Start the Wellness Journey with an Intestinal Cleanse

I have just updated my original article on MMS, “No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry,” which has been read almost 56,000 times to date. In its, I suggest taking an intestinal cleanse prior to starting the MMS protocol, along with the product to use.

The purpose of the intestinal cleanse is to dissolve and remove any compacted fecal matter that may be lining the wall of the colon, not only serving to obstruct the flow of digestive matter through it, but serving as a nesting ground for anaerobic microorganisms and parasites that are contributing to the body’s ill-health.

The product is called Oxy-Powder Oxygen-based Intestinal Cleanser, which I learned about recently from Jim Walker, author of Holocaust: American Style (whose ship date we’ve moved to January 15, 2009).


Oxy-Powder was formulated by Dr. Edward F. Group III, director of the Global Healing Center in Houston, TX, whom I met on a recent visit, and highly endorsed by Mike Adams, editor and founder of I took some home with me and used it… let’s just say, it works.

Drs Edward Group (L), Jim Walker, and Adam

After learning about Oxy-Powder and using it myself, it makes perfect sense to use it before starting on MMS. It’s not a laxative, which does little to break down impacted fecal matter. Anyone who is “chronically” over-weight, dealing with inflammation, ulcers and other physical conditions, will most likely have this kind of “gunk in the trunk.” This is a safe, inexpensive, and effective way to remove it.

We’re all looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of our healing process, and even if we’re not “sick,” to maintain our health. Oxy-Powder, which is a unique formulation of ozone-oxygenated Magnesium, Organic Germanium-132 and Citric Acid that helps clear out deep-seated waste inside your intestinal system. The result is an intestinal environment with less opportunity for the accumulation of impurities, toxins, and harmful bacteria.

Dr. Group has put much thought and knowledge into this formulation, as it also helps make the intestinal environment conducive to the growth of beneficial (aerobic) bacteria that naturally regulate the anaerobic population, but whose numbers are often decimated by the over use of antibiotics.

An intestinal cleanse should be a regular procedure at any age, but especially when the body has been brought down by a chronic condition. “Chronic” should automatically be interpreted as “out of balance,” meaning too much of this, and not enough of that.

Oxy-Powder can naturally and safely start the elimination of some of the stuff that a person in a chronic or acute condition may have, making it easier for MMS to get to the smaller stuff.

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7 Thoughts to “Start the Wellness Journey with an Intestinal Cleanse”

  1. Morgan

    Can someone please tell me how to purchase holocaust american style? I’ve been looking for a long time. It would be GREATLY appreciated.

    1. Gilgamesh

      Hi Mr Morgan.
      In my opinion just try to look for it in your local book store, Holocaust American Style by; Thomas, 2008. Or just google it.

  2. stfh01

    I have already begun ‘going after the pathogens’ (only a week into it, so no reactions yet), and then read your comment on oxy-powder. Is it ok to use oxy-powder at the same time as mms?

  3. King

    I recently bought this product for myself and a friend. A word of caution – you may want to start with only 2 capsules the first night. My friend started with 4 and had heck of a night. Things started happening much quicker than expected. Two capsules the next night did not produce much of a reaction, however, four capsules the following night made for another uncomfortable night. Based on that experience I began with 2 and then went to 4. I didn’t have a significant adverse reaction at either dosage, even though we eat the same largely plant-based diet. As each person is different a lower starting dosage may be in order, just like MMS.

    1. King,

      Thanks for the suggestion. Jim Humble suggests that people who have more acute situations start off with fewer drops of MMS. Your suggestion resonates with this approach. It’s important for each individual to find what works best for his or her situation. Regards,

  4. Dot

    My son recently asked me about a cleanse. Without telling me more than I need to know…how did it work for you and what is your advice?
    You must be really busy….Jim called — sweet old guy. I’ve processed my sister’s passing and looking forward to a new year. Great things are going to happen! Listened to an hour with Sheldan on an Argentenia radio station…superb!

    THE LION AND THE LAMB is really “cookin'” these days. Hope you can come see us again in the new year.

    Much love and big hugs….Rev. Dot…oh ya, MERRY CHRISTMAS fella.

    1. It took me awhile to get around to using it, but Oxy-Powder works as advertised. Jim Walker actually described how it works in his book (that I’m editing right now), which first brought my attention to it, along with DMSO.

      The intestinal cleanse is the invisible elephant that, once you notice, you wonder how you could have overlooked it. It’s an obvious first place to start a cleanse, and any one with weight, inflammation, headaches, various chronic aches and pains, should start there, even before MMS. I say that because it simply goes through the length of the colon and dissolves the un-eliminated “stuff” that’s there, whatever that happens to be.

      Before going after the pathogens, it just seems wise to take out the garbage first.

      I’m glad you’ve processed your sisters shift, as there’s more to experience and accomplish for you here. Great things are indeed happening.

      Jim Walker and Ed Group are going to do a seminar in Phoenix this March. The people who are putting it on expect 1,000 in attendance. It’ll be great to see you again next year.


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