MMS Successes Offer a Compelling Call for New Chlorine Dioxide Understanding

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It's time to see chlorine dioxide's potential with fresh eyes.

Warnings by the FDA et. al, about the personal and therapeutic use of chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant, via Jim Humble’s MMS protocol are not being heeded by people who look at the available science. I’m not talking about toxicity reports, but about the fundamental behavior of the oxidant known as chlorine dioxide.

The published toxicological data about chlorine dioxide were produced with a specific application in mind; i.e., large-scale pathogen eradication, which require large-scale concentrations of chlorine dioxide. These concentrations are too high for human use. Given that internal human use had never been considered in spite of chlorine dioxide’s fundamental behavior, it was rightfully deemed hazardous, and left at that.

However, Jim Humble has now upset that applecart. Given what we have learned since he came on the scene, the “hazard” must be a qualified one because, far from being “toxic” unto itself (such as chloroform), chlorine dioxide is actually beneficial for its ability to safely reduce the active toxic load that an individual may be carrying.

This stands in stark contrast to the fact that medicine today still relies on methods that add toxicity to an already overloaded environment; a strategy that yet appears to be unquestioned among medical professionals. And why should they? The System considers these methods to be sacrosanct. Insurance companies pay the exorbitant prices, and then extract exorbitant premiums from those who can pay, and deny services to those who can’t.

Simple disinfection through the medical use of MMS would solve a host of medical problems for tens of millions of people around the world, in the same way that we get more longevity and reliability from our cars by regularly changing the oil, flushing the cooling system and other fluids.

I believe that day is coming, but not without additional examination of present-day thinking that has become outmoded. Critics and pundits who bash MMS cite a litany of allegations based on outmoded, but still current thinking on chlorine dioxide.

One of the most vocal MMS denouncers on this blog sent this link about the dangers of chlorine dioxide, published by the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry. It is a Public Health Statement for Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite, published September 2004.

The document is the summary chapter from the Toxicological Profile for Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite.

You could say that this document represents how information from a “credible source” may not be providing the best understanding of the subject that it covers. When you consider the application that chlorine dioxide has been used for, this advice is most appropriate. However, the RESULTS that people have reported from preparing and using MMS is compelling evidence of a need to hone and fine tune our thoughts on this natural chemical element.

Instead of producing a long treatise, let’s look at the first point, and see what we can learn or unlearn from it. All the excerpts from the Toxicological Profile will be indented.

1.1 What are chlorine dioxide and chlorite?

Chlorine dioxide is a yellow to reddish-yellow gas that can decompose rapidly in air. Because it is a hazardous gas, chlorine dioxide is always made at the location where it is used.

Chlorine dioxide decomposes rapidly in air is a true statement. In the next line they say it has to be prepared on site because it is a hazardous gas. This is not true. Chlorine dioxide has to be prepared on site, not because it is a hazardous gas, but because it does not hold together – i.e., it decomposes rapidly – in air. The first sentence is the reason for the second.

If you activate chlorine dioxide in concentrations for what have been its traditional uses, the gas will indeed be “hazardous.” However, in comparatively minute concentrations, it can be highly therapeutic.

Chlorine dioxide’s rapid decomposition can easily be seen when you activate a small amount, for example 3 drops, of MMS (adding 3 drops of citric acid) in an open dish or shot glass. Within 30 seconds it will turn from clear to dark, which notes the chlorine dioxide formation (from the sodium chlorite) in solution (as shown in the opening photo).

Naturally rising, the chlorine dioxide will “offgas” from the solution it was formed in, which you can readily smell. If left alone, the dark liquid will clear up again in 30-60 minutes.

Chlorine dioxide is almost gone in 42 minutes.
Chlorine dioxide is almost gone in 42 minutes.

Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizer. The term “hazardous” is misleading. A highway that has no traffic, or even sporadic traffic is not hazardous. The traffic itself is not even hazardous. However, if the traffic is heavy and swift, the highway environment will then have become hazardous. Yet, when traffic ebbs, and becomes light and sporadic again, the highway environment will have once again become benign.

An environment where temperature and humidity support mold growth is hazardous, as mold colonies produce mycotoxins which are known health hazards. When molds exist in sufficient numbers to colonize, mycotoxin levels are high. Yet, introducing sufficient amounts of oxygen into such an environment will reduce or eliminate these harmful elements, making the environment itself benign.

