they planned another false flag event or two to keep us arguing at each other about guns.

Scientific evidence shows that urine is a proven, natural remedy of superior efficacy to anything that is produced outside the body, and is perfect for what ails you at the moment of intake. It is everything that little minds in big laboratories and ivory towers would love to create, protect, and control access to, while selling a little bit at a time back to you at very high prices.

Maybe not, as you might get well anyway. (“Just sayin’.”)

The next best thing is to create, market, and then offer you inferior knockoffs that you pay a dear price for because (1) you believe the unnatural solution may help, and (2) that no natural healing solution could possibly come from your “diseased” body.

Yet, the Intelligence, with all of its guiding instructions, that caused the body itself to form in the first place, still functions within it, and has the ability to reply, if we would just humble ourselves to accept and trust it. In fact, urine is the same liquid that surrounds and nourishes every human body as it develops in the womb. It is, as John W. Armstrong wrote, the Water of Life.

This perception of the elixir from, and for the world within us, is new to me, but urine has been serving Humanity naturally, by Design, from the beginning of time. If we set our egos and conditioned, ignorant responses aside, it will help each who courageously partakes, to assume an active, positive role in changing the present course of human history, moving from being slaves to fear, disease, and technology, to the realization of freedom, health, balance, and love with Life.

Who knew?

It turns out that many have known about the therapeutic power of urine but, presuming it to be a waste product of the body, most have been loathe to consider or trust this “inconvenient truth.” While MMS is good on its best day, urine is rich in much more of what the body needs in order to maintain or restore its health, without even trying.

I’m sorry to be the one to have to say that if you want to get nutrition that your body needs, you won’t find it in conventional foods, dairy, water, land, home or work environment, or the atmosphere. You presently can’t rely on any distant system or agency to look out for your interest or well-being, even if they say that they are. See for yourself:

  • Produce is grown with pesticides and herbicides.
  • Organic produce is often irradiated somewhere along the way to extend shelf life. Both are nutritionally deficient and the growers know it, believing it’s the best that they can do.
  • Regular milk products contain antibiotics, hormones, and other additives, and little to no life.
  • Raw dairy products are either banned in many states, or are high harassment zones in some locations.
  • Meat, poultry and fish products carry the stresses of lifeless, profit-centered, “corporate” thinking.
  • The conversation on water risks begins with chlorine, ammonia, and fluoride, and escalates to Chromium 6 and “fracking,” and beyond.
  • Other foods are genetically engineered (GMO) so as to act like Trojan horses when they get into the body of the unsuspecting, uninformed, or simply disrespected (as in California’s defeated Proposition 37) consumer.
  • Conventional home environments, with their artificial atmospheres and disruptive energy fields (microwave ovens, refrigerators, “Smart Meters”, CFL bulbs, Wi-Fi, cell phones, etc.), are high positive ion zones, which are disruptive to normal cellular communications, which is also electrical in nature.
  • Work environments feature unhealthy light sources, artificial climate control, noise, pollution, and other factors, that also mean high positive ion exposure.
  • Environmental Protection types want us to wait until 2025 for expensive 55 mpg transportation electric vehicles (which will likely be positive ion chambers or disease incubation vehicles), when we could have had 100+ mpg cars and trucks 25 years ago, and can still have them today, with current internal combustion engines.

First let me say that there are suitable answers to all these issues. You just won’t hear about them on CNN or Fox News… yet.

This isn’t just about where we’re going. We’ve been in this situation for a LONG time, mainly because we’ve thought we were going in the “right” direction, with our “advanced” technology, compared to “primitive” cultures. We thought we were the leaders, the “Land of the free, Home of the brave,” and all that.

Look at us now. We’ve been “led” alright… down a primrose path.

Of late, our social insecurity has been showing, and it’s not pretty.

If we want to change this, each must change their own direction by stepping out of, and beyond their familiar “box” which “politics” and other institutions try to convince, cajole, or coerce us to stay in.

If one didn’t know better, it would be easy to think that someone doesn’t want us to be healthy, alert, and aware, especially when you realize that once you get “sick” and visit a licensed health professional, they’re likely to suggest that you consider taking more chemicals, so that the “beat down” goes on.

Everything that is in your urine is what your body needs in ionic form, not just nutritionally, but medicinally as well. Being “ionized” means that no additional energy or resources to process are required. It gives 100% of itself to you. By way of contrast, lifeless medications take your energy, and hence your health and Life, from you.

