MMS and the Bigger Picture

As chronicled here on numerous occasions on a product that I’ve written extensively about since 2007, the trial of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA V. LOUIS DANIEL SMITH, for his involvement in selling the product known as the Miracle (Master) Mineral Supplement (Solution) (“MMS”) is scheduled to begin May 18, 2015 at the United States Courthouse in Spokane, Washington.

U.S. Courthouse, Spokane, Washington
U.S. Courthouse, Spokane, Washington

The significance of this case is far larger than whether Daniel Smith through his now defunct company, Project Green Life, “intended to defraud the government,” as one of the fantasy charges asserts, whether the company “mislabeled a drug” (at the threat of 37 years in prison?!), or even whether MMS “cures” anything.

The significance lies in whether the body politic of the self-professed “united” states of America will continue allowing its government to be an agent of lies and mis-information, calamity, and fear. This is a question you and I can answer, each in our own way.

Truer than we know.

A  government “of the people, by the people, and for the people, need not be feared. Truth should be assumed, as well as equal treatment for all. Presently, 99 percent of the American public are being treated “equally” as  indebted serfs and slaves. The health care system is the chief instigator of disease for profit, and killer of health, a fact the 1 percent, whoever they are, would prefer that you not know. This system of lies, deception, conflict, and exploitation began long before the Mayflower reached the shores of North America in 1620.

An MMS Refresher

If you are not familiar with the product, MMS is a 22.4% (effective) solution of sodium chlorite (NaClO2) dissolved in distilled water that works with the help of a mild acid catalyst.

Think of sodium chlorite as a molecule of salt, with a pair of oxygen atoms attached. One of the most important elements that are missing when people get sick, is molecular oxygen. It’s not that the oxygen isn’t present; it’s actually everywhere.

The issue is its availability within the environment that it is in. When oxygen is “bound” to another element, such as carbon, it’s not available for respiration. Its paramagnetic properties, which are essential to life, cannot be transferred or converted into biologically usable energy.

By a very wide margin, oxygen is the most paramagnetic among the gases in the periodic table, according to Philip S. Callahan in his book titled, Paramagnetism: Rediscovering Nature’s Secret of Growth. Paramagnetism is not magnetism. All life is paramagnetic and dialectric (also referred to as “piezoelectric”), meaning that forces of attraction and repulsion are at work on subtle, and vital levels of activity.

Chronic and degenerative diseases occur in environments that have had their paramagnetic and dialectric state diminished, which happens routinely through pharmaceutical-based medications, as evidenced by the acidifying effect of literally thousands of FDA-approved and Department of Justice enforced drugs, including all vaccines.

Vaccines and all “big molecule” chemicals diminish the paramagnetic and dielectric forces that protect life and preserve health.

Though it is easily overlooked, MMS is a novel way to introduce molecular oxygen as well as sodium chloride (NaCl), one of 12 essential inorganic tissue salts, into the body.

A few drops of the two products are mixed together to form a third molecule, referred by most as chlorine dioxide (ClO2) or “CD”. It is around this molecule that a firestorm of debates, and false claims of false claims, has raged, and the Department of Justice is seeking to make Daniel Smith a sacrificial lamb to persuade the public to stay away from a compound that is readily available, inexpensive, and effective at helping undo some of the future disease programming that the medical system routinely plants in each unsuspecting human being.

Application Methods Change Over Time

A year's supply for around $20 bucks.
A year’s supply for around $25 bucks.

In the beginning, apple cider vinegar was the catalyst used to “activate” MMS. Then, the acid of choice was lemon or lime juice, then a 50% solution of citric acid. The acid of choice today for activating MMS is 4% Hydrogen Chloride (HCl), which is also referred to hydrochloric and muriatic acids.

Interesting thing about adding “acid” to an already acidic or “low pH” environment; the net effect is to alkalize, raising also the active presence of hydrogen (pH).

The acid is not ingested directly. It is mixed with MMS before ingestion (“activation”) to break up the sodium chlorite molecules and effectively create an ample supply of the chlorine dioxide molecule ClO2,  which is immediately “reduced,” by way of  electron donation, to chlorite (ClO2-). The constituents are further broken up into sodium chloride (NaCl) and molecular oxygen (O2). All of these are beneficial not only to the extracellular environment, but inside the cell. 