Chlorine dioxide will safely and effectively inactivate mold colonies and their mycotoxins byproducts, leaving behind no toxic residue. It will do this if the environment is a building (involving amounts that do require great caution), or a gut (requiring significantly smaller amounts). The hazardous quotient of chlorine dioxide is strictly a matter of concentration. It is as therapeutic when applied, in appropriately reduced concentrations, to a correspondingly small environment as it is in a large one.

The Wikipedia article on mycotoxins is pretty informative. The proliferation of mold byproducts, microscopic spores that contain mycotoxins, can result in anything from “the common cold,” to allergic reactions, to certain forms of cancer.

Mycotoxins themselves point to another factor; that is, the lack of sufficient coherent energy within the environment to maintain a state that supports life and health. The key is energy’s coherency. Environments that are high in positive charged ions lack such coherency, cause significant stress, and support the growth of lifeforms (i.e., anaerobic microorganisms) that begin the breakdown process, otherwise known as decay, that allows new life to be formed.

Some mycotoxins, such as Patulin, are involved in the rotting and decay of fruits and vegetables. They actually break down the apple or fig after it has passed its ability to enhance life so that it can be transformed into something else that can support and enhance life. This is part of life’s natural ebb and flow.

Oxygen will halt the decay process because it brings energy that had been lacking or insufficient.

Chlorine dioxide has been shown to safely inactivate mycotoxins as well as the molds that produce them. Unlike chlorine, it produces no derivative chemical toxicity as a result of its activity.

Here’s a news story on how chlorine dioxide was used to inactivate molds in Louisiana after hurricane Katrina.


Chlorine dioxide is used as a bleach at pulp mills, which make paper and paper products, and in public water-treatment facilities, to make water safe for drinking. It has also been used to decontaminate public buildings.

The only way that a building (or any environment) can be de-contaminated, and therefore made safe for human re-habitation, is by removing or inactivating the elements that threatened health or may have brought about death. Chlorine dioxide has clearly proven itself in that regard.

Contrast this to some methods of eradicating infestations with pesticides where, by using chemical sprays, the environment has actually be further contaminated. The bugs are gone (temporarily), but the air, carpet, clothes and surfaces are loaded with toxicity. Initially you can smell it, but the aroma wearing off doesn’t mean it’s gone.

The statement below has some fuzziness that can support misperception.

Chlorine dioxide is soluble in water and will react rapidly with other compounds. When it reacts in water, chlorine dioxide forms chlorite ion, which is also a very reactive chemical. Because chlorine dioxide is very reactive, it is able to kill bacteria and microorganisms in water.

The “reactivity” of chlorine dioxide has nothing to do with its ability to kill bacteria. The statement suggests that all bacteria and microorganisms in water will be killed off. That is not true. All bacteria and microorganisms that have respiratory nitrate reductase enzyme will be killed off. This enzyme, carried in certain anaerobic strains, such as Salmonella and E. coli, governs the electron transport function.

Some people have criticized Jim Humble for saying that chlorine dioxide “blows a hole” in the pathogen. It appears that the respiratory nitrate reductase enzyme actually pulls the trigger on contact with the chlorine dioxide molecule, setting off a chain reaction that blows up its own host.

There is no “good” or “bad” connotation here. There is only purpose being served naturally by all involved parties.

About 5% of large water-treatment facilities (serving more than 100,000 persons) in the United States use chlorine dioxide to treat drinking water. An estimated 12 million persons may be exposed in this way to chlorine dioxide and chlorite ions. In communities that use chlorine dioxide to treat drinking water, chlorine dioxide and its by-product, chlorite ions, may be present at low levels in tap water.

A friend who lives in Spain informed me that chlorine dioxide is the predominant water treatment method for 90% of France. However, he says that their water also contains high amounts of uranium.

The report fails to note that an estimated 75% of the American public, approximately 240 million people, are “consuming” chlorinated water in one way or another. We are paying a dear price for our deep and long-standing immersion into this and other chemical agents. Who decided that the course we have taken could not be reversed, or the effects, not mitigated? The term “incurable” only applies if we continue to embrace the same way of thinking in our efforts to change.

