Inertia and the Forces of Change


Although change is the only acknowledged constant in the universe, inertia can be described as the tendency of whatever exists to continue or be repeated as it is. In other words, from moment-to-moment, that which exists will, for all practical purposes, appear to be unchanged.


It is reassuring to know that the appearance does not represent the truth of the matter. All that exists is always different than it was, from one moment to the next. That what is will be different from what was, and what will be, is guaranteed.

What it will be, is the question.

walter-russelWe tend to think of inertia in terms of an object’s movement or non-movement, or factors involved in changing the visible linear direction of the entire object or form. Science overlooks the radial force vectors that actually hold the form or object together as well as take it apart.

Also overlooked is that the same principles of inertia also apply to the formation, ascendancy and decline of ideas.

Such insightful dividends come from the works of Walter Russell (1863-1971).

Force vectors which flow centripetally inward toward electrical “North” at the center of all matter, are behind the formation of form, as well as form’s dissolution via centrifugal dissipation toward magnetic “South”. No form is permanent or unchanging. That quality only applies to formlessness, out of which all that exists comes, and into which it returns.

Source: Walter Russell via the Pond Science Institute

Temporary though it may be, form cannot exist without a formless, motionless and perfectly balanced center. We consider that center “nothingness,” where in fact, it is Allness.

Inertia, as well as inertial forces, are critical for the existence of this reality of form, impermanent though it may be. They are central to our ability to organize, create and maintain our physical form. They are also central, in conjunction with magnetic force vectors, to its metamorphosis over time.


From day-to-day, that form appears unchanged. Yet, from month-to-month and year-to-year, or decade-to-decade, it becomes clear that major changes are being made, in our appearance, our experiences, as well as in our state of mind.

What is it that actually changes?

The answer is, “it depends”… on the awareness we’ve gained, as evidenced by the truth, love, and wisdom we’ve demonstrated day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year, and decade-to-decade.

The visible change of the life form over its cycles is obvious, but what about the quality of the life itself? This factor is easily overlooked, particularly when quality of life is measured by so many, in terms of measurable, arbitrary, and impermanent factors, such as money, possessions, or social status.

Awareness, as evidenced in the truth, love, and wisdom we choose to be conduits for, affects the many lives that we live and roles that we play, on a personal level, then interpersonal in our relationships with others, then with groups, and on and on.

The choice that you or I make to be loving, truthful, to treat others as we would have others treat us, and apply these principles to decisions that take into account the well-being or best interests all, neighbor and self, creates harmonious ripples for everyone and everything.

We are led to believe that we have little influence in the state of world affairs. However, without us, world affairs can’t be. Each is here on a journey, not to make money, but to become aware of the love, power, joy, equality, and Life that each is and forever will be.

Hail to Life

Change is not the only constant in all the universe. Life is an even more fundamental constant than change, because if Life wasn’t present, change would have no purpose or meaning. Change has purpose and meaning because Life imagines, creates, observes and experiences it. Change is a product of Life. Life is not the product of change. Change does not cause Life, but Life causes change. As such, Life is the real and ever-lasting constant.

You are Life, as am I.

Life has no beginning, and no end. We have no beginning, and no end.

This statement applies to all Life, in spite of our beliefs in “good” and “evil,” death and extinction. Yes, forms come and go, but Life is eternal. The form is not the Life, and Life is not the form.


Why else could scientists discover life thriving in the most extreme environments (above), or revive microbes (viruses) that where thought dead for 30,000 years? (See article.)


This is because Life is not the visible form. Life is the animating principle and force within, and behind the visible form. That’s what you are. That’s what I am. The Force that is Life forms the visible form, and, like inertia, holds it together.

Life is neither limited, nor defined by the body. Source: Speakingtree.

Until Life’s purpose is served.

Life is the visible form’s (i.e., the physical body’s) reason for being. Life is the Timeless Consciousness that creates and experiences change. Life has no antithesis. “Death” is a change in life state that is “final” in appearance only.

Some might argue that God creates the visible form. I would agree with that. However, I would go further to say that God also experiences the change that the form was created to create through you and me, as you and me.

I know; it certainly doesn’t look that way, but even that also depends on how you look at Life.

Hail to Consciousness

Consciousness is the filter through which we process the information that crosses our attention and garners interest. Our interpretation of the moments that we experience is directly impacted by the filters of consciousness. In addition, consciousness itself impacts how the experience itself both forms and unfolds.

Consciousness is a continuum whose “bandwidth” crosses physical incarnations.

