Saying Good-bye, and Hello

NOTE: This article is a duplicate of the last post from my WordPress site. This is a one-time event. 

Earlier this month I received a quiet announcement that Thought For Food had been on WordPress for 10 years. Working with, and guided by an India-based website developer/designer/SEO analyst Radhey Sharma, the new Thought For Food (, will be an amalgamation and synthesis

of my interests and work. Upon reaching and celebrating my 65th trip around the sun (Nov. 19), I decided not to enroll in Medicare, or Socialist (in)Security. I have no nest egg (not even a nest yet), no savings, and at the present moment, no money.

As is custom in our society, it doesn’t cost you anything to build a mountain of debt, which you then spend your life attempting to climb while the mountain gets taller. As such, I have a full set of bills to pay, with more on the way since Dr. James Wagner, D.D.S., who I have termed a Zen Dentist, has agreed to rehabilitate my mouth and install a new set of hardware.

On the road to regrubbery.
On the road to regrubbery.

These are not complaints. They are motivators to move forward, rise to the occasion and be equal to the challenge. The new Thought For Food is one of the ways it will be done. I will continue to spout off about the world at large and how we might better navigate through it.

I will continue to bring you a perspective as well as information that I feel is worth your consideration. Here are some examples:

Molecular Hydrogen (H2)

Hydrogen molecule isolated on white
Hydrogen molecule isolated on white

It might surprise you to know that the greatest known antioxidant is not oxygen, but hydrogen. In this case, molecular hydrogen, normally referred to as H2. I first learned of the therapeutic power and value of hydrogen through a friend who, with an HHO generator (also referred to as Brown’s Gas) to infuse water, apply topically as a gas, or inhale, achieved some amazing effects. We found other case studies that showed similar, dramatic improvements.

While this simple point is often overlooked, the key litmus test to determine how effective water is, when consumed, is hydration. The term “hydration” refers to the degree to which hydrogen is available and exchangeable within one’s ecosystem. Generally speaking, simply drinking water will not necessarily result in adequate hydration. Yet, given that hydrogen is the greatest antioxidant, you can begin to see how pH levels are a direct indication of the health of one’s Oxidative Response System.

Source: Mama Pumpkin

While HHO is amazingly effective, and if you know what to do, can be generated on one’s own, some enterprising people have made it easier to get more hydrogen offering a range of H2 generating products. One such company is called Brilliantz. Offerings range from tablets that you drop into a glass of water, to hydrogen generating drinking bottles, filter replacements, a pain creme that people have called amazing, and a countertop molecular hydrogen water dispenser that is called, HIM2 (Hydrogen Infusion Machine). They have a line of Hproducts, and a novel marketing/distribution model that also might be of interest.

Brilliantz Molecular Hydrogen Products
Brilliantz Molecular Hydrogen Products

Hydrogen Infusion Machines are not water ionizers

If you visit the site, notice that my name appears at the top of the page, with a phone number. I had to take and pass not one, but two tests in order to be certified as knowledgeable enough to represent the product. Representation and “selling” have always been two different processes to me. I want to help people know for themselves whether a product, or even a concept, is in their best interest, and of value.

Vortex Generators

Molecular hydrogen products are a perfect complement to our vortex generators (President Water Company), which can impact the rest of the ways that we consume water, from showers to cooking, swimming pools, hot tubs, gardening, agriculture, and many more. Vortexing water will, in time, become a must thing to do prior to consumption or use. One of the fundamental effects of running water through a vortex generator is an immediate increase in available hydrogen ions, both positively (syntropic) and negatively (entropic) polarized, which nets an increase in molecular hydrogen presence.

A new rite of passage: Electrical conductivity is checked after installing a PW400 vortex generator (4
A new rite of passage: Electrical conductivity is checked after installing a PW400 vortex generator (4″ line) at Andrew Peace Winery, in Australia.

This has been missionary work for me, but I have learned quite a bit. We have a small, but growing band of customers, and expect significant growth, particularly with new, never-seen design elements that we are adding. These units are now made in Australia. While they may be over-engineered, they will last generations. For now, until we get demand up, delivery will take 2-3 weeks.