In this profile, the term “chlorite” will be used to refer to “chlorite ion,” which is a water-soluble ion. Chlorite ion can combine with metal ions to form solid salts (e.g., sodium chlorite). Sodium chlorite dissolves in water and forms chlorite ions and sodium ions. More than 80% of all chlorite (present as sodium chlorite) is used to make chlorine dioxide to disinfect drinking water. Sodium chlorite is also used as a disinfectant to kill germs.

We have cultivated a perception that all microorganisms are “germs” and therefore, should be killed off. We think that all “germs” are harmful, and therefore allow people to give us synthetic medications that will kill the “bad guys”. This is part of the problem with our thinking. Imagine what life would be like if chemicals rushed into an environment and bound up available oxygen, as the hydrocarbons did into the Gulf of Mexico during the BP Oil Spill, suffocating a large proportion of the marine life population. If this happens in the human body and anaerobic microorganisms don’t show up, what would such oxygen deprivation do to the body? Necrosis would set in, and do so in short order.  So how “bad” can anaerobic microorganisms be?

Yet, we create a condition of gross over-chemicalization via our predominant method of water treatment, knowing full well the potential outcomes. When the disease pathologies eventually show up, which is now projected with the same anticipation as a bull market, we respond medically with treatment regimens that is largely chemical-based. This is why diseases come earlier in life and last longer. It’s a great way to get you sick, keep you sick and dependent on chemical medications, and appear to prolong your life.

I’ll continue examining the Toxicological Profile for Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite and see what else comes up.

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45 Thoughts to “MMS Successes Offer a Compelling Call for New Chlorine Dioxide Understanding”

  1. hey, adam, i’m going to try using 4 drops of activated mms to purify one gallon of stagnant rainwater that’s contained in a 55 gallon drum on the corner of the house.

    my first question is, do you suppose 4 drops of chlorine dioxide is enough to destroy all the pathogens in one gallon of stagnant rainwater?

    if not, how much do you suppose might do the trick? (note: this is *not* for human consumption, though, i wouldn’t be skeered to test it)

    my second question is, how long do you suppose 4 drops of chlorine in a gallon of rainwater would stay active? i need it to be dissipated..

    here’s the deal, after i purify the rainwater & the chlorine dioxide is dissipated, i’m going to subsequently use this purified rainwater to activate/ferment effective microbes:

    here is the activation method:

    i’m doing this because mms purified rain-water will almost certainly be far superior in this fermenting process as compared to the only other water sources readily available to me, which are tapwater (allowed to set out to remove chlorine) & filtered, reverse osmosis, ozonated water


    so the reason i need to find out how long 4 drops of activated mms stays active (how long until it totally disspiates) in a gallon of rainwater, is because some of the effective microbes/probiotics are actually anaerobic & would probably be destroyed by the chlorine dioxide – though i don’t actually know which of the microbes involved indeed have the respiratory nitrate reductase enzyme that would make them a target of the chlorine dioxide.. here are the good guys/probiotics involved,

    Bacillus subtilis
    Bifidobacterium animalis
    Bifidobacterium bifidum
    Bifidobacterium longum
    Lactobacillus acidophilus
    Lactobacillus casei
    Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp.
    bulgaricus (Synonym: Lactobacillus bulgaricus)
    Lactobacillus fermentum
    Lactobacillus plantarum
    Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis
    ( Synonym: Streptococcus lactis)*
    Rhodopseudomonas palustris
    Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides
    ( Synonym: Rhodobactersphaeroides)
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    Streptococcus thermophilus*

  2. Chlorine Dioxide is a compound that has been used to treat municipal drinking water in the United States and Europe for over 50 years.

  3. Gilgamesh

    In our area we use to have some species of birds, that just vanished and nobody saw one in the last 10 years. Even the newspaper was asking to call in if someone see one.
    But a lot of animals, wild life, birds are on endangered list.
    And we dont know what effect all these prescription drugs that pass trough people every day have on the environment, and wild life.

  4. Gilgamesh

    I dont know why would anybody choose chemo therapy, if chemo is only successful 3-5%, and MMS is successful 95-100%.
    I think even Buch Flower remedies, Aroma therapy, Chinese medicine, herbs, Homeopathy, Chiropractic and Reiki therapy is better than drugs.
    The drugs just go trough people and all end up polluting and poisoning the environment and our drinking water.
    I guess the scientific method is becoming a big failure with drugs, almost every week they have to recall some drugs, because they are dangerous. A lot of doctors, for themselves choosing now remedies instead of drugs. Even my own doctor knows, and uses Chinese herb remedies for himself. I guess the World is changing, people are more educated, The dark ages of the dangerous drugs will be over in a few years.

