Allowing My Body to Heal (Not “Cure”) Itself

I am on day 4 of a 40-day water fast, and all is well. My days are as long and active as ever. The main difference is that there’s no “dinner time” for me. I am doing this as part of a larger shift to allow my body to cleanse, repair, and regenerate parts that have been under great stress over the past “three score and five” years, for correctable problems that, for many reasons, I did not know how I was causing, nor how they could be corrected.


This level of ignorance is by no accident. It is the ignorance that we are carefully, systematically, and culturally led into, through education, religion, science, and medicine. Our body breaks down as a consequence of how we misuse it in our ignorance; innocent, to be sure, but ignorance nonetheless.

From the New York Times

Congressional failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more commonly known as Obamacare, is a red herring for the far more salient fact that standard health care practices do little or nothing to enhance or restore a person’s health.

The New York Times reports that Repeal of ACA is back on the agenda. This may give the appearance of responsiveness by the politicos, but it is meaningless to what is important. According to a number of observers, such as Dr. Josh Axe, Gary Null, PhD (Death by Medicine), and others, standard medical treatment through conventional medicine has become the leading cause of death, even surpassing cancer. Yet, the public narrative focuses only on how to pay for the ever-escalating costs for services of a system that itself has become a menace to society, which the “public servants” haven’t noticed.

No one talks about lowering the cost of health care, because that would mean helping people stay healthy, and when they get sick, providing methods that help them to heal. Or, gaining the knowledge of healing. This would not be good for the mis-named health care system, but it would be great for humanity.

A remarkable book about “you”.

I presently have an abnormality in the area of my prostate. Upon examination, a doctor would immediately suggest surgery or some other type of invasive or combative approach to “fight” the “bad” growth, which would ultimately create additional imbalances within my system. Having gone through such a process 20 years ago, wherein I sacrificed the left side of my jaw after a tumor growth developed, I won’t be going that route again.

After discovering the works of an author who wrote under the pen name of Hilton Hotema, and specifically his book, Man’s Higher Consciousness, I decided to go on a fast on January 22. My only intake at that time, was water and unpasteurized orange juice. I did this exclusively for roughly 9 days. My weight went from 209 to about 198. I was giving my body the “space” it needed to get rid of “dead weigh” (literally) that I had been carrying.

Hotema’s book is available in print and Kindle editions, and scanned copies can be found and downloaded on the Internet.

The clearing has continued, as I now weigh 179 lbs. I did not resume eating meat, fish, or fowl. I ate fruit and nuts, snacked on seaweed (rich in iodine) and organic peanut butter. Not much cooked foods at all. Corrections are going in the right direction, but the body hasn’t finished the job. Given the many years it took to create the problem, I can’t be disappointed. I’m simply going to see if continuing this regimen will do the job.

Whether the situation clears in this time is the secondary gain from this fast. The first is the clarity and connectedness that I get to what is important. I have re-established a conscious connection to my body’s needs, particularly for water. I feel it in the roof of my mouth. When it gets dry, I drink… not a lot, but to satisfy the condition. I will do it as often as the phenomena occurs. Eliminating sugar intake has been a huge factor in re-establishing my thirst impulse. That occurred just 24-hours after starting the first fast in January. I didn’t know how dehydrated I was, which also means how oxygen deficient I was as well.

All of that is changing.

IF this transformation happens, and from my actual experience, it appears to be happening, what will that say about standard medical practice that everyone is too embroiled in the trees of debate about, and don’t see the forest that we unwittingly allow to exploit and even kill us?

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