Newtown Massacre: Issues Unexamined Always Lead to Questions Unasked

I write these words today while in the process of undergoing a fundamental change in my thinking, with an ever-deepening appreciation for the wonderful and powerful Gift that we have been given, that is, the Gift of Life itself. Life, which in truth, has no antithesis. Instead, Life takes an infinite number of forms.

Everything is Life. Even the phenomenon that we think of as “death,” is but Life changing form. You and I, Magnificent Immortal Beings all, simply move our awareness “from here” to a different Here, from this now to a different Now. We’re not starting a new life there, but becoming aware of the new “surroundings” that we will now define Life by, and recognize as Life.

I wrote the two opening paragraphs before learning about the story of the massacre that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut, where a young gunman started the day by fatally shooting his mother at home, then drove to the school where she worked, forced his way in and fatally shot 26 more before taking leave of this life by turning the gun upon himself.

My heart reaches out to all who were affected, but not for the “loss” per se, nor for the picture of “evil” that many will characterize this event as. It is for the fears that so many shared so deeply that they were part of such a scenario.

This event was a human creation, like all that have preceded it, and all that will follow. What we make of it shall influence how or whether future events of this nature unfold. Only by fearing future events of this type can more such events happen. Through mass media channels, the public has received its catalyst to fear more, but the option and the power, still remains ours.

Said fears were held, not only by the people who underwent a sudden phase-shift in Life, but those who will act as though the same thing did, or could have happened to them.

Surviving children wait with their parents on pins and needles for news.

Truth is that 27 people did not “lose their lives.” They did abruptly leave this stage in the Great Theater. The gunman did not “take” the lives of the others. However, he served as the catalyst for their sudden departure.

As far-fetched as this may sound, there are no “untimely” departures, no “accidents.” This event was chosen by all who participated in it. With the exception of the shooter, this choice wasn’t a conscious one of course, but a choice was made nonetheless, as most are, on unconscious levels of awareness.

“Evil” did not visit the community, as Dannel Malloy, governor of the State of Connecticut, asserted. It was disturbing, shocking, and unfortunate, yet it was emblematic of similar events that happen each day in America, and around the world that barely gain notice. People kill people somewhere in America every day.

According to U.S. Census data, 9,203 people ‘s experienced the sudden shift by gun in 2009. That’s just over 25 each day. You could say that most of these were adults, but I’ll guaranty you that children were impacted in each and every case. At one time each of those adults were children, so why draw lines of indignation?

All the rhetoric about “healing” will be meaningless, if all that comes from politicians is fight or crusade over another form of legislated civilian control, such as gun control. This is coming from someone who doesn’t own, want to own, or ever will own a gun.

Civil liberties and individual authority (also referred to as sovereignty) must be respected, not further suppressed.

Special Anguish for the Children

So much attention, love, and sympathy was given to the 20 children who phase-shifted in the course of this event, less for the 7 adults who also passed, and none for Adam Lanza, still a child who, after only 20 trips around the sun, knew so little about who and what he is and starved for love, would be a party to such a sorrowful act.

Yet, he got none for his effort from this side of “the veil.”

Ever on the lookout for solutions that could be summed up in a “sound bite,” the media lined up a parade of “experts” before their cameras label the shooter as “bad” or the product of some defective human flaw. This way, there’s no need to truly question or examine the forces or influences that actually drove him to this dramatic and desperate call for help.

HINT: Banning assault rifles wouldn’t change a thing with respect to having an influence on possible future occurrences. On the other hand, knowing who we are, will. Honoring and respecting the whole, meaning others as we honor and respect ourselves, will change things for the better.

Our culture focuses more on “right” and “wrong” than joy and light, subterfuge and intrigue than on truth and harmony.

Grown men teach our sons (and daughters) how to operate and maintain weapons of mass distraction and destruction to use against the sons and daughters of others, so the “puppet masters” need never humble themselves to do unto said others as they would have them do unto us.

