The Healing Code: Part II

My copy of The Healing Code is well used now.

I finished reading The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue, by Alex Loyd, PhD, N.D., and Ben Johnson, M.D., D.O., N.M.D. While Part II is much shorter than Part I, it enables you to put this amazing information resource to use in your own life.

I make a point to include all of the initials that go after the authors’ names, including “M.D.” for the co-author, to show that people who have initials after their names can also give you beneficial information in spite of their formal training that may go to the contrary.

Dr. Johnson’s co-authorship of The Healing Code comes as a result of the truth of personal experience speaking louder than all the false theories and “laws” of pharmaceutical medicine that had been drummed into his head. This is a truth he could not deny once he made the choice to embrace it, because it literally involved the choice of whether he would listen to what conventional medicine told him, or heal himself, in his case, of A.L.S., which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. He chose the latter path.

Even today, the Medical Industrial Complex asserts that it has no “cure” for this condition, yet people still go to doctors and take their suggestions, and pay their rates, to treat it.

As long as the Medical Industrial Complex insists on using methods that cause a further degradation in the bio-electrical conductivity and movement, there will never be a “medical cure” as in what might normally be expected if you are treated by a doctor.  When disease gets chronic and degenerative, the availability of stable, “negative ions” in one’s internal biosphere will already have been compromised.

Orthodox medicine not having a suitable treatment for A.L.S. was a moot point since “cure” is a legal instrument anyway. What one should actually be seeking is to heal, which is a human province. Dr. Johnson did that.

Dr. Ben Johnson, co-author The Healing Code

As such, according to his biography, in 2004 Dr. Johnson resigned as director of the Immune Recovery Center, in Atlanta, Georgia to work full-time with The Healing Codes, lecturing around the world and explaining the biophysics of why and how they work, so his medical training was not “all for naught.” His voice effectively adds a well-grounded medical and “scientific” foundation to the book.

‘Inner Resistance to Self-Benefit’ Anyone?

Part II of The Healing Code describes the protocol itself, which in and of itself, is very simple. The hardest part of using The Healing Code is in working past one’s own inner resistance to self-benefit. How it shows up will be unique to each individual. If you have any resistance to fully experiencing the best, most wonderful change in your life that you imagine, then you will find a way to dismiss or otherwise call into question, the efficacy of this, or any other method that might benefit you.

My copy of The Healing Code is well highlighted.
My copy of The Healing Code is well highlighted.

Before I go any further, let me be clear that The Healing Code isn’t, in my opinion, THE ONLY WAY that healing can be achieved. There are other ways, many other ways, in fact. This is because, if healing is going to happen, The Healer Is, has always been, and will always be you. What you are seeking is the method that works for you, knowing that you are the one that actually holds the key.

Promoters of The Healing Code would say it is God that is the key. Promoters of MMS would say the key is MMS. Everyone with a product to sell will say that it is the key to affecting whatever the FDA has told them they could say. In other words, the credit is rarely attributed to the human being.

If death comes at the end of a “battle” with a dreaded disease where conventional medicine was given, the disease would be blamed. The contribution that the treatment may have made to the patient’s eventual demise to that would not be examined. The initial cause that brought on the disease would never be explored.

Yankee legend, Lou Gehrig in his prime.

By tagging A.L.S. with baseball legend Lou Gehrig (1903-1941), it is easy to assume that the best, smartest medical minds have researched this disease condition, and simply have not been able to discover the “cure” yet.

On the other hand, after making this correction (I had a picture of Joe DiMaggio up, as though he had A.L.S.), Gehrig’s death may not be as “mysterious” as first thought, given the Man that he was, the times that he lived in, and the “controlling elements” of human perception that were active at the time.

I’ll leave it at that.

Lou Gehrig was a standout human being, not just a baseball player.

In this day and age, medical research is directed everywhere except (1) how disease pathologies actually evolve, and (2) what abilities, if any, may exist within the individual to mitigate and rectify the condition. Any actual advancement made with medicine would be reason for the institution to claim that it helped make the symptoms go away. However, you are the only one that can remove any and all resistance to your healing. As such, The Healer is YOU.

How you remove inner resistance to self-benefit also falls in the “easier said than done” category. In truth, it’s actually easier done than said. However, it begins by realizing that we may not have consciously established the elements that make up our inner resistance to self-benefit, but we do maintain them, whatever they may happen to be.

That is, until we let them go.