A Great and Needed Discovery

Properly prepared, MMS is safe and therapeutic, as results generally confirm. Yet, with extended use, maintaining one’s progress often evolves into a considerable effort to make it palatable, at great risk of jeopardizing its efficacy. Virtually any commercial product that is used to mollify the taste of MMS, such as bottled juices and even carbonated beverages, will contain chemical “additives”—dyes, preservatives, etc.—that can impair intra-cellular uptake and respiration.

The main thing that is “hard to swallow” about urine—which will have a salty taste that can range from negligible to pungent—is the perception that we imagine others will have of us when we tell them what we’re doing.

MMS has been a Godsend to many over the past few years. However, Humble has always insisted that chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is the active therapeutic agent. The available information, geared toward commercial use of the product, seemed to confirm.

The EPA Guidance Manual (1999) which is published by the Office of Water, and sets guidelines and standards for its handling and treatment, says the following in its chapter on Chlorine Dioxide:

Chlorine dioxide functions as a highly selective oxidant due to its unique, one-electron transfer mechanism where it is reduced to chlorite (ClO2-) (Hoehn et al., 1996).

The significance of its “unique, one-electron transfer mechanism” is easily overlooked because the molecule remains the same, but the behavior of said molecule changes dramatically. Chlorine dioxide is shown to be “ClO2” while “chlorite,” also known as “the chlorite matrix” is shown to be “ClO2-“. The same Guidance Manual further stipulates the “identity” of chlorite in terms of its electrical value:

ClO2(aq) + e – = ClO2–                                                     E° = 0.954V

It didn’t associate that electrical value to chlorine dioxide. I mention this measure of voltage because it is the specific value, 0.95V that Jim Humble states in all his teachings on MMS, as the electrical value of chlorine dioxide. Less than Ozone (O3) @ 2.07V, chlorine @ 1.36V, and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) @ 1.8V, which can all destroy healthy cells.

Even Lenntech, who Humble has cited as a reputable source of chlorine dioxide information, now shows that the Oxidation Potential of chlorine dioxide is 1.5V. By Humble’s own teaching, this electrical value is higher than that of a healthy cell, which is around 1.0V, which means ClO2 would be destructive, which is what the FDA has asserted in its warning about the “dangers” of MMS.

Before jumping to any conclusions here, I am not confirming the FDA’s case against MMS, because the actual chemistry of MMS, from the beginning was about producing a species of chlorine dioxide where the electron transfer to chlorite was virtually instant. At 0.954V, this molecule could be safely taken into a cell and metabolized, impacting  only that which had a weaker electrical field, which viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, etc, tend to emit.

While he was calling this chlorine dioxide and designating as ClO2, it was actually chlorite, to which ClO2– applies. In other words, he has been teaching about chlorite, which is highly therapeutic, but referring to it as chlorine dioxide, which is highly reactive. My video reflected this understanding as well.

The EPA Guidance Manual once more:

In drinking water, chlorite ( ClO2-) is the predominant reaction end-product, with approximately 50 to 70 percent of the chlorine dioxide converted to chlorite and 30 percent to chlorate (ClO3-) and chloride (Cl-) (Werdehoff and Singer, 1987)

This suggests that chlorine dioxide is present, but doesn’t take into consideration how the mixture was prepared, or with what compounds. For municipal water treatment, this might not be a concern. Given the purpose of the Guideline a single preparation method is both stipulated and assumed, including the specific chlorite compound (and its acceptable purity), activating acid, and manner of activation. The electron transfer characteristics could be described in a homogeneous manner given that no other application was being considered.

They use enough sodium chlorate to fill a rail car to make chlorine dioxide in paper mills.

If you were mixing chemicals to produce chlorine dioxide for a paper pulp mill, the chemical behavior would be different from either MMS or for municipal water treatment because the chlorite compound, activating acid and manner of activation are also different.

If you were mixing the components for use inside the human body, the factors would differ again. This is what is misleading about the FDA’s claims against Daniel Smith, which we’ll get to in a moment. Jim Humble’s MMS recipe is closely aligned with several that were uncovered by Grant Maanum, of Kamloops, British Columbia, which are proven not only to be harmless, but radically therapeutic. These methods specifically called for and produced the chlorite matrix, not chlorine dioxide.

Given the FDA’s pharmaceutical fanaticism, Humble’s insistence on describing the destructive power of chlorine dioxide in the body, when medical science has identified the 0.954V superstar as chlorite, keeps the “David and Goliath battle” going, but this is no fun.

This might have been mitigated if he were willing to acknowledge independent, university-conducted research (CORNFORD, FROST, HERRING, McDOWELL, Univ. British Columbia 1971 and Sarin, et al.) that Maanum eventually brought to my attention. It can still be mitigated if MMS proponents become clear that chlorite is the product that is being produced, and say so.

