An Awakening and Self-Recovery At-Hand

Save Yourself, by Arcady PetrovI just finished reading Arcady Petrov’s Save Yourself, Book 1 of the Creation of the Universe trilogy. All I can say is, “Wow!” (I just noticed that Book 2, Save The World Within You, is now available, and I’ve just placed an order for that one.)

Now I want to talk about it, not pontificate, but gather together with others who resonate with the idea of non-surgical, non-medicinal, cognitive, regenerative self-healing and immortality, with the Norm of the Creator being the objective. More importantly, I embrace these tenets as my own, and allow the full spectrum of possibilities so outlined, within my personal sphere.

Weaning ourselves off our addiction to disease, destruction, and death is going to be one of the first steps. Renewal, reconnection, reconciliation, all stand available as we prepare for a reunion with our lost and alienated selves. A great homecoming brews Within.

For anyone who thought that Russians were a Godless people with little or no moral compass, Petrov and Grabovoi’s works should put such concerns to rest. And while they both pay homage to the Creator, or God, with ample doses of duality dynamics (in Petrov’s book, not Grabovoi) — good and evil, angelic and hellish locales, gods and demons, even appearances by Jesus, Archangel Michael, St. George the Dragon Slayer and Pegasus — I did not get the impression that they were religious works, or that they were promoting any particular religion’s point-of-view.

Perhaps what might be gleaned from reading their works, along with the Anastasia books of Vladamir Megré, is to take back our proclivity to put anything, or anyone who makes “being spiritual” their claim to fame, on a pedestal. By normalizing our sense of their importance relative to our own, their value to society relative to our own, and their power to affect meaningful change relative to our own, the illusions that we’ve unconsciously embraced as truth for so long, begin to fade away. We can then begin the most interesting and rewarding journey of all, into self-discovery. Perhaps self-recovery would be more apt a term.

One point that has been crystallizing for me as I worked my way through Petrov’s book, is the role that suggestion plays in the shaping and unfolding of our day-to-day experiences. All that comes in the future is projected from the Now moment. Projected from where? From the consciousness of you and me, and of course, everyone else.

Could it be that simple? Yes it can.

In the latter stages of Save Yourself, Petrov makes a really profound description of what “collective consciousness” is. Oops, Petrov quotes Grabovoi on the subject.

But let’s return to our main topic. Each person has his own set of beliefs, beliefs on everything, and they can differ greatly from the beliefs of another person. But if we take all people — and this is a very great number — then all these beliefs are averaged out. As a result, the collective consciousness has a stable set of beliefs about different things. And it is this collective set of beliefs that is understood by people to be objective (i.e., visible — AA) reality. An illusion is created specifically by the stability of this resulting set of beliefs, even though this stability is simply the result of averaging out a large number of objects, in this case the beliefs that exist in the consciousness of people.

He supports his position with timely analogies,which lead to, and support new awareness, such as:


When you are thinking, that about which you are thinking is as real to your consciousness as that which is taking place around you and as that which, for example, you see with your own eyes, through regular vision.

This principle is fundamental because when you combine what you think with events in external, supposedly objective, reality, when you combine these things at the level of action, you can affect the materialization of objects, you can bring to life.

All this rings true to me.

It makes the blanket of what I will call negative broadcasting, which engender fear, mistrust, vulnerability, and a sense of impending doom proffered by mass media outlets and other influencers of consciousness, look like a simple publicity campaign. However, our own consciousness remains our own, and we are able to change the “averages” with a simple decision to change our own personal story.

One of the first things that Grabovoi discussed, in Unified System of Knowledge that rang true for me, was the inherent neutrality of information. Another word for this neutrality is equality. There is an implicit equality to all information, to all ideas, and all idea holders, who themselves are information structures.

We could view each individual as a form of information in the format of a person. — Grigori Grabovoi

Grabovoi also describes imagination as a structure-controlling system.

In light of these ideas it becomes easier to simply observe the “conclusions” our “leaders,” officials, and spokespeople are trying to get the public to come  to about the future, and about ourselves, without embracing it as true unless it is an actual desire personally. How many times have we resigned ourselves to surrendering or succumbing to someone else’s opinion about our fate, even though it was decidedly not our own desire? We are no less the Creators of that unwanted personal outcome than if it had been our singular reason for living.

Another Grabovoi-ism states that all that exists, meaning all that we see and observe, happens through human beings. In other words, we are the collective creators of all that we see and experience, past, present, and future. Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through us. We aren’t the stigmatized accidental parasites that some pundits might have us believe about ourselves. We are expressions of Creation, with full power of imagination. The fact that some of us may be asleep at the wheel is irrelevant.

