Nothing to ‘Do’; Everything to ‘Be’

I’m a bit over half-way through Mystery of Egypt: The First Tunnel. It’s the third title from Radu Cinamar and Peter Moon on the discovery and management of an ancient site (created over 50,000 years ago) in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania. The site and its vast significance to humanity was introduced in his first book, Transylvanian Sunrise. The second, Transylvanian Moonrise: A Secret Initiation in the Land of the Gods, fleshes out the author’s spiritual awakening, which included a journey to Tibet through a rift in the space/time continuum, and eventual selection to be part of the expedition into the tunnel that I’m reading about in book three.

The underlying theme around this flurry of activities is information about the true origins, history, and nature, of humankind, and efforts to manage the timing of its release. “Manage” is a euphemism for control or retard, if not distort. United States Corporation figures prominently in this process, having emerged as the chief agent of retardation (control), as they are with the People who reside on its territories. The players are proxies for factions both within the U.S. government, and “above” it.

However, it is understood that this information will be known although, two and one-half books into the trilogy, it is yet to be revealed. I don’t believe it will be covered in this volume, or know whether it will be in next one, but that need not be a deterrent.

While Radu Cinamar’s information nuggets would be most helpful (it’s a good read), one doesn’t need to read any of these books to appreciate that something is afoot that every human being should know; something that will change everything.

Herewith are a few suggestions:

  • we’re not alone in the universe, not by a long shot
  • we’re not evolved from “apes”
  • there is no such thing a “death” of consciousness

Why it still seems like we’re alone

The main reason it still seems as though we’re alone in the universe is concern over what effect conclusive proof will have on the institutions we’ve unwittingly allowed to be set in place to exploit humanity while thinking they’re doing us a favor.

Truth be known, they will likely go away.

We already know that the banking system, and those behind it, is designed to facilitate, by the movement of “money,” both through public and private means, the exploitation, if not abuse, of both humanity and the planet.

Where else, and how else could the vast sums needed be delivered for the following?

  • cut down rain forests,
  • inculcate poisons and GMO products into normal food preparation and production practices,
  • chemicalize water delivery,
  • insist on maintaining poison-based cancer-causing therapies as the Standard of Care for cancer
  • foment ethnic and cultural conflicts and war by funding and arming both sides,
  • allow corporations (e.g., Monsanto) to take control of entire plant varieties with their patented (and dangerous) replacements
  • condone and cover up gross and unnecessary inefficiencies in internal combustion engines so that they consume far more fuels than we now know is necessary,
  • build large underground bases around the world,
  • pay for public and “black” space programs

We tend to look at one or more of these operations and shake our head, thinking it’s just about “money” or some other logical reason. But when you look at the whole of it, noticing that this is all happening at once, and that humanity itself is being targeted for technological extinction, money or even power are no longer adequate answers.

Positioning one’s self around gun control and Second Amendment debates do nothing positive to address the very real and much larger issues that we face. If we think that gun ownership or limiting will resolve things, it indicates how deeply we’ve strayed away from common sense.

Yet, you begin to see a different purpose behind such events as Sandy Hook Elementary School, Aurora, CO, or 9/11. Laws are quickly drafted to exert further “authority” over the Many by what has become a governmental corporatocracy.

Even if either side of an issue “wins” legislatively, the people would still be unhappy and afraid. The more bullets they buy, the less secure they’d feel. The reason is that these conversations or exercises steer those so obsessed, away from where the true answers can be found, through self-inquiry and personal harmonization.

Looking for Scapegoats, not Interstellar Diplomacy and Peace

In other words, one is determined to maintain an acrimonious position and disinclined to look in the mirror and see what peace and harmony they can create in a given moment, situation, or day. Instead of lowering anxiety and fear, the hostility index rises. “Fight or flight” mode becomes the norm, which blinds us to certain truths and restricts certain new, desired experiences from becoming normal.

Our readiness is more important than theirs.