This is a forgivable “sin.”

Maanum is a unique resource, having personally experienced the debilitating effects of exposure to industrial grade chlorine dioxide species, which is produced by one of the paper mills in town. The exposure severely impaired his ability to breathe for months afterwards. He discovered MMS while looking for ways to restore normal breathing capacity. Taking up to 15 drops daily, the chlorite matrix eventually helped his respiratory system break down the mucous cloud that had formed in his lungs, which were now able to dislodge and clear, much to his delight. He has since used MMS to save both of his dogs from life-threatening incidents, including a $2,000 hysterectomy. He has an uncommon knowledge of chemistry, where to find the supporting science, and how to interpret it.

The documents, abstracts, and reports that Maanum found showed that MMS was compounded very closely to the products that were used in human trials for which patents were awarded. Furthermore, the CORNFORD tests confirmed, via emission spectroscopy, that when similar strength compounds of pure sodium chlorite (23% vs 22.4% effective for MMS) were mixed with a  mild acid, the single electron transfer that resulted in the biologically beneficial chlorite matrix (ClO2-) occurred in less than 0.3 seconds.

In other words, there was no trace of chlorine dioxide left.

He Dared to ‘Step Out of the Box’

Though there is no evidence of anyone being harmed by MMS, the Agency has been unrelenting in its efforts to shut it down and convince a lazy and easily manipulated justice system to come down on citizens who have done no harm.

Since when did innocence stop being "presumed?"
Since when did innocence stop being “presumed?”

Two nights ago I received an email with word that Daniel Smith—who operated Project Green Life until the FDA came-a-calling in 2010 with guns—and his wife Karis have been arrested and taken into custody by U.S. Marshalls. They were charged with one count of conspiracy, four counts of interstate sales of mis-branded drugs, and one count of smuggling.

Now a family’s life has been harmed; meaning the lives of Daniel, Karis, and their children.

Ed Snook, editor of the U.S. Observer, which wrote about Daniel’s case in 2012, apparently wants $10,000 before he can find the motivation to write or do anything else on Daniel’s behalf. This is how checkbook journalism works, as does checkbook science, education, media, government, healthcare, and justice. It’s part of the problem, because if people are only motivated to act when money is present, then all you’ve got to do to ensure nothing beneficial succeeds, is to control or withhold the money.

Feel familiar?

I deeply understand the importance of being able to function in a money and debt conscious society, which is why the FDA took measures to seize Daniel’s assets, freeze his accounts and block his access to money. However, money should never stand between a man (or woman) and the willingness to do something positive for another human being. It was not for money that I’ve written about MMS all these years. I wanted people to understand as best as I understood, even as I continued to learn. If you set your mind to the whims of the “money god,” your heart may hunger.


I spoke to Daniel’s friend by phone yesterday, and then spoke with Daniel himself last night. Turns out that the Marshalls arrested Tammy Olson and her husband too, taking them into custody as “co-conspirators” in the operation.

What’s a Creator to Do?

Power up…

So beyond a plea for donations, especially to give $10,000 to someone who doesn’t know the facts for something that I’m doing for nothing in spite of scuffling financially myself, I’m going to ask all who want to exercise their own heart-felt power to join me in doing something we can all do without restriction. That is, send LOVE to Daniel, Karis, and their kids.

Most people would stop there, because everyone else are “bad guys.” We won’t.

Send LOVE to the FDA agent in charge of this mess, and everyone associated with this case at the Justice Department. Please know that an aspect of YOU is within each of them, and an aspect of THEM is in each of you. Send LOVE to Jim Humble and everyone who have done their BEST to help humanity with MMS. LOVE the FDA by holding the humans who run it accountable for the actions and policies that they make and enforce.  This is not about punishment, but simple constructive and beneficial change. You don’t have to appeal to their heart, which appears to have atrophied. LOVE yourself, for to do so is to love THEM. To LOVE them, is to love YOURSELF.

Do not try to LOVE them. Do not judge them as being or doing “wrong.”

Do not concern yourself with the outcome or how “justice” will look, trust that the best way that honors the greatest number shall be done, and then let it BE. LOVE them ALL, and LET GO. You don’t need to see faces or know names. Please know that each of them exists within your WHOLENESS, as YOU exist within theirs.

If this article is too long you can copy and paste this suggestion to anyone else you know, encouraging each to add their LOVE to ours. This is not a time to be angry, instead it is a time to LOVE more expansively.

“Amen to that…”

Yesterday I recorded my thoughts about this situation on video. By the time I was done it was an hour long. Just my way, I guess. It encompasses much of what I began writing about here prior to the announcement. It will be ready for viewing soon.