The Healing Code is a great way to facilitate such inner change, and self work. The only thing you need is willingness to be your loving self, which also means to be true and embrace truth. It means to see beyond surface appearances and know the core, which is rarely seen at first glance.

The Components

The Healing Code is made up of several components, which include:

  • A “Prayer” wherein you describe the issue of the heart that is the cause of your concern (conflict) and ask God to fill it with “His” light, life, and energy.
  • A series of hand positions that are directed at four healing centers around the head.
  • Mental visualization of the resolved condition or situation.

The Prayer

Some people have an issue with the word “prayer.” I have been one such individual. It is as treated like a pitiful plea to God to give you something, not knowing that it is already ours, has already been given. God can’t give you knowledge, or the understanding and wisdom of how to use it. Otherwise, what is the point of being here?

If you have an issue with “prayer,” for whatever reason that make sense to you, it decreases the likelihood that you will use it for your own behalf.

Yet, you are using “prayer” in the unconscious, negative, destructive sense, all the time.

It takes a conscious choice, and loving reason to use prayer to positive benefit.

That being said, the act of “praying” tends to imply a petition being made to a disconnected, distracted, or disinterested Source (God) that hasn’t been very  may be “motivated” to act on our behalf in the 11th hour. Even then it’s a crap shoot.

This is what science and religions have “helped” the public to understand. God isn’t “watching,” and isn’t going to be of any help, so you might as well listen to what lawmakers, drug peddlers, and “holy men” tell you about who you are and what you should fear.

Given this perceived disconnect — science still asks if we’re alone in the universe while proclaiming that technological man is the most “advanced” on the planet — and God’s distractedness — perhaps He’s being wooed by celestial lobbyists? — “good” men conclude that they must take matters in their own hands in a world of sinful and wicked people. Technological man

They close off their hearts to love, the seat of their humanity, and presume that their safety, if not salvation, will come through the bearing and possible use of arms.

Problem is, one will never feel safe, or be at peace, through any instrument of harm.

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Some people don’t believe in God, and therefore, have an issue with “praying”. Some know that a Creative Power is behind all of creation, and yet have an issue with how to petition it for self-benefit, such as healing.

While Alex Loyd makes his Christian context relationship with God very clear, The Healing Code is not about anyone becoming a Christian, or accepting the author’s belief in Jesus. Yet, these factors can easily push an individual’s inner resistance to self-benefit button. Unto itself, this is not a bad thing. Indeed, if you decide that you won’t judge the words by the words alone, but by the intent behind them, then there’s reason to believe you are giving up your inner resistance to self-benefit and becoming your normal, superconductive self.

Loyd includes a statement that you can read, with a blank that allows you to specify the specific energetic (not physical) area that you want healed. You are free to speak it as it is written, or edit until your heart’s delight. If your intent (beneficial) is in alignment with your action (beneficial), you will experience a beneficial change.

The Healing Code Hand Positions

Another way of describing an experience using The Healing Code is meditation. Instead of sitting a stationary position, you sit, relaxed, in a position that allows you to use your hands as shown below. I will not go into each in depth. You should get the book for all the details. This is simply how I look when doing them.

You are pointing all of your fingers at a specific location. Imagine Divine energy streaming from each finger and thumb. It doesn’t matter whether you “believe in God” or not. Every human being can use the imagine to conceptualize a flow of energy, and actually feel something happen in the process.

The image above is called the “Main Bridge” position. There is also a “resting position” for each. Each position is to be held for a minimum of 30 seconds before going on to the next one.

Move hands down to the throat area of the Adam’s Apple, and let the energy flow.

Move the hands just off each “coast” of your jawline and let them receive The Flow.

Now move the hands to the temples and receive The Gift.

The authors recommend that these hand movements should be held a minimum of 30 seconds, and the Healing Code session itself take a minimum of six minutes.

My First Impressions

I’m only a few days into the practice, however, a few things have happened already that are worth noting.

Please note that I’ve left many details out, as it is not my intention to be an “authority” on The Healing Code, or to be a substitute for the book from the source. Indeed, there are many additional tools available, at additional cost, that you can get if you are so inclined. But what I read, and have subsequently experienced, is compelling enough to continue the practice.

Energy From My Fingers

Initially, when I placed my hands together in the first Main Bridge position, I didn’t feel anything different after reading the Prayer. Irrespective of my thoughts or opinions about “prayer,” the words that were selected and suggested in the book described what I want to see and experience fully enough for me to not take more time and energy to come up with new words to “fit” into “my” worldview.