Becoming aware of, respecting, knowing, and consciously interacting with Interstellar Intelligences is one such new experience that looms on the horizon for humanity, which would turn many current social policies and practices upside down, and be summarily kicked to the curb.

Many of the problems listed above would go away. The problem is that in our current way of thinking, we might presume that ET’s rectified the situation that was “too big” for us to understand, or to handle. It would lead us to seeing them, and more importantly, ourselves, incorrectly.

We have the ability to rectify every item that I listed above, without war, without guns, without taking up arms. It won’t happen if we’re more interested in who wins “American Idol” than we are making peace within ourselves.

This is one place where auto-urine therapy can actually play an important part in restoring psychological patterns to normal, by turning patterns of self-rejection into self-acceptance. More about that at another time.

Recently I had a wonderful telephone conversation with a man—I won’t say who or where he is yet—who has been receiving and drawing sketches of what you would call “alien” beings. He wasn’t particularly “gifted” as an artist, but he was willing to act on the impulse. He has sent me several images so far, some with descriptions.

Today he sent me an email to say that he has just drawn his 3,000th image. I’m waiting for the piggy bank to smile so I can travel to meet him face-to-face and spend time capturing his story and sharing some of the many images that he has created. In addition to images, he has begun receiving background information on each one; where they are from, and more.

He doesn’t even have a web site yet. When I have permission to share, I will.

You see my point. We are way off base, not because we are “low vibration” or “unevolved” beings, but because our consciousness has been operating on an artificially maintained “narrow-band” of information, even though a broader band is available.

For example, if you ask a science teacher or professor, or get the question on “Jeopardy” what the speed of light is, you’d be told, 186,282 something miles per second.

If you suggest that this value is not the absolute limit of light, you’re likely to be in for some serious credential questioning. Yet, if you’re willing to stay open, you’ll find research describing “superlight,” or magneto-electric radiation (regular light is electro-magnetic radiation), which travels at the speed of light squared, or 1020 meters per second. I happen to have met and spoke with Dr. John V. Milewski, a retired physicist, who presented this concept.

Love is Key to ‘Broadband’ Consciousness

Choosing to love, and be loving broadens the band of consciousness. We’re not only used to blinking when it comes to love, we shut our eyes tight, and even put blinders on just in case we open our eyes to that which we KNOW is hurtful and wrong. We won’t be able to see it, or then say something about it.

If one’s heart is open, love will not be “blind.”

When we love conditionally that way, we limit ourselves. We maintain our own blindness; our veil to a bigger world and universe that is already present, and always has been so.

If we think we are superior to some on earth or inferior to others, and don’t know we are equals, then how are we going to comport ourselves who are demonstrating abilities that we THINK are beyond us? We’ll be afraid. If we’re “well armed,” we’re likely to shoot first and ask questions later.

Not a good plan.

The Equality of All Creation (Human and Non-Human)

Equality goes deeper than bones, but he makes his point.

No one is greater than, or less than you are. That includes extraterrestrials. That includes angels and demons. It includes everything you’ve ever feared, and every saint you thought you’d never emulate.

You don’t have to “emulate” anyone or anything in order to equal in the eyes of Creation, because like the rays of the sun, Creation touches all, and is all. Your belief or disbelief is not necessary. Your inner harmony or disharmony affects your life experience first.

Possessions, or lack of same, don’t define you, nor the power that is available to you.

Your race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or culture, doesn’t make you better or worse than anyone else.

Your sufferings don’t take you “nearer” to God (Allah, Source, etc.), nor do your sins take you further away. Your choices and actions are of consequence to you, and you alone (me and me alone), affecting consciousness, vibration, harmonics, and your own Inner KNOWING.

All are special, but exterior characteristics doesn’t make one so. It’s not what’s inside, but something untouchable, not-discernible by anyone other that “you”… in the thoughts that you put your love behind, and into, or withhold it from.

That’s the purpose of this amazingly complex effort to “dumb” and “dim” you down, so that you, feeling the niggling inkling that you deserve more respect than you’re getting, and want more joy and freedom than you’ve watched being chipped away, will finally look within, find something priceless there, and light yourself up.