The path of true evolution…

My decision to move on from MMS was made prior to receiving the information above. And as you may now have determined, it is not about “seeing the light” and any danger posed by MMS beyond the stipulations that have already been articulated here, by Jim Humble, and by common sense.

MMS has its place in the Grand Scheme, and its spokesman. In spite of the many who have helped to reacquaint us with an understanding of urine, the integrity of which cannot be compromised by profit motives, it has got to be the most important, fantastic piece of self-knowledge we’ve ever turned our backs on. The implications go beyond purely physical levels to encompass the metaphysical.

This is all part of the disclosure process as we exercise the courage to LOVE, beginning with ourselves.

A Divine Selection, a Human Awakening

After reading The Water of Life, by John W. Armstrong and several articles online, and helped by suggestions from long-time cohorts Irwin in Okinawa, Japan (who started this and has a testimonial to share) and Clint in Saskatchewan, who had just begun exploring at the same time, I found more articles and acquired a few more books on the subject of urine therapy. I was drawn to Your Own Perfect Medicine: Incredible Proven Natural Miracle That Medical Science Has Never Revealed! (1996), by Martha Christy, Drink Your Own Water: A Treatise on Urine Therapy (2012), by Tony Scazzero, and Urinalysis in Clinical Laboratory Practice (1975), by Alfred H. and Helen M. Free.

From the moment I discovered this book, I wanted a copy.

The last title, which is out of print, I purchased after a trip to the science library at Arizona State University, one of the only two libraries in the state whose records indicated that they had the title (the other being the library at the University of Arizona, in Tucson), only to discover that it was “missing” since 1998. The same thing happened with my purchase. A few days after placing an order on Amazon for one of the few available used copies I received a cancellation notice, as the book was now “out of stock.” With the number of available copies continuing to dwindle dramatically, I immediately snapped up another, at $75.

Could be that the drama around getting my copy of Urinalysis was, what some would call, “a God Thing,” because had I succeeded in viewing the book at the ASU library, photocopying a few pages here and there, I might not have persisted in purchasing my own. Furthermore, if I had received the first book that I ordered, which was priced about $30 less than the one I eventually received, I might have missed a very subtle awareness.

I didn’t initially pay attention to these autographs by the authors.

My copy was signed by both authors in February 1977. More importantly, it was dedicated to Dr. Sanford A. Miller (1931-2011) who, at the time was professor of nutritional biochemistry at MIT. He would later serve as director of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition at the FDA.

The authors of Urinalysis, Alfred H. Free, PhD. and Helen M. Free were respectively, a vice president and director at the Ames Division, Miles Laboratories, in Elkhart, Indiana. This book was written by health and nutrition science insiders, for health and nutrition science insiders. Its science pedigree is impeccable, as far as it goes. It reveals, in great detail, the many valuable elements that are in urine, as seen through a pharmaceutically-tinted lens. As such, the overarching mindset that went into this publication is the same one that dominates general medical science to this day, and the cause of its myopia. Its path is charted in the first three opening sentences:

Urine is a fluid which is continuously formed in and excreted from the body. It provides important information with regard to many disorders and diseases. Accordingly, it is widely studied as an aid in diagnosing and monitoring the course of treatment of disease.

With all their impeccability, credentials, and “authority,” this is all that we can expect the authors to say, given the body of knowledge that they have been raised in.

They are not concerned about the mitigation of disease, meaning the restoration of health. They have been taught that such results involve “doing battle” with the anthropomorphic disease armed with pharmaceutical “weapons of metabolic destruction.” As such, they would not see urine in any other light except as a tool by which to diagnose and manage this pernicious villain.

Their concern is the “treatment” of said diseases, which is a euphemism for “management,” and in acute cases, survival… as long as services are billable and can be paid for. Healing that doesn’t include billing for services, would be blasphemy. On second thought, simply healing, without setting the stage for diseases to come, might stand as the quintessential “medical sin.”

Therefore, the information provided on urine is used to confirm, monitor, and justify treatment schemes. If healing were one’s actual objective, looking at the same data that spells disease to a doctor you would easily see if not the remedy, one of the first to go to.

Amazing, Natural, Bio-available Components

Just an example of what you would see in urine are riboflavin and folic acid, which are also referred to as vitamins B2 and B9. While there are many items that are considered good sources of vitamin B2, such as milk, cheese, leafy vegetables, and more, it is also said that exposure to light destroys this vitamin. I’d suggest that chemical adulteration is the more likely factor, but since there is no light, or adulteration in the production of riboflavin inside the body, you’re likely going to get the real thing with urine ingestion or treatment.

