On 'Death' and MMS: Jim Humble Responds to Nash Attack

From his location in Africa, Jim Humble sent me, in encrypted form, his own assessment of Mr. Nash’s accusations surrounding the death of his wife Sylvie. I’ll simply publish it as received, without further comment. ~AA

October 16, 2009 — 5:42:12 AM

Subject: Response to Doug Nash

As I have already said, the loss of one’s wife is probably the greatest loss that one will ever experience and thousands of people have also mourned his loss, and so do I. I shall never wish him anything but the best of wishes for the loss he has experienced.

Having said that, there is the other side of the story that no one seems to want to face, so let me state it. After all I am probably the one person in the world who should state it. Immediately after his wife’s death Mr. Nash started on his attack of MMS. Without knowing anything about MMS, or bothering to learn anything about MMS, Mr. Nash embarked on a program to destroy a chemical that is probably at this time the most important chemical that mankind has. Out of the estimated 2 million people who have already used MMS there are at least 100 thousand lives saved and more hundreds of thousands of people have overcome their suffering and returned to living their lives back in a normal fashion.

Then if Mr. Nash had of checked just a little bit of the chemistry, because the data is readily available, he would have found that MMS is a natural chemical manufactured by the human immune system to help prevent diseases and to keep the body healthy. He didn’t check at the time and he is not checking now. All he wants is his revenge by destroying the public’s faith in this chemical and to create fear in the public’s minds. The fact is, he is taking his revenge out not on just the public, but on humanity in general. Any person in his situation must accept a certain responsibility to mankind. His statements will destroy many people’s chance to again live a normal life. In a situation of this importance most normal people are up to taking the kind of responsibility that would demand that they review the items in question and absolutely know their ground. I’ve seen it many times. Normal people just step up and do what is necessary. Here is a man, Mr. Nash, stepping up and doing what is totally unnecessary. Every time Mr. Nash sends one of his heart breaking messages he hurts hundreds if not thousands of people who will probably never use MMS because of his message.

I am 77 years old and I have studied the human psyche for over 50 years. I traveled the world and spent several hundred thousand hard earned dollars to take courses, therapy, buy books, and study with people from around the globe. My studies tell me that when a person takes such a huge disregard for his responsibility to mankind there is a reason. He is reacting like an extremely guilty man. In my opinion he is lying about something that he feels he must keep secret at all costs. Now I know that there is going to be a lot of people out there saying how terrible and unfeeling I am to say anything like this when he has experience such a terrible loss, but don’t you see I would be shirking my responsibility if I did not tell the public what I believe.

Thirteen years ago, I stood in the jungle of Guyana and accepted the responsibility to take the cure that I had found to mankind. I had also found gold in the jungle, and I could have continued being a prospector. But I accepted my responsibility and I risked my life at that time to prove my discovery. I would be shirking my responsibility, now, to not at least say what I believe.

From Mr. Nash’s actions and reactions I believe that he is lying about something in the situation that happened. I don’t know what, but I know that most people have a much greater sense of responsibility to mankind than Mr. Nash has demonstrated. In fact he as demonstrated a total lack of any kind of that responsibility and is showing an attack. In observing men in situations throughout the world where they have had losses or special situations have been thrust on them, most rise to the occasion. Only a few throw their chance to prove their worth to the wind. I believe that he is directing the attention of the public and police way from himself by ranting about MMS. It is my suggestion that Mr. Nash be completely investigated. If I had the money I would pay for it to be done, but my money is like I have always said, for the people here in Africa. If you think that is unfeeling, I am sorry. It is my job to protect MMS. There were people who witnessed his wife die, but how many people witnessed the rest of the day? We only know that she was in a comma. We need to know what happened the rest of that day, before people arrived. I am sorry, but Mr. Nash is trying too hard to blame it all on MMS. He is screaming MMS so loudly no one is looking at him. Well I can’t do anything from here in Africa. But I suggest that the police take a good look at Mr. Nash. Any person even slightly responsible would ask for an investigation. They wouldn’t rave about something they knew nothing about. Do you see? He isn’t even waiting for the autopsy reports, he is trying to do as much damage as he can before the report comes out.

