A Government for the CityState, Not the People

The governance organization based in Washington, DC could be and should be declared broken. The president said in the final “debase,” that his first mandate is to keep the American people “safe.” (Mr. Romney seems to agree.) If we are to believe them, then the vast panoply of bureaucracies that represent the Federal government is, in effect, a broken arrow.

If the president’s primary job was keeping the American People “safe”, he’d be taking steps to reduce hostilities and conflict at home and abroad instead of escalating them. He’d build value in the currency instead of allowing the Fed to make them worthless. He’d champion true healing in health care rather than “coverage” schemes for disease management. But then, he’d have to be actually representing The People, not the CityState.

Instead of keeping Americans “safe,” government agencies and policies have succeeded in keeping Americans fearful of potential threat. Content to maintain hostilities, or even stoke them, they have expanded the sense of inevitability of terrorist activities by aiding and abetting organizations that they want The People to feel threatened by.

Follow the government’s suggestion or live by its policies, and fear will be your constant companion. But don’t worry, they’ll “protect” you.


How do you feel when Mr. Obama includes “taking out Osama bin Laden” among the highlights of his first four years in office? Who told him that this would be something that decent People would want to be reminded of? He must be talking to someone else, who may be judging his “loyalty.”

That wasn’t my president speaking. That was part of a complex charade that the people he actually works for thinks We, The People, don’t see through. There may be some truth to that, since this view of the entire system, of which government is only part, is still relatively new to me.

Here are components to the “macro” system.

  • Government
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Media

I can’t say that I’ve seen the deception for what it was for very long. It only began dawning on me in the past couple years, as Mr. Obama began making the kind of policy decisions that had characterized every other president before him as not really looking out for the interests of the American People.

A few examples:

  • Healthcare reform that focused only on pharmacology, disease management, and financing
  • The increased “indebtification” of the country by financing the logistics of two wars
  • Environmental Policies that followed the BP Oil Spill and the poisoning of the Gulf Coast
  • Terrorist “Hit List” (that included Americans)
  • Continued willingness to wage war as a way of seeking peace
  • Executive Orders that grant greater “enforcement” powers and intrude on personal freedoms
  • Policies that show Environmental Indifference or Unawareness (Smart meters, GMO’s, vaccines, fracking, CFL light bulbs, chlorination, fluoridation of water, etc.)

There will be a difference between an incumbent Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as president, but it will yet be a charade because We, The People will not be represented.

The people who the President answers to; ones who traffic arms and drugs, escalate indebtedness, destabilize nations abroad and communities at home, are jockeying to have their guy at the helm. The one that is chosen (not elected) will make it clear to them that they can count on him.

Apparently, Romney and Obama represent factions that have different agendas… Romney in support of a policy line preferred by the Bush family, which includes maintaining our role as chief enabler for Israel, our “loose cannon” in the Middle East, whose interests are presumed to supersede those of anyone else in the region.

Who is behind the cannon? If history offers any clues, the answer is as troubling as it is surprising. Consider the incident of June 8, 1967, when the USS Liberty was attacked by unmarked Israeli fighter jets and torpedo boats, killing 34 crewmen and wounding 173 more.

For over 40 years, survivors were under orders not to talk about their ordeal. Calling it a “tragic mistake,” no Israeli official acknowledged any wrong-doing, and no soldier or commander received as much as a reprimand. It turns out that they were protected by Lyndon Johnson, president of United States Corporation at the time, headquartered in Washington, DC.

Too close to home for comfort.

Such actions are within the rights of the president of United States Corporation. We, the People have been led to believe that the president represents our interests, and that his jurisdiction extends to all Americans. The jurisdiction of United States Corporation is in actuality, limited in principle, to the 10-square mile boundary that established Washington, DC.

That jurisdiction limitation would include the rulings of the alphabet agency functionaries of the government, FDA, EPA, FTC, DOT, FCC, CDC, federal bureaucracies (BLM, Homeland Security, USDA, etc), as well as the Supreme Court. Only when it is looked at in the context of being an “owned” corporate entity does the policy decisions and methods championed by the federal government begin to make sense. While remaining important, the People’s interests become secondary to the priorities of a very small group.

Obama’s reticence to dance to the tune of “We Love Israel, Right or Wrong” may be one reason that the directors of US Corporation are considering the mid-term change. The public’s waking up to the charade, may be another.

The sad fact is that neither Obama nor Romney represent The People, and to vote in this election in any great numbers would only serve to lend it credibility as though it, meaning the election and the government, were legitimate.

It’s one thing to say it, another to outline the historical and legal evolution, as well as the appropriate measures that to be taken. Participating in what will likely be a staged election, isn’t one of them. This is one reason we may see another attempt at an “event” before the election.

Follow the history. Restore our freedom.


The chain of events in New York involving the World Trade Center demolition on September 11, 2001 marked the acceleration of a coordinated attack on the American People, perpetrated by entities that we’d least expect, namely, United States Corporation and its operatives.

Interestingly, Israeli and Bush factions (beyond president Bush) appear as players in this travesty too.

And yet, eleven years later, mainstream media is only beginning to acknowledge the massive evidence of a cover-up, which happened one day after then Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, announced that $2.3 trillion had been “misplaced” by the Defense Department.

“But Mr. Chairman, we don’t know where it went.”

In classical physics, the term “inertia” is defined as the tendency of an object to “resist a change” as in velocity, spin, or direction. In a vacuum, inertia would explain why an object would continue its direction, roll and speed into perpetuity if no new force, moving, for example, in a different direction, is applied.

Perhaps this is not a time for doing more, but of doing less. Not to curse the Powers That Be, but to awaken the Power Within.

It would be a fruitful pursuit to simply imagine the changed world of our dreams, embracing the feeling as though it has already happened. Imagine peace for all, abundance for all, food and shelter for all, healing for all, safety for all, and grace for all. Imagine how relations would change.

That’s the kind of change I’d vote for. Your imagination can’t be tampered with if you’re giving life and love to your highest, most wonderful dream, and not the delusional, fearful visions of bureaucrats.

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