A quick look on Wikipedia at folic acid, also known as folate and vitamin B9, reveals that the body needs folate to synthesize DNA, repair DNA, methylate DNA, as well as act as a co-factor in other areas. This is only a part of the DNA normalization elements in urine. Remember that Nature is the original creator of, and writer to DNA. We’ve just learned how to break in to it since the mid-20th Century.

We outline our future by what we imagine. ~AA

Nature KNOWS how to correct anything we “muck up,” even if the muckers don’t realize it. It’s important that each understands that healing ourselves and our planet, and making peace with each other, are important steps toward mastery, not by a few, but by everyone. These actions reveal our individual and collective readiness to travel among the stars, to interact with interstellar life that watch now in the shadows, looking for signs, not of their readiness, but ours. They will know we are ready when we master our own fear. When we KNOW ourselves enough, to KNOW we are safe without a gun, or a gun control law.

Mastery begins and ends with KNOWING and LOVING One’s Self. It allows our LOVE to overflow and harmonize every heart that we touch, without depletion.

Due to its natural ways of restoring circulation and repairing cell and tissue damage (perhaps the residual effect of DNA repair), urine also reduces the risk of stroke. This means that it should also reduce and potentially reverse the neurological damage that often occurs after one has suffered a stroke.

There is much, much more that I could write here. However, with these few examples, and others to come, you can see why a good case could be made for incorporating urine intake into the normal course and flow of one’s life.

Let’s give the Earth credit. It does these things naturally. Do you think we’d allow the destruction of the planet if we knew it has the power to heal us on its own, without the complicated and expensive technology that we seem bent on trusting more? I think not. Exploring this subject is far more intriguing to me than being embroiled in unsatisfying exchanges with “master debaters”. I must also admit that while they had a point, they ignored genuine results and missed the nuance of chlorite too. Let’s send the master debaters some LOVE too!

A Multitude of Modalities in One

One other tidbit you’ll find interesting is that urine also contains sodium, chloride, citric acid, bicarbonate, magnesium, iodine, sulfur, potassium, and many, many more items that will amaze you – all of which are in ionized, 100% bio-available form that can be taken orally and topically.

Mother Nature doesn’t withhold Her LOVE to anyone. She gives this healing Gift to every human being. Why should we withhold it from ourselves?

She also formulates it perfectly in accordance to each, at the very moment of use.

I now start my day by re-ingesting my first discharge (with a water chaser). I also do occasional foot baths (which I can feel energetically all the way to my head after about 45 minutes), and whole body soaks in the bathtub. Collecting for later use when I’m not ingesting, I “flush” much less than previously.

There is no shortage of information about the properties of urine from a wide range of sources, for anyone interested in looking. Documented urine therapy successes are world-wide, and span throughout history. Our current social attitudes about urine, which is considered a waste product of the body, is what makes it easy for us to dismiss and disdain it while numerous corporate entities, supplied with scientific information from impeccable sources, harvest human, bovine, and horse urine and turn them into products and drugs that the public pays billions for each year.

All of this is in support of an egotistical refusal to accept that a natural, exhaustively studied, scientifically proven, solution to our metabolic ills actually exists within each one of us.

A New Project for ‘Mee’

Acknowledging that there’s plenty of supporting information available to show that a choice to embrace urine therapy is safe, effective, and smart, I believe there are a few more compelling reasons to consider AUT (auto-urine therapy) beyond biological considerations. There are psychological (mental) and spiritual, even dimensional implications.

So this is where I have turned my attention. I want to write a book and produce a documentary on this topic. I’d like to help the reader/viewer:

  1. know of the amazing wonders of this natural resource that is within them,
  2. know how it can help them,
  3. remove the psychological engrams on urine which has contributed to our learned rejection, and
  4. put practical meaning into the idea of knowing, trusting, and healing one’s self.

I have a title for this book and video documentary which, for the moment shall remain unspoken.

I have been thinking about this for some time, as well as a more effective way to support myself during the writing, publication, and production process. For the MMS video, advanced orders that trickled in were helpful. I can also market my University of Earth T-shirt. I’ll need to have a new batch made, but that can be easily achieved if the orders are significant. With your help, perhaps we can get the idea viral before Earth Day, April 22, 2013. That’ll be a project unto itself.

University of Earth T-Shirt

Fortunately, crowd funding sites now exist, which weren’t around when I produced my MMS documentary. I did not modify the video to keep up with changes over the past five years, and Jim Humble no longer wishes to endorse. Says it’s “180 degrees wrong on pH.” It reflects his original understanding of the time, but that’s water under the bridge now.

