Jim Humble: On the Move, and Still Relevant with MMS

Taken in Hermosillo, Mexico
Taken in Hermosillo, Mexico

A friend of mine just wrote to me, inquiring about a rumor of a plan to arrest Jim Humble. Jim has far better things to do than get arrested, some of which has, can, or will affect you, especially as so many people gear up their fears about “the pandemic.”

Franklin Roosevelt made the statement, “there’s nothing to fear, but fear itself,” famous; a truth many have either forgotten, or in this age of misinformation masquerading as education, have never learned. FDR’s statement is as true today as it was then, particularly because it is now our turn to inform and equip ourselves to ensure the health and safety of ourselves, families, communities and nations. Unfortunately, the “enemy,” if we’re going to look at things in those terms, is not “over there,” it is “us.”

I choose to see life and the events that are unfolding in terms of “my ‘enemy’ being my friend.” Instead of something or someone to fear, or be “on guard” against, the adversary should be embraced, observed, welcomed, and understood. Ultimately, as understanding grows, so does our power to diminish the risk that exposure or engagement may have posed.

The man who transformed the acronym “MMS” into a term that, with regard to matters of health restoration, has become synonymous with “workable solution,” has seen one too many people who helped humanity with their use of common sense (woefully uncommon these days), come up missing in action. It seems that the only popular “heroes” we celebrate today are those whose actions tended to maintain the status quo, while those who follow their heart’s vision to change paradigms may very well feel a need to go on the run. My hat is off to veterans to have risked and lost their lives fighting for what they believed to be “freedom,” but history is now revealing that they most often fought to maintain a certain world tension, that a few profited heavily from, at the expense of many. That pattern continues to this day, as we gear up mentally for an unseen enemy, for a “battle” proposed to be fought inside the body of humanity.

The problem is that overwhelming evidence points to the administrators of “the solution” — a vaccine that was designed (but not tested) to address the Swine Flu — are also creators of “the problem.”  Evidence indicates that it is totally unlikely that Nature could ever, or would ever have brought the concoction that is now referred to as H1N1. This has all the markings of being human-made. And yet, few are questioning why.

While the President holds meetings about health care system reform, no one challenges him to address the now appreciated potential dangers of Swine Flu treatment, with the apparent support and approval of everyone in government from the FDA to the National Guard.

Jim Humble, who saw the potential of chlorine dioxide to safely clean out the human plumbing system, stands in stark contrast to the bureaucracy that prepares to dump more toxicity in, as a means of “protecting” the population from the dreaded bug. Never mind that history reveals most deaths from flu epidemics past indicate that the greatest loss of life was by people who took the vaccines.

I will contend here, however, that it wasn’t the vaccines that killed these people. It was fear, pure and simple. They killed themselves, as we always do. No one leaves this world until they are ready to, but many people believe that these matters are out of their hand, so they are susceptible to suggestion.

Well, I’m suggesting that there’s nothing to fear, not Swine Flu, or even the vaccine. However, there is much to understand… about ourselves, our human and spiritual nature, and about our sovereignty as intelligent, volitional beings. What does that mean? We have the power to take in information, apply reasoning to it, and make a choice… a decision. That decision does not have to agree with anyone else’s. If everyone around you is fearful, it doesn’t mean that you need to be fearful too.

While the medical and government bureaucracy openly prepares to feed poison into healthy people for fear of the effects of a man-made virus with a non-tested drug born from some kind of sweetheart deal, Jim Humble presently travels through Africa, keeping himself off the radar, but staying as relevant as ever, and as involved.

Somewhere in Africa, Jim speaks to a group of 500 students.
Somewhere in Africa, Jim speaks to a group of 500 nurses.

The next edition of the MMS Newsletter ( is about to run two articles by Jim Humble, relative to MMS and the Swine Flu. The first one is titled, “At Stake: Your Life and the Life of Your Loved Ones.” The second one is “Resources Related to the 2009 Pandemic and Health Issues.”

That’s what I want. I want people who see the sense of this miracle chemical. They should purchase it at a low price without coercion. No MLM, no recruiting, or clever marketing. We don’t need more customers, we need people to be freed of the pathogens they are hosting. People should not have to spend their last dollar treating a life threatening disease. — Jim Humble

With a new hat.
With a new hat.

He’s as passionate and pragmatic as ever.

More than one million people in the US have used MMS since 2006. Another million people have used MMS throughout the rest of the world. It is made in every country of Europe, plus Australia, South Africa, Mexico and many other countries. — Jim Humble

Not sitting on his laurels, he is also introducing a complement to MMS, which he has dubbed, “MMS2.”

