MMS and the Lesson of Ignaz Semmelweis

A blustery winter’s day at the 2015 Fieldays in New Zealand

KERIKERI, NORTHLAND — Greetings from the underside of the world where I have been for the past week. I traveled to Hamilton, New Zealand to attend Fieldays (June 10-13) and to introduce the Rainmaker H2O vortex water product to the farming, dairy, and consumer sectors. It has been a great experience, through which I have gained more insights into the matrix around which health and disease will often dance.

But that’s not what I’m writing about now.

Now that the event is over I’ll make the return trip home in a couple of days. Today we’re sightseeing, enjoying the sights of the northern tip of the country.

Oakura Beach panorama, Maori country, Northland, New Zealand

To some extent I have been isolated from much of the news madness that has dominated the airwaves in America, although its easy to get a hint by simply viewing one’s Newsfeed on Facebook.

There is plenty commentary on Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, the campaigns of the mono-polar corporate presidential candidates, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, and excessive use of force by law enforcement officers. However, an attempted highjacking of justice is quietly happening that should not be allowed, or overlooked, particularly because the highjackers in this case, are the Department of Justice, District Court, and FDA.

Seems like I arrived light-years ago. Now its time to return home.

MMS, the “Miracle Mineral Supplement,” is the object of said highjacking, and LOUIS DANIEL SMITH, another corporate fiction for which a man who harmed no one and broke no law, has been “found guilty” of “marketing a toxic chemical as a miracle cure.”

While these allegations are supported by FDA “experts,” and were used to establish grounds for prosecution, they are not true. They are not supported by chemical facts. Sodium chlorite is not bleach, nor is the species of chlorine dioxide that is produced when MMS is combined with a light acid.

You might have expected that these facts would have been presented at Daniel Smith’s trial, but they were not. The jury didn’t hear them. They didn’t hear the defense’s position whatsoever. They only heard the prosecution’s case.

The Chlorite Matrix (ion) with the minus sign.
The Chlorite Matrix (ion) with the minus sign.

No one asked for the truth. No one cared about balance, or the defendant’s rights.

No one pointed out factual inaccuracies. The jury didn’t see or hear accounts from real people who have indeed recovered their health from cancer, migraine headaches, diabetes, gum disease, and autism. Daniel was taken into custody immediately, and branded a “flight risk”, all while his date for sentencing was set 6-months out.

Where’s the fairness in that? Where is the appearance, of being just? Does anyone still care about such things?

Daniel Smith’s case is now a pawn in a larger campaign to stigmatize MMS. A story published on the BBC site about an “expose” of Leonardo Edwards, who has brought MMS to people in the UK. (See article.) The article cites Daniel Smith’s “conviction”, noting that he faces a maximum of 34 years in prison.

This isn’t only yellow journalism; it’s yellow justice.

Someone recorded an “expose” news story that was broadcast on the BBC television in the UK.

Before I go on, here’s one line that you should reflect on published in the BBC’s article.

“Autism is a complex neurological condition, without a cure.”

This is a complete and utter lie. If you accept the statement above as truth, simply because a “respected source” tells you, but you have not made any use of your own intelligence and reasoning abilities to know better, then you will be stuck with said “truth,” until you seek and use the truth to free and heal yourself.

Autism isn’t the only “disease” for which this perception is planted.

Currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. But drug and non-drug treatments may help with both cognitive and behavioral symptoms. ~The Alzheimer’s Association Web Site (

There is no cure for symptoms, particularly when no attempt to know and treat the cause of Alzheimer’s. It appears that Medicine has no intention to have doctors treat the cause of diseases, so they are the last ones to acknowledge success at reversing ailments using self-administered remedies. Instead, medical and government sectors seem intent on getting drugs into more people, earlier in life, and more often. They’re also trying to take away your discretionary power to opt-out of vaccines and other products.

Have you noticed?

I’d like to suggest here that knowledge about the chlorite matrix, which is one byproduct of mixing MMS, is growing, and certain factions are attempting to dissuade, slander, confuse, or otherwise control the information about it. The incessant references to “bleach” is one tactic. MMS disinformation agents camp onto selected discussion threads ready to criticize, ridicule, or otherwise castigate, anyone who does not already have a negative view of MMS. They are quick to challenge, question, or dismiss anyone who shares their positive experiences with the product.

I will suggest here, that this too shall pass. Not only about MMS, but more so, about the chemistry and physics of the body, and of life; biochemistry and biophysics.

As more people understand biochemistry and biophysics, they will know that molecular chlorine, which produces cancer-causing trihalomethanes, and sodium and aluminum fluoride, are doing far more damage to people now, right at this moment. We are learning, however, that these conditions — all conditions — can be corrected.

MMS critics have been mum on the adverse effects of chlorine and the like, which is far more pervasive in its use, even though they are adversely affected by such policies and practices too.

