Sandy Hook: Makings of the Latest ‘Undeclared War’

Welcome to a still intact Earth, to a new season, and a New Era. Where we go from here is dependent on what our futures have always been dependent on, namely, us.

Humankind is an amazing species, a simple fact that few realize. That is because of the effort of almost unfathomable scope and dimension that has been made to keep us blind to this fundamental truth.

While it may seem implausible to many, we’re an integral cause of how our reality unfolds. Experiences don’t happen to us. They happen because of us.

Or because we see or do nothing different.

Both the vehicle of, and power behind all experiences that see the light of day, is our imagination, or inner sight. What we “see” as being reasonable or “realistic” in our mind’s eye, whether initiated through our own desire, or suggested by an outside “authority,” is what we create. This process happens on both individual and collective levels.

Each will have a unique personal experience within the milieu of the collective one, that perfectly reflects his or her worldview.

Far more than we know, each human being is contributing to the overall chain of events that happen and don’t happen on Earth, and in the Heavens. Yet, our general belief is that unless we’re among the few, humans or otherwise, who “run things,” we have nothing to do with what unfolds. That few who have benefited from the beliefs of many would love for things to stay that way.

However, I suspect a fundamental change is coming.

That change, which involves far greater health, freedom, abundance, and peace, is dependent upon sufficient numbers of people waking up to the power that rests within themselves, and using it consciously.

Faith, hope, and trust are available to support new beliefs which, when put into practice, become  wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

In this, the post-Sandy Hook Massacre era, we have a wonderful opportunity to see an all too familiar situation with new eyes. Presently, while many are calling for some form of definitive action, we’re hearing nothing new from the pundits and “gundits.” All conversations and debates in the mainstream media are centered around affecting changes in our relationship to guns, and not toward each other. Or to ourselves.

If we don’t look to and discover the transformational power that is within ourselves, the problems will simply escalate until we do.

Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association (NRA), held a news conference yesterday to call for the immediate deployment of NRA-trained “resource officers” in every school in the U.S., in order to “insure the safety of our kids.”


The inane line that will ring forever in the mind of any sane person was, “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.”

I realize that there are many people who consider themselves quite sane who would have difficulty finding fault with Mr. LaPierre’s logic. Said logic is unified by fear. Mr. LaPierre speaks to, and for, the fears of his constituency, whose numbers are not insignificant. Numbers aside, fear can’t be the only voice presented at the table of discussion.

Since I wasn’t invited to comment, I offered some fear-less thoughts on the subject of my own.


The public response to the Sandy Hook massacre is shaping up as a new undeclared domestic war. In order to ward off an “evil” that has befallen the country – as inferred by President Obama in a December 16, 2012 address – he expressed his intention to use the full power of his office to prevent that from happening again. However, if his thinking is aligned with Mr. LaPierre’s, in a fearful passion duel between “good vs. evil,” it is most likely that the people will bear the brunt of his decisions, either through liberties curtailed, or higher levels of invasiveness.

More importantly, if fear is indeed the prevailing sentiment, the people themselves will allow their own shackling, thinking of themselves as being powerless to keep their schools safe.

How convenient for the government to step in and invite us to relax while it takes care of our children, like it does with policies that allowed the forced administration of immune system compromising vaccines for future diseases, and medications administered (e.g., Ritalin) on the opinions of “experts.”

They’ve not acknowledged a correlation between the alarming rise in Autism spectrum traits and the increase in the frequency, quantity, and toxicity of required vaccines. Instead, they devise, suggest and/or require more.

Thinking of the Sandy Hook initiatives as an “undeclared domestic war” is reminiscent of previous campaigns, such as the War on Drugs, declared by Richard Nixon in 1971, Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty of 1964, and the War on Cancer, also signed into law in 1971 by Richard Nixon. The issues that sparked these initiatives, are all either just as prevalent, or greater than they were at the time of inception. The big difference has been the growth in bureaucracy around them. Declared or undeclared, a “war” mentality centered around protection of children will only accelerate the growth of a prison nation. The inordinate number of American citizens in jail due to the medicinal or recreational use of unregulated, you might say, “organic” plant materials, is one tangible result of such reductionist thinking.

Pharmaceutical corporations scour the planet for such plant materials that reveal the potential to be used to heal the diseases that afflict humankind, only to (a), be put on the shelf and never introduced, (b), tested and confirmed but never approved for use, (c), destroy the rain forests and habitats where these plants are found so that no one else stumbles across them, or (d) make “examples” out of those few who are determined to honor the spirit of healing.

Fortunately, Nature still provides answers and cures that they cannot control if we appreciate and trust Her enough to open our eyes.

We don’t need another war, declared or undeclared. We need to declare peace, love, and harmony on our schools and children. We need to give them visions of a world they want to grow up in, now a world in conflict and fear. This is a world where love dominates, not fear. Peace is not a “macho” force, like love, it is a divine power. Peace is a component of love, as love is an active component of peace. Harmony is the underpinning of both.

The only vision you can count on in Mr. LaPierre’s armed vision, is more harm, as ever incident will lead to a fearful call for more “protection.”

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  1. My my sincere heartfelt sadness for this community and parents/families of those stricken down. Once past my sadness a spark within me asked what psychotropics was this child on? Since every mass killing in our country was by someone on one of these toxic drugs. Perhaps that is what Obama should really look at instead of taking more liberties away from us and our right to bear arms. But maybe that’s part of the Bildergroup’s plan. As I asked and speculated I received this email that shed more light perhaps as to the why’s. In the end, Adam, I agree with you. Its not about the guns its about teaching our children the sanctity of life. But how can you teach this when media, drugs (taken orally or injected) numbs a young brain from such sensitive thoughts?

  2. Dear Adam,
    Thank you, as usual.
    Would you be so kind as to do a review of The Ringing Cedars of Russia (by Megre) series. Many of us would benefit from your thoughts on these marvelous books. They are, I believe, so relevant to what has happened recently in Sandy Hook.
    All the best,

  3. hello Adam I read this and listened to you with great interest. HUMANKIND. common sense. Thank you.

  4. Bruce

    Thanks Adam, A thoughtful response to this sad and disturbing situation.

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