Finding the Deeper Meaning in “Ex” istence

While waiting for Book III of Arcady Petrov’s Creation of the Universe trilogy to become available in English (I check for the new arrival at least twice weekly, or as often as I think of it), my reading interests have taken me in directions other than re-reading Books I and II.

The first was David Wilcock’s The Source Field Investigations, which I thoroughly enjoyed because it both complements and supplements my understanding of the phenomena that Petrov and Grabovoi have ignited.

The book is also filled with juicy examples of little-known research that has been conducted in various parts of the world, a large portion of which by Russian scientists who found something else to study to fill up their time after the end of the Cold War.

One area covered includes practical uses for, and greater understanding of pyramids — stationary machines with no moving parts that influence the motion and flow, and change the coherence of the gravitational and levitational fields that we exist in. When this is done, life is enhanced and restored. Poisons that are placed under the field influence of a pyramid were shown to lose their toxicity. It’s easy to surmise that if this is true, then placing one’s self under a pyramid of sufficient size would decrease the toxicity and increase the life force within an individual. Some segments of mainstream science might question such notions, dismissing them as unworthy of study, but this would reveal an unwillingness to handle a truth, more subtle, and powerful than the truths they have built their reputations on.

Another example in Wilcock’s book involves experiments that demonstrate the transfer of information from a healthy seed of a specific plant variety to a “dead” one of the same species. The dead seed had been killed by radiation contamination following the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, Ukraine, in 1986. The information transfer was accomplished with a non-burning laser. Simply put; a coherent and directable light source. The result was no less than the resurrection of the dead seed, a restoration of its life and vitality, and ability to propagate and perpetuate life, with no degradation in the life force or viability of the donor. Better yet, no prescription medication was needed.

The next book was Contact: Countdown to Transformation, by Dr. Steven Greer, of the Disclosure Project. He will be speaking at the 2012 UFO Congress next month in Fountain Hills, AZ, and has agreed to an on-camera interview with yours truly. This book is simply a transcript of field reports from members of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or CSETI organization, that Dr. Greer founded and heads. I’m still making my way through it, but I am impressed by two things (well more than that), (1) that private citizens have taken it upon themselves to prepare themselves to become able ambassadors for interaction with intergalactic intelligences, and (2) the preparation involved is a spiritual one, a journey of awakening consciousness, not religion.

Two direct outcomes of the CSETI experiences are (1) reduction in fear, and (2) increase in one’s ability to see subtle fields that are beyond what Greer calls, “The Crossing Point of Light.” He writes:

Most of what exists in the relative cosmos is resonating beyond the frequency of the speed of light and is thus beyond the field of normal visual perception and material, solid matter. If a civilization has reached interstellar capability, most of their technologies, and most of their ability to communicate, transport, materialize and de-materialize, use spectra of energy that are beyond the crossing point of light. p. 44

This, to me, is a key point of the human journey. We are waiting for ET’s to materialize and help get us out of the mess we’ve created, when it is we who can, by shedding fears, animosities, and prejudices open our own eyes, allowing ourselves not only to see them, but to discover and use the power that is within us, a power that we share with all of Creation, from planetary to intergalactic.

The other keynote to make here is that we are already multidimensional beings capable of traveling through time and space, just like ET’s do. We do it each time we close our eyes and go into the momentary, but familiar darkness that is the gateway to the sleep state. It is also the gateway out of what David Wilcock calls, “space/time,” and into “time/space,” which has a different set of “rules,” and its own experiential “flow.”

One additional title that I am sneaking some time in as I make my way through Contact, is The Secret Art: A Brief History of Radionic Technology for the Creative Individual, by Duncan Laurie, which discusses the history and nature of radionic technology, which itself is meaningful because a chief component in determining a devices efficacy is the consciousness of the operator.

The insights and understandings that are unveiled through these authors’ works are truly liberating.

How often do you find yourself highlighting the first paragraph of the first chapter of a book?

If one can accept the possibility that a substrate to physical reality exists that can be deterministically altered and influenced by human intention, then much of the mysterious and irrational design objectives of the prehistoric world become more comprehensible. – p. 1

I enthusiastically accept such possibility. Wilcock refers to this substrate as the Source Field. As it turns out, the terms “substrate” and “matrix” are terms I’ve used most often on the subject.

Laurie keeps the highlighter busy with these thoughts at the end of the first chapter.

Everything in our scientific worldview today stands against any truly magical technology: free energy, mind over matter, telepathy, spontaneous remission of disease, anti-gravity, and life beyond death. Yet in all instances, independent researchers report that such phenomena do exist and are a matter of record, some accompanied with patents and appliances. p. 10.

We have a entered a time when our connection – to each other, as well as all of creation is becoming self-evident to anyone willing to see it. While said connection remains largely unseen for most, myself included, it is quite discernible and logical.

It’s becoming evident that there is no such thing as nothingness. The vacuum of space is simply energy that is more subtle than anything we can presently measure. This energy is alive and intelligent.

It is also evident that each of us are expressions of creation, even as we are creators of our experiences. Please note the prefix “ex” in the words “expression” and “experience.” They share the common meaning of being “out of”, or individuated, such as being “exposed,” or in view. However, what is it that we would we “out of?” I submit that it’s not “nothingness,” but The Substrate; Wilcock’s Source Field, Gregg Braden’s Divine Matrix, Lynn McTaggert’s Field. We come out of, or from, a Oneness, and our experiential journey is into what appears to be isolation and separateness. In actuality, it all is, and comes from said Oneness, and toward that Oneness, that Light, we will naturally return, like a migrating family returning home. After all, the planet Earth moves through space in its solar orbit at roughly 70,000 miles per hour, and within the solar systems orbit around the galactic center, roughly 575,000 miles per hour.

This is all very exciting, as we finally begin learning something that can make a difference, because we can make a difference, not waiting on “double-blind” studies, peer reviews, and paternalistic approvals by some group of “elite experts”.

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  1. Gilgamesh

    I just finished reading the first chapter from the Wilcock’s Source Field book.And what is missing from the first chapter, is what is missing, In my opinion it can not be missing, and I m sure it will come up later in the book . However I m glad I bought the book yesterday, I enjoy reading it.

  2. Alys

    I really enjoy your blog, thanks for your passion. I was wondering…. I have listened to David Wilcock and I love his videos ( I have not read his books) but just the other day I saw another video that caught my eye by Gregg Braden (1992?) “Awakening to zero point”. As I was watching it I noticed that David Wilcock and Gregg Braden were talking about the same things verbatim. Who’s information is it?
    It sounded like someone was using someone else’s notes..
    Not that it matters, but I was confused.
    Have you heard of Gregg Braden?

  3. Hi Adam,

    I am loving your writings. I especially appreciated and resonated with the last paragraph re ‘not waiting on “double-blind” studies, peer reviews, and paternalistic approvals by some group of “elite experts”’. Something stepped up a notch inside me which is to encourage all of us to trust our own results and not to have to have them confirmed (or denied) by anyone else. As Bashar teaches ‘They are all truths’.

  4. Barbara A. Baker

    In complete Stillness there is ‘No thing’, yet in complete Stillness there is everything.

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