MMS: A Hypothesis for the Age of Chemicalization

Jim Humble at his MMS Workshop
Jim Humble gives fundamentals at his MMS Workshop

In the discussion thread following my article that calls for a new understanding of chlorine dioxide, I referred to a VAST multitude of substances that, before the Age of Chemicalization, would be dealt with by the body’s own chemical production capabilities.

To that comment I was asked to describe those substances and how do I know they accumulate in the body, and that they are broken down by MMS (chlorine dioxide).

I didn’t put too much significance to it when my first attempts to reply yielded nothing. Life, a birthday, and the holiday season provided their own distractions, but there was something else that made it difficult for me to provide a timely and cogent answer.

I suggested “a vast multitude” of substances that would have been dealt with by the body’s own chemical production capabilities prior to the Age of Chemicalization. However, I now realize that I can’t really speak to what happened before we became enraptured with chemistry. Yet, this profound level of dependency and ubiquitous use has in fact, become The Problem.

The introduction to The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life (1985, William Morrow and Company), written by Robert O. Becker, M.D., and Gary Selden, describes the human art that was the practice of medicine prior to the success of penicillin on lobar (pneumococcal) pneumonia after World War II, which by that time killed 100,000 Americans each year, and the soulless science that emerged in its aftermath.

Medical techniques have come to be tested as much against current concepts in biochemistry as against their empirical results. Techniques that don’t fit such chemical concepts—even if they seem to work—have been abandoned as pseudoscientific or downright fraudulent. The Body Electric

Sound familiar? That certainly describes the situation with MMS, which would have represented a perfect benign chemical reply for lobar pneumonia as it has for a myriad of other conditions. However, instead of looking at the consistent stream of positive results that the public has reported, the “health care” agencies have put MMS on their Do Not Fly list, and have been endeavoring to dissuade the public from using it with unsubstantiated and false information.

The philosophical result of chemical medicine’s success has been the belief in the Technological Fix. Drugs became the best or only valid treatments for all ailments. Prevention, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, the patient’s physical and mental uniqueness, environmental pollutants—all were glossed over. The Body Electric

The attempt to gloss over or discredit MMS is certainly being made, but we live in a different day and time. Humanity is calling for effective ways to treat chronic and degenerative diseases, seeing that current methods aren’t getting the job done, with more understanding as to why they can’t and won’t.

So what are some of the substances of this current age? While a list could be long indeed, I’ll offer some examples.

  • Thimerosal – an inorganic mercury compound used as a preservative in vaccines, that metabolizes into ethylmercury and thiosalicylate, and is known to be toxic. In spite of ample reliable evidence that it is harmful (rapid rise in autism, ADD), the FDA and CDC have been disinclined take any active steps to eliminate its use.
  • rBGH/rBST – recombinant, genetically engineered bovine growth hormone developed by Monsanto and now marketed by Elanco, a division of Eli Lilly under Posilac. Approved by the FDA in 1993 and protected to this very day in spite of health problems in treated cows. Such consequences include a 50 percent increase in the risk of lameness (leg and hoof problems), over a 25 percent increase in the frequency of udder infections (mastitis), and serious animal reproductive problems, i.e., infertility, cystic ovaries, fetal loss and birth defects, and life span cut in half. The upshot is that these used up animals are then sold to fast food chains and become happy meals!
  • Aspartame – an artificial sweetener (NeutraSweet®) that has been associated with brain tumors. 200 times sweeter than sucrose, it was approved by the FDA in 1974. There is a long list of chronic and degenerative conditions associated with this chemical. Interesting thing is that aspartame ingestion can result in “textbook” mimicking of a wide range of diseases, which doctors will be convinced the patient needs treatment for. Of course, you know what the patient is going to get; more chemicals!
  • Monosodium Glutamate, or MSG – a flavor enhancer and neurotoxin. I just learned that MSG was sprayed on fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and vegetables in the field (see article). However, it also appears that the product, AuxiGro, was quietly taken off the market, after it turned out that bees, which had stopped pollinating the fields. After the product went off the market, the bees subsequently returned.

Here’s some more good information on MSG.