You can learn more about MMS2 by listening to my recitation of an introduction paper he wrote.

Click here to listen.

No, we don’t have anything to fear, if we keep an open mind, know our options, and listen to others who are informing with reason, and not inciting fear.

At Stake: Your Life and the Lives of Your Loved Ones
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10 Thoughts to “Jim Humble: On the Move, and Still Relevant with MMS”

  1. Mike Janak

    I want to buy your 5 Humble dvd
    Please tel me where to order them
    Thank s

  2. One thing I forgot to add: M.M.S. will sometimes make a person believe that his condition is improving in the short term. This is because it attacks the immune system, and therefore it is something of an immuno-suppressant. This is absolutely the last thing a sick person needs, but it does have the potential to temporarily suppress some of the systems — since the immune system causing the symptoms is being crippled. The long term result is that the person is MUCH more sick.

    1. And chemotherapy IS something that a sick person needs? Or coumadin, or Lipitor, or any other of the thousands of prescription drugs? Are you dissing MMS from YOUR experience Thomas? Or are you a natural doubter?

      You sound like you’ve not talked to anyone who has used MMS. You’re entitled to your opinion, but you ought to know what you’re talking about from something other than an intellectual position. You can’t speak with ANY intelligence, on how one person is going to react versus another. I know enough about MMS not to try. You talk about “long term effects”…. what about the long term pain that people with chronic conditions endure, even with prescribed medication, that GOES AWAY AFTER TAKING MMS?

      The fact that SO many people are reporting positive results is probably why you’ve found this site, and now want to cast some doubt to readers. Fortunately, there are many regular readers here to KNOW what it has done for them, so what you THINK is taken with a grain of citric acid.

    2. How would you know? You cannot have conducted any long-term observations. You most likely didn’t speak to, or seek any input from people who have had successful results. Your opinion is skewed. Chemotherapy and many other chemical medications “attack” the immune system. That’s why patients stay in a perpetual state of lingering death and don’t get well. MMS cannot be “attacking” an immune system. If it attacks anything, it is the chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals that are depressing and inhibiting the immune system, which allows it to function once again. You say what the last thing a sick person needs. Well what’s the best thing??? Perhaps you haven’t noticed that sick people aren’t getting well with standard medication practices. Or is that simply okay with you?

    3. Next joke please.I had asthma for years. I was taking all sorts of medication prescribed by differant doctors over the years, but nothing helped. Over a year ago I start taking MMS and 2 days after that, my asthma was GONE! I did not need a asthma-pump ever since. I never felt healthier for years, so I guess, that you are just guessing, because I can tell you from experience that you are wrong!

  3. This is the single biggest ‘medical’ scam of all, and the fact that it is being associated alternative medicine maligns the reputation of all alternatives, including many legitimate therapies. At The Health Wyze Report, we have extensively researched this stuff, and it is utter insanity. People should not be drinking bleach solutions. This stuff is do-it-yourself chemotherapy (self-poisoning), and is very likely to cause long term chronic diseases. There is no documented, credible, verifiable evidence anywhere that this stuff has cured anything ever.

    1. Dear Mr. Corriher,

      If you have researched MMS and come up with the conclusion you’ve posted here, then the credibility and motivations of you, your organization, and your method of scientific investigation, is suspect. To consider it “insanity” that people are using something that is showing itself to be effective FOR THEM, while casting a blind eye to the hundreds of thousands of people who are dying each hour, day, and year from APPROVED medical treatments, says that you’re simply speaking up for the status quo. Your saying that “there is no documented, credible, and verifiable evidence ANYWHERE that this stuff has cured anything ever” doesn’t make it so. Your ignoring the unsolicited accounts of thousands of people, assuming that they are not credible, is evidence of a closed mind. You say you “researched” this stuff, but say nothing about what you found. You certainly didn’t use it yourself. You certainly didn’t talk to anyone who did.

    2. There is no documented, credible, verifiable evidence anywhere that this stuff has NOT cured anything ever.
      You don’t know what you talking about.
      MMS WORKS, weather you believe it or not! 😉

  4. I am new to the introduction of MMS, my Chiro friend is using MMS the results of his personal difficulties are awesome.

    I am now ordering MMS and wouldl like to know the source for available. Could you help me?

    Thank you
    Nancy Fulton, LMT
    St. Peters, Missouri 63376

  5. I personally have been using MMS for about a year and andam verry pleased that I found it and May Almighty God Bless and protect Jim Humble where ever he may venture Tal Watson Hope Arkansas

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