It is evident that the cascade started by MMS ingestion kick starts cellular respiration and the Krebs Cycle (also referred to as the citric acid cycle), and the production of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, the energy currency of the body.

The 17 min. video below is a nice presentation of the Krebs Cycle.

It has been proven by many respected scientists, even Nobel Prize winners (Otto Warburg, 1931), that tumors, cysts, mold, and fungi all thrive in environments that are deficient in oxygen. Indeed, if life is to continue, such growths must happen, even though it means a decline in health. The tumors, cysts, mold, and fungi aren’t the reason for the decline in health. Their purpose is to preserve life. The decline is caused by the invasive addition of resource altering, metabolism-disrupting, oxygen-sequestering, synthetic chemicals that substitute for natural nourishment.

As such, it doesn’t take much to see how the cascade created by MMS could be beneficial for the whole system, and why a myriad of ailments have been observed to “correct” once it was taken.

That is, unless you’re with the FDA or the Department of Justice, that seem to think that disease and disruptive chemicals are not related.

Please note that these results are not exclusive of, or limited to MMS. All methods that help restore balance will produce the same result, because the human body is intelligently self-corrective by its very nature.

For the government’s part, FDA experts and other critics of self-treatment practices and defenders of pharmaceutical dependency, contend that chlorine dioxide is a dangerous industrial bleach.

FDA’s “MMS is Bleach” Poster

A species of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a volatile free radical that is used to whiten paper in the wood pulp industry, as the FDA claims, and can be quite an irritant if inhaled or ingested. However, its formulation and use differs significantly from MMS, whose chief active ingredient is chlorite, designated as ClO2-. The minus sign (-) at the end not only means that the molecule has donated an electron; it is now stable; not a free radical, and is usable inside the cell.

Today’s packaging may not mention “MMS”.

Several pharmaceutical companies have developed, and even patented, formulations that encompass sodium chlorite. (See related article.) Please note that as good as they are (some of the clinical trial data is stunning), they have not received FDA approval for use in United States of America Corporation.

I could be wrong, but given the utter weakness of their position scientifically and legally, that could overturn a “conviction” on appeal, and given the government’s efforts to concoct a case of harm done or actual laws broken, I wouldn’t be surprised if an “eleventh hour” change occurs.

We’ll know soon.

Notes From Outside the ‘Autism’ BoxIronically, the week following the trial’s beginning, on May 23, not one, but two people will be speaking at the Autism One Conference (May 20-24, 2015) in Chicago, who confirm and explain beneficial results gained with the help of the very same product that the government is trying to put Daniel Smith in jail for.

Kerri Rivera, whose perfectly healthy boy suddenly became catatonic after a routinely scheduled DPT vaccination, and was subsequently diagnosed autistic, will be speaking in Chicago for the third time.

The video linked below is an interview that I did with Kerri in 2011.

At the time of that conversation Kerri had just added MMS to her autism protocol, working with 400 families. In those early days, her own son had shown remarkable improvements, and several children had “lost” lost their autism diagnosis altogether. Today with “CD” (which Kerri calls it) as part of the treatment program that she recommends, roughly 170 children are no longer considered autistic.

Both Kerri and the organizers of the Autism One Conference took a lot of heat after her first appearance there in 2013. To their credit, the Autism One organizers had the intelligence and courage to recognize and present useful information.

Here is Kerri’s presentation from the 2014 Autism One Conference, which includes some of the children who returned to being themselves.

Also speaking on the same day is Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., who saw the therapeutic benefits of MMS many years ago, recommending it for Lyme patients. I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Dr. Klinghardt at a Lyme Induced Autism (LIA) Conference in Phoenix (2009), and didn’t know he was aware of, or used MMS. So we didn’t discuss it.

Here is an interview with Dr. Klinghardt with Dr. Joe Mercola that will give you insights into the man and his medical way of thinking.

Read this companion article, “Why is Lyme Disease Not JUST a Tick-Borne Disease Anymore?” written by Dr. Mercola.