  • Hormones in food production — Synthetic estrogens started being used to increase the size of cattle and chickens in the early 1950s. Besides rBGH/rBST, growth hormones used to make chicken, turkeys, and other livestock grow faster eventually make it into humans.
  • Transgenic (genetically modified) products – Developed under the arrogant and deluded assumption that a seed that produces its own pesticide would be both patentable and “eco-friendly,” Monsanto has taken the term “snake oil” to another level. Considered an example of biotechnology, Monsanto has admitted (after years of denial) that superbugs have evolved that will eat the crops, and said crops have been found to be contaminating waterways. Part of the delusion is thinking that traces of these chemicals won’t make it into human beings.
  • Synthetic Vitamin supplements – Most people don’t appreciate that the vast majority of vitamin supplements are little more than chemical-based simulations, with little bioavailability. Some, like synthetic vitamin E, actually do harm, extracting available vitamins and minerals from the bones.
  • Chlorine and Fluoride – Much has been written about the consequences of chlorination and fluoridation, but I don’t think it has been explored with any real conviction, since life appears to be progressing in spite of the practice. However, the progress of health is another matter. What we don’t know, is just how much better our health might be if fetal development didn’t occur in a chlorinated amniotic soup, and exposure didn’t continue day in and day out.
  • Heavy Metals – If not metabolized by the body, heavy metals – such as aluminum, mercury, lead, asbestos – are stored in the soft tissues. They can enter the human body through food, water, air, or absorption through the skin when they come in contact with humans in agriculture and in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, industrial, commercial, or residential settings. Yet, while they are easy to get in, there are few recognized ways to safely and effectively get them out. MMS, via chlorine dioxide, is one.
  • Pesticides – According to a Huffington Post article, 1.2 billion pounds used on fruits and vegetables are contaminating the food chain, but only .01% are actually reaching bugs! Turns out that celery, peaches, strawberries, apples, and blueberries head the list.

The list could continue on, but the point has been made.

Even the genetic technology that now commands such breathless admiration is based on principles unchallenged for decades and unconnected to a broader concept of life. Medical research, which has limited itself almost exclusively to drug therapy, might as well been wearing blinders for the past thirty years. The Body Electric (AA~ and that was written 25 years ago!)

As you can see, the proliferation of chemical use in our generation is profound and pervasive, so much so that we have stopped noticing it, or considering the implications.

Since modern science has yet to acknowledge the likelihood that regular, multifaceted exposure to trace chemicals is the true environmental cause behind degenerative disease, then it’s easy to see why it’s still set on using chemicals to treat it.

While MMS naysayers foment fearful prognostications about its long-term use, they appear deaf and blind to the travesty unfolding before their very eyes. People are already sick and dying from what’s happening to them NOW. The best hope that the health care industry projects is a decrease in the rate of increase of chronic disease and its expense.



MMS prepared and ready for topical use.
MMS prepared and ready for topical use.

MMS critics appear unmoved by improvements reported by MMS users, charging, incorrectly, that sellers made the claims. They decry the lack of “proof” even to people who themselves are living examples.

The critics refer to Jim Humble and others who have presented promising new methods as charlatans when the collective wool that is being pulled over the public’s eyes is enough to blot out the healing rays of the sun. Indeed, we’ve grown accustomed to fearing the sun and loving the sunscreen, which actually blocks out beneficial sun rays that would deliver much needed vitamin D.

This is also why so many people are vitamin D deficient even with synthetic vitamin D being widely available.

Now, I suspect that inundation by these chemical and synthetic – i.e., non-living – products is what gives rise to degenerative conditions that turn into chronic diseases. This is how, and why the human body may reach its capacity to naturally produce the necessary chemistry, e.g., hypochlorous acid, to protect itself.

Through the passage of time, synthetic chemicals contribute to subtle and gradual dysfunction in the human body at various stages of life. We then rationalize that the dysfunction – such as baldness, infertility, impotence, chronic fatigue, asthma, diabetes, migraine headaches, heart burn, eczema and psoriasis, dementia, autism, and many more –is a result of such things as genetics (disproved by Bruce Lipton, PhD, The Biology of Belief), and aging.  Yet, all these conditions, which contribute to, and are results of our chemical dependency, draw attention away from the true causes. And since we are conditioned to not look at causes, it opens the door for health care practitioners, who are trained only to treat symptoms, to make chemical medications and surgery the preferred treatment methods.

Mechanistic chemistry isn’t adequate to understand the enigmas of life, and it now stands as a barrier to studying them. The Body Electric

I believe that chlorine dioxide does indeed inactivate low-level inorganic material via oxidation. These materials bind up oxygen, making the environment acidic. Chlorine dioxide delivers oxygen and reduces chemical levels, in contrast to chlorine, which adds new chemistry.

Instead of clamoring for proof, consider this a hypothesis.

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  1. I am in fact grateful to the holder of this web site who has shared this
    fantastic article at here.

  2. Gilgamesh

    Hi Phaelosopher.