If you believe the lie that love has nothing to do with it, then your own loveless vibration will determine where you can, or cannot go, what you can or cannot see, in the universe. If you persist in believing that you are at risk, you will create a place where your fears will appear to be valid. Your very own “holodeck” world. If fact, we could all be on one now. Take as long as you like, but consciousness, which is the essence of who you are, cannot be destroyed or “killed”. It can and will change, for it is ever-changing, and changing forever.

That includes those who have passed from this visible reality. It doesn’t mean they are in a “better place,” because if they didn’t choose, on and of their own volition (free will), to be loving, then they will be as “free” as the love (or fear) that predominated their consciousness allows.

It’s ALL about us. It’s ALL about Love, because that’s who and what we are. Always has been, always is, and always will be.

Oneness is Real

I speak as the “me” that is within you, knowing that there is a “you” that is within me. As we choose to harmonize ourselves, choosing to give our mind, heart, and soul to joyful pursuits and beneficent ends, we affect all that are around us, because aspects of each of them are within us too, without exception. The whole Cosmos is within each you, and you are in the whole of the Cosmos. You are as free as you decide that you’re ready to be.

Lately, I’ve had a flood of thoughts come to me; thoughts that I want to share, but have not known how or where to begin. Then it dawned on me: I don’t have to worry about how to do that because we are already connected. The message has already been given and received, even if not consciously.

This level of connectivity isn’t apparent to our five senses, so we believe another lie; that we are all separate. Then we tell ourselves that some of us are “good,” and others are “bad.” More lies.

We have shown so much senseless death and sanctioned destruction by “good guys,” that externalized protection measures, that would allow us to “fight for freedom,” appear to be common sense. They are part of the lie.

The most powerful “weapon” is one that harms no one, but restores harmony to all that are ready and willing to be whole once again. It’s called Love.

Debates and wars over external things only serve to keep said things going in the same direction. For example, a society based on debt-creation will never “erase” debt, as the system was conceived and designed to create a state of indebtedness, which is the direct progeny of the idea.

As long as the idea is energized—by setting aside common sense and human decency to fiscal priorities—indebted states will continue to increase on personal and collective levels.

The only way to change this system is not by raising debt ceilings, but by realizing the intrinsic value, not of property, but of each human being.

A monetary value is actually established at the time of one’s emergence into this world through a physical body, and registration into the birth record system established by the corporate entity. The birth certificate amounts to a handing over of the infants corporeal form to the inventory, or human stock, that is managed by the Corporation through its government agency. A trust account is established in the corporate name that appears on the certificate. When we answer to that name, it indicates that we think we are subject to the limitations that the governing body has imposed upon such bodies, which themselves are presumed to be abandoned, or “dead.”

It is under this “entitlement” that corporate authorities see themselves as being authorized to require that vaccinations be administered prior to children as a condition of entering the public indoctrination system, or to mandate what property the citizens can or cannot possess, or what behaviors they can or cannot be engaged in.

The vast majority of the “laws,” statutes, and policies that are on the books, are arbitrary and contrived to exploit and control the general population… a population that thinks it is free, thinks that its representatives are looking out for it, thinks that the military is there to protect its safety, thinks that the methods of the health care system are effective at helping restore health, and that environmental protection policies care about protecting the environment.

But the dynamics of life, light, and love are nowhere taken into consideration. The primacy of alignment, balance, and coherence go unexamined and unappreciated.

Therefore, we have what we have.

Talk For Food 228 – Ralph Ring

This is the result of a delightful trip to Prescott, where I visited with Ralph and Marsha Ring. Ralph is the lone remaining member of a crew of three who took a successful trip in a teleportation vehicle developed by Otis T. Carr, who was a protégé of Nikola Tesla.


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    Thank you for this powerful post and for your great contribution in this time of unveiling. I loved this statement: “Lately, I’ve had a flood of thoughts come to me…I don’t have to worry about how to do that because we are already connected. The message has already been given and received, even if not consciously.”–Kathleen

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