    1. I agree, the dark ages of brainwashing will be over soon. Thanks God for that!
      The Golden Age of enlightenment is here to stay.
      Enlightenment, I may add, has nothing to do with science and can not be ‘peer-proved’, sorry guys…. :-), 😉

    2. Yeah, sure, chemotherapy (I assume you’re talking about cancer chemotherapy, right?) doesn’t work all the time, but at least it works some of the time.

      Are you seriously suggesting that MMS cures cancer 95-100% of the time? That is total bollocks and you know it. Not a single person has ever had cancer cured by MMS.


    Just an example of the non sequitur I seem to keep encountering when it comes to Alt. Med. nutcases.

  6. Well folks, MMS has become famous in the UK. It appeared on BBC TV earlier this week. Here’s the clip:

    1. Correction: It is RHYS MORGAN?”TheBigMaster” that is famous AGAIN, on BBC!!
      So, what is new?
      I did not even bother watching this video when I saw the big headline
      “My appearance on the BBC The Show…”…Rhys Morgan
      Bad advertising is better than none! 😉

      1. Gilgamesh

        Hi Simunye.
        The BBC People, and Adam are very lucky. They are getting enlightenment From Rhys Morgan, and from his followers, that MMS is a bleach.

      2. So, don’t tell me: that means the BBC are now part of the Great Conspiracy being run by Big Pharma, the FDA, and the entire medical profession, right?

        And Lenny Henry is in on it too?

      3. Nothing new on the BBC show, just a lot of OPINIONS about other peoples OPINIONS and we have heard all before…
        I wont say they are all part of a conspiracy, but they have to fill the time on air. Who cares if what is broadcast is been proven or not, as long as it brings up the ratings.
        I’m just wondering: how is it possible to declare somebody guilty WITHOUT PROVE?

        It is NOT the accused job to prove his innocence, It is the courts job to prove his guilt!
        So far, this prove is none existent! 🙂

      4. So if you don’t think they are part of a conspiracy, why do you think they are saying so clearly that MMS is worthless and dangerous?

        Oh, and funny you should mention about it being the court’s job to prove Jim Humble guilty:

      5. Humble and Bowa were found guilty on three counts of dispensing medicines without a license, dispensing medicines at unregistered premises and that the dispenser was not a qualified practitioner.

        How many people are driving cars without license? 😉
        How many people call others deluded, insane, without shrink-license and no examination, and kill those peoples good reputation? Such people often end up commiting suicide, because they cannot undue the damage done my people with dangerous tongues…
        How many people play accuser, persecutor, judge and allowed, executioner over people they don’t even know?
        Complete the list if you wish… 🙂

  7. quote adam abraham
    “Hi Lori,
    I know plenty of people who do, but I have no interest in selling MMS.”

    I wonder why not? You say that with such a straight face but you just neglect to point out that you do sell Jim’s MMS books and DVDs, plus a whole catalog of “magnesium concentrates”, photonic water units and other “cures” which evidence hasn’t “caught up with yet”.. I also wonder why you don’t promote your shop on your blog, maybe because it would look less “credible” if people visiting here were reminded constantly that you sell most of the stuff you promote… Not that I believe there is anything wrong with selling the things you believe in, but you do “sound” a lot more credible when you can claim “Oh, I know people that do, but *I* don’t sell MMS”. That’s what I call a half truth.

  8. Phaelosopher, I have a question for you.

    In another post on this website, one of your followers said that he had experienced symptoms such as nausea, headache, a burning sensation in the throat, and diarrhoea after taking MMS. He said he wasn’t worried by those symptoms, because he regarded them not as evidence that MMS was harming him (which I would have thought would be the logical conclusion), but as evidence that he was experiencing “detoxing” effects and that MMS was therefore doing him good.

    I’d be interested to know your reaction to this. Which of the following statements sums up your response?

