MMS: Reflections on Balance and Toxicity

One result of producing the video documentary Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble, will be to raise public awareness about (1) chlorine dioxide’s efficacy as an effective and when used in recommended dosages, safe chemical compound for reducing populations of anaerobic microbial and viral populations, and (2) its effectiveness in doing so within the human body.

The first point has been established for over 60 years. Although it is now a glaringly obvious application of this chemistry, the second point is new. This is the “discovery” that Jim Humble made. My efforts to make it public in a balanced way is so that efforts to discredit and dismiss it (there have been a few already, though the public is intelligent and wise enough to do its own research), are not met with silence due to a dearth of available information.

This is important chemistry; important enough that every health loving human being should know.

Few of us appreciate just how fully disease goes hand-in-hand with pollution, and that pollution is imbalance. We naively assume that viruses and bacteria have power over us, and can bring us down, health wise, if not kill us. We do not understand that the little buggers have been with us from day one. They are not killers. They live, just like we do. When their populations get out of balance, we have problems, as we do when we are out of balance.

Anaerobic bugs are necessary components to, and players in the Great Scheme of life. However, a natural species of aerobic bugs (microorganisms) have also always been present to manage them. Enzymes are also living microorganisms that are the true “worker bees” in the hive that our bodies are. They perform a myriad of functions that keep the body operating properly. They need us to deliver certain minerals, which serve as the raw materials and fuel that they use to operate. Magnesium is one very important mineral that many of us are “shorting ourselves” with respect to delivery.

This contributes to imbalance, and as imbalance increases, so does acidity, with a corresponding decrease in oxygen level. As every one of us knows, when we cut off oxygen, for even a short period of minutes, we trigger the transition process from physical existence, otherwise known as death.

Where there is disease, microscopic death has already occurred. However, mutations also occur that increase the population of microorganisms that do not require oxygen in which to live. These are referred to as anaerobic, which I’ve said, have always been present, and are necessary… when our body chemistry is in balance. Balance doesn’t mean that there must be a 50:50 relationship. Balance can mean a 1:200 relationship among various forms of aerobic to anaerobic microorganisms. However, when we take antibiotics for this condition or that, they kill off both kinds of microorganisms (except the anaerobic ones that mutate to become resistant).

So we think that contracting a disease is the result of being “bit” or “infected” by one bug — be it a virus, bacteria, etc. We then look for the culprit, prepare to send in the calvary on a search and destroy mission (via antibiotics), and end up lowering our immune system function and furthering our chemical imbalance.

What had really happened was that our immune system was already compromised and low to the extent that the viruses, bacteria, or parasites were able to negatively affect our health. The cumulative effect on our blood, the main constituent of which is water (plasma), is to thicken it, making it more viscous, which makes it more difficult to flush waste products out. Those oxygen shunning microorganisms that are now partying, copulating, and defecating in our body are making quite a mess. This gives rise to many forms of disease, the diverse names of which only tend to make us blind and deaf to the common features of all.

Chlorine dioxide can be a tremendous help. It is not a nutrient and doesn’t alkalize the body. Yet, disinfecting the body with chlorine dioxide will result in a net rise in alkalinity, as the body’s toxic and microorganism load is reduced and acids are flushed out. Drinking alkaline water will also greatly assist this process.

Since we are presently a culture that does not demand that our food be nourishing, we are consuming too much that is not, and our health, which includes our mental well-being, is paying the price. Reducing the toxic load will take the internal ecology back toward balance, as will adding mineral nourishment.

These are two of the most important things we can do for ourselves to maintain or restore our health.

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16 Thoughts to “MMS: Reflections on Balance and Toxicity”

  1. anonymousone

    I read one of your postings and you told the lady to incorporate clay with the mms. I am not sure how to use it, I did order a sample from ebay and I also decided to take msm in the mornings and mms at night. I have used msm before and the benefits were great on my hair and skin that way I can use an antioxidant and an oxidant at the same time. I read that oxidation causes aging and I dont need that right now and mms makes cells more permeable and I am hoping that this will help the mms get into the cells to kill the hsv viruses. Is this a good idea and can mms get to the hsv without the msm? Thanks for your response.

  2. shaboingboing

    Adam thanks for answering my question . I do have a few more. For people trying to fight GHSV how long should I take the 15 drops before I go to maintenance, does the mms stop the shedding and does it kill the antibodies also?

    1. No one can tell you how long you should do this, or even IF you should. That is, no one but YOU and your body. No one knows your body like your body. Ask it and get your answer. The ONLY thing that chlorine dioxide does is oxidize low pH molecules and microorganisms. Nothing else. Everything else is done by the human body ITSELF. It doesn’t kill anything that is aerobic, holds a negative charge, or has a pH of 7 or above. Since the proteins known as antibodies are part of the immune system, it is unlikely that chlorine dioxide has any effect on them.

      Another suggestion: instead of “fighting GHSV,” please consider simple restoration of balance. The GHSV are NOT your problem: a body that is out of balance is. Balance is restored (1) through adequate hydration with energy-rich structured water, (2) restoration of minerals (can be done using Himalayan salt), (3) restoration of aerobic microorganisms and (4) balanced thinking. There are probably more and fewer steps that convey the same idea. My point is that you’re looking for a villain that you think needs to be eradicated, and yet they are there because the environment inside your body calls for them. MMS can help change the environment, but it is not all. Yet, if you focus on balance, you’ll achieve your goal. The goal is not being “GHSV free,” but being healthy and happy.