Some say they’re “prolife,” and are willing to fight for the “rights of the unborn,” but once the body comes out the oven, they’re available for conscription to fight in any hostility we choose to maintain. Calling for an end to the hostilities that lead to war can be construed as “unpatriotic”.

Money and property are placed higher on the priority scale in the current system, than simple human respect that is understood to be appropriate to apply to all people. In this regard, few who are “in power” are inclined to take the lead and set a peaceful, harmless example. As such, their “power” shall wane.

We are encouraged to believe that patentable “technology” plus healthy doses of political and social engineering, hold the answers to the problems that we face. Nature is viewed with caution and skepticism, if not outright prejudice.

President Obama responds to the school shooting.

A genuinely somber president Obama stated the following:

As a country, we have been through this too many times.  Whether it’s an elementary school in Newtown, or a shopping mall in Oregon, or a temple in Wisconsin, or a movie theater in Aurora, or a street corner in Chicago — these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods, and these children are our children.  And we’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.

The only action that could be “meaningful” in this regard, is to acknowledge the senseless killing that we presently do to children and adult citizens in America and around the world, and be a true advocate of, and champion for amity, health, prosperity, and peace to all, and for all.

This world is our world, equally. It is large enough to support everyone here. It is not a “tool” to be exploited for profit by a few at the expense of so many.

Notice how, on first glace, Bill Gates’ philanthropic efforts give the appearance of a genuine humanitarian. It all comes into question when he commits so much money to administering drugs, in some places forcibly — to fight malaria, for example — to people who are clearly malnourished, and need nutritious food.

Our Real Priorities

How is it that drugs, filled with various neurotoxins and other gene-modifying substances can get distributed to a starving population, whereas nourishing food cannot?

Whether in American or abroad, the answers lie in our priorities.

A country founded on a self-evident principle that “all men are created equal” must yet today, in 2012, have its Supreme Court rule on whether some have the right to be treated equally, or whether the State has the right to treat some citizens, such as same-sex couples, inequitably.

Constitution of the United States

We as a people, and as a country, must be true to the principles that America was founded on, which means that the current system must change. Increasing “law enforcement” will not work, because the laws don’t respect the rights of individual citizens.

Placing additional constraints on the population’s civil liberties won’t work, as a rash of executive orders and legislative acts have done, because such actions are instigated by a few who fear an empowered many. They remain contrary to the principles of the Original Constitution.

Incessant and ubiquitous eavesdropping of the population won’t work, because not only is Freedom of Speech a Constitutional Right, but Freedom of Thought is our Divine Nature. In other words, Freedom of Thought is not a “right,” it is implicit to each human Beingness. It defines who, and what we are, truths that science, religions, politicians and our education system have not helped us come to KNOW.

Instead, the system claims “ownership” of the human “vessel” at birth, making each part of the “stock on hand” as an asset of the nation, but really United States Corporation. These stock certificates are held in trust, and are financial instruments that are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

When a county, state, or federal agency “brings up charges” against an individual through the court system, they are actually playing against the individual’s trust account that was established at birth. Talk about “double-entry” accounting!

In America we are born American Nationals, and do not become federal citizens unless we legally are duped into swearing allegiance to the federal state. Trouble is, nobody tells us this, because New World Order society planners want to enslave us to the federal debt we did not create, and make us pay and pay because they maneuvered the United States into bankruptcy in the 1930’s. We have been sold into economic slavery. Not just “we,” but specifically your own personal body has been sold without anyone telling you.—Ed McCabe (See entire article)

Go right ahead… I’ll sit this one out.

This “fiscal cliff” shit isn’t “your” debt or mine. It belongs to the illegal, bankrupt, and unconstitutional corporate entity, United States Corporation, and the ones that run it. They need you and me to believe it’s our problem so that their game continues on. The only problem is that the numbers, the great imbalance, and the skullduggery that they’ve perpetuated in order to continue the charade are unsustainable.