    1. He’s probably taking MMS at too high a dose, and these symptoms should not occur when MMS is used properly

    2. He’s just another stooge of big pharma (like me!) and making it all up, and those symptoms don’t really occur

    3. He is correct, and they are evidence that MMS is causing “detoxing” reactions

    4. Something else I haven’t thought of

    1. Since you’re reading this site so diligently, I guess that means you’re one of my “followers” too?

      MMS doesn’t “cause” nausea, headaches, or diarrhea as a specific consequence of ingestion. A healthy individual can take large, by MMS standards, dosages and experience none of the side effects. On the other hand, an individual with a chronic condition will be experiencing some form of metabolic dysfunction. This can take any of a number of forms, many of which involving the lack of proper elimination (constipation), clogged passageways, and inorganic matter stored in tissues. It (i.e., elimination) will therefore be appropriate, as these materials are oxidized by chlorine dioxide. During this process, headache may be experienced, particularly if there is a blockage in the liver. Nausea may be experienced, as well as vomiting. None of these are guaranteed. I have not experienced headaches, but I have experienced nausea and vomiting, as well as elimination of what appeared to be “old growth” stools. 🙂

      I did not have anything chronic that was “wrong” yet, millions of people today, in the course of normal life, are being inundated with synthetic products that masquerade as foods, supplements, and additives that will have adverse metabolic effects over time. Other factors that contribute to the syndrome that I’m describing, such as airborne pollution and electromagnetic field radiation. So it’s not unreasonable to see why the body would eliminate these stored contaminants after they had been inactivated by chlorine dioxide.

      The burning sensation does not go hand-in-hand with oral ingestion of MMS. You can experience all of the other effects, if they are warranted, without having any discomfort while swallowing. Anyone who reported a burning sensation will likely have either mixed it improperly — reversed the mixing ratio of 5:1 MMS to citric acid instead of 1:5. Even that likelihood has been reduced with the 1:1 mixing ratio, if a 50% citric acid solution is used. The other option is that they’ve taken too much, and should simply take less.

      Before one takes the idea of detoxing seriously, it is important to acknowledge how pervasive toxification has become in Western society. Our bodies are being poisoned by products and processes that we’ve become accustomed to, and have not associated with harm. When harmful effects do occur, we rationalize it away (with the help of our doctors) as the *normal* effects of aging or the onset of “disease”, which didn’t exist 10 years ago. Then we agree to take on additional poisons — oops, medications — in the attempt to “fight” the invaders.

      The real problem is not that complicated; the solution is simple.

      1. Adam (1)
        I did experience some burning sensation when taking MMS in capsules, but only if I did not wait long enough after eating.
        I assume the burning was duo to the fact that the capsule did not go down in the tummy but dissolved on its way down. Possible is also that I did not use enough water with the capsule!
        I than toke it on empty stomach with no problem. 🙂

      2. That makes sense, since it was undliluted. If the capsule dissolved as it went down, then you’re going to get a more concentrated amount of ClO2. Did you wash it down with water?

      3. “Since you’re reading this site so diligently, I guess that means you’re one of my “followers” too?”

        Dang me, I guess it does, doesn’t it? Scary thought!

        Anyway, many thanks for the reply. I think that does answer my question (sort of). So in other words, a combination of both (1) and (3) of my options, right?

        So if I’ve understood you correctly, what you’re claiming is that there are various substances in the body that shouldn’t be there (ingested via unhealthy processed foods, for example), and which are not being properly eliminated by normal metabolic processes. MMS then breaks down those substances, such that they can be eliminated. Somewhere between being broken down by MMS and being eliminated, they circulate round the body, which is when they cause symptoms.

        Is that a fair summary of your position?

      4. Yes; there is a VAST multitude of substances that, before our Age of Chemicalization, would be dealt with by the body’s own chemical production capabilities. Today we take in too many nutrient deficient foods which would replenish the body’s ability to protect as well as repair itself, we drink chemicalized water, which inhibits proper hydration and elimination. And yet, it all appears to occur due to the passing of time and aging. It therefore becomes plausible to use more chemicals, irritants, and various forms of radiation to treat these conditions.

        In the small quantities recommended, activated MMS introduces something into the environment that triggers a break down of these materials, along with derivative microorganisms via oxidation, thereby reducing the body’s net toxic load. I believe that the microorganisms, primarily the anaerobic ones, are present due to the environmental effects of the chemicals, synthetics, etc, which tend to increase acidity, meaning the environment becomes chronically oxygen deficient. With the delivery of said oxygen, various co-factors, such as the respiratory nitrate reductase enzyme, which are carried by anaerobes, but not by aerobic microorganisms, trigger the electron transfer when chlorite is encountered. ClO2 then takes four more electrons.