I would assert that Lyme isn’t, and has never been a “tick-borne disease”. The difficulties in diagnosis of lyme that Dr. Mercola recounts in his article have to do with identification and isolation of specific microbes, such as Babesia, as the evil perpetrators. (Not Dr. Mercola’s inference, but in general medical science.) As such, little attention is given to the environment in which the microbes form and live, and to the disproportionate presence of certain metals or other minerals, such as mercury or arsenic.

I would bet that if a study was done that looked for patterns and presence of companion metals with various “pathogens,” you’d find a link. And, when you remove the metals, the pathogen goes away. To the extent that MMS, or any other methodology removes or mitigates inappropriate metals, a benefit is observed.

This leads us to who put the metals in our foods, beverages, and medicines, in the first place, and why do they persist?

I bring these to your attention because our understanding of both the healing process, as well as the disease creation process, has evolved significantly since the early days of MMS. The debates have centered around “whether or how MMS works” to help healing, with little or no attention given to how foreign chemicals introduced into the human body work to create and exacerbate disease pathologies.

Foreign chemicals introduced into the human body create and exacerbate disease?

You bet they do.

I’m not quoting anyone. This is my observation and conclusion.

The essence of disease is “dis-ease” or stress or tension, which can be physical, emotional, or mental. It can have a “reversing” effect on an individual’s polarity, which alters and disrupts normal metabolic processes. Yet, a respect for these facts are no-where to be found in standard medical practice today, which uses antagonistic, disruptive, stress and tension causing compounds to cause more stress and tension in treating disease, which is the result of stress, tension, and imbalance. No wonder “finding the cure” seems daunting because they’re trying to do it by doing the opposite of what is needed.

This is like trying to go to heaven by boring a hole to hell and jumping in. Standard medical practices today are boring a hole to “health hell” and trying to force humanity to jump in with government policies, non-consensual treatment (through water supply, agriculture, and chemtrails), and fantasy authority. Disease is projected to increase because standard methods are projected to cause them.

They may know it, they may not. Maybe some do, but I suspect that most people don’t understand the hole they’re digging for each person that is victimized by their policies and practices.

They will learn, however, one way, or another.

So you see, this is a big deal. Bigger than the NBA or Stanley Cup playoffs. Bigger than J Lo’s or Kim Kardasian’s butts, nice as they may be. For some reason, I’ve been around this subject, watching it unfold, learning about health, and seeking to know the truth, and it’s beautiful. Whether MMS is available or not is immaterial when you know the truth of who you are and how you’re made. Health and healing are our birth right. We create or facilitate our disease, and we can heal through balance and common sense. As a culture, we have turned common sense and human decency on its ear.

As it is with the Medical Industrial Complex, the justice system’s polarity is reversed, because science has become $cience, and fantasy has been offered as truth, which impacts the abuses that we see affecting the minds of people and systems that we should trust. You can’t really appreciate the behaviors if you don’t look at the toxic factors that influence them.

The question now rests between your ears, and in your heart; is your life, health, and freedom important to you?

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10 Thoughts to “MMS and the Bigger Picture”

  1. Your chemistry is way off! NaClO2 looks like “just salt with molecular oxygen attached”, but that is not how this molecule behaves. Even if it works as you claim as a method to deliver molecular oxygen to the tissue (something that breathing is far more efficient at) do you realize molecular oxygen is extremely toxic in concentrations not that much greater than what naturally occurs in air. either way you look at this (the argument that NaClO2 is a bleach or your argument that it is a method for delivery of molecular oxygen) you are encouraging people to take a dangerous extremely toxic substance. I am stunned that more people have not died from this treatment.

    1. If you think that my description of the chemistry is “way off,” feel free to present your “correct” view. Ultimately, *results* confirm or disprove any assumption or presumption of efficacy. Opinions that are not corroborated by results are meaningless. Unfortunately, many “expert” opinions have no basis in reality.

      People are still talking about MMS for two reasons (1) STANDARD ANTAGONISTIC MEDICAL PRACTICES ARE SENDING PEOPLE TO PREMATURE SICKNESS AND DEATH as they “fight” disease, and (2) they are experiencing health improvements with MMS.

      If the first condition wasn’t the OVERWHELMING problem that it is, and if medical science was willing to acknowledge this travesty and correct itself, there would be no reason to discuss, consider, or use option 2.

