‘False Idols’ Among Us: The Gun

“Put your hands up, pardner!”

Another New Year is upon us. Let me add my voice to the chorus of well wishes for a more joyful, prosperous, harmonious, healthy, and enlightening era, from here on. There are many things that you and I can do to ensure it.

For this entry I wanted to delve further into the subject of false idols, for there are many. They persist in their ability to influence us because we don’t see them as such. Their “rightness,” “benefit,” or “necessity” appears to be so self-evident, they are not questioned. Indeed, proponents deem it preposterous to question such modern-day sacred cows.

Vaccinations and vaccines come to mind as examples.

Indeed, anyone who challenges them may likely themselves be questioned. However, today’s subject merits the stage by itself.

What makes a false idol false is the unquestioned belief in its “rightness,” “benefit,” or “necessity” when in fact, it is a facilitator of great harm. As such, they must be viewed with open mind and hence, unjaundiced, non-judmental eyes.

The picture above is one of yours truly, circa 1956, physical age approximately 5 times around the sun. A true “urban cowboy,” with holster, six-shooter, short pants, argyle socks and penny loafers.  It provides a clue to where we’re going.


The cuteness of the opening picture lies in something that is known, but not seen, and that is the innocence and harmlessness of the child pictured. That the child is me, is irrelevant. This could be any adorable little boy. By the wry smile on his face, it’s easy to tell – unless perhaps you’re a principal of a public school where common sense is rarely demonstrated – that he is no threat to do harm. He is clearly playing “make believe.” That he holds a gun, even a toy one, does not overshadow the feeling that this is play, and not “for real.” It is okay to remain at ease.

So much has changed since that time.

What is evident, but generally not considered in a photo like the one above, is how early in life the gun is inculcated into the matrix of social thought and behavior, becoming an integral part of American culture.

This is not surprising since the idea of guns and all of the associated history, are part of the field of consciousness that encircles the planet, and that so many human beings have had prior earth incarnations, which are part of their own Soul memory. We only assume that we have “one” life, when there’s growing evidence that we have many, with life being a continuum, not a phenomena that is “on,” and then “off.”

“Cowboys and Indians” was one of the “games” that I played while growing up, and guns were among the requisite props needed, along with bows and suction cup-tipped arrows.

When my son was born I was perplexed as to why, when he started drawing, there was a recurrent theme that included airplanes with machine guns and bombs, something like the image below.

Images of war appears in children’s art.

At the time, I couldn’t understand why Adam seemed so preoccupied with war in his drawings. I had no involvement with guns, nor war at that time. The answer seems clear today that these were Adam’s memories from his life experiences, which did not begin with his birth as my son. This video shows a family that had similar experiences, and learned quite a bit about the natural persistence of life and memory.

This also contributes to the notion that there is no real death. While there are many who await Jesus’ return to earth, it appears that we have been, and are doing it too. The insidiousness of certain religious and cultural practices of “excommunication” lies in our refusal to acknowledge that truth is knowable at any time, when we stop pretending that “death” is “the end” of life. It only represents the end of the incarnation, and even that need not be permanent.

We also made sling-shots and scooters (using steel roller skate trucks, a length of 2 x 4 wood and a milk crate), and graded roads in the dirt with popsicle sticks and drove rubber-molded that we bought at F.W. Woolworth, the local “Five & Dime store”.

This is similar to the scooters that I built during summers as a young boy.

The point is, while guns were part of the play milieu in my childhood, they were not the center of our life, even when several family members experienced sudden termination of incarnation via gun violence.

Yet, such events do make an impression, and it is not a positive one.

My first thoughts about this piece centered around a general overview of the false idols that have become unquestioned parts of our culture, and hence, their actual benefit or harm not challenged. As a tool and instrument that is, by intent and design, designed to do harm, there was no way that I could be “brief” about the gun.

To begin, let me offer this disclaimer and clarify that I am gun neutral. I am neither for them, nor against them. I do not see the gun or its proliferation as the cause of our social problems, nor do it see its limitation and curtailment as the solution. Guns are an indication of a state of consciousness that sees “evil” as a likelihood, and power to oppose it being conferred through some form of externalized objectification. Guns are that objectification of one’s will to protect one’s self.