      5. So can you give some examples of these substances? How do you know they accumulate in the body, and how do you know that they are broken down by MMS?

      6. Yes Adam I did take water, but I don’t think it was enough, and than because I had eaten not long before, the concentrated, activated MMS dissolved halve way down to my tummy, instead of in the tummy. This is also why I than added water to the activated MMS BEFORE filling the capsule, and toke 2 capsules instead. Than I had no problem.
        I also found that the capsule is not ideal when treating head colds, because MMS oxidizes on contact , but it does not come in contact with the mouth and throat. Therefore healing takes longer!.
        But anywhere, I’m fine again!

      7. OK, how about just one example of one of these substances that you say accumulates?

      8. Well, Phaelosopher, I have to say that your theory about “substances” accumulating in the body would have a little more credibility if you could actually name one of them.

        It’s the sort of thing that your followers probably think sounds convincing, as it’s dressed up in a lot of pseudo-scientific language, and as your followers generally don’t have any scientific qualifications, they don’t know how to look beyond the rhetoric. But when I ask you about the detail of your theory, you have no answer. I’m afraid your theory simply lacks any kind of credibility.

  9. I hadn’t been taking my MMS for a month or so and suddenly came down with a sore throat, cough, etc. I then started again with 6 drops, worked up to 8 drops a couple of times and woke up fine yesterday morning. It took 2 1/2 days. I will not forget to take my maintenance dose of 6 drops per week again in a hurry. I am 73 and have been using MMS for years now and am so saddened by all this hoohay over something as wonderful as this. So many people are skeptical and I must say, critical of a product they haven’t even tried. So sad!

  10. I hadn’t been taking my maintenance dose of 6 drops twice a week for a month or so and came down with an awfully sore throat, cough, etc. So I immediately started again with 6 drops and increased to 8 drops for a day or so. That was three days ago and everything has cleared up now. Whahoo. It doesn’t get any better than that. Lesson learned? I am 73 years old and definitely need to remember to take my maintenance doseage. I honestly don’t know why ‘some’ people don’t try it themselves. Maybe when they really come down with something, they will?

  11. Paul Morgan

    One real issue to contend with is that “Simunye1” or, as she is known on Facebook, Monika Scholze, has not only blocked me on Facebook but has now barred me from posting on her WordPress blog.
    This is a real problem as she is clearly unable to handle a real, meaningful, scientific debate on the subject of MMS. I am yet to read the contents of the latest article here, but will do so in due course and will post if I consider it appropriate – at least “Phaelosopher” isn’t so childish. Zero scientific credibility, however.

    1. On Sunday I posted this on all groups/posts discussing MMS…
      Please note:

      I herewith withdraw from any conversation with anybody who belongs to the AAMF.
      I only reply to people sharing experiences, good or bad, because that is all I can talk about and we can learn from bad experiences too.

      I will not allow anybody to call me names any longer or even worse, them putting their own words into my mouth. I may even block those that I unblocked to give them a chance to prove that they can also behave (if they want) and tell the truth, but it looks like this was not a good decision. A leopard does not change his spots.
      Hence I don’t talk to them any more, to prevent this from happening in the future again. Thanks for your understanding…

      Today I find Paul on my blog, after I blocked him again on facebook, but only after warning him a few times about his way of intimidating others and the fact that he keeps on asking for prove over an over again.
      I NEVER said I have prove other than my experience.
      I have better things to do than arguing with somebody whether I’m deluded, an idiot a or a quack
      I know my experience to be true and he has no right to dictate me to me what I must or must not do with my life.
      If he behaves like a child, I will tread him like child.

      I’m amazed about the cheek he has to still write on my blog, knowing that I made it clear that I had ENOUGH of his nonsense!

      I had a look at the definition of SPAM:
      Spam is ‘unsolicited or undesired electronic messages or unrequested advise’, and I consider Paul and Adams mail as SPAM.
      My blog, my rules! Take it or leave it! 🙂

      1. Lori

        Go, Monika! Why provide a forum for people who just want to climb on their own soapbox and rant?