      Your calling molecular oxygen a dangerous, extremely toxic substance is laughable. Try taking a breath that had NO molecular oxygen, and see how long you’d live. Consider that EVERY person who has chronic or degenerative disease is ACIDIC inside, meaning oxygen availability is deficient/low. They are in danger of dying for the lack of oxygen, yet you criticize a process that gives them what they need, and has the beneficial results to support it.

      Your being “stunned” that more people haven’t died from the treatment is also disingenuous, because no deaths have been attributed to MMS use, yet death is the end result of numerous standard medical practices, for which the disease gets the blame. Your being “stunned” might be an indication that *your* understanding of what is actually helpful to people may need refreshing.

  2. Thank you, really appreciate your work on getting the word out about MMS/CLO2 and nature’s water. May the truth prevail!

    Regarding your mention of heavy metals/chemicals and their effect, I had the good fortune of meeting John Moore (former engineer who’d almost died of mercury poisoning) at a presentation on Wairoa’s zeolite in 2007. With Moore, my hubby and I discovered our hormone issues and my near-chronic fatigue/weight issues and husband’s various issues were because of mercury in our mouths which was blocking our oxygen uptake on the receptors. We started taking the Wairoa zeolite. At 4 months, I ‘woke up’, ie, my mind was working again and I began to lose weight.

    On retesting a few months later, the amounts were coming down. About 2 months before our final test with him, I learned about MMS and started using that instead of the zeolite (hubby continued with the zeolite). My amount of mercury and other heavy metals, as well as my husband’s (still on the zeolite), reached the lowest it could go. Moore said the remainder was in tissue that would take a long time to release. So I have my own proof that MMS removed heavy metals from my body. Now we use MMS and Results RNA’s zeolite, called ACZ. (Wairoa lost the use of the patent and the holder when to this company) and we see Lyn Hanshew MD who is an expert at removing heavy metals and did some of original testing on the zeolite and autism; we have yet to convince her to research the MMS!

    In 2008, I took care of an old miner (who had had significant mercury and lead exposure) who had Parkinson’s symptoms, particularly his hands would shake so much he couldn’t feed himself. I gave him zeolite or MMs and if he didn’t have either of those every day, the shaking would return.


    1. Badel Va.

      I do not understand why calling for “truth” to “prevail” doesn’t involve calling the solution what it is, a bleach.

      An unrelated question, why is “bound” in quotes?

      1. Your spurious use of the word “bleach” makes chlorinated water more harmful than MMS could ever be, given the THM’s that molecular chlorine produces. Is this “truth” not important to you?

  3. Laurie Rodgers

    I could not find any reference to the upcoming trial on the Internet provided by standard news media or any other link except yours. Why is this not news. Why is there no mention of this trial on the Internet ? I also did a lot of research on MMS about 6-8 months ago. I went to revisit some of the information on the net and it seems there is very little in comparison to before. Why I wonder is this being sensors by search engines? That is what it seems like. Where are we headed as a society who relays on the Internet to provide the “truth” if we do not have free access. This is disconcerting at the very least and quite alarming to me. I feel manipulated by the powers that be and I don’t like it. Thanks for your article as I am a believer in MMS and the right to hovern our own bodies.

    Thank you.. LR

  4. artemisandangelio

    You’re providing a wonderful service to mankind, Adam. Thank you! Just imagine if the FDA loses its case; and the news wasn’t censored by the world’s media and actually reached all parts of the world. What a boost it will provide to people’s health! But even after winning the case, the next obstacle could be the (controlled) media. Will they actually report something, which benefits mankind, in place of the usual bad news?

  5. Bruce

    Truly excellent article, wonderful videos and links. Truly a shame that Jim Humble can’t appreciate your yeowmanlike work on communicating the power and benefits of “CD.”

  6. HI There Adam, thanks for this great article, there are a couple of refs. missing, but I am writing about something else. Please look up a UK company called TRISTEL SOLUTIONS. they are the biggest supplier go health goods to UK Health Service and Trestle is the name for MMS, Chlorine dioxide. They say they use it cos it is the safest producr to use safely with the old and young and vulnerable. There is a chapter Its the last one in my book and its about this company and NHS. Big Love, Ann


  7. Kel

    Great words Adam … thank you! Well reasoned, logical and a good dose of passion.

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