Yet, it is “expanded” by one way only, that is the path of love, truth, and wisdom as Oneness with all Life and Creation is known.

In the same way that there is night and day, there are phases and states of Life that are perceivable and imperceptible, from the physical perspective.

When day gives way to night, our existence continues. When darkness succumbs to dawn, our existence continues, as does consciousness.

Consciousness continues when we release our mortal form, which is made of elements that the earth has generously loaned us for the duration. However, ascension does not happen if one has not embraced and embodied truth, love, and wisdom.

I didn’t start writing this post with the intent to talk about such things as “ascension.” Oftentimes I’ll pause before continuing (as I did this time). If the thought doesn’t go away, then we plow ahead (it didn’t).

Just what is ascension anyway?

The word ascension is generally associated with the elevator ride depicted in the bible where Jesus Christ was taken back to heaven to be “with the Father,” forty days after his resurrection “from the dead.”


It makes more sense that Jesus, still in visible form, was beaming up to a ship of some type that may or may not have been visible to the observers or historians. The people of the day would have had no plausible context by which to explain what they were witnessing, except to put it in supernatural or ecclesiastical terms.

The inertial thought is that “ascending” was something he could do two thousand years ago (as “the son of God”), but due to our sinful, probationary status (according to some), it would take you or me another two thousand lifetimes to accomplish, if ever.

The people of Jesus’ day would have just as much of a problem explaining a television set, remote control unit, cell phone, or a “cool” beam of light that is powerful enough to light a fire or burn a hole through flesh.

Yet, ascension is a subject that worth consideration, whether one is religious, “spiritual” capitalist, socialist, or anywhere in-between. Ascension happens in the evolution of consciousness ~ as love is chosen and embodied ~ from a “lower” vibrational plane of existence to a “higher” one, where perhaps, incarnation in a human form no longer applies. Incarnation is never “needed”. It is desired by the Creator Being (You) for reasons that only each can know.


That “Hell” idea, and its companion and counterpoint, the “Heaven” idea, are just that, ideas that are imagined into existence by believers. Neither of them have to be experienced after the physical life is done. Both can be experienced during the physical life.

All life, as we presently know and experience it, and that which is beyond present comprehension, comes from, and is an expression of, Life. If it moves, it is sourced, and centered by Life.

Some people wrap themselves in self-righteous debate over when Life begins, taking things so far as crusading for the “rights of the unborn,” but are mum on the institutionalized desecration that we’ve allowed to continue once Life has taken form.

The desecration isn’t limited to the subjects you’re accustomed to hearing me harangue about, such as vaccine craziness. Any disruption of the natural balance of Life, rationalized by the expediency of corporate convenience or profit, is an act of desecration that affects All.

Source: Rodale’s Organic Life.

Pesticide and other chemical use in agriculture, which inactivate soil-born Life and its natural processes, is a desecration that adversely affects all “up” the food chain.

Source: The Holy Kale

Synthetic hormone use in animals, as well as other balance-disrupting chemicals, such as antibiotics, is desecration of Life.

It’s easy to blame “the elite”, FDA, or Monsanto’s of the world, but what about us? Why do we support and perpetuate these practices when we’re seeing and experiencing a profound, protracted decline in health?

If you thought The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion that I wrote about a few weeks ago was a bit over the top, consider Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. This video reading should be an eye opener.

From Unseen to Seen and Back Again and Again and…

It’s easy to see why we don’t grasp the implicit and ever-present non-physical aspect that we are, and that Life IS. This invisible presence makes the visible form possible. Both zience and religion drive home the point that the human being is on pretty shaky ground, subject to such concepts as “natural selection”, “survival of the fittest,” “chance,” “luck,” “original sins,” “apples from serpents,” “alone in the universe,” “bloodlines,” “chosen group”, and what have you.

All of these memes, which are immeasurable in and of themselves, operate at the mind level to influence the course of physical behavior and the quality, or lack thereof, of one’s life. Indeed, unless they are examined anew, with loving heart, the forces of inertia dictate that they will influence lifetime-after-lifetime.

Life experiences and eras occur simultaneously. Source: Soul Seeds

In the continuum of consciousness, there’s nothing to prevent one from experiencing life as a male in one life, female in another, in any time period, place, or plane that they so desire.

One common supposition is that we are forced to incarnate and take mortal form. That is not so. We take form and give form and life to ideas, because of a desire to do so. The time-frame may span many lifetimes with respect to the form, but it shall be part of the continuum to the Life that we are.

Ascension is therefore thought to represent a release from earthly affairs, made possible by becoming “spiritual” enough to join an exclusive club of enlightened ones. Personally, I don’t think that’s what ascension is about.