I would like to point out that 2 drops that he said his wife had couldn’t possibly have caused what he claims. I have given more than two drops to a very tiny baby puppy without them even vomiting. In Africa and Mexico I have give two drops to hundreds of babies with malaria and dozens of other diseases. I have seen more people take MMS than anyone else in the world certainly more than 5000 people. Not even one person per thousand has done more than vomit 30 seconds and they didn’t last a full minute of vomiting. Now that I think about it, Mr. Nash is showing an amazing method of attack. It is like he already had the plan of attack in mind. Either he has an amazing knowledge of the Internet and the various blogs or he has some help finding the places to send his heart breaking but hate messages. I can state that I know that two drops couldn’t cause that reaction that he has told us. MMS is not a catalyst. It is an oxidizer. If the autopsy says different then we know that she had much more than 2 drops. A man in Los Angeles took 1/2 of a bottle of MMS that’s 2.75 ounces or 1403 drops. He went to the hospital, but he didn’t die. Do you see, 1403 drops didn’t kill this man and 2 drops killed Nash’s wife? Two drops cannot last in the human body longer than 1.5 hours. So if they find MMS in her body, we know something happened other than what he said. You can kill anyone by forcing too much of anything down their throat, too much water, or salt, or sugar, or anything else.

So please, any of you, don’t follow Nash’s example. Take a few minutes to at least check MMS out. At this point you too have a certain responsibility to your family, and at least to your friends and neighbors. If MMS really works, and you are willing to check that out, the fact is you will save someone’s life within the next 5 years simply because you know what it does. That is the exact statistics of it. If you don’t know that MMS works, then whoever it is will just die like they normally would, and you will probably never realize it. Statistics says that everyone in the US comes in contact at least once every 5 years with someone that is about to die. Of course, most people don’t recognize it when it happens, but it does happen. And like it or not, as a member of the human race, you also have a certain responsibility to that person that you will come in contact with in the future. Please accept that responsibility now. You will feel better knowing that you can save a life when the time comes. – Jim Humble

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134 Thoughts to “On 'Death' and MMS: Jim Humble Responds to Nash Attack”

  1. Lightbulb

    Hi – I continue to take MMS sporadically 6-8 drops, but still am waiting for more lab tests to see what happened after taking it for 3 months. It has not made me sick since the time I tried upping the dose by 3 drops in one day instead of 3 days. The FDA might be honest in their concern, however I suspect they haven’t done all their homework. Does the FDA approve brownies baked with pot, people eat those all the time? Drinking too much water can be toxic to our system by washing out eloctrolytes! Toxic is as toxic does! ANYTHING in the wrong combination or dose can be toxic! So what is the point of the naysayers. If there were a lot of deaths from MMS, we’d be hearing more of it! One death we’ve heard of, and it has not been proven. What else was she on? Pharma drugs cause more deaths than anything else! I know, the docs nearly killed me with their pers!

  2. Thom

    I know this is a bit of an older discussion, but since this webpage was put out after the last post and just incase some lost soul accidently stumbles across this page. This is what the FDA says about MMS.

    Here are a couple tidbits from the warning incase you don’t feel like clicking the link.

    FDA warned consumers not to consume or use Miracle Mineral Solution, an oral liquid solution also known as “Miracle Mineral Supplement” or “MMS.” The product, when used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health.

    Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away. The FDA advises consumers who have experienced any negative side effects from MMS to consult a health care professional as soon as possible.

    Now I know this is coming from the government and I’m sure I’m going to get many of you are going to say that you can’t trust the government, but the FDA is staffed by a lot of good highly trained scientists that really understand these issues. These are the same people responsible for the E coli spinach and tomatoes recalls. If you would trust them to test the safety of your fruits and vegetables then why not about dangerous chemicals? If you’re going to stick with the evils of the government then you should stand by your convictions and eat the tainted food that the FDA tries to recall as well. And before you dismiss the data in favor of the big pharma conspiracy know this. The US lost more in yearly GNP in recent E coli and Salmonella recalls then it makes in prescription sales by any stretch of the imagination. So why would they lie about this to save money and not that?

    1. Thom,

      I believe that your question is sincerely asked, and it represents the thinking of many Americans. However, the FDA’s information, their claims, and their targeting of MMS is DESIGNED to create an aversion by the public, as the reports given by MMS users around the world have only SUPPORTED what Jim Humble observed and experienced himself in Central America, Africa, and now in the United States and around the world.

      I realize that it is unconscionable to think that the FDA would put false or misleading information out, but please understand that chlorine dioxide is a KNOWN and APPROVED chemical that has been used for water treatment and disinfecting for almost 100 years. What we think is impossible, is actually happening, both on the side of the FDA’s dishonesty, and MMS (chlorine dioxide used internally derived from VERY few drops) efficacy. We’ve recently uncovered a controlled study that confirms its safety, commissioned in 1982 by the National Institutes of Health.

      The question is would the FDA officials KNOWINGLY lie. I can’t answer that question. But I KNOW that the statements that they’ve said about MMS aren’t true. This is not as an “advocate” of MMS, but simply as an intelligent person who has done a modicum of research. It’s not hard to figure out. It’s not hard to test and see if the results can be matched. They DON’T WANT that kind of comparison, because it would be so EASY to see just how BENEFICIAL MMS is.