After a minute or so of sitting there, quietly, I could sense what felt like a subtle flow coming from the direction of my hands, toward my head at the bridge of my nose.

It felt good!

I continued to sit and enjoy the sensation, which also seemed to expand as the energy continued to encompass my head.

I repeated the Prayer prior to moving my hands to the second position, the Adam’s Apple. The sensation continued.

It was unclear to me whether the book suggests saying the Prayer prior to each hand movement, but that is how I have chosen to do it.

The energy flow sensation continued with both the jaw and temple hand positions, leading me to want to blow my fingers like a cowboy might blow smoke from his six-shooter.

Except I hadn’t harmed anyone, intended or otherwise. Instead, I felt energized and blessed. This is not unusual for me, yet it was enhanced.

Early Signs of Beneficial Change

Welcome aboard!

With only a couple days of practice so far, there have been a number of notable changes. I have had more lucid dreams. Admittedly, some of them began before I started The Healing Code, but I am waking up remembering some pretty interesting experiences. This morning, for example, I spotted what might be considered a UFO-type craft in the sky, a two-toned affair of yellow and silver, ovaloid in shape, with short wing assemblies to stabilize as it traveled through the air. Right after I noticed the craft, it slowed down, changed its trajectory, circled around and then landed in front of me.

As the craft drew nearer I could see the pilot and co-pilot through the “windshield”… the color of their skin was orange.

If we continue giving ourselves reason to use different treatment standards based on skin color, or think that such differences override personal sovereignty, imagine how it’ll be when we have to factor in more colors, and even such variances as scales!

That didn’t bother me. When the door opened and steps extended for me to enter, I had no hesitation whatsoever. Interestingly, once on board, the interior along with the other passengers, looked quite conventional, as though we were on a flying “social mixer”.

I don’t recall ever having an experience like this, in a dream or otherwise.

Polarity Return to ‘Normal’

Another more tangible, if still somewhat esoteric for some, but meaningful change for me has to do with my body’s polarity.

Polarity is fundamental to an individual’s state of being. It indicates the predominant flow of energy through our being. There is a normal polarity state, and there is a “reversed” polarity state. Any kind of shock, trauma, or conflict, can upset or disrupt our normal polarity state, and healing cannot happen until normalcy is restored.

Several months ago I visited Keith Smith, an Irridologist/Herbalist in Escondido, California, who I interviewed a few years ago, and first learned of chronic reversed polarity. This goes hand-in-hand with the chronic “fight-or-flight” state that is described so well in The Healing Code. Using muscle testing (applied kinesiology), he determined that my polarity was in a reversed state.

Anyone who has a chronic condition is likely also going to have reversed polarity. Everyone who is healthy will discover that their polarity is normal. Here’s a video that shows how you can check one’s polarity via muscle testing.

So while I am what might be called, a “healthy-eating omnivore,” my polarity has remained in a reversed state, that is, until The Healing Code.

That’s a great sign!

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  1. Sarah

    Sooo interesting about your polarity changing!! Thank you so much for sharing all that you have! 🙂

  2. Charlene

    New Age twaddle, thought up to steal ignorant people’s money. horse *&^%!
    LOL, the “dr” got it on a plane? LMFAO

    1. Unless you have put an ounce of effort in to understanding why there may be something to this, which your sarcastic comments clearly show you haven’t, you’re in no position to judge. Yet, you’re a perfect example of how delusional and closed minded much of society has become, which has been by design. Science, education, religion, and government have worked quite effectively to let you think what they tell you is all there is to know about a subject, and if they haven’t said it’s so, then it isn’t. This way, you’re more likely to take a pill, prescription, or get the vaccine that your doctor tells you is “right” for you simply because they say so, although it will actually do your body and mind harm, and ridicule an author’s work where he healed himself and have helped others heal, without harm to anyone, even you. You can’t imagine yourself being that powerful, and that the public has been scammed that profoundly by trusted institutions, yet, the latter approach, which involves consciously, earnestly, and with humility, asking for healing and directing that energy through, and toward yourself, is reason for your fuckin’ ass to fall off from your laughter.

      When your body starts falling apart, keep taking the “real” doctor’s koolaid… until you see.

      I don’t even expect you to “get” what I’m saying here… at least not now… but others will, as will you… eventually, when you wake the fuck up.

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