Seeking Fiscal Samaritans

I am at the edge of what appears to be a fiscal/financial abyss.

Or maybe it’s just a matter of perspective.

I am in the far-too-familiar (for me) position of owing far more money to people than I have taken in. This is not necessarily because of money given and not repaid; more about choosing to give my energy to endeavors for which I asked for, or receive little or insufficient compensation. While I did gain something, the “return” on my investment was “deferred”. So I have put myself in an unenviable financial bind.

Maybe that’s the blessing.

I am taking steps to more effectively “monetize” my efforts. After maybe 8 years, I will be porting this blog off WordPress to a self-hosted site that allows me to offer products and services in one place. Donations will be much appreciated still. I may include a section on the site that would be accessible to paid subscribers.

I have rejected allowing advertisers and banners on the site, as they are more an annoyance than anything else.

So I will be brief here and ask your help. I need what is, for me, a significant sum. For someone in my audience, the sun is insignificant. I need an amount that will ease the RED ZONE situation I am in personally, bringing personal accounts and agreements into balance.

Beyond that, I am seeking additional funds to make some fundamental changes at The President Water Company, to both move and expand production operations. Interminable delays have also driven, or certainly influenced the extreme “arreariness” that I now find myself in, but even in the delays, I see blessings.

Unexpected blessings have presented themselves, which will become evident soon. They will show up in change to our President Water vortex generators and other products to follow.

Yet, I must do what I can to put myself on a more secure personal foundation in a very short period of time, which I believe it doable.

So I invite direct heart donations, to this email address:

I also have between 900 and 1,000 copies of my book, I Am My Body, NOT! that I will invite you to purchase for beloved children in your life. If I sold them out, my immediate personal situation would be solved.

If this message can be sent out to enough people to sell this inventory out, it will help me personally, and every life that the message touches.

Still a timeless, priceless book.

I have a small inventory of President Water vortex generators available for immediate shipping, primarily The Traveler (TVG) and units for the garden hose (GVG), but we are changing manufacturing operations and have precious little of anything else for immediate shipment.

In addition, we have some exciting announcements to make that will result in enhancements to the product, which is another reason I’m seeking additional capital. I’d love to talk about these developments to interested parties.

With that said, I share some of the insights that have come up for me recently on this subject. With more to come.

Please spread this around if your heart so guides you. We often talk of what divides us, as in “6 Degrees of Separation”. In so doing, we tend not to recognize or acknowledge the 354 degrees of commonality that we share. If you wish to speak with me directly about an exchange of value, please contact me here.

Thank you all.

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