    You wrote about somewhere 6 subtle energy chambers, and one exist in Arizona. I just wondered , if Robert E Cox is behind this chamber technology? As he wrote about in his book; The Pillar of Celestial Fire, That in ancient times they had this technology and they had subtle energy chambers. He also wrote books on Alchemy, and he meditated in the cave for 9 years. But you wrote, you will be writing more about these chambers, and if you want to interview this author I think he is available, and I think he lives in Arizona, and practicing Alchemy, and write spiritual kind of books.

    1. Hi Gil,

      The Life Vessel was developed by Barry McNew, and built by Rostum Roy. I interviewed the director of the Arizona center a couple weeks ago, and will hopefully meet and speak with McNew as well.

  3. Gilgamesh

    Not all doctors are the same.
    A lot of doctors not only drug pushers, but drug addicts, or drunks.

    1. sarah

      Gilgamesh and Adam 2,

      It’s true that some doctors are drug addicts, drunks. . . same as in most professions. Also many, many doctors are highly ethical people who truly want to be involved in the healing process with their patients. Much of the problem in dealing with the medical profession is that today’s doctors are trained to treat symptoms, not causes, and to treat these symptoms with chemicals that have lots of (very bad) side effects. This is what they are taught. This is what they believe in. And so, with the best intentions possible, too many doctors continue to increase illness and dis-ease. The training is so deep that it is very difficult for most medical professionals to even contemplate treatments that are outside of their medical school box.

      So many people have suffered because of this. This is why people now look elsewhere for healing. Adam 2, when you say “Just ask your doctor,” you are making that suggestion to people who HAVE asked their doctors, and the answers we’ve received in the past have not contributed to our healing, but rather increased our dis-ease. That is why we are on sites like this one, looking for the answers that we were unable to get in our doctors’ offices.

      1. Sarah, I think I can see where you are coming from. It’s true that modern medicine doesn’t have all the answers. Sometimes, people are ill, and the best doctors in the world can’t cure them. That is bound to lead to frustration.

        That also makes people vulnerable. And what you need to understand is that pushers of quack medicine (not just MMS: this goes far wider) take advantage of that vulnerability. They say “look, conventional doctors can’t help you, but we’re different, and we can help you”. Many people are desperate, and will try anything.

        But the truth is that the quacks can’t help people. If they could, then conventional doctors would be very keen to start using the quack remedies themselves. This has actually happened in the past, as alternative remedies have sometimes been proven effective. A good example of this is the herbal remedy St John’s Wort, which has proven in double blind placebo controlled trials to be an effective treatment for depression, and now there are plenty of conventional doctors who’ll be happy to prescribe it.

        But most of the time, quack remedies are just a dangerous scam. It’s far better to put your faith into treatments that have been proven to be useful in clinical trials, rather than treatments which are sold on the basis of a false promise.

      2. Sarah, most of us who share our experiences herw also said several times that we had our desease for years and that the doctors were not able to help us and cure us. Medication was sometimes improving our condition but never cured us. It cost a lot of money to keep seing the doctor for new perscriptions and to buy the medication, specially if you have no medical-aid.
        If after years of suffering and than 2 days of taking MMS the same desease is gone without trace, than that medicine that is responcible for the cure I call a miracle, reagrdless if Adam2 agrees with me or not. I’m sure all others who had simular experiences had dseen the doctor first too. So what is Adams problem anywhere?
        Maybe he does not bother reading wall we write, but just writing?

      3. sarah

        Adam 2, when I was a little girl, chiropractic was considered quackery. Now it’s mainstream. So much of medicine was considered quackery at first, including the idea of WASHING YOUR HANDS between surgeries! I suffered from clinical depression for over 30 years. I healed myself in 2 weeks using energy medicine techniques I learned from a book. Clinical trials? Don’t know, don’t care. What I do know is that I no longer take medicine, no longer have to regularly spend the money to be evaluated by a psychiatrist so I can keep taking the medication, no longer have to risk the variety of side effects (that have been proven in clinical trials!).

        Also I’ve suffered from severe gut troubles since I was little. The doctors couldn’t find any problems. Lots of expensive tests, lots of diet changes…. I’ve started taking MMS and I say with cautious optimism that my gut seems to be healing. It isn’t a sudden, dramatic change, but since starting the protocol I do notice some positive changes.

        I no longer choose to allow doctors – or anyone else for that matter – do all of my thinking for me about my own health and wellbeing. And since I made that decision, I have much better health and wellbeing to think about. I don’t discount what modern medicine has to offer. I simply recognize that there are other, sometimes better, options out there. Being open to those other options has made a huge difference in my everyday life.

      4. Actually, Sarah, chiropractic is still very much considered quackery. Most people recognise that it can be a useful treatment for some back problems, but it claims to be able to treat all manner of other diseases on the basis of absolutely no evidence, and in that sense, it is quackery.

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