      2. Go Monika! Why try to actually argue with someone and explain why they are wrong when you can just block them instead!

        It really speaks volumes about the strength of your argument that the only way you can win it is by blocking anyone who disagrees with you.

      3. Lori, why discussing something with somebody who does not know what he/she is talking about and is a bully getting his point accross.
        I’m just tired of repeating myself to some people, who just repeat question like a broken LP, but who have no respect for our experiences or answers. This is rude, and I can’t stand people who are rude.
        But all prove they have for their opinions, is COPY and PASTE.
        Thanks God for the BLOCK facility, to deal with SPAM!
        If somebody would block me, I sure as hell would be to proud to force myself onto that person by visiting their private blog.
        I mean, how much more often do we have to say we don’t need the opinion from people who don’t know what they are talking about.
        We ‘know’, because we used it succesfully. 🙂

  12. I agree with Vinton when he says that the flying monkeys (Adam being one of them) make a lot of noise, but have really little to say, except COPY and PASTE…

  13. You’ve quoted rather selectively from the report on the toxicity of chlorine dioxide.

    I trust that anyone who is interested in just how poisonous this stuff is will read the whole report.

    Or, of course, you could just drink the stuff anyway and hope that you’re going to be lucky.

    1. Not really… I presented the first section of the document in its entirety. I’m not done. Plus, I included a link to the whole report. That’s a nuance you apparently didn’t notice.

      When you have done a careful evaluation, understand the nature of the product that you’re using, intent on a beneficial outcome, then “hope” and “luck” aren’t necessary.

      1. Presented the first section in its entirety? Really? Given that I can see the document, how on earth do you not expect to get found out when you state something as inaccurate as that?

        Here’s part of the first section of the document that you didn’t present:

        “If you were to breathe air containing chlorine dioxide gas, you might experience irritation in your nose, throat, and lungs. If you were to eat or drink large amounts of chlorine dioxide or chlorite, you might experience irritation in the mouth, esophagus, or stomach.”

        I did notice that you included a link to the whole report. But I’m guessing that by also quoting large chunks of the document (while carefully missing out the bits that might affect your sales) you’re hoping that your followers won’t bother to actually read the whole thing.

      2. Since I included a link to the entire document, how could it be that I’d “hope” one didn’t read the entire thing. You have so precious little that is of any value to offer, that you pick at the most insignificant of straws.

        One truth that you do say… you are guessing.

      3. Lori

        Adam Phaelosopher,

        I may have missed something here. Did you finally start selling MMS? Or is that another of Adam Pharm’s little fibs?

      4. Hi Lori,

        I know plenty of people who do, but I have no interest in selling MMS.

      5. Lori, I was wondering about that too.
        But it is nothing new that if all else fails to shut us up, we are all called sellers.
        The only explanation for that I find, is that those who accusing others of something, usually doing something them-self they don’t want us to know, like working for those who have a lot lot to lose when MMS because a household name! 🙂

  14. Excellent Article, Adam. I really appreciate your efforts in tackling the confusion about MMS. I recently had a woman visit me who had walking Pneumonia, and she hadn’t had a full night’s sleep in months. She tried some MMS on the spot because non of her medications were working. Within about three minutes her coughing stopped, about ten minutes and she could take a deep breath. She was almost crying because she was so relieved. She looked at me and said, “Now I know why I came tonight” … this is magic! It always impresses me how brilliant our body and immune system is once we give it a little support.

  15. I had tremendous success with getting rid of mold in our basement when it rained a great deal this summer. I set three bowls of activated MMS around the room and checked back awhile later. The sodium chlorite was completely gone and so were the blackened cement walls and the moldy smell. I have done this a few times with the same results. Wonderful stuff all ’round. I still have to drink it with some proper fruit juice though. lol

    1. Lori

      Thanks, Dawn. I think I’ll try this in our house as we have a dank climate that breeds mildew in the bathrooms, etc.

      Before anyone tries this it’s important to read the cautions. They are here: No one should be in the room when it’s being gassed like this! And we all know how to seal our rooms with plastic and duct tape since our government so helpfully told us to do this if the “terrorist” (more likely the government!) attacks.

      I see potential in this for greenhouse use too, as we have endemic mildews in our farm greenhouses. Is there no end to the usefulness of this great substance?

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