Fundamental Knowledge of Genome Healing

Actually, the concepts presented in the video below represent fundamentals of human existence. They are not limited to, or the province of the Genome Healing Method. However, there are elements listed in the talk, given by Carol Roberts on the first day of the Genome Healing workshop, that should be common knowledge, but have been obfuscated by modern science. We’re paying a dear price for our collective and individual misunderstanding.

Pay attention to the elements that make one “physical”.

Healing is an act of consciousness, of this, I am certain. Self-knowledge is actually the most important and powerful kind, and the one that we seek the least.

In the clip below, shot on the third day, I comment what is one of the most easily dismissed element. Emotional traumas, and the concept of consciousness within human organs.

Human organs talking?

Time to go. A new day awaits.

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