MMS Awareness, 'Modern' Cancer Treatment Strategies, and the God Within

I’m preparing to receive the shipment of the Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble DVD. As of yesterday, I expected them to leave California today, and make it here around February 11th or 12th, but it now looks like they’ll leave California in that time frame, and I’ll receive them toward the end of the week. In any event, the first units will be shipping within the next 10 days.

The video below reflects the current understanding with respect to shipping, and shows, for the first time, a few snippets from the video that you’ve not seen before.


I sent Bill Henderson, author of Cancer Free: Your Guide to Safe Non-Toxic Healing a review copy last week, and was pleased to receive our first review. I’m not going to steal his thunder from what he writes when he makes his announcement to his 10,000 member newsletter, but I am very pleased with the endorsement, which itself was very positive.

He raised some valid questions and observations, which we will discuss soon, but given the amount of information that is presented, they were not criticisms. His bottom line was that it was an outstanding production!

The purpose of the documentary is not so much to “sell” anyone on MMS, but to tell what it does, how it works, give some background information, and help the viewer become knowledgeable with respect to differentiating it from chlorine (which it is not), and other oxidizers, such as ozone and hydrogen peroxide. We also are introduced to Jim Humble, the man who is not a myth, who has distinguished himself by carrying on research in the use of chlorine dioxide, via MMS, as a viable way to “treat” the waters inside the human body.

It has been pleasing to see advance orders come in from several doctors.

We have generally not come to a collective consciousness about the effect of toxicity in our body. I believe the documentary, and ongoing commentary like this, will help change that.

We generally think that disease pathologies have very rigid “cause and effect” attributes that go with them, none of which has much to do with us, which allows us the luxury of not examining the health and condition of our own personal ecology.

The fact that modern medicine hasn’t placed major importance on removing toxicity from the body as part of its regular treatment practices, is evidence (1) that we don’t know how critically important it is, and thusly, are not demanding it, and (2) it (modern medicine) is not going to tell us (or treat us for toxicity) if we don’t find out on our own.

The sad fact is that when we understand that disease conditions can never be mitigated by fighting toxicity with toxicity, we’ll begin to recognize the great fleecing that modern medicine has perpetrated on humanity for our generation. This is not an indictment against modern medicine, however, because we, the gullible, trusting public, were fleeceable, and in many respects, we still are.

We continue to die every day by the millions as a result of “sound medical treatment” that has nothing to do with facilitating a restoration of the health in the human body.

Medicine has simply taken what we were willing to hand over to it… (1) responsibility for our health (2) responsibility for our lives. Except that it is responsible for neither. Only you can be responsible for your health. Only you are responsible for your life, even if you try to pass it off to someone else.

We, the gullible, trusting people, have made medicine, and its men (and now women) in white coats, lords over our bodies. We have empowered them to “prescribe” what was best for us, never suspecting that they had been wined and dined, their minds captured “hook, line and sinker,” by pharmaceutical detail representatives while in medical school. An entire universe of treatment modalities that don’t involve expensive, patentable, proprietary, and toxic strategies is ignored by the typical medical doctor, and disdained by his professional association.

If you don’t know the difference between allopathic and naturopathic approaches, then don’t blame them.

We want someone else to be responsible for our condition, whether it is “good” or “bad,” someone to praise or curse. It can be God, Satan, the politician that promises to take care of and “protect” us, or Dr. Welby. More often than not, the saviors we can see don’t live up to their promises (or our hopes, needs, or expectations). Our hopes rise and fall more for the saviors that we can’t see than does the Dow Jones Index from one day, or experience, to the next.

We wonder why God would “let bad things happen” to us. We rationalize that it’s not God doing it (the bad stuff), but “his” nemesis. Yet, no one can really agree on who the nemesis is, nor does any of their attempts at answering the question of why make any real sense. Far better to think it’s the nemesis, than to understand that our problems are of our own doing (and thinking), and our unwillingness to think or do differently.

The litmus test as to the truth of this statement, is who is having our experience? No one is having my experience but me, which is fitting, because out of all who exist in the universe, I am the only one who has been part of every decision in my life. How could I look to anyone else for answers before I look at myself? Yet, many of us want to look everywhere but in the mirror.

How many times have your questions about God been met with a terse, “God is unknowable,” or “God works in mysterious ways”?