I will secure a new domain name, and am developing an outline for the book which will guide production of the video as well. There are a few people that I want to interview, which I could do by phone or internet, but for a documentary, will want to meet and speak with them in person, on-camera.

I’m going to ask you to tell me if you’d like to see this title published and produced (even if you don’t what it is–that will change soon). If you’ve read this far, you must be interested. Let’s get this perspective out to the world. I can with your help, which I’m not used to asking for. If you have any interview suggestions, testimonials, topics you’d like to see covered or would like to be involved in some way (including investment), please contact me.

And just so you know, in spite of the spiritual, energetic, and metaphysical implications of urine therapy, I will not be starting a church, nor offering any personal theories on human evolution.


This is all part of Disclosure

I am excited about the prospects of the information that has yet to be revealed from the Bucegi Mountain facility in Romania, as chronicled in the Radu Cinamar books. That truth is yet to be revealed. Having finished Mystery of Egypt, I am now reading Beyond the Light Barrier: The Autobiography of Elizabeth Klarer (1910-1994).

The author recounts her experience of meeting, and falling in love with an astrophysicist from Meton, a planet of the Proxima Centuri star system, in Alpha Centuri constellation. She visited the planet for a time, and bore a son from their union.

All of these initiatives are interrelated. You don’t “need” to do anything that I am about to research and suggest through a new book and video, but I believe the connections that are realized and re-established as a function of partaking the constituents of one’s urine will reflect and confirm an important change in consciousness that actually is necessary for those who have succumbed to fearful and divisive patterns of thinking/perceiving. As such, this is important enough to warrant an informed, rather than an ignorant response.

I will begin reviewing and removing my MMS-focused articles from this blog, and videos from their locations. I will also cease sales of my MMS DVD.

It’s time to move on, wishing everyone, especially Jim Humble, and everyone who has made MMS what it is, LOVE.

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0 Thoughts to “Dawn of a 'Peece' Movement”

  1. marvel

    Oh, and cows are probably sacred due to the ohm they give out when they moo. Practicing the ohm problably came about from listening to the cows. Let us not forget, also, that magic mushrooms; that will give you hallucinations and oftentimes experiences of some sort of a Godhead, actually grow on cow dungs. Who knows.

  2. marvel

    Dear Adam,
    this is interesting, for sure, but lets start with the source you used to claim Chlorine Dioxide has an oxidential of 1.5volts..

    Chlorine dioxide still has an oxidation potential of 0.95 volts. 🙂

    The link you provided is the “Hydrogen Peroxide” page of, at – and yes, in that list there we can read that Chlorine dioxide has an oxidation potential of 1.5 volts. Is that one article correct, though?

    See (or Sea,) if we go to the Chlorine dioxide page of, you will find that it says 0.95 volts – just see for yourself:

    If that is not enough, then check out what has to say about it. EPA also says that Chlorine dioxide has an oxidation potential of 0.95 volts – download the PDF from their website and read it here:

    That being said, Urine therapy unquestionably has some serious nutritional value. For a full list of what Urine contains in m and mg/day, check out and scroll down to the “Your Body’s Own Super-Nutrition Therapy” section.

    If you want to dig a little deeper into the “Elixir of Life” mystery, let me point you towards the golden key of shovels so to speak, by recommending you to google “elixir of life urine muscaria” at

    Either way..

    Drinking morning urine (remember to eat something fat first so that the body can absorb all the nutrients more effectively, such as eggs and bacon.) is interesting, but I sincerely doubt that drinking morning urine will ever kill the Malaria parasite (or any other parasite of significance for that matter.) You will need a strong killer to do that effectively. Not just a healer through natural nutrition, even though that is no doubt good for the body in general.

    Speaking of good for the body.. The same can be said for Seawater, which contains all the same minerals as our blood and more. Ocean water. Now there is a mystery:

    1. HI Marvel,

      I saw the Lenntech information on Chlorine dioxide, which I believe is part of the confusion. The EPA Guidance, which I cited in the article, specifically indicates that the oxidation potential of 0.954V is for ClO2-. The term “chlorine dioxide anion” refers to a stable molecule, wherein “chlorine dioxide” alone, is reactive, or unstable.

      My decision to ingest my morning discharge is my personal preference. It is not a recommendation for anyone else. Yet, if I wanted to do something “more powerful,” I would do a full urine/water fast, as J.W. Armstrong did.