Whenever one gets it will be the right time. If we are expressions of Creation, of God, then so is everyone else, whether “enemy” or friend. There is no “them,” only us. Although we may want to steer clear of some, all are kindred. However, the more we know about ourselves, the more we use our imagination joyfully, the less we’ll feel the need to “steer clear” of anyone. Even our enemy yearns for love and responds to humanity. If you offer love and humanity to one who isn’t ready to accept it, they will seek distance from you for their own benefit. We have nothing to fear when we know who we are, i.e., one with all of Creation.

Times are exciting. Many people are waiting for the next catastrophe to befall us. On the other hand, there are those who say we have nothing to fear. In a dualistic worldview, one would have to be “wrong.” In reality, both will be right.

For each, the power to choose is given. The future that we believe is inevitable will most likely be true. The rub is that a doomsday may not affect as many others as one may think, since an awakening for humanity may be at hand.


SVET Seminar Video Update

As I eagerly awaited title after title from the Russian authors, and purchased books as they became available (the latest one is the 40-page Educational System of Grigori Grabovoi), it finally dawned on me that a lot of the book purchasers would be interested in the video that I shot, most likely the only such video available in English anywhere in the world at this time.

I’ve decided that I’ll set things up to accept advance orders for the DVD, which will be multiple discs, much like I did for the MMS documentary, and am now doing with Paul Pantone (, but that’s another story).

I’ll keep you posted.

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10 Thoughts to “An Awakening and Self-Recovery At-Hand”

  1. Hector

    Adam, I did check Puerto Rico in the address field. The message I got, which I had never seen before was that my location was not served by Paypal which I have previously used with no problems.
    On other provider sites which include PR as part of the state fields, even tough we are a territory, I’ve never had a problem. The issue is, I want to place an order for your dvd’s and get the presently offered discount.

  2. Hector


    Tried to place an order for the 4 DVD set from your message. There seems to be a problem with paypal, which I never had before. It will not accept my advance order. Met you at the first MMS class in Barahona. From Puerto Rico. This is my commitment for your forthcoming DVD set available on December. Would like to take advantage of the 25% discount offered.
    Please advice. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey there Hector! Did you select Puerto Rico from the list of countries when inputting your shipping information? Even though it is a U.S. territory, Puerto Rico is on the list, and must be selected specifically.

      Best wishes,


  3. Audrey McPherson

    Hello Phaelosopher,

    After years of believing that Russians were mostly atheists, it’s refreshing to think, if Petrov and Grabovoi are reflections of the Russian people, we could be in for a deeply spiritual uplift!

    I will be ordering the books very soon.

  4. Gilgamesh

    Hi Phaelosopher.
    This article is very interesting. and all this you are writing about is a very powerful thing,and going into it too fast too deep, for some of us could be also a scary thing, it could work so perfect. I know, as I scared myself before in 1965.

    I m not sure if Johan Normak’s essay will relate, or will connect to this, but he will be writing about water as an archeological object, or hyper object, Or Something. So I m waiting, what he will write about water on his blog; Archeological Haecceities.
    He wrote that it will turn everything upside down.

    1. Gil,

      I’ve chosen to “sit” on many of these thoughts myself before writing, because they involve a fundamental shift in how we see ourselves, relationship with others, as well as what we can change… and what do we have the courage to change? Everything is up for re-examination. That’s the part that can be daunting. Once we see that an idea or concept isn’t workable or desirable in an eternal context (oftentimes related to a limitation that we’ve accepted), we ask the question whether we can continue as we have, or let it go. Some people can’t see past the decision to change and the perceived “loss” associated with it, to appreciate what new blessings they open up for themselves.

      I use the word “can’t” figuratively. The better word would be “won’t” or “refuse to.” Everyone can see and choose differently. The question is when will they, and what choice will they make?

  5. Cdn Farmgirl

    Thank you, Adam…I will be ordering the first book 😀 Everything you wrote about resonates with my being right now – I am creating my reality and am so happy to know that our mass consciousness can be shifted.

  6. pam

    Adam, “want to gather together with others to discuss” – if you would like to do this, and are open to a wider audience than your local one – I’d like to join.

    Thanks for mentioning that Arcady’s book 2 is out, I’ve just ordered.

    1. Pam,

      Of course I’m open to a wider audience! We’ll figure out how to best do it. I hope to have a delivery schedule and advance order information for the SVET video available soon. I’m watching some of it now, and even with the German and English presentation, it is a great introduction to this subject.

  7. Dear Adam
    I could not agree more with you than I do.
    I use to read a lot years ago, until I realized that I have all those answers WITHIN, and all I have to do is ASK, and I get those answers.
    In fact, some years ago some ‘wise man’ told me to stop reading, but start writing because I KNOW BETTER.
    At that time I did not know how much I knew, but I found out very soon that it is true.
    Everybody and everything IS GOD!
    We don’t need to KNOW A LOT but only to LOVE A LOT.
    If we listen to our higher self / our concious / the voice of God within all of us, all else will fall in to place.
    There is a time, a place and a reason for everything, and I trust that I will be at the right time in the right place, NO MATTER WHAT!
    God bless 🙂

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