      They are counting on millions of people simply accepting their position on face value, not knowing that there are two faces, and the public is not seeing the truthful one.

      Best wishes,


  3. lompy

    regarding CNN and other media….

    Orwell Rolls In His Grave

    ” Goebbels said that what you want in a media system – he meant the Nazi media system – is to present the ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity. Director Robert Kane Pappas’ ORWELL ROLLS IN HIS GRAVE is the consummate critical examination of the Fourth Estate, once the bastion of American democracy. Asking whether America has entered an Orwellian world of doublespeak where outright lies can pass for the truth, Pappas explores what the media doesn’t like to talk about: itself. Meticulously tracing the process by which media has distorted and often dismissed actual news events, Pappas presents a riveting and eloquent mix of media professionals and leading intellectual voices on the media… ”

    This is a very compelling documentary.. the people who watch this will likely view the ” news ” from a different perspective than they had previously.

    perspective is good 🙂

    People who are interested can view the documentary at the following address.

    best regards to all.

  4. lompy

    heya gilgamesh

    My gut says that CNN is shilling for Codex Alimentarius

    I know people who watch CNN and they are under the impression that natural health products can be dangerous…and therefore we need a powerful over-seeing body to regulate and enforce ” safety
    standards ” for food and natural health products.

    There is quite a lot of info on Codex available with a simple search.

    Germany is already under Codex… try and buy non-synthetic vitamins there.

    by the way.. the Cartoon network now has better viewership numbers than CNN… which is also at the very bottom of the television news heap.

    @ lightbulb

    Great to here your story, i wish you the best luck with your MMS trial and your health.

  5. Canadian Farmgirl

    I did not hear about the CNN story, so I just found a story about it:

    Personally, we do take a multivitamin daily – one that is derived from whole foods, vs. a synthetic type. We also eat alot of healthy food, alot of it from our own gardens, and I buy meat from a friend who raises her chicken and beef in a drug-free, healthy environment. Although I do not buy strictly organic, I do prefer organic dairy products, because they basically contain only milk (vs. carageenan gums, and milk “products” – how can table cream that has a fridge life of 6 weeks be good for you?)

    We try to eat as diverse a diet as possible – lots of whole grains, many different fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat as little processed food as possible. In Ontario, we are fortunate to have access to alot of this, especially in summer 😉

    My husband does not take the multivitamin I buy, (doesn’t think he needs it) but my daughter and I do – touch wood, we are blessed with good health!

  6. Canadian Farmgirl

    Wow, what a courageous struggle – I am so happy to read of your physical and mental and spiritual recovery! Way to go and keep up the great work. Please keep us posted on continued improvements here!


    1. Gilgamesh

      Hi Canadian Farmgirl.
      Jim Humble say, we should take multivitamins when we use MMS. But it was on CNN and on all the news, that multivitamin cause cancer, and only old people, and young children and pregnant woman should use multivitamins. This was a few weeks ago, but I m still thinking about this, how can it be good for old people, young children, and pregnant woman, if it causes cancer? Maybe you saw the same news, if you get CNN in British Columbia. My opinion on this, is that maybe people will have to get prescription from a doctor to use vitamins.I would like to know what is your opinion on this?

  7. Lightbulb

    I’ve read from the beginning of these posts. Palpy has info I totally do not understand. After taking it for two weeks, up to 13 drops 2x day, my liver counts were thus: tested Apr 20, 2010 & then Jun 21, my counts dropped AST 87 to 77 [normal 15-45], ALT 128 – 88 [normal 10-65]. But my GGT 81 to 111, so I don’t know. I can’t get another test for a few months but will continue with the rest of the bottle. For $20, I figure it’s worth a try.

    Please let me tell my story. In 2007, the Hep C specialist in Nelson BC scared me into believing I would get liver cancer because my counts were so high, and my genotype very bad, (sorry can’t remember). He talked me into the Interferon Ribavarin program. It did nothing but make me sick for 13 weeks. Listed side-effects: nausea, irritability, suicidal ideation, hair loss, etc etc… I got them all & had to take lots of sick time from work. And worst of all, I have not been able to read a book cover to cover, after being an avid reader sincde grade 4. I’m 60 on Saturday by the way, going on 14. Anyway, after I healed myself from that ordeal… I went to my 5th treatment centre for alcoholism cuz i wanted to drink over it all, after 13 years of abstinence. Then a doctor I saw at the beginning of Nov 2008, would not help me wean off Celexa, an antidepressant I’d been on since 2005. I felt i did not need it. He thought Effexor might be better, as it “helped relieve anxiety in social situations”.. & I am not a social butterfly. Within a few days, I noticed if I did not take it, I would get these wierd electric shock feelings through my body. After three weeks, I woke up crying one morning and could not stop for 7 months. This was one of the most stupid and humiliating ordeals of my life. I finally stopped Effexor by switching to Prozac, with less side effects. Guess what… side effects of Effexor were also anxiety, suicidal ideation, increased depression… I finally got it together to look up, after blindly trusting doctors & clinicians who tried to tell me to stay on anti-depressants. I literally went into dementia, and then after cold-turkeying in May 2009, it took months for me to heal myself… I nearly gave up, but I was finally feeling better by October, but still am on disability pension, until I heal nerve damage to my right hand after a fall down 15 stairs to a basement floor. My broken scapula has healed quite well, because of my chiropractor, Dr. C McLean the absolute best… uses an instrument, not manual manipulation. I am lucky it was not worse.

