Translating an Intention into a Product

Anyone familiar with this blog will know I’m producing a documentary film (shot on video) titled, Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble. It’ll be released on DVD at the end of the month. It began as an idea… an intention. It is now coming into reality.

All reality as we know it, and experience it, begins with intention, whether we are aware of this process, or not. Mostly, we are unaware, and therefore, we often get blind-sided and traumatized by our resulting experiences.

All experiences are chosen and allowed… by us… by our spirit… whether we, the duality-resonating consciousness, “like” them, or not. They are not chosen as punishment, but as vehicles of potential liberation, whose latency can only be activated with and through love. Freedom is love, and love is freedom. Love is our natural Self, the One we are so quick to diminish, dismiss, or deny. It’s the One Power that changes everything.

I hadn’t expected to get “phaelosophical” here, but a little “food for thought” can be expected anytime at Thought for Food.

Back to the production:

I received great news yesterday from Frances Keyes on the Spanish language translation. She and her son Dimitri have reviewed the video and will transcribe the entire program in order to be very clear on what needs to be said and how to best say it in Spanish. We will do the actual recording either tomorrow or Tuesday.

These are firsts for all of us. It’s not the first documentary that I’ve produced, but its the most ambitious that I’ve undertaken with such a short production and delivery schedule, and the first one to have a dual language audio track. We’ve had to figure out how to get it done using the equipment that we have. However, the answers keep appearing just as we are ready to ask the question.

Frances moved to Mexico City from New Hampshire with only $50 in her pocket when she was 20 years of age, to stay with an aunt. She stayed there for over 25 years. She knows the language, but has never expressed that knowledge in a video program context like this.

We’ve undertaken this because we didn’t know we couldn’t get it done… or because on some level, we knew we could. We began with the intention to do so.

Everyone who has stepped up and given their energy to this project has done so in this same spirit of cooperation, making their time, skills, and expertise available.

On the business side, I am preparing an insert that will accompany the disc inside the DVD case. This folded, four-panel sheet will have information on products that complement MMS/chlorine dioxide. Several companies have expressed interest in having their products included. It can be a “win/win” for everyone involved, and allow me to recoup production expenses.

Conversations with Jim Humble, produced by Phaelos Mediawerks

As of this moment, I’m preparing to interview my next guest on Talk for Food, where you can always here my most recent six shows. Russell Altman of Beneficial Solutions, LLC, who product, NutraSilver is, like MMS, a powerful pathogen neutralizer, and has been demonstrating remarkable and encouraging results on Morgellon’s Disease, among others. You can hear the rest of my library of Talk for Food interviews by folling this link.

We’ll talk about Morgellon’s and more. I’ll then produce the show today — adding music, other commentary and commercial spots — and it will be online tomorrow.

Multitasking at its best, working in The Flow.

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