From Outrage to Liberation by Imagining New Ways to Heal

Time For Outrage book cover

There was a story today on NPR about the chord that the book, Time For Outrage! by Stéphane Hessel, is having on readers around the world. Hessel has seen and experienced more than his share of injustice in his 94 years, and lived to tell about it. Sales of his booklet have skyrocketed in his native France and around the world, now exceeding 2 million copies.

While outrage could be, and you might say should be in order, I wouldn’t suggest hanging your hat there. The next goal should be liberation, not from the tyranny of the majority, but from enmity, unnatural, toxic solutions, destructive thinking (including war), and fear.

Outrage does not have to mean negative outcomes, nor does it have to mean destruction, but then, it depends on what is being “destroyed.” In the field of health remediation moving away from the “Medicinal” and Surgical Schools of Thought could be considered “destruction” to those who made a living off of prescribing medicine and performing surgery. But then we ask ourselves, since the present system’s only real interest lies in sustainability and growth of itself, at the further expense of the public’s health and well-being, then what are the costs of not changing?

Hessel commented that during his day the injustices of the Nazis who occupied France and exterminated millions of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and people with mental disabilities, were clear and well documented. But today, while there are many examples of tyranny by government agencies against the interests of the citizenry to take umbrage to, one has to be willing to look deeper to see it, even though it’s hiding in plain sight.

Gestapo thinking and tactics remain alive and well today, but it’s no longer happening “over there” far away on foreign soil; it’s happening right here. The threat comes, not from some foreign “enemy” as they’d have you to believe, but from people we regard as kindred, people that we trust, people who believe they are “protecting” us, perhaps from ourselves. They appear to be unaware, or unconcerned about the harm they may be doing.

Last week I talked with Daniel Smith of PGL. He is managing as best that he can with the FDA, et al, who, “in the public interest,” are trying to mount a Grand Jury investigation against his company, along with his fulfillment house and lab. The Agency bent or broke every judicial rule in the book in order to get a judge to sign a search warrant. They then skewed every possible interpretation of judicial authority to justify seizing anything they thought would disable and discredit PGL.

The Agency was not concerned about proving any wrong-doing. Who’s got time for that? Especially when your case is questionable.

Unable to present a case built on scientific, demonstrable evidence that actual harm or wrongdoing had been done, they set out to “inactivate” a big player in the still nascent MMS community before said community got even bigger. This was a preemptive strike to prevent enough of the public from learning the truth about the wonders of detoxified chlorine dioxide. Prevent a critical mass of public awareness because of the threat that wide deployment of detoxified chlorine dioxide would have on thousands of FDA-approved drugs that are not only ineffective, but dangerous when taken.

By taking PGL down, the Agency probably figures that other MMS suppliers would either turn tail and run away (which some have done), or tread lightly because they’ll never know who’s next. Yet, if enough of the public understands how detoxified chlorine dioxide works to safely inactivate pathogens and other forms of toxicity that routinely are picked up and stored within the body — even mitigating the damage from certain forms of medical treatment — there will be no turning back.

Personally, I believe it’s already too late.

People are continuing to seek out and use, and tell others about detoxified chlorine dioxide. They’re still sharing good news, such as a man who resolved brain cancer with the help of detoxified chlorine dioxide. These folks shouldn’t have to feel nervous about sharing good news, especially when it’s the truth. Doctors shouldn’t have to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to learning how their patients managed to recover from an acute illness after being given a death sentence by modern medicine. More over, doctors shouldn’t have to feel like such methods are off limits, or that their medical license would be put in jeopardy if they adopted approaches that were demonstrated to be effective.

The American Medical Association’s relationship with the pharmaceutical industry creates a de facto conflict of interest with respect to the public good. Along with surgery, pharmacology has become synonymous with standard medical care. It relies on synthetic, life-inhibiting practices in the process of seeking to sustain or perpetuate life. It has become axiomatic that sustaining or perpetuating life is not the same as being healthy, or living. We’ve been taught to progressively lower our expectations of health. Youth is not even exempt, so quickly has the sanctity of infancy been violated with mandatory vaccinations. Medical science surmises points to the continuing degradation of health as reason to use more pharmacological insults to the human body, instead of less. They act as though the immune system didn’t exist before Louis Pasteur or Marie Curie, and can’t be relied upon.