An ascension moment occurs each moment you choose to give, or receive love. Each time you put love into what you’re doing and how you’re being.

When you are a conduit of love you enter a zero-point, ascended state. You become a balancing, harmonic and healing presence in your reality; here and now.

Most descriptions of ascension involve a believed elevator ride to heaven. This belief lulls one into passivity where action is called for, fear where courage is called for, silence where a voice for change is called for.

Ascension is about what you do here, which is associated with why you elected to be here, now. If people are convinced that being “enlightened” or “ascending” is about “getting outta here,” but allow what’s going on here that needs their intelligence, love, truth, balancing, healing, and wisdom go unattended, they will remain “stuck” here, because there will have been no “movement” in their consciousness of who they are, what they are connected to, and why they chose to come here in the first place.

Whether the human race, as it presently understands itself, was created through a genetic modification (46 chromosomes vs 48), or not, truth, love, and wisdom remain the “Get Out of Jail” cards that each is free to take.

Lies, fear, greed, indifference, and ignorance shall continue to extend one’s “sentence” in this unreality of perceived limitation. God is not judging anyone. Each judges self, for there is a part of each of us that knows who we are. The task at hand is for you and I, as best we know how, to be it.

Outer Space is No Escape

The Wormhole Within is more important than any in outer space. Image Source

Are there worlds beyond this world?

Are there realities beyond this reality?

Are there dimensions beyond the dimensions we perceive?

I would answer an emphatic yes! to all three. However, the key to going to, and experiencing these places, is to create, embody, and become truth, love, and wisdom right here, now. It is how we organize and harmonize our inner world that influences how our outer world organizes itself, as it is but a reflection. There are no “mistakes” in that regard.

It is one’s inner constitution that allows safe and even joyful passage into a lion’s den.

Image Source: GoPro

There will be no respite from fear, lies, ignorance and tyranny, or the wars, disease, and apparent death that are routinely connected, if a change of heart and opening to truth, love, and wisdom has not occurred within us. When that occurs, the course of our life in the here and now will change immediately.

Living Temples on Earth where Life Lives. Source:

Humanity is trashing the planet Earth, or allowing said trashing to occur. Furthermore, we are allowing our temples ~ the physical forms that we experience this reality through ~ to be trashed with chemicals. Then we allow “authorities” to lie to us, suggesting that they’re working diligently in the public interest, when in fact, they pander to and serve corporate interests instead.

We allow our own depopulation through lies that we accept, war that we engage as commanded, and tyranny against us by the “authorities”, but blame it on the moneyed “elite”.

We can fix our problems as soon as we see that (1) we are the problem, and (2) we are the power to fix them.

Seeing chemicals for what they are: Part of Nature

Chemicals are simply elements from earth ~ not man-made ~ that are assembled, constructed in such a way to achieve a purpose. That purpose may be to make money competitively. In other words, to stake a claim as a solution to a human or social problem that is then “protected” from others.

If the product is a beneficial solution, the competition/protection mentality (copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc.) inhibit cooperation, effectively limiting the scope of benefit that the solution may actually have. The inertial forces of competition create an ever-present pressure to maintain an advantage against cooperating with others. The inertial forces of money likewise limit benefit to a selected few.

As such, there is little true social incentive to cooperate with others to fix the mess our present methods are, through inertia, perpetuating.

Chemical use has become dominant in our society on the presupposition (mass suggestion) that they are the only remedy to whatever the problem/situation may be. Those who make a living off them tend to sing from the same hymnal.

The problem is that the widespread use of chemicals have had other, deleterious consequences, many of which have not been acknowledged. For one, they upset the natural balance that makes health possible.

Life as we know it can exist for only so long in a toxic environment. “Toxicity” is a term that describes the degree of disruption to the natural balance of the environment. In other words, toxicity is another way of describing a substance or environment that is out-of-balance. Said disruption can be achieved chemically, as well as energetically, through the broadcasting of certain frequencies.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips that some factions fancy putting into human beings, would be resident wireless electrical disrupters, and a far cheaper method of control than the chemical disruption/control methods of today.

Rife: Another American (and Humanity) Hero marginalized whose work was silenced.

The experience of Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) comes to mind. In the early 1930’s he perfected a technology to detect and isolate, and a method to eliminate specific strains of microorganisms associated with cancer by applying the specific contra-frequency of that microorganism.