On the other hand, they are also an objectification of one’s fear. The gun owner’s fear is so great that they do not feel “safe” without it. As such, they have no peace within.

These are the same psychological dynamics that are at work with the NSA, which is also driven by fear, which can never be satisfied irrespective of how much information they gather, or freedoms they attempt to abridge. Fear is a state of being disruption, discomfort, mistrust, deception, and joy unfulfilled. The only way it is resolved, is by that which is missing, which is love, harmony, peace, safety, joy, and truth.

The solution that neither 2nd Amendment nor gun control advocates seek, is a change in consciousness that make turning to a gun unthinkable as a way or means to achieve an objective or resolve a disagreement. This is the epitome of scarcity thinking when we live in a richly abundant universe. Knowing this is the first step toward living a richly abundant life.

This change in consciousness takes courage, because those who want the change must actually walk the path, thereby knowing and then showing the way. This is how new realities are formed. They learn that the inner harmonious state that wells up within them simply draws like experiences. This is the Law of Resonance at work.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for Thou art with me. Thy rod and staff (not Smith and Wesson), they comfort me. — Psalms 23:4 (KJV)

Though I have no religious affiliation, this statement contains deep personal meaning. The passage begins with “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” This “Lord,” which delivers the consciousness from “want,” does so by restoring a conscious, functional connection to the Soul, which is the Grand Cosmic Being referred to in Chapter 3 of the Door of Everything.

Sewing the seeds of falsehood: the gun is presumed to be the indispensable agent.

We are the “cause” of our problems, and we are the solution. Stated another way, when we are fearful we create problems for ourselves. When we are loving, we create solutions.

As such, guns are, in my opinion, a tangible symbol and instrument of the owner or operator’s fear, which we have hyped, romanticized, glamorized, and made heroic.

Movies and TV programs give the impression that there’s no consequence to gun use.

The problems that this creates are manifold, starting with a growing sense that in order for one to be “safe,” one or more guns is necessary, if not beneficial. This is thought to be common wisdom in spite of the fact that no lasting good happens through either the threat, or use of guns. Furthermore, as more guns are used, fears (of the owners or operators) will increase, leading to a sense that more guns are needed.

Video game gun violence.
Video games paint vivid images that an unconscious, gun-ruled world is inevitable.

It is a downward arcing spiral of ever-increasing entropy. Entropy describes a disruptive, disorganizing quality of energy, in contrast to fractality, which is an upward arcing, harmonizing, organizing and coherent state and quality.

Guns and “physical” conflict remain active components in films of future worlds.

For all of the glorification and attempts to popularize the act of owning or carrying a gun, doing so heightens anxiety and stress. Having a gun in one’s home makes one more vigilant and tense, not less. It doesn’t set one at greater ease. In fact, it does the opposite, as the likelihood of using the instrument, is increased.

Why this is so goes directly to how experiences evolve. They begin with belief, about what is possible, and impossible. That belief influences the thoughts that we are responsive to (the mind is a limitless fountain of thoughts on any subject), the words that we speak, the meaning that we place on others observed experiences (e.g., a crime seen on TV), and thinking one is susceptible, the actions that he eventually takes.

Once the firearm is acquired, the visualization cycle begins anew, except that it is stepped up a level, as thoughts of actually being in situations where the choice of whether to use the firearm must be made, will proliferate.

Taken from the context that each individual is the creator of his or her experience, and shared experiences between individuals form through resonance, much like magnets of opposite poles will attract, it is only reasonable that people who choose to own, and/or carry a gun, or simply believe that such “protection” is needed, are more likely to have experiences that support the belief.

However, acting on fearful beliefs doesn’t make one safer. True safety is an inner journey. Both owning and opposing guns are external activities, with fear being the common thread.

Where fear is present or active, courage is set aside. There is no courage involved in the carrying or use of a gun. There will also be no increase in one’s self-understanding, nor inner peace. That is why guns are, in my estimation, false idols.

