Consciousness, Mind, and Spirit

The Choice to Heal

I receive letters from, and talk to quite a few people who have chosen, or are considering the choice to take the “natural” road back to health. From the symptoms that some of them describe, we think of them as gravely ill. But if you’re sensitive to energy, you can still feel their inner vitality. They’ve just grown sick and tired of being sick and tired, and don’t want to spend the rest of their days living life that way.

It’s a courageous decision to stand on their own, and take back not only responsibility, but the power of their own belief, and belief in their own power.

Hooray for them! Hooray for us!

Every person that makes this type of decision actually changes the entire world, affecting each one of us in ways often not perceived. It registers nonetheless in the matrix of human culture and practices. A major shift is afoot, and we’re all part of it. While much of humanity is mired in the fearful prospects of potentially catastrophic change of one variety or another, a growing number is awakening to the false perceptions we have lived and been told most of our lives, and the truth that will set us free.

Here are some examples of false perceptions:

  • Our physical body and everything associated with it makes us “who we are” — setting up racial, national, cultural, religious, economic, gender, and class distinctions, preferences, and prejudices.
  • Diseases “happen” to us
  • We are powerless and have no choice in many matters
  • We are flawed, mistaken, chance occurrences
  • We are separate from God, if we even believe in one
  • We are separate from each other, so that we think what we do to others will not impact us (or that we can avoid such impact), or what others do to others, has no impact on us
  • Being powerless, we need someone or something to “save” us
  • In order to be “right,” anyone who doesn’t agree with our point of view be “wrong”
  • If we see ourselves as “good,” anyone we think opposes our position must be “evil” or an “enemy” — instead of the kindred that they are
  • Conscious, self-directed change is impossible

This is a shortlist, but you get my drift. From this milieu, our miseries are born, and in this milieu, they are re-created perpetually.

That is, until we change. Situations don’t change until those who created it go through an unseen, inner change. Then the magical and memorable, becomes possible.

For everyone considering taking back their power to change their life, I hardily recommend The Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton, PhD. It’s available as a book, or a three CD set. I listened to the CDs, a presentation where he breaks things down and pulls myths apart to unfold the discovery that neither genetics, nor DNA “controls” the operation of the physical body. The literal creator of the body and its responses to not only the environment, but to the situations and experiences encountered therein, is the consciousness.

In the CD, Dr. Lipton speaks at what I consider a rapid pace. There’s a lot of information, which is why it’s on three CDs. I’ve elected to listen to it several times, knowing that my consciousness is taking it all in (and in fact, already knows the content). I’ve listened to it twice so far, and would like various nuances to be readily available if and when I’m inclined to share.

The consciousness is “you.” The consciousness is “me.” A phrase that describes consciousness is living energy. A term for living energy is spirit.

We are living energy. We are Spirit. We are one with, and in God, and with each other. There is no limit to where any one of us “ends,” and another of us “begins.” We exist on unseen, subtle levels in a far more expanded state than that which is observable with our eyes, or is conceivable with our (present) minds.

We are not the body, although there is constant interaction with it. The body responds to the consciousness (i.e., living energy, or indwelling Spirit), in response to signals and cues given in the environment. The consciousness responds to its environment experience in accordance with what we have come to think about what is actually happening.

We create our bodily, emotional, and experiential responses according to the set of beliefs we carry about what we’ve encountered; not within our physical structure, but within the non-physical domain comprised of the mind and spirit.

The mind comprises and encompasses that which is thought of as both physical and non-physical. The particle and waveform both exist within the mind. Spirit exists and encompasses that which includes the mind, and exists beyond. Since its domain includes the mind, Spirit can manifest at the physical, or particle level, according to the consciousness that understand our oneness with it, and accepts and embraces it. Spirit would then flow through consciousness, body, and mind, balancing one’s energies, and and making a transcendental quality of experience possible.

Spirit is always present, but independent of the mind. It can be included within our created life experiences, if the consciousness (“you” and “me” in this reality) are open to be conscious “vessels” for it. However, we have the option of being as aware, or as unaware of this relationship as we choose.

Most of us are unaware of our spiritual beingness and God oneness in a practical sense. However, anyone who so chooses to know, embrace, forgive, and understand, will begin awakening.

Awakening to the Spirit within us, that is us, will not mean that our “problems” will go away. It means that we will see them differently. However, when we see our problems differently, from and through the lens of a balanced mind and present Spirit, they do indeed begin fading away, to be replaced by a new quality of experience of our inspired choosing. At the moment of that choice, everything “outside” may look exactly the same as it did before, but inside something else is happening, something that, initially, no one will know, but you. It is the feeling of a new reality being born.

These are fascinating tangents and branches we can get off on when we sit and are open to feeling Spirit’s presence and touch upon our mind… and the feeling that then radiates from the heart. It is, in a word, powerful.

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  1. Hey Julie,

    I made the response to your question into a post unto itself. See “Oh the Taste!…”


  2. Julie

    Hello, Adam. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! on the fabulous job you did with the DVD. My husband and I couldn’t wait to view it, and have loaned it out since receiving it..

    I have a question for you from the GLP site..hope you have time to post a response.

    The following was on the GLP site today..

    “If your body is getting something that is very good for it then why is it so revolting to consume MMS? Is this true with any other foods that are good for the body that we consume? Usually if your body is rejecting something like this it is for a good reason. If your dog won’t eat something that is normally on his diet- like some hamburger or a piece of cheese that is usually a good clue that something is wrong with it…so why is it so hard to down MMS? I dare say many quit their MMS routine BECAUSE of this taste resistance.”

    Looking forward to your comments,
    Julie (aka Farmgirl)

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