Public agencies have a responsibility to be on sound scientific as well as judicial footing when they take actions against private citizens, not making innocent people into criminals for acting responsibly when the Agency chose not to. Of course, the FDA would never admit to acting irresponsibly. Yet, the Agency’s hostile position toward MMS and dismissal of the overwhelmingly positive results that people have reported is reason to call it to task, given the mounting number of deaths from chronic and degenerative diseases that occur annually.

Using its resources and authority to criminalize American citizens to protect the economic interests of companies that exploit, but don’t eradicate human disease doesn’t make the FDA’s strategy right. By the way, MMS doesn’t eradicate human disease either. Humans are the only ones that can heal themselves. However, some methods and modalities can assist the process, while others will inhibit. The FDA’s approval record is heavily skewed in favor of methods and modalities that actually escalate electrical and metabolic damage over alternates that consistently demonstrate beneficial results.

The FDA is clearly not working in the best interest of the public, but instead, protects the interests of the industry that it thinks pays its bills. MMS is just one of many cases where the Agency’s wanton disregard for public health is evident. Their use of the authority that we’ve granted them has become abuse. I say “we” because who do you think generates the money that pays the pharmaceutical companies who pay the FDA? The public does.

The public pays dearly in the health that they sacrifice from the prescriptions that the pharmaceutical companies make, and in the betrayal to all principles of healing that the medical profession is supposedly sworn to uphold, and by a health insurance industry that only pays for inferior and even dangerous “FDA approved” treatments and methods while ignoring clearly superior, non-toxic, inexpensive, and effective alternatives.

Instead of seeking to confirm, validate, and replicate claims of amazing recoveries from the millions of people who have used MMS, the Agency has gone on record as opposing it, informing the public that it is dangerous bleach and attempting to criminalize conscientious American citizens for making the product available.

And we wonder why America’s stature in the world continues to decline.

I’m not blaming the FDA for doing what it’s doing. It is not going to change itself. The people who are running the Agency believe that they are doing right. They’re not asking for my opinion.

However, their beliefs aside, what about people who see what the Agency is doing, but shrug their shoulders and say, “that’s how Big Pharma works”?

Smith is seeking to raise money for what amounts to a legal offense fund. The ground that the FDA and U.S. Postal Service are basing their interest in PGL, et. al. on, is so shaky, their disregard for the presumption of innocence until “guilt” is proven is so brazen, that they are presenting instance after instance of a government agency at odds with the people and principle it is chartered to serve.

Yet, the funds he’s seeking would be to retain an attorney that would spearhead this offensive.

Attorneys are notorious for arguing for causes and sides that they may not believe in because every citizen has a right to a fair trial. The government agencies have mounted “evidence” to support a premise that is easily dis-proven scientifically and logistically, yet I’ve not heard of any attorney that is willing to be a legal advocate or representative for MMS on principle.

The world won’t end if MMS goes away, but the FDA isn’t called to task for its methods and practices, the freedoms that made America the great nation that it has been, will continue to erode. As much as I love America its citizens are not as free as outlined by its Founding Principles. However, don’t blame the FDA if this is true, because it can only happen if we allow it.

The answer to the question of “what to do” rests within the heart of each soul, in our ability to feel, and to use our imagination.

Woo Woo Alert–All Moments are Imagined into Being

We are creators of our reality; which includes the FDA and everything it, the medical industry, and other agencies are doing. We create our experiences by what we imagine. Our imagination is guided and directed in certain directions, toward some areas and way from others, early in life, when we are most dependent on those who made the first impression. We learn to accept the reality of our surroundings, and the behaviors that we see as “normal.” That will include disease, interpersonal relations, and more. Life is our true classroom. We are never out of school. However, we have been led to dismiss the power of our imagination, and the role that it plays in the actual outplaying of our experience. This leads to a belief in individual powerlessness compared to others who may have such factors as “numbers,” “money,” or “position” in their perceived favor. Even the idea of being “disadvantaged,” for whatever reason, is only meaningful if a person believes it to be true for them.

The cultivation of negative human imagining is rampant in our world today — terrorism, war, cataclysms, environmental catastrophes, scarcity thinking, violent video games, gun worship, disease, death, destruction — all direct human imagination in the direction toward scenarios that appear beyond our ability to influence. Using kinesological testing, we’d see that the very thought of ideas would make a person go weak. Why? Because they are not in alignment with truth, integrity, wholeness, joy, or love.