      The body doesn’t need “strong killers.” It needs balance. No more, no less. Ingesting urine and water would facilitate restoration to balance that an individual needs. In addition, it helps establish an understanding of, and relationship with One’s self, as well as their body, as NO other “remedy” can.

      Best wishes,


      1. marvel

        So where does that leave reactive or unstable Chlorine dioxide, do you think? Where (except from reading the hydrogen peroxide link,) did you reach the conclusion that reactive or unstable Chlorine dioxide has an oxidation potential of 1.5 volts?

        Also, where do you see CDS in this regard?

        Thank you.

      2. ClO2 has both “unstable” and “stable” states. Inanimate objects, which include meat and poultry, are indifferent to the reactive qualities of the molecule, but the ecosystem within the body is definitely impacted the electrical strength and polarity of the molecule.

        On the Lenntech site hydrogen peroxide page (, the chart shows that chlorine dioxide’s oxidation potential is 1.5V, right under potassium permanganate.

        CDS should be regarded by the results it yields, just like regular MMS. If it is producing the same quality results, then chlorine dioxide anion is present. The body heals itself when cellular integrity is restored. This occurs by the restoration of stability, not through chemical firefights. IMO, MMS was formulated in such a way as to facilitate, within the limits that it could, cellular restoration.

  3. Lamar

    Great article. I am very interested in learning about using are nature state or urine to heal our bodies. I understand about you moving on from mms. You have invested a lot of time and man hours to the product called mms, So my question to you is why take down the written articles and videos? It was very helpful for myself and the information you provided may help someone in the future. Just curious. I always value and respect your thoughts, research, and time you put into true knowledge and identifing the core foundation of life and love. I will continue to do so. I can’t wait for the new journey to continue. Thanks

  4. Ann

    Hello Adam, I am glad to hear from you again, and that all is well for your contributions to life and health on Earth. Years ago I had a client who was asked by my associate to drink her urine for I think 3 times a day for 4 days. My client was ill with Endometriosis and her doctor had booked her in for a hysterectomy. She had booked time off from her work as a teacher, when she spoke to me about it. She felt she couldnt drink urine, and so me being me asked her if she would do it if i supported he, by doing it too. We agreed and we completed the protocol. She was on the middle pages of a national newspaper, an article about her treatment, and became well again very quickly. I was treating her for sexual abuse from her childhood, and the whole process was a great success.

    Blessings Ann

  5. Awesome article, Adam. Very thorough and full of documentation. I was first introduced to urine therapy by a doctor from Chile, who suggested I just try it and pay close attention to the subtle changes in my consciousness. Indeed, your upcoming book and video will add to the quality of information available for those who choose to seek it out. It is unfortunate that humans, especially in the West, are taught to listen to the authorities of modern medicine. I’m appalled that modern medicine capitalizes on the basic elements that nature provides us and apparently enjoy the relationship created with the FDA and AMA as enforcers of ill-gotten and chemically damaging pharmaceuticals. As you mentioned earlier, it is a damn shame that money means more than human life. Keep the LOVE train rollin’…


  6. Jim

    First I agree with you about urine therapy. There is actually a lot of support on that. But I have a question on your reference to the timing of Daniel’s arrest as just a few days ago. On June 29, 2011, without any warning, the FDA raided Daniel Smith’s home along with two companies that did Project GreenLife’s fulfillment and bottling. The Grand Jury was unable, after several attempts, to indite him and the FDA is preparing for a third Grand Jury. Are you saying that Daniel has been arrested again? Or are you just referring to the original arrest?

    1. No Jim — Daniel is in custody right now, arrested on Feb 6, 2013.

      I have recorded a 60-minute opinion-piece on this, and am about to start producing another.

      1. Jim

        I cannot believe this…”saga” is continuing. What do you see as the future of MMS and it’s manufacturers/sellers. It appears that the DOJ is totally working for Big Pharm. It really looks like all we may have left for alternative therapies is sneaking into our bathrooms and hoping we don’t get caught imbibing our own bodily fluids. I’m truly scared. The dichotomy is horrifying if you simply look at the laws on marijuana use in Colorado and Florida. No big deal in Colorado and prison in Florida. I’m afraid of the Feds but the states are getting out of control as well. Many have advised that the US will soon be a king and serf country and that we should find a more financially stable place to live. Where is that?

  7. Greg

    I can understand the confusion if we are taught the kidneys are used to filter toxins out of the body. Can you share how the urine is safe from toxins?

    1. Kidneys filter the blood, regulating the nutrients that the body needs (from what is available) at any given moment. Please understand Greg, that a LARGE motivation exists in some areas for you to be concerned enough about the “safety” of urine to leave it alone, and continue taking medications that *aren’t* safe, that *are* toxic, but have been APPROVED by the medical authorities.

