Mislabeled "Non-GMO" Corn Chips Not Priority to FDA

This is OK by the FDA.

It is not a pleasant task to “call out” government agencies, or law enforcement, medical science and politicians as disingenuous practices, but not doing so means that there’s a chance that fewer people will notice, or they will think that we’re not seeing what they’re doing, and even worse, that we don’t care.

For all the concern and judgment over the chaos that has happened in Ferguson, Missouri, the “good” news is that people on both sides of the debate actually care about their communities, and the society in which they live. Someone has definitely wanted to see it get worse, but that didn’t happen. If hatred (fear) and “lawlessness” were really as deeply ingrained as some bureaucrats would like us to think it is, they would have had all they needed to try to lock everything down, which it appears they have been preparing, for some time, to try to do.

I say “try,” because the population is actually too large to submit to an overt action like that. There is sufficient unity by all that it would not succeed. That’s why they try to bate people into random voluntary acts of stupidity.

I love the decision made by Chief Steve Anderson of the Nashville Police Department. When protesters took to the street in Nashville, his department’s response was to greet them with hot chocolate and bottled water! He made it clear, not just that night, but right after unrest first broke out in Ferguson, that if it spread to Nashville, citizen rights would be respected! If I would a police officer or a citizen in Nashville, I’d be pretty proud of my department right now.


A shut-down effort would require that government officials have enough compliance from law enforcement, military people and mercenaries, and from a vaccine drugged, chemtrailed, fluoridated, mind-controlled population, for people to see themselves as immature, powerless children, needing militarized, gun-toting bullies to come in and “force the peace.”

One’s indignation to tyranny shouldn’t be limited to when one of “one’s own people” has been victimized. It must be colorblind, neutral to ethnicity, gender, economic or political flavor. Innocence must remain presumed unless and until “guilt” is proven. Tyranny knows no color, nation, or border. It speaks no specific language and it speaks all languages. Some people may simply recognize it faster than others.

When I go out, whether it is to the supermarket or around town, the people who I have encountered have been friendlier, kinder, more willing to look a stranger in the eye, not with fear, but with a smile. The news isn’t all “bad.”

For some, perhaps these times are serving as a catalyst and invitation to take an earnest look inside, getting in touch with the power of the mind, and more importantly, the human heart.

The picture above is from a story, published October 2014 at, about Xochitl (pronounced “so-cheel”) brand corn chips.

In the picture below, you can get a better view.

A great natural product.

You can see that they use sea salt, and describe the product as “All Natural,” free of “preservatives,” “cholesterol,” “trans fats”, “gluten,” and “GMOs”. This product is for the conscientious buyer. The word “Organic” is visible on the package. Looks like a conscientious company is behind it, that you can buy with confidence.

That would be very well if it were true.

An extensive analysis was conducted of over 80 different processed foods with corn or soy ingredients for GE (genetically engineered) DNA. The organization tested popular breakfast cereals, bars, corn chips, corn tortillas, baking mixes and flours, meat substitutes, soy “dairy” products, and tofu/tempeh products.

One objective of the test was to see just how true the labeling actually was, with respect to the presence of GE DNA. These were the criteria and their conclusions:

  • NATURAL – not meaningful
    While many consumers believe that the Natural label on a product means that it contains no GE ingredients, this label actually has no meaningful definition for processed foods and is not
  • GENERAL NO-GMO CLAIMS – somewhat meaningful
    Consumers may encounter products that make an uncertified Non-GMO claim. These general claims are made by the manufacturer and there are no required standards or required independent third-party verification. There is no threshold the manufacturer must meet for GE content and there is no required testing.
  • ORGANIC – meaningful
    The USDA Organic seal is permitted on products that follow USDA guidelines and are verified by third-party certifiers. The organic program does not permit the use of GE crops and documents lack of use through process inspection, but regular verification testing of GE content is not required
  • NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED – highly meaningful
    The Non-GMO Project is an independent third-party that certifies products contain no more than 0.9% GMOs as Non-GMO Project Verified. In order to use this seal, the certification must be validated by tracing ingredient sourcing and genetic testing when applicable .

You can download the entire report and review by clicking this link. I call it to your attention because is a clear example of a company that mislabeled its products and placed them in consumer market place. Not only was the intent to fraud evidence, but the actual fraud was perpetrated.

The company is apparently going through certification, so as to never allow this to happen again. However, it would have continued if they hadn’t been caught.

Do you, for one second, imagine this “watchdog” report may have been produced by the FDA?

Of course not!

It was produced by Consumer Reports Food Safety and Sustainability Center. While it appears that “hell” may be getting closer to “freezing over,” the FDA has shown no inclination to involve itself and personnel in this kind of activity, which is in the public interest.

The government agency doesn’t see anything wrong with GMOs, has been less than indifferent about labeling, and has been more occupied trying to make criminals out of individuals who see the indifference to human suffering such as one known as LOUIS DANIEL SMITH for his role in making “MMS” — a novel, non-toxic “electrolytic booster” that is used in minute doses –available to people whose body’s had become bio-electrical wastelands.

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The agency champions and approves the use of thousands of chemicals that, when used by licensed medical people, further decimate the patient’s bio-electrical systems.

From Healing is Voltage: The Handbook, by Jerry Tennant, M.D.

Fungus and Disease — just as leaves and dead animals are destroyed by fungus as the voltage falls, so the human is filled with fungus. As long as the human’s voltage is normal, the fungus is dormant. However, if hypothyroidism, dental infections, lack of stomach acid, and toxins such as fluoride, chlorine, aspartame, Splenda, MSG, antibiotics, and many others that are in our food supply and environment drop our voltage, the fungus wakes up and begins to do what fungus is designed to do. It destroys our cells. (pg 534.)

The FDA’s ability to operate on behalf of the public’s interest is impaired by the narrow and clear bias of its scientific and corporate ethos. Medical practice has failed to incorporate understandings that would, if acknowledged, cause an immediate cessation of such staple practices as vaccines, chemotherapy, blood thinners, steroids, opiods, NSAIDs, and more. Simply put, any method that would lower voltage (in an already low voltage condition), and exacerbate an aberrant microbial or mineral condition, would be stopped, and the opposite tack would be taken.

Corporate investor types concerned about lower stock prices and market share, could console themselves in the realization that new approaches would emerge, many of which had been suppressed by the “old guard” for too long in the first place.

It is possible to have “win/win” outcomes, where all parties are happy, rather than the “lose/lose” norm of today, where all parties are unhappily pointing fingers when they’re not pulling triggers.

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  1. artemisandangelio

    Perhaps the only way to change the FDA is for all the Executives to have a near Death Experience in which they learn about the suffering and harm, which they are causing, and what lies in store for them if they don’t stop the rot. But then, I suppose they would all be fired on their return to work for upsetting the corporate apple cart.

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