The truth cannot and will not remain suppressed, so at this point, it is being twisted. Even that will change as you straighten the facts out, not just about MMS, but on how to go about healing yourself, for yourself.

In the meantime, Kerri Rivera has presented her newest data on the product in question, as it relates to the condition known as “autism”.

With all the wonderful evidence and science that she presents, some heartless souls continue to cry foul. However, no one who truly wants to heal a problem, will close their mind to solutions that clearly work, and are reasonably explained.

Dr. Semmelweis, I Presume?

Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis

It is very likely that few people have heard of Ignaz Semmelweis (1818-1865), yet anyone who has experienced a medical procedure today has been impacted by what he did. He was a “whistleblower” with regard to a dangerous, yet easily correctable medical practice of his day.

Semmelweis is the Hungarian physician who, in 1847,  saw the connection between infant deaths from puerperal fever and the simple fact that doctors that treated the mothers hadn’t washed their hands. Infant mortality rates were three times higher when mothers were treated by doctors at Semmelweis’ hospital, than when treated by midwives.

A hospital labor room; circa 1847.

During that day, it was common practice for doctors and medical students to perform autopsies, and go directly from the autopsy room to the delivery room to assist during labor. Semmelweis figured that there might be a causative connection between these activities, and thusly, called for the policy change.

The medical profession didn’t respond kindly to Semmelweis’ suggestion. In fact, doctors were insulted by the suggestion, even from a colleague, that something harmful might be on their hands.

Neither the medical profession, nor Semmelweis likely knew that, when the indwelling consciousness withdraws from the physical body for the last time, a genesis of new microorganisms is triggered, whose job is to breakdown or decompose the body. In other words, the microorganisms — Streptococcus bacteria — are to convert the material that makes up the body to its natural component parts, which can then usher the introduction of new life.

Maggots and other microorganisms don’t live in the body generally, but will form there when (1) oxygen levels are low and tissues are dying or dead, or (2) death has already occurred. The physicians or medical students that were performing autopsies prior to assisting live births, were in direct contact with such microorganisms.

For his conscientious act, Semmelweis was subsequently committed to an asylum, where he was beaten to death two weeks later.

It was egotistical arrogance that was behind a conscientious doctor paying the price of his professional livelihood and life for making a valuable and necessary suggestion for doctors to wash their hands before doing a new medical procedure, especially if you’ve been poking around in dead bodies. Seems like common sense today, doesn’t it?

It is egotistical arrogance, and public ignorance and being misinformed, that has Daniel Smith being scapegoated and MMS being characterized as harmful, when both the true science and the results say otherwise.

I write this commentary because I know enough facts about this case, about the science, and about the misinformation — okay, lies — presented in bringing this case along, that I cannot, in all good conscience, shrug my shoulders and let Daniel’s life be chewed up by medical and justice system that, in themselves, are not in integrity. If you say nothing and do nothing in the face of what you know is unconscionable treatment, then you are consenting to said treatment.

I don’t know whether the Department of Justice prosecutor or FDA people know how they are harming, not only themselves, but their progeny; not only now, but into the future. That’s not my concern, nor my call. I do know that results speak louder than edicts, and if a person truly wants to heal, he or she should know (1) that they can, and (2), how to do it. MMS is not “the cure.” Balance is. Anything that helps restore balance, will empower the cells, like spinach to Popeye, to set the inner environment right, once again.

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4 Thoughts to “MMS and the Lesson of Ignaz Semmelweis”

  1. Frank Saul

    Dear Adam, Thank for your enlightening info.
    The latest protocol calls for activating MMS with hydrochloric acid in a ratio of 1 to 1, to make it taste better. Since you talked about the benefits of activating MMS with a “mild acid”, i.e. citric acid, and its benefits to enhance the Krebs cycle, what is your opinion/knowledge as to the effect of using hydrochloric acid as an activator?
    Also, if citric acid as an activator is the most beneficial, then what is the best strength of the citric acid, 10% or 50 % ? If so, what is the ratio of acid to MMS?
    With gratitude,

  2. Deborah Gray PhD

    Thank you Adam for your continued follow up. VERY sad all this tit for tat with ignorance flowing full force. I have been using MMS for over 10 years for my own health benefits and refer many clients . Nothing but incredible results! So happy seeing Kerri give the FACTS in her lecture in reference to the Chlorite Matrix. Daniel is paying a needless price for stubborn ignorance and profit. I WILL continue to support and use MMS because it WORKS!
    Deborah Gray PhD

  3. Bruce

    Adam, thanks for your efforts to bring the truth of Daniel’s (and OUR) situation forward in the face of the wall of propaganda mustered by the Administrative System.

    Of course, should people become aware of the ways that ClO2 (minus, if you say) helps to restore balance in the human body, the Pharma Corps stand to lose perhaps a majority of their ill-gotten revenues. For this, Daniel will pay the price for all of us.

  4. Rahim Petsch



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