Children will create a future according to what is “normal” to them now.

The public has so thoroughly bought, or not questioned the primacy of the gun as tool for settling differences, that remote “enforcement” schemes using drone technology, became an expected escalation of the same mindset. Drones are just guns on wings that increase misery and enmity.

False idols all.

Drone pilot at the remote controls.
Video game expertise turns into profession for drone pilot.

In the video below, Senator Ted Cruz (R. Texas), asks Attorney General Eric Holder, for his legal opinion on the Constitutionality of killing American citizens on American soil via drone strike without due process, as has been done on foreign soil.


This is an indicator of just how deep the thinking that supports “dispute resolution by gun” has gone. Not only have Americans been targeted and physically eliminated without benefit of any constitutional or popular mandate, but the practice has been going on abroad for several years.

The United States defends its drone policy, which may violate International Law, but absolutely violates common sense if “making the world safer” is one’s true goal. (See article.)

He may look like the villain, but other factions are pulling his strings.

Clearly, a safer world isn’t the goal of those who run United States Corporation, for which Mr. Barack Obama is the Chief Executive Officer. The Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” as it is also called and is another false idol that we’ll discuss at another time, is not part of any “legacy” instigated by Mr. Obama. It is part of a greater Agenda brought on the people of America and the world by factions that are influential enough to control both political parties, alphabet agencies, the education, medical and media industries, and the banking system.

On the ground in Afghanistan means someone’s gonna die.

To this day, they are loaning the United States Corporation “money” to pay for the weapons and associated costs of war. The object is to keep you thinking that there is a need to fight “evil” forces, such as Al Qaeda, when in truth, they finance and equip them too.

Please recall on September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that the U.S. Military had “misplaced” $2.3 trillion (i.e., $2,300,000,000,000). They simply couldn’t find it.

With what happened the next day, there was no further discussion.

These factions — which do not constitute the whole of the government or the military — are the crisis instigators. Destabilization is their tool, facilitated through stress, disease, distraction, and fear.

Government policies that support providing arms and weapons to Syrian Rebels, or Al Qaeda, or drone strikes in Afghanistan or Pakistan, deforestation of rain forests, genetic engineering of foods, contamination of water supplies, and vaccination of people, show a commitment to chaos, destruction, and unrest rather than diplomacy and peace.

This is the wasteland that portions of Iraq was turned into by the U.S. and allied troops.

We invaded Iraq after the 9/11 event in 2001 and decimated the country, its economy, and its people. In the process, we built the largest U.S. Embassy in the world in Baghdad. Originally costing over $700 million, the 104-acre compound, described by some as palatial, received a $115 million upgrade in 2012. (See article.)

Someone wanted to establish a beachhead in Iraq and planned on maintaining a presence in the region for quite some time.

So a great amount of energy has been, and is being given to keep people “high” on guns and “low” on consciousness, in spite of the long and still growing list of sad events that people of the world has endured. We tell ourselves that events such as 9/11, Oklahoma City (1995), Sandy Hook (2012), Columbine, CO, gang violence, and others, are reasons to arm ourselves. Yet to arm one’s self with a gun is to seek something “outside”… an effect, and forego an opportunity to learn to know, build a relationship with, and trust the First Cause Within.

Do you think this father would rather teach his son astral projection if he knew how?

This does not mean idly doing nothing and expecting someone to turn you into a helpless victim. It means learning about, and getting to know who you are, and how you create experiences through your sense of what is possible, desirable, and probable. You can change your expectations any time. It happens when you choose to love, starting with Self.

We have come to expect calamity. We talk about trusting God, but when push comes to shove, we want to go with something more tangible, which for many, is the gun. We see the gun as a solution, although with it, we cause more problems.

Search results on Google for “guns”.

We have created the valley of the shadow of death, and now live within it. While this valley covers the width and breadth of America, it is not limited to her shores. Wherever false idols dominate a consciousness, death (which is another false idol) shall be nearby. It can’t help but be close, because it exists in the consciousness itself, in one’s “set” of mind, in the form of fear.