      Best wishes,


      1. anonymousone

        Adam sorry my friend I must beg to differ. My goal is being GHSV free as well as healthy and happy. I want this nasty thing out of my body especially since I have no idea who put it there.

  3. Bruce Crighton

    Alot of this MMS data concerns me that recomendations made could be dangerous. Fistly 28% NaclO2 which MMS is is a hazchem product and should be marked accordingly and transported accordingly. 28% NaClO2 has 168,000 ppm of available chlorine dioxide, thats right 168,000 and when activated with citric you produce 20% of the available Chlorine Dioxide with a residuale of chlorous acid so you still produce 33,600 ppm of free chlorine dioxide (Hence the ClO2 gas comming of when mixing.). I specilize in antimicrobial intervention programs using chlorine dioxide and acidified sodium chlorite technologies. We treat town water at 0.8 ppm free ClO2, swimming pools for crypto and giardia etc at 3ppm free ClO2, fesh produce, meat and seafood at 5 to 10 ppm of free ClO2. And if you want to know what it is doing to your insides at the strenghs recomended by MMS remember your gut contains HCL (Hydrochloric acid). HCL is used commercialy to activate NaClO2 to produce 100% of the available Chlorine Dioxide. So take the 18 drops of MMS and add 18 drops of HCL to them and watch, BUT DO NOT USE OR INHALE FUMES.

  4. Carol

    Thanks Adam. 🙂

  5. Carol,

    I don’t see why you would ever need to get to 15 drops twice a day, much less beyond that. But in each case, be *present* in the moment, and listen to *your body*. Allow it to be your counsel, for it can tell you far more about what’s best for it than anyone else on the planet.

    As for the magnesium, I have published quite a few articles on this blog about it, and published the book, “Transdermal Magnesium Therapy,” written by Mark Sircus. Click the magnesium tag and take a look. 🙂

    Many thanks, and best wishes.


    1. shaboingboing

      Why should she not go to 15 drops I dont understand? I thought that you were supposed to get up to 15 drops?

      1. Greetings Shaboing,

        I did not suggest that Carol shouldn’t go to 15 drops twice a day. My suggestion was that she listen to her own body, and respect the feedback that it gives her. She was focused on taking 15 drops a day, and my suggestion is that she focus on being healthy, feeling good and being energized. If we focus on a number but ignore the feedback that our body gives us while getting there, then we’re missing the greatest healing opportunity there is. We miss finding OUR OWN WAY. This is the foundation of allopathic medicine: prescribe everything that the patient is supposed to do, and how they should feel. When they don’t feel well, even that is expected, especially since the medications tend to maintain one’s instability of body and mind.

        Being in touch with one’s own process, finding one’s own levels of mediation and mitigation, is how the individual normalizes, or heals SELF. The 15 drop protocol is a guideline, which itself has evolved into smaller, multiple drops during the day, and much more monitoring in the moment. Some people find that improvements occurred far beyond 15 drops. However, more is not always better. Less will sometimes get greater results. It is for the individual to be open minded, sensitive, and aware of what is working personally.

        Best wishes,


  6. Carol

    PS. Can you tell me a little bit about the Magnesium product you mentioned in the interview. Thanks!

  7. Carol

    Thanks Adam….I really appreciate your quick response. I experienced nausea at 14 drops so am holding steady until I can go further. I am generally healthy but know that it could be better. If I get to 15 drops twice a day, is there a recommended period of time for staying there before going to maintenance. We really appreciate you getting this info out. I’ve been passing the word on to the network in my community and several people have appreciated listening to the interviews. I think this is really great! I look forward to the video. This gives lots of hope.

    Thanks so much 🙂

  8. Patchouli!

    The production is coming along. Thank you for the order! I’ll see you soon! Best wishes.


  9. Hi Carol,

    If you’re fairly healthy, I would suggest starting with 2 drops MMS (plus 10 of the activator), and monitoring each day as you increase the drop count. If you don’t encounter ANY nausea by 15 drops, then go to 8 drops, twice a day, then move up again increasing one drop each day.

    If you get to 15 drops twice a day and experience NO nausea or diarrhea, and you were already pretty healthy, it’s very likely you don’t have a toxicity imbalance that needs to be worked off.

    You could increase the MMS drop intake to three times a day if you’d like, but seems to me you should know how you feel, and if you have a valid reason for taking it.

    My health isn’t bad, but I know I have toxicity concerns. But I also know that my body will give me feedback long before I would have taken 15 drops. Ultimately, you should listen to your body and what it tells you about the effects of MMS.

    Best wishes.


  10. Carol

    Can you point me in the direction of gettting some clarity on the protocol. I’ve listented to the 2 interview CD’s and still am not quite sure of the procedure for a person who’s fairly healthy. I know it varies depending on the individual response but what are we working toward…is it 15 drops per day or 3 times per day and for how long before going on the maintenance dose. I appreciate any clarification you can offer and thanks for getting this info out to all of us. Thanks

  11. I’ve ordered the documentary some time ago and can hardly wait for you to finish the production!
    Hope to see you on the forum, Phaelosopher!

    Patchouli. 🙂

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