2012: The Beginning of ‘the End…’

No, not the end of the world, but of speculation. Now we get to change all the question marks into periods and exclamation points.

Welcome to 2012. It’s been quite a wait. Not just for the past year, but for millennia.

Now the prognostications and prophesies about 2012 can be laid to rest; and we can go about the business of living it; actually deciding what will be. The truth will reveal itself, one day at a time, to all, as we reveal ourselves, one moment at a time.


Add David Wilcock’s, The Source Field Investigations to the “Glad I Read It” list. It was an amazingly wonderful read, and so on-topic for this day and time!

Wilcock makes a strong case that the time we are entering is not the end of existence (we knew that), but of orthodoxies founded on dualism, dichotomy, and divisiveness.

Even science is coming around to acknowledging the interconnectedness of everything and everyone. Within that interconnectedness is the power, residing within each of us, to be conduits for profound changes within our world, and in the definition of what it means to be human.

A number of “ends” that I see looming on the horizon, are of disease, poverty, oppression, and tyranny. Oh yeah… that thing called “death” too.

The Monumental Fiction that is the health care system will give way to methods and modalities that actually help individuals restore health and well-being. That is, until such time that one’s consciousness is restored fully enough – and self-awareness is present – enough that they know how to do it one’s self.

We have much to learn about ourselves, and latent abilities that that defy currently believed laws of possibility.

But for now, the wait is over; the real beginning is here.

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0 Thoughts to “2012: The Beginning of ‘the End…’”

  1. I say AMEN to all you wrote Adam.
    The ‘KINGDOM OF GOD’ is nearer then most people think and ones the cleansing of mother earth is finished, it all will be well.
    I also want to let you know that on Friday the 13th (my LUCKY day)
    I will be frying back home to South Africa to my family and I won’t be able to be on-line as much.
    It is time for me to start with my mission, and for that I must not be distracted by WORKING in hotels ect.
    Keep up the good work and God bless you all!
    Monika 🙂

    1. Hi…hi… I met FLYING… 😉

  2. Gilgamesh

    I think there will be still a lot of people in 2012, waiting for
    The Day Of The Triffids.

    1. Gil, imagine their surprise when they learn that the triffids had actually sworn off meat!

    2. You bet on that.
      Adam, I too know of several of my past-life’s.
      Knowing about them makes me realize that what ever happened in this life was the effect of the cause I created in those past life’s. All makes sense now.
      ‘Nutz’, brothers/sisters…lol
      All holy man and woman were first declared ‘nutz’ or possessed by demons ect., including Jesus.
      So we are in good company! smile

      1. Gilgamesh

        Hi Simunye.
        There are many connecting past lives in the book called;
        Secret Places Of The Lion, by George Hunt Williamson.
        However, as far as I can see no one talk much about the life between lives, or not much about the Spirit Worlds..
        I never saw on tv anyone communicating with the dead, and the dead would talk about buying and selling real estate, or painting the garage door, or washing the car, or feeding the chickens, etc. So I dont think there is a Spirit World as a World
        I figure the Soul is just sleep, and maybe dream sometime, or mostly just sleep between incarnations.
        However whatever Worlds or heavens the souls dream . it could exist for that religious groups but only until those souls creating them in their dreams, but it will disolve after some time.
        But this is just my own opinion.

      2. Gilgamamesh, it does not matter WHAT we believe and how much me KNOW, but HOW MUCH WE LOVE.
        I know that the spirit-world exist from experiences I cannot tell you about here now, but if you are still around in a few years time, you will know to. But writing a book is part of my mission. Till such time that either one of us will be proven wrong, may God bless you… 🙂

  3. William Zimmermann

    To clarify further I want to say that the youtube search words are “David Wilcock fraud” and interview is a coast to Coast radio interview where he claims to be in incarnate being from another planet. It is definitely David Wilcock and it is deeply disappointing to ime regardless of the quality of his new research. It means that his beginnings were fraudulent . This is very sad because I was a very big fan of his work. I was a cautious fan but still his work is very exciting but his credibility sadly is not good. You have a responsibility to your readers and to Jim Humble to keep your website clean of charlatanism. I hope you understand I have nothing against David Wilcock, but you must keep your integrity impeccable here.

    1. Dear William — Thank you for your concern. However, if I were swayed by someone’s claims of fraud without doing my own research and knowing, to the best of my ability, where I stood with regards to the facts, I’d never have reached out to Jim Humble in the first place. Indeed, there are many who have claimed that he and MMS are frauds. Jim himself claims to have recollections of quite a few incarnations other than this one. Maybe that’s why the FDA and the editors at Wikipedia continue in their efforts to jaundice public opinion against him.

      You might consider asking yourself what constitutes the “fraud” that Wilcock has done that has harmed you. Having read his book, I can attest that there’s nothing in it to be upset about. Quite the contrary. Which one of those “fraudblowers” have offered anything worth considering other than smear campaigns?

      The vulgar owner of one of the sites that claims Wilcock is a fraud also claimed that Edgar Cayce was too.

      The only true responsibility that I owe to anyone, is to myself, to earnestly live within the fullness of my knowledge and understanding. That means, keeping an open mind, doing my own research, and being the master of my own opinion. It’s the only one that I live by.

      Best wishes,


  4. William Zimmermann

    Do a search on YouTube for David Wilcock’s early interview before you get into bed with him. He is not dignified enough to be associated with your blog.

  5. pam

    Indeed yes, Adam! I keep telling my friends that this is the most EXCITING time to be alive in. Most of them think I’m nutz, but that’s ok.

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