This is one reason for the Quantitative Easing plan to kill the American currency, as well as efforts to instigate a World War III by Israel, the “little bully” of the Middle East.

This is why American troops are in Afghanistan maintaining hostilities and protecting opium fields.

This is why we’re drugged in ways that we can hardly imagine, as soon as the body leaves the womb, and sometimes before the blessed event. The vaccines administered do damage the moment they’re given, and they keep on damaging as the body’s life progresses, which the Medical Autocracy classifies as “disease.”

A myriad of additional synthetic chemicals, which take the place of nutrients, are introduced through processed food and dairy products. Since they are in “popular” foods, we think they’re benign and never think about their effects when the “disease hits the fan.” Here are some examples of our Federal Autocracies and their policies at work:

  • Raw, unpasteurized milk — they make it VERY HARD to get, and for farmers to provide
  • GMO products — VERY EASY for the public to get, and not be informed through labeling
  • Microwave ovens — ALLOWED to be sold in America when such products are banned in most “civilized” countries due to their danger
  • Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulbs — MANDATED even though they are energetic and environmental hazards
  • Chlorination and fluoridation of water supplies — MANDATED
  • MANDATORY vaccine intake as a condition of receiving a “free” or “public” education
  • MANDATORY use of chemical poisons for cancer treatment

Yes, the Medical Autocracy mandates that when trusting American Citizens bring their chemically compromised bodies to them, their minions MUST provide poison care in order to maintain their license to “practice” medicine. In other words, they must be given additional drugs… stronger toxic compounds to “treat” their diseased state. Even the hormone therapies that they administer is disruptive to the body’s natural metabolic activities.

You think the people who run or control these organizations care about you or your well-being? Think again.

This is also why the policy enforcement agency for the Medical Autocracy is hostile toward the use of genuinely curative measures. This is why the Environmental Protection Autocracy is impotent against the further contamination of water supplies posed by oil exploration practices (fracking).

This is concerted and orchestrated. It’s not about the money, it’s about control.

They are the ones who are in fear. They fear you waking up.

I could go on, but until the President is ready to take action on these matters, nothing is going to change. However, I’m not going to lay all this responsibility on his shoulders. The real power and responsibility rests within you and me.

Man should be the measure of all. On the contrary, he is a stranger in the world that he has created. He has been incapable of organizing this world for himself, because he did not possess a practical knowledge of his own nature. Thus, the enormous advance gained by the sciences of inanimate matter over those of living things is one of the greatest catastrophes ever suffered by humanity. – Alexis Carrel, MAN, the Unknown (1935)


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  1. Dear, dear, Philosopher,
    the way u think is the way a lot of people are thinking all around the world, I’m among them/us just in this very moment. But !!! we are minority till the moment a critical mass of our way of thinking changes the world. If THEY, the other minority-1-2% the most rich and powerful people, globally…, put in our mind,/brain whatever they want but to be catastrophic, bad, fearfully, ugly, stressful…, permanently poisoning our bodies, our reality would be the same. BUT, if ”we, the people” focus us on opposite values – healthiness, happiness, high ethic values – nobody can’t win us, nobody can’t change GOOD to BAD. Thanks for your way of thinking and performing HOW to avoid many traps we fall into. And…yes, I also think that 20 kids 5-10 years (and innocent 7 others, too) old ARE LIVING FURTHER. Do you agree that angels in Heavens are missing? God is taking them from Earth every day…

  2. the Sandy Hook shooting was false flag..those people are ACTING. I have several pics pointing this out…down to a Dad, Teacher and camera man LAUGHING.THE STORY IS ABSURD, full of holes…and where are the bodies?what hospitals did they go to? why are emts already parked looking relaxed…smiles on faces? mk ultra false flag agenda 21

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    Thank you for your powerful words of wisdom — for sharing with us your personal exploration of truth, your insightful and fearless questions, along with your inspired thought and expanding awareness. Your writing is greatly appreciated.

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