Here’s another take on the God is unknowable idea. God is knowable, and works in wonderful ways. The key to knowing God begins by knowing and loving one’s self. Are you willing to do that? If you’re willing to love yourself, are you then willing to extend that love to someone else? Many people are afraid of that. It’s our fear of loving that limits the degree that we not only “know,” but experience God, for fear is the perception of God’s absence in the form of experience.

God is never absent, but can certainly go unrecognized, and thought to be not present.

“Love someone else? Love my self? That’s selfish!” some would say.

“If I love everyone, who am I going to judge? Who am I going to believe is out to get me, or just plain ole’ evil?”

We “fight” cancer by trying to kill it because it represents a form of “evil” that can “happen” to us… which we fear. This fear is based in mythology, not scientific truth. We are using sophisticated science to maintain a very unscientific approach to cancer.

Cancer cells form after a significant amount of cell death has occurred in a given area due to asphyxiation or oxygen deprivation. When oxygen doesn’t get into the cells, they die. A cancer cell can live in an oxygen deprived environment, and cannot live in an oxygen rich one. It forms when there is too little oxygen, and goes away naturally when oxygen at the cellular level is in abundance. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research to corroborate what you’re reading here. Here’s a link to get you started:

Modern medicine “fights” cancer with surgery and chemotherapy, neither of which address the pre-existing oxygen status, and pH of the patient. Neither approach does anything to mitigate the acidic ecological environment and shift it back to natural alkaline levels. It’s easy enough to run studies with cancer cells to see the conditions, relative to pH (acidity and alkalinity), under which they thrive, and where they naturally abate.

Modern medicine may already know this, but if you and I don’t know it, we stand the risk of not being told. Will it be medicine’s “fault,” or our responsibility? Will it be God’s doing, or our own non-doing?

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3 Thoughts to “MMS Awareness, 'Modern' Cancer Treatment Strategies, and the God Within”

  1. Meg

    Hi everyone,

    In this new post, you can order the MMS DVD by just clicking on the first link in the article, above.

    It will send you to is Adam’s commercial site.

    I hope this helps others who have been interested.

    And, Adam, I will look forward to the answers to my questions. Thanks for being willing to track them down.

    Best to all — Em


    I would like to buy Dr. Abram CD regarding the MMS.

  3. Meg

    Hi Adam,

    I am excited about your mutual project with Jim Humble to produce a DVD about MMS, and yet on your current posts, I have not yet seen where to order the DVD.

    ___ Can you please specify the introductory price you are keeping through February 2008, and where to order the DVD?

    ___ Have I missed a newsletter, email list or something?

    Thank you for your good work. Please thank Jim, too, and the doctors in Mexico (both American and Mexican) who have given us hope, courage and hard data.

    With that, other doctors and healers, world-wide, will “listen” because a few were helpful, open-minded in the beginning and all together will “make the difference” for getting MMS before the people, because it works.

    ___ Meanwhile, after reading lots, I am intending to do a light detox protocol before starting any MMS, and wondered if you can relate any caveats, concerns, experiences for diabetics, specifically.

    ___ I am also a little confused about the various answers given about medicated and non-medicated heart stents and mercury “silver” fillings, on the audios here and on various sites. Is MMS contraindicated if those metallic objects are already in someone’s body?

    Jim seemed to say on the audio to start very small, even 1/10 of a drop, for people with heart stents. But, how would you know anything was wrong?

    ___ Can you ask if the logic for this smallest-dose is NOT that the metal of the stent (medicated or uncoated? any difference?) would be “attacked” by the MMS, but moreso that one would not want MMS to wash away the residual arterial plaques too quickly, before enough regular skin tissue would still hold the stent in place?

    ___ And, I have not seen anything with any of the MMS front-runner doctors mentioning any medication (prescription or over-the-counter) limits or prohibits the use of MMS. But as I am mentioning MMS to my readers, I want to be sure I have not missed anything. What can you tell us about this?

    I am very pleased that you are also educating people about the need for the to attend to their body-wide pH, as I believe, too, that pH level is the root-cause of illness or the fountain from which physical Health starts.

    Thanks, again, Adam. You can contact me also at my blog:

    Please remember to tell me where to order your DVD.

    Best to all — Em

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