MMS: 'Shift' is Happening

Many of you knew, or perhaps feared that this moment was coming. David Dartez, managing director of Global Light Network, of San Antonio, Texas, will announce a drastic change in his policies for selling MMS that will impact the entire community, and hence, the world.

He received a letter today from his sodium chlorite supplier who told Dartez that they were contacted by a government agency. The letter indicated the agency’s understanding that the company was selling sodium chlorite that was being used for eventual human consumption. The implication was that this is illegal. Dartez confirmed this development when I spoke to him via telephone.

By the time most people read this entry, he will have announced dramatic policy changes in the Global Light Network Update, the e-newsletter that goes out to almost 10,000 of his customers, which he refers to as members, each week.

The changes will impact the availability of sodium chlorite, which is the main ingredient used to generate chlorine dioxide, the oxidizing agent with which tens of thousands of people have seen positive results after successfully reducing the organic and inorganic pathogen load on their bodies.

Global Light Network is by far the largest MMS supplier on the planet, having processed over 4,000 lbs of sodium chlorite since August of 2007, enough to produce 10’s, if not 100’s of thousands of bottles of MMS.

Dartez stayed true to Jim Humble’s principle to keep the price low, and therefore affordable to more people. He took that principle a step further and packaged “MMS kits” which included enough supplies to make 14 bottles of MMS and activator. He priced these kits so low, as to start a cottage community of MMS resellers.

All of that is about to change.

Just how it all changes is not engraved in stone. In fact, it’s up to you. This doesn’t have to be an end. It can be a beginning. It’ll definitely be a shift.

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10 Thoughts to “MMS: 'Shift' is Happening”

  1. Extraordinarily well executed writing.

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  4. bruce

    Please don’t get me wrong, but you can still get the same benifits from a safe strength product, or mark MMS as it should be. Actualy my response was a bit arrogant I think. So I am sorry for that, I don’t want to see anyone die. People should be pushing MMS for a proper protocol for use, using ASC and ClO2 technologies. I do not sell to the public, or in small quantities.

  5. Ross L

    Wow. it appears as if Bruce would rather see people die from disease than help Jim Humble.

  6. A coffer is a strong box for holding valuables safely for a long time. MMS is valuable to me for the detox it brings in this toxic world. My stash is in a solid coffer. It will be there when my grandchildren and the people they care about need it no matter what the FDA or blokes
    like you say or do.

    I don’t think you know near as much as you think you do.

    You should just go away. No one is interested in hearing your warnings any more. We’ve already heard your spiel. Your like a broken record that keeps repeating. Offensive to the ears.

    If MMS was so dam hazardous we would be seeing corpses mounting in the streets and certainly Jim Humble would be long dead. After all he’s been injecting it and been taking it orally for many years.

    I think your just a guy who is fighting for his own product sales.

    The LITTLE MAN is not right and has won nothing. But yes, little is probably a correct adjective for you.

  7. bruce

    Gee, isn’t it terrible that a hazchem and dangerous goods product is withdrawn from sale, The little man was right and wins.
    “Maintain a positive attitude while you fill your coffers” now that is the attitude I would expect, a money attitude not a caring one.

  8. Well, we knew it was gonna come. I am prepared and you still can be. Here is a Canadian company that is selling kits.

    I have recommended from the beginning and I still recommend that people stock pile.

    Maintain a positive attitude as you fill your coffers.

  9. Carole

    MMS has been already made a difference in my life: yeast/parasite issues. And, I have been using a very expensive antiviral protocol for my 6 year old son: we have seen Great sucess with sensory/cognitive/health issues 🙂 BUT I wanted to begin using MMS, and make it the replacement for antiviral-as a daily dose to keep the antiviral load diminished, and save us a tremendous amount of money-the idea that the chloride dioxide may be “not available” shuts down the MMS production, and makes the cost go up, by purchasing in volume 56 oz for $55 from Global Light Network I could also “spread the word” and offer bottles to some of our friends (two have cancer, some are in poor health etc) THIS SEEMS SO UNFAIR, now I need to find a source to stockpile my own supply of chloride dioxide-to make my own MMS, how sad that he government feels the need to shut off a supply that could benefit so many!

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