Money Consciousness

I could tell you stories about how money as an idea has helped distort and retard the perceptions of otherwise intelligent people. We need to change so much about how we interact with each other in a society where money is deemed to be “of value.” It is not. You are the value, as am I. That said, money is not going away anytime soon, particularly if we don’t do anything different. That is why adoption of block-chain, or cryptocurrencies, is on the rise. It allows bankless, “peer-to-peer” interactions to occur between individuals even without internet. A simple cell phone is all that is needed.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, which was, and to some extent, is still somewhat esoteric to me. However, it remains a subject that merits investigation and engagement. I have added the ability to receive payments in Bitcoin and Litecoin to the PresidentWater and Planetawear sites, with more to be added.

I am also investigating a new cryptocurrency called OneCoin. The company uses some MLM elements where people who join, can and do make money when new people enroll, in addition to the value of the currency itself. So far, there are 2.6 million OneCoin owners, and growing at a rate of 100,000 per month. Needless to say, there are detractors and naysayers, even among the cryptocurrency community.

Raw milk producers, who are rare today, but produce the very best milk, have their own detractors and naysayers, generally from within their own industry. I’m not saying that OneCoin is the very best. However, the presence of critics, naysayers, and detractors, even among the cryptocoin community does not mean that it is a scam. It is worth investigating and knowing for one’s self.


HonorPay, an Open Awards Network site, was brought to my attention by a long-time subscriber to Thought For Food. I am grateful that she cared enough to set up what they call a “ghost account” in my name. She then wrote to let me know that the account was set up. This appears to be fairly new, given the paltry number of YouTube views of the video below.


However, to anyone who sees value in the information that I produce and share, and is able to help me continue by making a one-time or on-going contribution, HonorPay may be the perfect way.

My HnoroPay Profile.
My HnoroPay Profile.


I need to raise money for personal situation and teeth, and to capitalize our business operations. To redesign the internals of our vortex generator products, I am learning 3D design. Using Fusion 360 by Autodesk, which has made it easy to stay with the product long enough to begin to get familiar. For many months, I had to get serious about making time to learn. As much as I wanted to, it was far easier, or so it seemed, to defer to someone else who already knows, or try to hire someone. However, expedience did not equate to effectiveness, quality, or satisfaction.

This is one of our early designs.

Central Vortex Unit Concept
President Water Central Vortex Unit Concept

When we have the designs completed, we have several people who are ready to present our package to investors. However, this may be when we crowdfund, because it is just as important to have an informed consumer-base as it is to have adequate working capital. We are not designing and preparing to manufacture a product that needs to be “sold.” America has a major problem with water that is acknowledged, but standard water treatment methods do little to improve, and a lot to make worse.


Shortly I will begin hosting a regular program on my YouTube channel about the art of being healthy in sick times. It is not the body or environment that needs attention, nor is it the presidential transition. Health begins, and is maintained or restored, between one’s ears, and in conjunction with that central space near the heart. I have been reticent to do this, but on the other hand, there are many amazing truths just awaiting to be discovered about who and what we are, and the quality of life that is ours to create, if we are willing, just for a time, to stop fantasizing that a “hero” (or “shero”) making big promises is going to make your life great. It’s not going to happen if the hero (or shero) isn’t you.

These are some of the reasons that I’m foregoing Medicare and Socialist Security. I am going to trust myself. Put it another way, I am going to fill myself up with trust (as I do with love), until it is overflowing. Then my trust in others comes from a genuine place within me, without depletion.

The future is ours to create, with or without politicians and actors. Distractions are intended to keep you from looking within, and getting to know, trust, and love, yourself. If you truly love you, there will be no room for doing anything less than love and respect another. Even in disagreement, no harm would be possible. These thoughts are given for the reader to ponder. Take what you find useful for you.

In the Meantime

Unless I can figure out how to write once, post to multiple WordPress venues, this will be my last post from this site. I will publish a duplicate of this post on the new site for continuity. If you have received my posts directly to your email box, first I want to thank you. Secondly, if you want to continue receiving posts by email, you will need to go to, and subscribe.

Subscribe on the new Thought For Food where indicated by the red circle.

Thank you for your steadfastness over these years. You know who you are. If you’re new to this forum, thank you too. There is much more ground to cover, through the written word, and by video.

For now, I’ll sign off, ending this chapter of our Journey into Quantum Possibility, that we can begin anew.


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