Refreshing Bible Spin, Threshold of a New Golden Age

The Golden Age, by Clint Cassell

Watching Bill Donahue’s videos makes me glad I didn’t throw “the baby” that is the Holy Bible, out with “the bathwater” that is religion. The book wasn’t the reason I sought truth elsewhere. It was the predominant spin on said truths that I’ve had problems with as to their usefulness to me.

There are wonderful truths to be found throughout the Bible, but the way they are generally and officially “spun,” keeps the church’s coffers filled, and the individual’s Soul empty. The Medical Autocracy’s “spin” on health care is tantamount to another religion, as it has adopted ritualistic practices that keep its coffer’s filled and the individual’s health and pocketbook empty.

Some people think that the Holy Bible, or the Holy Koran, or the Torah, etc., represent the only repositories of truth. Emboldened by selfish righteousness, they then seek to insinuate their truth on other “non-believers,” as though their point of view is confirmed by the sheer number of “believers.”

I lost interest in Bible study and doctrine because, with few exceptions, the “spin” didn’t ring true to me, or came with too many other requirements and conditions. Yet, virtually everyone I saw or heard presenting from the Bible offered basically the same interpretations.

Some examples:

  • “Jesus died for our sins.”
  • “We were born sinners.”
  • “Jesus is our savior.”
  • Jesus is THE Way and the one we have to have a relationship with (ignoring other human beings)
  • We need to be “saved” or will go to Hell.
  • Virtually anything you did that was joyful or pleasurable, was a sin, an abomination to God, and reason to tread lightly.

I’m sure there are more, but you get my drift.

However, “belief” is not knowing, and the truth that confirms belief can only be gained within the Temple of Introspection, via meditation, in oneness and counsel with One’s Higher Self, the Immortal One.


I’ve only watched a handful of Donahue’s 615 videos thus far, but with the Bible, he adroitly crystallizes a spin that resonates with me.

Donahue states that through meditation (not medication), and “no thought,” which also means no negative emotion (fear), The Way, in other words, Your Way, will be shown. The Kingdom of God shall come through us, by the power of our willingness to make this inner connection consciously.

Very doable by anyone and everyone ready to take the next step beyond “belief,” to knowing.

This is not a “way over yonder” Kingdom (or Queendom as the case may be). It’s a pronouncement of potential for our Here and Now.

A Far Green Land
Rabbi Yeshua, by Jane Adams

Two thousand years ago, a man known as Jeshua described the signposts that would mark the beginning of the Aquarian Age, a time we are now firmly in. He said that we could bet that we too would do the things he did, and greater things still. The norm of today does not, in any way, represent anything equal to what Jeshua stood for, and could hardly be seen as greater than.

The status quo of today would be justified by the dismissive and condescending notion that we are nothing, and HE is “King,” or the doctor, or the politician, dictator, or billionaire businessman. Science would say this all happened by chance, or accident, or assert that we can’t heal ourselves without drugs or invasive technology. Economists would say can’t live “civilized” lives without money, government, and regulations. Regulators would say we can’t have energy without burning fossil fuels, or foods without designing them to be alien to life.

Having believed and accepted it all, we’ve got what we’ve got. Many who saw through the charade, and offered workable solutions, were ridiculed, ostracized, or eliminated. Yet, the tide of wonderful change is coming in. It cannot be stopped.

So I am left to believe… in fact, to know, that what we’ve got now is NOT what I envision from here on. Ergo (therefore), the magic MUST be about to happen, because I also KNOW that this crap is at its end.

The Powers behind this amazing transformation are far greater than forces that have so stubbornly tried to keep humanity deaf, dumb, and blind to its True Nature and Power. The Power of planetary bodies, and the Power of the Sun are aligning with the Power of the Galaxy, bringing forth a spectrum and level of energy that has not been on Earth for eons of time.

Perhaps it was during previous epochs that humankind experienced and enjoyed previous Golden Ages, but we’re at the threshold of one now.

Dawn of a New World (I really like this artist’s work. Visit his site to see more.)

At the end of the video below, he refers to a time of readiness that Jesus described “when we see the abomination of desolation”…

That time is now.

Help this guy out if his “spin” rings true to you.
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  1. Hortense Mattler

    the holy bible is really important in my life, i always read it everyday.,

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  2. Hi, what a nice surprise to find my painting of Jeshua on your blog! Thank you. I like reading what you say, and totally agree with your view on what is belief and what is knowing … and discerning the religious rap and opinion…. very Aquarian and on the move. Nice pictures too. I’ll be back.

  3. Albert Krauss

    Why don’t you just call the famous old thing The Bible. Why is it the “Holy Bible”? Main point, though, is that this vast, ancient historical, multi-authored compendium is best read and taught as literature, allegory, whatever other discipline you care to bring on. What’s the damned issue? You go on at length to extirpate the stupidity and cultural ossification that has characterized the religions and ordinary folk belief mores that choke discourse. To each his own, and may the devil ultimately swallow all. If you believe that possibility 🙂

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