The Role of Truth in a Corporatocracy

Meet NP001 (Sodium Chlorite)

The Chlorite Matrix (ion) with the minus sign.
The Chlorite Matrix (ion) with the minus sign.

[NOTE: This is one in an ongoing series of articles that refer to a landmark trial that will commence March 3, 2014 in Spokane, Washington when the Department of Justice brings its case against Daniel Smith, whose now-defunct company, Project Green Life, sold the product known as “MMS”.]

I can see how the Dept of Justice and FDA figure they can use the “justice system” along with worldwide media to railroad MMS, the Miracle (Master) Mineral Supplement (Solution), their real target, with LOUIS DANIEL SMITH, ET AL as corporate collateral damage, into the pantheon of “outlaw remedies.”

The agencies must be feeling like the baseball manager at the end of a long game.


It’s the bottom of the ninth inning and the home team has the bases loaded, the cleanup batter is on deck. The opposing team has but one main player, a pitcher. They have a couple of infielders and no one in the outfield. Even the umpires’ first responsibility is to the league! They accept evidence only if the league has told them it is acceptable, and must reject what their own common sense shows them is plausible or true.

The manager’s team owner has spent $10’s of millions to “prosecute” the game. The opponent $10’s of thousands to defend himself in a game he has been forced into playing. The unfairness in this scenario is not only in the disparity in numbers and use of force, but in the liberties that prosecution’s team are allowed take with truth in order to “win.”

Furthermore, history shows that each time the alphabet team “wins,” the public loses… its health, money, liberty, and lives as the rate of misery, fear, and disease goes up.

Has anyone noticed?

Let’s face it, the FDA has a lot going for it. First, it has a long history of forcefully doing such things against the people it is apparently supposed to serve. Beyond that, the fictionalized allegations that the agency comes up with in order to “go after” interlopers need not be triggered by any real harm having been done (by defendants), or truth being told on the agency’s part. Since they’re making everything up as they go, from the “laws” and “crimes,” even to the assumed state of the minds of the accused, how can they go wrong?

Well, they can, because it’s all wrong, and has been that way for too long.

Truth is as precious as it is rare

One difference today is that we have an unprecedented, and unusurpable ability to actually discover the truth, know the truth, say the truth, honor the truth, and spread the truth, making truth a factor in any allegation that is made, whether by Daniel Smith, the Department of Justice/FDA, or anyone else. However, if you believe that truth isn’t important in such matters, and do nothing (when you can), or remain silent, what “message” does that send to the agencies, who are?

If truth isn’t important enough to you now to demand it in the case of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION vs. LOUIS DANIEL SMITH ET. AL., and not be swayed by untruth, since it’s just LOUIS DANIEL SMITH whose LEGAL FICTION “NECK” is on the line, would you want it if your LEGAL FICTION ENTITY’s account was being charged by some agency of the Corporatocracy?

Perhaps the terminology used in the previous paragraph sounds like mumbo jumbo, and if it does, so be it. We can safely assume that not many people are reading or caring, and fewer still will understand or care about what this stuff means. But that would be okay by me. I have at least not sit idly by and let these thoughts go unsaid when their light shines so brightly.

On the other hand, I could be wrong. There could be many more reading this than either I or the D of J/FDA realize. Even if the visits to this site are modest, I know… the I that AM a conscious, living, and loving BEING, KNOW that these words, thoughts, ideas, actually touch a resonant place in every human Soul, whether they are reading this or not… even the apparently soulless people who are prosecuting this case.

I can’t speak to their soul status; I only speak to appearances; only they know for sure. They’re only doing their thankless, joyless, jobs, trying to make a name for themselves and please a soulless master, which itself is an unattainable goal. Money has no soul. When humanity is set aside for money, or status and privilege based on its exchange, then we set aside our own inner freedom and become slaves.

Truth would make them free too.

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Truth: What You Get Depends on Where You Look

Years ago when we were more heavily involved in the discourse about MMS, Daniel Smith spent a great amount of time and energy attempting to enter factual information into the Miracle Mineral Supplement entry in Wikipedia, which due to its early mastery of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, often appeared at or near the top of the page on virtually any subject search.

He failed.

A visit to the Miracle Mineral Supplement page on Wikipedia shows that the mis-characterizations about what MMS is remains unchanged to this day. Cross-reference updates, to build the perception of fraud and scientific charlatanism, extend to the end of 2012. The perception of MMS being a “toxic solution of 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water” that can cause acute renal failure, remains. Try as he might, Daniel went back and forth with anonymous editors at Wikipedia, attempting to simply take the bias out and present the product as it is, rooted in scientific fact.

He failed at that too.

The Morphology of NP001

I bring this up now after being informed of a “drug” that contains sodium chlorite as its active ingredient, or perhaps is it. NP001 is its designation, and it is known and written about in such publications as the British Medical Journal, media outlets like ABC News. The major thrust of evaluation of NP001 has been the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), but it has also been deemed promising for multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease (ALZ), and Parkinson’s (PARK).

Similar to chlorite-based WF10, for which a patent was awarded to Dr. Frederick Kuhne, NP001 was given “Orphan Drug” designation August 22, 2011 for slowing the progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a year after their infamous “MMS is Bleach” consumer advisory (See FDA database entry). The sponsor was Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals, of Palo Alto, CA. (Hence, the “NP”.)

However, NP001 was not granted “FDA Orphan Approval” status. A patent for NP001 was granted on September 12, 2006 (follow link), for “Treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS); decreasing blood immune cell activation.” The “invention,” as they call it, was made with government support under Federal Grant No. U01-CA66529 by the NIH, a quasi-government sibling of the FDA.

Now look at the Wikipedia entry on Sodium Chlorite.

Do you see a pattern here?

Notice how the description and tone differs between the two entries?

Do you see usurpation here?

This is a highjacking. The FDA took a well-known chemical compound from the public domain by calling it an “orphan drug” to bring it into their territory, and under their self-proclaimed jurisdiction. All after the start of the MMS debacle.

And yet, in spite of equating MMS sodium chlorite as “bleach” in the Miracle Mineral Supplement Wikipedia entry, medical evidence of benefit, no matter how narrow it is framed, exists in the sodium chlorite entry. They even mention NP001.

Sodium chlorite, and how to make it, has been known for over 200 years. Now it is termed an “invention” funded by the federal government to be classified as a “drug”?

With all that, the agency still withholds its much valued “approval” status from this “orphan”. Gave it a home, or put it under house arrest, still a bastard in the agency’s eye.

Where is truth? Who will demand truth from the Corporocrats who will tell you anything just to get their way?

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  1. Wendy

    Hello I wanted to know where you get your MMS??

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    1. Thank you Mandarina! 🙂 Stay positive yourself.

  3. Kel

    Hi Adam,

    Brilliant and insightful synopsis. The travesty and unjust treatment against Daniel, and indeed humanity, by the political machine and bureaucrats involved is just shameful. The clear focus on monetary gain to the detriment humanity is a shocking reality.


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