What most people don’t know is that we have an equal ability to imagine outcomes and experiences that are rooted in truth, integrity, wholeness, joy, and love. Imagining creates instantly in one’s mind, preceding the idea’s actual manifestation in space and time. Our power of imagination is inalienable, but it’s important to know who is doing the tuning. If you think someone else has more power over your life than you do, then you are allowing them to “tune” your imagination. It’s easily done through suggestion. How many times have you watched those commercials on TV for drugs that have such a long list of side-effects that you wonder how any intelligent person would go near them? It’s because many people have turned over the keys to their imagination, and are not deciding which channels they will tune into. If the storyline of what you’re being fed is about fear, limitation, and other forms of disempowerment, then you are making yourself weak, but it’s being done by someone else. Changing our reality begins with changing the quality and patterns of our imaginings.

Imagine consciously.

Relative to which way the MMS story goes, we are free to imagine attorneys with integrity stepping forward and putting the FDA and other government agencies on notice that we see the damage they are doing, which they will be held accountable for. We are free to imagine people from within the Agency actually waking up from their abusive stupor, as their humanity returns. We are free to imagine that all the money needed to mount a campaign to help the public wake up will be available at the right time. We are also free to see positive changes happening without any money for legal counsel having to change hands. We are certainly free to imagine ourselves healthy once again (if we’re not already), and free of lists of medications that may have become a “normal” part of our reality. Disease is not normal to any human being, and we have the power to reclaim and restore our health. No one can take that power away, but we can give it away.

It’s time to transcend outrage and imagine a new day of healthy liberation, from this point on.

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6 Thoughts to “From Outrage to Liberation by Imagining New Ways to Heal”

  1. Gilgamesh

    Hi Phaelosopher.
    As I was just reading your article here this morning about the FDA and PGL , I was just thinking, that somebody will write a story and will make a big Hollywood move, with big Hollywood stars about Jim Humble, and all about MMS, and all the church clinics around the World etc.
    I think this will happen, if not in the next 5-10 years, maybe in 15-20 years.

  2. Cdn Farmgirl

    Bravo, Adam! Count me in 😀

  3. Rhedda

    I imagined that justice would prevail in Georgia,
    that goodness and clear thinking, equity and a sense of fairness would rise to the occasion

    now the outrage over the heavy hand of injustice looms in my heart

    I am not a fatalist or a nihilist but I AM TROY ! ! ! ! at any given time

  4. Imangine all your suggestion and count me in Adam.
    Together we will win, divided we will fall! 🙂

  5. COPY, because it fits better here than in the previous article…smile
    (please delete the previous one, Adam)
    I just got this mail today from James Redfield and like to share it with you. Looks like it is not only Jim that is calling for people to stop your government from interfering with your free will and right to chose your healthcare.

    Hi everyone.
    This might be the most important alert I’ve ever sent you.

    If you think that Americans should have the freedom to be in charge of their own health care, and have the freedom to take safe, non-toxic supplements, then you must take action now to prevent the FDA from acting to ban many of the supplements we take for granted.

    Draft Guidance for Industry: Dietary Supplements: New Dietary Ingredient Notifications and Related Issues

    These regulatory actions taken by unelected bureaucrats in the FDA will force many supplement companies out of business due to costly new regulations, and will outright ban your access to other supplements altogether without a prescription.

    Remember, over 300,000 people a year die from normally prescribed pharmaceutical medications in the U.S. But the Poison Control Center could not find one case of someone dying from a nutritional or herbal supplement. This is clearly a corrupt move to enhance the profits of Big Pharmaceutical companies at a time when millions of Americans are finding heath improvement by choosing natural remedies.

    At the same time, Senator Dick Durbin, long known to protect the interest of Big Pharma, has introduced a bill that would seriously jeopardize your access to alternative medical options in general to treat illness.

    S.1310 — Dietary Supplement Labeling Act of 2011

    We must act now. Don’t just email – call your congressional representatives if you value your health freedom! This is serious! These people are displaying unbelievable corruption and they think no one will bother to STOP THEM.

    You may find your local representatives here:
    US Senate

    US House of Representatives

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