Thoughts on God: Fear and the Matter of ET's

I’ve been quiet lately, but the mind has been racing. Actually, a high-speed mind race is normal for me. So this has been hyperspeed, faster than mind activity. It’s all been about me, and you… God, and “extra-terrestrials,” or ET’s.

As an ideological protocol, if it ever was prudent for there to be a “separation” of church and state, there has certainly been a practice to separate God from the conversation about ET’s. Heck! If we’re afraid of our own reflections in the mirror, what are we ever going to do if or when we encounter beings who are blue or gray, or seven feet tall, and know how to travel astronomical distances, and do things we’re still mostly only dreaming about? The short answer is, fear ’em!

Yes, fear what you don’t understand. SCREAM if they show themselves. FREAK OUT if you have an encounter, and enlist others to do the same! Make movies or stories about the worst possible scenarios, SUPPRESS others that imagine the best. That’s normal protocol, right? If they’re not “normal” looking or acting, then it’s normal for us to assume that they’re hostile and try to destroy them, right?

Bless us humans in veiled awareness. If it weren’t for the level of destruction and disaster that we’re willing to, and capable of bringing upon ourselves in our ignorance and blindness, we’d be funny. As it stands, we need to become more aware.

We’re the ultimate romantic gamblers looking to defy the odds. We will romanticize “fighting” an “enemy” to the death (believing it will be someone else’s, and not our own) to protect our familiar ideology, not acknowledging that we shed ideologies like snakes shed skin.

Thinking that we individually represent one separate mind, one mortal body, and one finite life, that needs to make a favorable impression on one infinite, omnipotent, but inexplicably insecure God, we play the game of “conquer or be conquered” among the others that we encounter in our life journey. We walk the line of fear, ever with the option and power to transmute it through love.

The impulse to use force in order to get our way (ostensibly to “protect” our self interests) is based in fear. It is our attempt to “prove” our “worthiness” of, and closeness with God. In effect, it affirms the “might” of the God that we believe in, versus the God that someone else believes in, if they believe in one at all. Conquering another thus “proves” that they are lesser in beingness, and “closeness” to God… or that “their” God is not as powerful as “ours.”

None of these impulses are based on truth. None are based in love. They certainly aren’t based on any awareness or understanding of oneness. They do not foster harmony, but instead, propagate harm in the name of harmony. It’s our form of normal insanity.

Are we not willingly giving our freedoms away, allowing them to be siphoned and eroded in the name of freedom? Are we not killing brothers and sisters of other nations and religions, as they are trying to kill us, because we’ve collectively listened to our own rhetoric about God and separation, lesser and greater, and good and evil, for so many generations? We’ve brought this pot to a boil, which now threatens to run over.

These actions have all been products of collective ignorance. I don’t mean that as a judgment; it’s simply our unawareness of the illusion that we operate under perceptually, and a concomitant lack of appreciation of the Greater Reality that we are already members of. When we operate in that “zone” of consciousness, we literally don’t know what we don’t know.

Anyone coming forth with ideas, or abilities that are outside of, or beyond what we “KNOW” to be possible (or have been TOLD by someone who we think may know), is most likely to be presumed hostile to us. In truth, their only real “hostility,” would be to the status quo, because they are reflections of God, just as you and I are. They respond positively to love, just as you and I do. And if they don’t come from love, our coming from love will protect us, until they better understand who they are.

So what happens when a lightship appears and some strange looking beings step out? From the book I’m currently finishing, Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge, written by Steven M. Greer, M.D., we’re acting as though it didn’t happen, or that it is not happening, to an unprecedented degree. This is particularly so for government officials, and members of what Greer calls, the “shadow government.”

Denial is perhaps the ultimate expression of fear. Act as though the reality that is clearly staring you in the face, is not so, and it will go away. Not so.

For those who had become financially dependent on slavery in early America, it was convenient to deny its inhumanity, as it was for the African tribes where slavery had been practiced long before, who found a “new market” for the human “spoils” of their generational wars. But the Americans lowered slavery to a new level, as they tried to deny that the slaves were even human. They officially represented three-fifths of a human at one time for census data, which also serves congressional apportionment purposes. Slave society thoroughly convinced itself that these beings were not equal, and that understanding hasn’t yet hit the surface of enough human minds. The perception of equality remains a question for many today, as the politics of racial group-ism brings those who are yet against race-neutral initiatives out of the crevices. What obstructs it? Fear.

We remain so confused about, or in disagreement as to who we are and our innate ability as human spirits, that some have deemed it prudent to simply deny that “ET’s” exist, or continue to question it at the very least. We remain sooooooo fearful that they do, that clear evidence of their actual existence, and even visitations to Earth, remain in the realm of myth, speculation, and conjecture. We have maintained our ignorance so completely that we yet ask if we’re alone in the Universe. Yet we’re poised to assume that an “alien” is an invader, shooting to kill first, and if we succeed, get our questions answered via autopsy. We’ve named and played games based on this concept, and psychologically, have practiced lethal response as the normal response to any perceived “threat.”

Well, here’s my take: Intelligent beings do indeed exist throughout the Universe, many of which are aware of Earth, and able to travel here. And by my understanding of what God is, all of them would then be equal expressions thereof, just as you and me, and the people who want to kill us that we are willing to kill first. For those who wonder about — actually fear — the harmful intent that some such beings may possess, the key lies in looking inside self, at one’s own intent, and sense of connectedness. Love is the greatest protector, for it can transmute fear to reveal the love that equally exists within the fearful. Even if another doesn’t choose to be loving, those who do will nonetheless change the harmful potential of the moment by their choice.

The abilities that some genuine “extra-terrestrials” appear to demonstrate — such as mental telepathy, materialization and dematerialization, safe interstellar travel, etc. — are natural expressions of expanded consciousness and awareness, driven by loving intent, and KNOWING of Self, and oneness with God.

According to Greer, many alien encounters that have been reported were structured by our still veiled human siblings, whose intent was and is to instill fear. Mission accomplished. Alien abductions and cattle mutilations are examples. They were actually fabricated using techniques and technologies that have learned via encounters with actual ET’s. There has been a concerted effort to create a plausible reason for the weaponization of space, when in truth, we know so little about what we’re doing in that respect, that we stand to be our own worst enemy, unwittingly putting all of humanity in jeopardy.

Personally, I’ve never had an “ET” experience in the “normal” space/time continuum… at least, not that I know of. But Greer, and the efforts of his Disclosure Project, comes off to me as credible, and the experiences described in his book are essentially the same that a number of Avatars, that walked among us, have demonstrated — Jesus Christ being one — and have stated that all of the same abilities already exist within us to unveil, experience and express.

Yet, instead of getting the message that the abilities to heal, extend life, defy physics, and be at peace, are our birthright, our response has been to kill (in the case of Jesus), then worship, then use dogma (and collective guilt) to continue punishing and killing.

Quite the circle of “s%&t,” eh?

I have stated previously that every issue that we face as human beings, is a God issue, and a Self issue. They are all “who am I?” issues, and “what would I like to create?” issues. We can create peace and harmony now. We can create and enjoy freedom now. We can create safety, health, and abundance now. The key is appreciating our oneness, not only as living beings, but as unique expressions of God… and then living UP to this already existing potential by transmuting fear through love… now.

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