European Adventure Epilogue: Etheric Science of Life

It’s been a week since I returned home from an amazing month in Europe, which yet feeds me with the warm impression of a wonderful dream. People, places, relationships started and strengthened. Ideas shared and amplified. All the terms apply.

Train station at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, 3:00 am.

For all the chaos broadcast on the airwaves, I am grateful to possess the harmonic memories that will forever be mine. Some memories can last forever, as they become part of you. Others can be forgotten. I have encountered a few forgettable memories since returning home as well, but that is another story.  🙂

While I will include a few of the hundreds of images that I captured during my travels, the subject of this post is a far more sobering one, at least at first glance.

We walked this path to visit a chapel in Marciac, France. Notice the patch of yellow on the roadside.

I finally finished reading Trevor James Constable’s book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power behind UFOs.

Breakfast reading @ Heathrow airport cafe before a 15 hour journey back home.

In much the same way that I sometimes find it a challenge with respect to how to share voluminous, disparate and diverse “packets” of information, I also grapple with how and where to start. I will begin, however, by simply declaring that if you’re looking to deepen and expand your understanding of life as it is, this information dense book, unto itself, is a must read.

The most significant elements of The Cosmic Pulse of Life are:

  • That the term “UFO’s” is not limited to encounters with “space people.” It also encompasses life that might best be termed sentient and non-sentient forms. In other words, there exist space animals too. Some of them are as large as, and larger than what we generally imagine space ships to be.
  • All life is intelligent, but all is not sentient. Humans are sentient lifeforms (if not always intelligent). I’m going to venture a guess that fish are not. Our conversations about UFO’s have only been entertained in the context of potential encounters with sentient, humanoid or human-like life, which has left us unprepared to recognize or acknowledge a part of the Matrix that has, in essence, been “hiding” in plain (infrared) sight.
  • These “UFO’s”, both sentient and non-sentient, exist in a physical state that is detectable through infrared imaging, but photography and video, even though they may be invisible in the visual spectrum. They have always been here. They are naturally pleomorphic, able to dramatically and instantly change their size and shape at will. They are also able to make themselves visible in the visual spectrum, as well as disappear, at will. They are capable of traveling at very high speeds, and appear to defy currently understood “laws” of physics (e.g., momentum, inertia, etc.). He refers to these non-sentient lifeforms as “critters.”
  • The physical state in which these sentient and non-sentient lifeforms exist is termed etheric. It is as physically real as our known world is, if not more so. One difference between the molecular constitutions of each, is density, as evinced by the amount of space between an atom’s proton/nucleus and orbiting electron(s). It is apparent that the etheric atom has less space between its subatomic elements, making it is more dense than the physical realm of the visual spectrum. This also allows for and explains why interpenetration of “physical” barriers by etheric beings (including “ghosts” would be expected.
  • Every human being possessing a physical form is a sentient and also an etheric being. Each has a body that is comprised of “physical” (i.e., wide atomic spacing) and etheric (dense atomic spacing) matter. We have grown accustomed to acting as though the latter body does not exist. Science ignores it. Religions laden it with dogma. Yet, the etheric body is both the organizing and animating principle behind the familiar physical body. It both holds and is the original life pattern of the Grand Cosmic Being (you), and cannot be destroyed. Denial of this fundamental truth in Western Science fuels the persistent fear of “death,” as well as the inane “question” of whether we are “alone” in the universe, or are “accidental” products of linear evolutionary chance.

Take a breath and enjoy a picture.

Sunflower field beside the Chapel road, Marciac, France.

Constable asserts that an entire scientific cosmology exists that is inclusive of, and beyond the boundaries of current material-based science. He refers to is as etheric physics, the foundation of which are four ethers.

  1. Heat
  2. Light
  3. Chemistry
  4. Life

Each higher is implicitly imbued with the one(s) below.

This life-based science was thoroughly elucidated by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), and demonstrated by pioneers in radionics as Dr. Albert Abrams (1863-1924) and Dr. Ruth Drown (1892-1963), and confirmed in principle by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957).

Approaching Lourdes is like visiting the magic kingdom.

If you do follow-up searches on these individuals, don’t be surprised to find a fair number of articles and sites devoted to discrediting their work.

Touching the Primary water at Lourdes
The water of Lourdes is revered. We believe in miracles when its simply primary.

The biological etheric lifeforms that Constable presents, with ample photographic and video evidence, changes our way of viewing life. Even if we cannot “see” one of these “critters” or etheric craft, accepting that they are, and have always been present begins the mind, and eye opening that humanity has postponed for too long.

Beautiful Amsterdam. With my big camera locked in my bags, I took this with my iPhone en route (on foot) to my hotel.

I first learned of radionics several years ago, starting with The Secret Art: A Brief History of Radionic Technology for the Creative Individual, by Duncan Laurie, which was promptly followed up by other titles, such as Report on Radionics, by Edward Russell. I wrote about a device developed by George de la Warr in 1950 from this very same book.

Constable describes how it is possible to transmit audible messages to specific locations and to the cerebral cortex of individuals using the etheric, or primary energy field, also referred to as the Plenum. It would be like hearing disembodied voices.

Is it the canal, the water, or the light that beckons?

Orthodox science, perhaps famously, Albert Einstein, officially dismissed the ethers so long ago. A person claiming to “hear voices in their head” would find an entire phalanx of “professionals” who would label them as schizophrenic and candidates for medication.

Nikola Tesla demonstrated that electrical energy could be transmitted without wires nearly 100 years ago. Sound is simply another form of energy.

Imagine the “games” that can be played on the populations when a few people understand the unlimited, non-linear, non-local, abundant directability of energy, and the masses are taught such things are impossible.

Constant movement, yet a stable calm, are the canals of Amsterdam.

Constable’s discoveries, which remain obscure to the general public, reveal once again a doorway to human understanding about Life that has been present and available since the beginning of time, but human consciousness has been systematically turned away, by the “education” system, science and technology, medicine, and through the social control and engineering movements in the form of monarchies, oligarchies, religions, and governments.

Canals carry the vibrant energy of life throughout the center of Amsterdam.

These are the forces that have proffered the idea that the use of force, via guns, bombs, and other forms of antagonistic, destructive initiative, are the only ways to respond to the challenges and opportunities of being human.

Humans are constantly being inveigled into doing the work of the nether forces because they simply do not know such forces exist, let alone how they work into and upon earth life… Avarice is the main agency by which humans are seduced away from life-positive work and thought. Incomprehension of spiritual forces and the institutionalized denigration of the spirit in formal education, make humanity pitifully vulnerable to dehumanizing, life-negative and destructive trends. — James Trevor Constable

What we don’t understand is twofold:

  1. How we hurt ourselves by being duped into destructive, fear-based conventions and initiatives
  2. How we setback our own liberation from the very limitations that we seek to overcome

One could say that the Earth reality is all an illusion, and they would be correct. However, it is an illusion of our own creation, a fact that we have, for various reasons, forgotten. In the process, we have forgotten that love is the only liberator, and it must be chosen by each of us to liberate ourselves.

Welcome and good-bye, as I'm heading home.
Welcome and good-bye, as I’m heading home.

Why love? Because it is the only true harmonizer and balancer of consciousness. Love aligns. Love brings together. Love amplifies and expands consciousness. Love brings Life into being, and is at the center of the life science that Constable reveals. Mathematics and technology do not determine ascension, nor evolution. The proclivity and courage to Love fuels both.

As it has always been, the choice, is indeed ours.

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