      In the Water of Life by J.W. Armstrong, numerous cases were presented of people healing from SERIOUS diseases that after medications hadn’t worked. It’s time to understand that Nature KNOWS something that “science” doesn’t. It’s time to trust Nature, and see what happens, so that we KNOW we can trust Nature.



  8. Adam,

    I’m looking forward to your book on the emerging “Peece Movement”.

    Even though there are dozens of titles on that topic available, your approach will be unique and valuable. Nearly all the books, with the exception of van der Kroon’s Golden Fountain, take a purely material perspective. The material world is important, but there’s more…

    Your spiritual insights can take this topic in a deeper direction that also includes the bio-spiritual nature of human essence, and the value of Inner Peece in cultivating and manifesting that bio-spiritual presence in the human body. These subtle subjective shifts may be just as spiritually important as the physical improvements in bodily health that many have noted.

    I believe the Peece remedy may be able to shift and heal subtle constricting engrams encoded into us in ancient times. These patterns are so deep within humanity that the limitations have become seemingly hard-wired into our consciousness. Peece contains the even deeper cosmic codes that gradually shift those limited patterns.

    For myself, I still use MMS occasionally when needed. It lacks the Peeceful cosmic energy, but MMS is really great when it’s called for. The right tools for the right job, as they say.


  9. Gilgamesh

    Hi Phaelosopher,
    The story of the Bucegi Mountain is very similar to the story of the Wing Makers,
    In my opinion most of the alternative history, and alternative news on the internet is written by secret agents,
    Maybe 10% is true, and 90% is false

    1. It take each “story” on its face value, and it’s 50/50 with me. Whatever I am inclined to really delve into, it’s either true, or not. In delving into it, I’ll KNOW, as best as I can ascertain, for myself. The Bucegi Mountain facility was discovered in 2003. Turns out that several tunnels fanned out from it, one of which led to another similar “satellite” location near Baghdad. That location “turned on” spontaneously when the Bucegi facility was uncovered and activated. The existence of the Baghdad satellite (and its control) gives new context to why the U.S. invaded Iraq again (2003), and now has the largest Embassy presence of any other nation in the world (440,000 sq. meters), with over 16,000 personnel, almost as big as Vatican City.

      No coincident.

  10. Gilgamesh

    Hi Phaelosopher/
    Very interesting article,looking forward to your book.
    Last week in a TV show people in some places in India using cow urine, and they also mix it in medicines and sell it in drug stores.
    Maybe they think the cow urine is more holy?
    My question is; if you use a glass of water as chaser in mee therapy, why not just mix it together in the first place?
    And maybe even add one drop of oregano oil or moringa tree oil or Siberian pine not oil, or tee tree oil, and make your own mee therapy medicines, or just as a health drink , or energy drink ? Maybe it would also help people get more use to it ?

    1. Gil,

      Cows are sacred in India because they are cows, so it makes sense that their urine would be marketed.

      I drink my urine straight to take in its full message, without “editing”. The taste is sometimes pungent, sometimes very light or mild, where the saltiness is barely noticeable. By drinking water, even between sips, a sweet taste blossoms on my palate in contrast to the saltiness, that I enjoy.

      I have read that honey goes well with urine. A friend of mine sometimes takes cayenne pepper with hers.

      The most important element is realizing its power, efficacy, and VALUE enough to incorporate it into one’s life. The changes that it makes within, will affect the health of our bodies, relationships, and future.

      That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it! 🙂

  11. bornoutsidethebox

    Thank you for constantly challenging us with your explorations and for sharing your expanding awareness. Indeed “Nature KNOWS how to correct anything…”. Interesting that we have so many unseen “engrams” preventing us from living in harmony with Love. I appreciated your words: “Mastery begins and ends with KNOWING and LOVING One’s Self. It allows our LOVE to overflow and harmonize every heart that we touch, without depletion.” Your work is greatly appreciated. — Kathleen

    1. Hi Kathleen,

      The purpose and intent of the *engrams* IS to be unseen and undetected. That’s why our self-destructive actions seem justifiable. Look at how we’ve been *primed* to ARM ourselves, either to “fight” the tyranny of the government, or “protect” ourselves from others who want our “stuff”. Then look at the people who want to restrict and control such “freedom.” They are willing to go after each other, BOTH thinking they are “right”, and intent on exercising said “rights.” What they are not likely to acknowledge is the FEAR that they hold in common. LOVE doesn’t “conquer” fear, it transmutes it into HARMONY.

      Thank YOU for YOUR kind APPRECIATION.


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