    So my point is that doctor medicine nearly killed me twice. I am very serious here. I know both sides of the drug world, as I have been an addict in the past as well, and have tried many many different kinds of street drugs, been clean about 10 years. But I still took occasional pharma’s, like codiene & gravol. Been (mostly) clean from pharma’s since June 18. NEVER have I had such a bad reaction or side effects as I did from those two drugs.

    I truly hope Palpable will read this. The ONLY time I got sick or nauseous was when I tried going from 2 to 5 drops in one day. I threw up my supper. I’ve previously thrown up my supper from smoking a cigarette (not on MMS then)…

    I don’t get sick a lot. I can only attest that to taking a lot of supplements even when it was ‘beer for breakfast days’. Particularly bee pollen, (since 1980). Also other whole foods like hemp seeds. those two foods saved my life when withdrawing from those drugs, I could not eat properly.

    Jim Humble quite clearly states to get your nutrition when on MMS (& any other time), particularly antioxidants. I’ve chosen Tahitian Noni Int. brand of Noni, as it worked for me before, as one of the high-end superjuices, which I’m sure will also be debunked.

    So for $1000’s of dollars I can buy doctor drugs that make me sick. But the FDA & big Pharma WOULD NOT LIKE ME TO TRY SOMETHING THAT MIGHT POTENTIALLY HELP ME, THAT ONLY COSTS PENNIES. We all know there is no money from people who do not need drugs. I take GABA & Melatonin to sleep now, not pharmas.

    Vit C, by the way, will neutralize the MMS solution, if you take too much. Why does Jim Humble give phone numbers & websites to check on his claims?

    Anyway, I am up to 16 drops tonight, I took 6 at noon, and 15 this morning. I will be truthful & say I have not found any cases on the web of being completely cured of Hep C, only that people do feel better. I have not researched any other diseases at this point.

    I am putting it in my drinking water, and my tub. Like I said, for $20 it’s worth a try. Is it not worth following up by checking out the clinics that are apparently being set up in Mexico & Africa. I haven’t had time.

    For some reason after starting MMS I snapped out of a severe depression from falling and being re-traumatized. I have not felt emotionally, physically, intellectually & Psychicly sp? better for many years.

    This was long, but I felt I needed the naysayers to get the picture. I will be truthful when I get the next blood tests, if this site is still open.

    1. Dougeroonie

      glad to hear you’re doing better. Have you heard of the newer protocols for MMS? smaller doses once an hour?? MMS breaks down aprx in that amount of time. Also there’s CDS which you can learn how to make at:

      1. The problem of MMS is the package that Jim Humble sent has a overdose instruction in it (21 drops from each bottle -one acid, the other choride) – I followed the instruction word to word (that’s what Nash’s wife has done!) – I almost died — my trusting attitude almost kills me. I am a 5’6″ 110lb person following that instruction 21 drops each – I have cramps for 5 straight hours, sweating bullets, alternating between chills and heat, alone in my house until a friend happens to drop by to say Hi, I would die. 5 hours without improvement, instead getting worse. I have never had cardiac arrest before. I have problem breathing through my tightened up chest (pain) when my friend showed up. I sent him to buy a big jug of Distilled Water for me from the closest store. He came back in about 8 minutes. I was on the throne squirming with pain. Thank God what if I lived in the remote area like Nash’s is! My friend shuffled 2 cups of Distilled water down my throat. I tried with all my might to hold that water in. 2 minutes after I successfully swallowed that water, I exploded from my front end — vomiting some grey and yellow stuffs — like a pressure sprayer I squirt all the grey matter from my internals everywhere on my clothes, my bed and the rug !! After that vomit, I fell so exhausted but I know I survived. I could sit up in my bed doing some research on these keywords “Dangerous MMS” – then Nash’s story came into sight. I said O Gosh, that’s exactly what I gone through. It is not a story – it is REAL HELL I’ve been through. I have exactly the same experience Nash’s wife gone thru!

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