A contra-frequency, more commonly referred to as a resonant frequency, is essentially a noise-canceling signal. It perfectly matches the target signal in reverse, as a mirror image might. When applied in the same environment (water), the two “cancel” each other out, effectively balancing the environment, relative to that particular frequency or band of frequencies.

A signal or frequency is nothing more than an electrical pattern, as is a thought, emotion, opinion, or belief. They are all electrical patterns.

Hail to the Chip?

A massive system of control has been, and continues to be targeted against humanity as a whole. Even those who see themselves as “privileged,” for various reasons, are also subject, to varying degree, to such control. Beyond the document mentioned above, and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, there are many other “markers” that are available for those who are not yet convinced.

This is not to make anyone into a villain. What is happening is what is happening. The inertia behind its happening means that it will tend to perpetuate itself if nothing different is done by those possessing the power to change the course of events.

Who is actually behind it is of secondary importance to the fact that it is being done. The “control” target is the human mind. The body is a secondary target, but the mind is the creation center for each, particularly when one is likewise heart-connected.

One way to affect the mind is to “dull” its receiving and transmitting abilities by clogging or short-circuiting information and energy pathways, or by introducing a source of energetic “noise”.


RFID technology holds great promise for the latter approach. Through it, the principles that Royal Rife used to isolate and eliminate a particular virus by introducing its resonant frequency can be used to introduce any frequency from some distant location to foment diseases of the body or mind, much like a technician can direct a pilotless drone to a target thousands of miles away to foment war.

If a resonant frequency can be used to eliminate a microorganism that exists in an environment, then the insinuation of disruptive, anomalous “foreign” frequencies into an environment can “manifest” or precipitate such microorganisms.

In other words, very specific frequencies can be transmitted to the RFID chip, which would never be suspected of any “harmful” potential, that would make the environment conducive to the formation of certain microorganisms. Chemicals do that now as a function of the imbalances that they cause when they are added to an environment or ecosystem. An RFID chip makes control practices easier and cheaper to implement while being more precise in the frequencies that they send “wirelessly”.

The effect of chemical and wireless frequency disruption however, isn’t just about money for greedy corporations, politicians, or bureaucrats. It is about control, disruption, isolation, and disconnection of awareness between you and your Source. It’s about believing that the physical “authority” (“elites,” bankers, “experts,” government, religion, etc.) is God while you are here, and have you thinking/believing that God is sitting on a throne somewhere seeing you as flawed sinners, and checking on whether you’re being “naughty” or “nice.”

Are you in love?

Are you in balance?

Are you in truth?

Are you in harmony?

Are you giving the best that you have to give to your best hopes and dreams?

No one knows the answers to these questions, but you. Others may judge you through their filters, but the only one that matters is how you judge, love, trust, forgive, and be true to yourself.


Please understand that such isolation and disconnection is not actually possible. If you move, or have an iota of consciousness, you are connected to Source. If you have abandoned the physical form, you are connected to Source. However you may not be aware of your connection, and certainly not your power, because our power to manifest experiences come through the exercise of our imagination. What we imagine, we create.

When anyone suggests that fearful disruption is an appropriate response to a given situation, a stress response is registered in the adopter of the idea on the decision that fear was/is appropriate. Stress responses cloud and distort one’s own natural harmonic frequencies. Traumatic events also create stress responses, which further cloud and distort one’s thoughts and imagination. These stress vectors can exist on mental, emotional, or physical levels.

You, oh Living One, are an electrical and magnetic field of patterns and frequencies, in which billions and trillions of microscopic lifeforms live, move, and have their being. They function in an ecological environment of living waters, in the same way that marine life exists in an ocean. Certain institutionalized practices involve the systematic desecration of the natural chemistry of our inner ecology.

The inertial problem with this is the perception (the idea or thought) that the desecrating inputs are actually needed, when in truth, they are not. Unless you KNOW that your health and well-being is found in balance, then you’ll think that it is either helpful to accept or allow vaccine treatments, or if you have reservations, but allow them (vaccine treatments) because they are expedient (e.g., such as when they are required as a condition of allowing your child into a public school). This policy should be your greatest incentive to either press to end vaccine requirements in public schools, educate your children at home, or create new private schools that have no such requirements.

Health is about balance, not about killing bugs. What most of us don’t know is that when the environment is in balance, the bugs that are today thought to be “super,” will be held in check, by other bugs.

Maintaining the perception that vaccines and other pharmaceutical concoctions are necessary, without question or challenging on scientific fact, and empirical evidence, leads to unnecessary illness, disease, and death, and monumental fraud. We are in the midst of both.

Unless we do something different, inertia dictates that the systems and practices will be self perpetuating.



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