Can this gun shop owner really be pleased by brisk sales?

As gun sales rise, so does the fear, because some part of each fearful individual knows that they have increased the likelihood for some form of confrontation. Limiting guns through legislation is also fruitless, because it increases opposition and enmity, which are both expressions of fear and foreboding. 

With emotions whipped up into a frenzy, helped along by movies, documentaries, music, news reports and video games that put the player behind the gun and condition them to point and pull the trigger at other humans, zombies or aliens, companies like Sony (PlayStation), Nintendo, and Microsoft (XBox), are making a killing.

Video games now put you behind the gun in the middle of combat.

These practices also make “killing” of some form inevitable because growth in emotional maturity is stunted. Being quick to anger and slow to consider listening to another’s, much less respect, grievances, has become the observed “rule,” in spite of the simple, elegant common sense practice of treating people (doing unto others) the way you’d like to be treated.

Imagine all the young idealistic soldiers that wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the world by enlisting for military service, only to be trained and instructed to kill human beings because they (a) are “bad,” (b), want to kill you, or (c), are “terrorists.”

If we are in their countries, killing people and destroying things, then pray tell, what are we?

For all the sacrifices that veterans have made, there has been no let up in the preparation for further calamity and war. A great amount of belligerent chatter was directed toward Iran by a non-compliant Israel in 2013, which was ready to act unilaterally if need be, to keep Iran nuclear free.

On the other hand, Israel, showed no willingness to reduce its nuclear arsenal, as a gesture and example of peaceful desire and earnest intent. That’s because the desire and intent is for exactly what we were seeing; i.e., an escalation in the threat of more bloodshed.

This has become the predominant symbol of U.S. presence in some countries.

The United States Corporation fancies itself as the world’s “security” keeper or enforcer. The modus operandi of it and its allies, which include Israel and others who seem to prefer to remain in the shadows, is to spread insecurity and destabilization.

There is no true need for scarcity (nutritious food, energy), poverty, enmity, nor disease, except by the policies and practices that these false idols have chosen to embrace.

Example: Destruction of old growth forests, including the rain forest, which has contributed to the steady decline in global available atmospheric oxygen content. There is no scientific justification for this practice, except that it, along with other policies, helps foment disease, which the false idol medical industrial complex would be quick to offer a chemical-based remedy.

We are learning ways to increase not only the yields of foods grown, but the nutritional content (which has been co-opted by chemical spraying and genetic engineering), while decreasing the amount of water needed. These steps would help make life healthier, safer, and more abundant in foreign lands, and open the door for a form of economic growth that many have never known; i.e., tourism.

There are many beautiful places on Earth to discover.

Earth is a beautiful world whose brilliance has been sullied by factions that have little regard for humanity, other than to be used as a cheap, expendable labor pool, when in fact, each of us is a Divine Being and Lord of a Universe. You may not see or comprehend the universe that responds to you beyond your form, but there is definitely one that exists not just within, but as your form.

Only raised consciousness creates truly BENEFICIAL change.

As difficult as the English translation of his works can sometimes be, Grigori Grabavoi, the Russian seer, clairvoyant, writer, and engineer, presented a basic, fundamental idea that resonated as strongly to me as being true, as the phrase, “all men are created equal.” He pointed out that experiences do not occur “to us,” but through us.

Unlike some false idol factions that would paint (and treat) humanity like a parasite on the Earth, we are on the planet precisely because we have the power to directly impact the space/time continuum through the auspices of our own beingness, without mechanical or technological assistance. We are not the “Creators” of the Earth, which itself is a living being. However we are creators of the experiences that play out on the planet. They would not occur without us.

As we consciously and lovingly re-imagine our experiences on earth with each other, it will happen. No false idol or force can stop it.

We do it with imagination, another item that gets dismissed by public opinion makers, professional doubters and skeptics, but gets manipulated with through media, education, religions, music, and other entertainment avenues.

Imagination is the active organization of our thoughts and feelings, powered by desire, directed by intention, “sung” in our hearts, as it were, in the “key” of love, or fear. The factions behind the opinion makers would have you:

  • not know yourself
  • not trust yourself
  • not listen to your Inner Guidance
  • not know you have an Inner Guide to guide you
  • be in a perpetual state of confusion, uncertainty, or stress
  • be in a perpetual and increasing state of debt
  • blame someone else for your troubles
  • fear calamity
  • have too little and think you can’t do anything about it
  • trust them
  • do as they tell you

When — not “if” — enough people commit to affirming and respecting the life of all of humanity, not just some, each will choose to set aside their instruments of harm, and become beacons of harmony. 

Love, honesty, joy, kindness, forgiveness, and truth, not false idols, will set you free.

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6 Thoughts to “‘False Idols’ Among Us: The Gun”

  1. greg

    Adam, if the PTB know what you know about us returning to Earth, then why do they (Malthusians) cull the herd in the first place? Do you believe in Astro-theology? What do you know of Santos Bonacci?

    1. I can’t speak to what the PTB know about reincarnation. I do know that our culture has “believed” it out of any practical usefulness, which keeps the FEAR for our very existence, supported by Satan/hell/fire and brimstone ideas offered by religions, and constant conquest/war initiatives by nations, flowing. Humankind’s emotional maturity has suffered by their proclivity to further complicate life through negative entanglements. FEAR keeps the fearful weak, disconnected from everything that is truly beneficial, unwilling, and unaware.

      The culling of the population is the result of a level/state of consciousness that hasn’t taken moved beyond the thinking of the late 19th Century. Malthusian thought isn’t the only culprit. It is supported by a sense of separation that manifests as “superior/inferior,” “worthy/unworthy,” and “us/them” dialectics held by a very small group that, for many hundreds of years, have had the ability to influence the perceptions/beliefs of the majority of humanity. While the truth may be seen between incarnations, the being may very well re-enter at the same place of consciousness they were in at last departure. I don’t believe this is the case in ALL situations, but it may be the way things happen in general.

      The Malthusians have little to no regard for any group that is not thought to be “of their kind” or “station.” The onus is on each human being to awaken to, embrace, and EXPRESS his/her own equality, not in the external sense, but the INTERNAL, not the physical/material sense, but the energetic/spiritual. Reality is the result of a high level of AGREEMENT and RESONANCE to the idea that certain concepts are possible or impossible. To change the reality — for example, about normal lifespan, or whether we can bi-locate — we build self-understanding by expanding our consciousness, and then open new doors of possibility. As there is more AGREEMENT in, and RESONANCE WITH the new abilities, they will become commonplace.

      I believe that we’re at such an expansion point.

      I was aware of Bonacci, but hadn’t yet studied any of his work. I’ve watched a few of his presentations that are available online concerning Astrotheology, and it is credible. It tracks with Bill Donahue’s presentations, who Bonacci endorsed as well.

  2. Happy new year to you my dear Adam to

    Another outstanding post by you, just what I also always think.
    The good news I get in my dreams since 1995 is that the prophet Elijah is back and the 21.12.12 was in fact his date of spiritual rebirth and pissibly the begin of the tribulation.
    I dream he is writing a book, his way of bringing the truth to mAnkind and it will become bestseller and a movie.
    With him I see Moses. They seem to be related and live in LA.
    They are the two witnesses for the endtimes.
    The truth is coming and can’t be stopped and anybody trying, is like a food, trying to stop the sun from raising.
    We can not call ourself civilized as long as not all humans have food, shelter, jobs,education and heathcare.
    The day of the lord is nearer than we think and NO antichrist’s (anti-love) will be able to prevent this from happening.
    The new world order predicted in the bible has nothing to do with the goverments who call themself that way. Those are just a bad imitation of the real new worldorder of which God is in charge!
    Love and light
    Monika 🙂

    1. Hi…hi…I ment ‘fool’, not food, sorry

  3. Bruce

    Thanks, Adam. Much to mull over here. When on the brink of global insanity, it may be in our interests to pause and take a few breaths.

    1. Bruce, the simplest truths point the way.

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